Australia Vs Pakistan 2nd T20 Live Score 2018


Pakistan 147/6
(20.0 Overs) RR: 7.35

Australia 136/8
 (20.0 Overs) 6.80
Pakistan won by 11 runs
Glenn Maxwell (rhb)5237140.54
Nathan Coulter-Nile (rhb)2717158.82
Shadab Khan (lb)4.003027.50
Shaheen Afridi (lb)4.003528.75
RECENT | 2 W 2 W 1 6 | . 1 6 1 1 1 | 1 6 1 1 . . 1 . | . 2 4 2 4 1 | 1. 6 1

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary


11.40pm That’s it from us for this second T20I. Pakistan were the dominant team, and though Maxwell, and later Coulter-Nile, injected some excitement in the chase, Australia were always playing catch-up. When Pakistan batted, it seemed like they had been a little sluggish, but their bowlers were outstanding. Imad Wasim gave up only 8 runs in 4 overs, and the Australian batsmen were tied down from the start. By the time Maxwell found his groove, the asking rate had soared. Pakistan have now won the series, and the final T20I will be a dead rubber. This is Saurabh Somani, signing off on behalf of Sreshth Shah.

11.31pm Imad Wasim is the Man of the Match. “I’ve been doing it for a while, I enjoy bowling in the Powerplay. Today’s wicket was different to Abu Dhabi, it was supporting spinners. I’ve been working really hard, even when I was out of the team. Credit goes to Azhar Mahmood as well (bowling coach), I’ve been working with him. I knew they weren’t going to attack me, because they had six wickets left, so I thought I’ll flight it. If the batsmen are hitting me with hard hands, I try to bowl slow, otherwise I stick to my basics.”

Aaron Finch: “We were probably just a bit tentative in the Powerplay. Being six down last game, we tried to be conservative. And when Pakistan put the squeeze on you, it can get tough. They are No.1 for a reason. We’ll come out in Game 3 and give it our best. All the chatter around was around the wicket and our positive intent. We allowed them to bowl a lot of dot balls, the pressure built and the run-rate goes from 7 to 9 pretty quickly.”

Sarfraz Ahmed: “It’s not easy to win 10 series on the trot in the T20 format. The way we have played and improved has been very good. We have improved batting, bowling and fielding, and our management and selection committee deserves credit. We have given confidence to all our players. I was confident of Shaheen bowling the last over, he may be inexperienced but he showed that he has the capacity to be a big bowler. He bowled well in a tough situation. The spinners are also doing well. Imad’s arrival had brought good balance, and all the bowlers are doing really well, spinners as well as pacers. My strategy was to bring Hasan in in the fifth or sixth over, but seeing the pitch, I thought he’d work better later on that’s why I brought him on late. I felt we played too many dot balls while batting, if we cut that down then we can get to 160-170. We’ll try to give those on the bench a go in the last game.”

Dr.Tahir: “Its really sad that there is no T20 WC this year. I would love to see this Pakistan T20 side play in a T20 World cup. It would have been some task beating them too. ”

Mustafa Moudi: “None of Aus batsman had a S/R higher than 100 other than these 2, Specially the top 3 consumed 24 Balls(4 overs) extra than what they scored. Definitely, The main reason for their loss !!”

19.62Shaheen Shah Afridi to Tye Pakistan have won the series, taking a 2-0 lead with one to play It’s their tenth T20I series win in a row. The ball itself was on legstump and driven wide of long-on, but it’s all academic. Maxwell is distraught in the dugout. Pakistan have won by 11 runs, and Sarfraz keeps his record intact – he’s never captained Pakistan to a loss in a T20I series 2 runs
19.5WShaheen Shah Afridi to Coulter-Nile fuller ball on the stumps and Coulter-Nile makes good contact, but sends it soaring to the man on the cover fence, and Asif Ali takes a few steps to his left and holds on comfortably. OUT
NM Coulter-Nile c Asif Ali b Shaheen Shah Afridi 27 (17b 0x4 3×6) SR: 158.82
19.42Shaheen Shah Afridi to Coulter-Nile slashed away to third man and they can only get two. So Australia need 14 off 2 balls and it’s all but over 2 runs
16 needed off 3 balls, but the batsmen have crossed. Coulter-Nile needs some more clubbed sixes
19.3WShaheen Shah Afridi to Maxwell is that the match for Pakistan? Maxwell got it off the toe-end and it went miles in the air. Shoaib Malik at long-on kept calm, settled in under it and clutched it to his chest. No chance of the ball popping out. Maxwell’s entertaining knock ends. And you’d think so do Australia’s chances OUT
GJ Maxwell c Shoaib Malik b Shaheen Shah Afridi 52 (37b 4×4 2×6) SR: 140.54
19.21Shaheen Shah Afridi to Coulter-Nile length ball on off at normal pace, he gets it higher on the bat to cover 1 run
19.16Shaheen Shah Afridi to Coulter-Nile that’s hit the roof! tried for a yorker, and Coulter-Nile cleared his leg and sent it soaring up, up, up and away! That hit the top of the tier over long-on SIX
23 needed off the last over, Shaheen to bowl. Sarfraz in his ear, Hafeez coming up with advice, they’re all clustering around the youngster.


18.60Hasan Ali to Maxwell slower bouncer, beautifully bowled. Maxwell made room, but bailed out of the clubbed pull no run
These two have raised the 50-run stand in quick time. But the required rate is still high
18.51Hasan Ali to Coulter-Nile good yorker, but dug out well to cover 1 run
18.46Hasan Ali to Coulter-Nile clobbered! slower ball sat up, Coulter-Nile freed his arms and sent it soaring over midwicket SIX
18.31Hasan Ali to Maxwell fell short of the man on the point fence Shadab Khan ran in from the boundary and dived forward, but couldn’t hold on. Maxwell had slashed it hard 1 run
Fahad Zahoor: “Living in australia for last 10 years I’ve been closey attached to the donestic circuit, the thing that led to no more back up players in the dtand is the lack of interest in cricket by the youth, majority of them are more keen to play for footy rather cricket and one of my work mate’s reckon it’s becuase of the sponsors and Broadcasters. ”
18.21Hasan Ali to Coulter-Nile length ball on the stumps, pulled without timing to long-on 1 run
Waleed Zahoor : “From his rollicking debut series in 2012 against Pak, to his 2014 exploits in the desert part of IPL, to that final maiden over against Pakistan, I think it’s safe to say Maxwell is the king of UAE regardless of the win/loss ratio.”
18.11Hasan Ali to Maxwell clubbed into the offside, but only a single to the man on the point fence 1 run
33 needed off 12 balls. Still with Pakistan you’d think, but then Maxwell’s there


17.61Shaheen Shah Afridi to Maxwell back of a length on off, he tucks it away to long-on to bring up a fifty. He’s been the only one who has given Australia a semblance of hope 1 run
17.56Shaheen Shah Afridi to Maxwell Maxwell connects! Went for the yorker, didn’t quite get it. Maxwell went back straight over the bowler’s head, full face of the bat and the ball lands beyond the fence SIX
17.51Shaheen Shah Afridi to Maxwell that is a bigger wide. loses his line completely and goes even more wide down leg. Maxwell tried to hit a six again and missed 1 wide
17.51Shaheen Shah Afridi to Maxwell just misses his line slightly and it’s a wide. Still a victory of sorts for the youngster, because Maxwell wanted to send it over fine leg but missed 1 wide
17.40Shaheen Shah Afridi to Maxwell what an over this is turning out to be keeps it outside off that time, just wide enough and taking the pace off. Maxwell tries to drag it across to the legside, misses again no run
17.30Shaheen Shah Afridi to Maxwell through him quick ball that time, angling in off a length and he tried to go for the big heave. connected with air no run
17.21Shaheen Shah Afridi to Coulter-Nile another slower ball, gets it to mid-off off the toe-end of the bat. He was aiming for cow corner again 1 run
17.10Shaheen Shah Afridi to Coulter-Nile swing and a miss. Slower ball wide outside off, he tries to go big and misses no run
Anon06: “It’s not only about back-ups being ordinary. It’s the first choice players too. Just 10-15 yrs ago there were players averaging 50-60 in Shield that simply couldn’t get a spot in the test side because of the quality of the lineup. Players like Hodge, David Hussey, and others could’ve been int’l legends but just couldn’t get a chance or long run.Now they’re selecting players with mid 30 averages because they “had a couple good seasons.” Back then, ppl have good careers without being selected.”


16.60Hasan Ali to Maxwell bouncer on leg stump, he tries to get inside the line and hoick it to fine leg but misses. No wide called. Marginal that. no run
16.52Hasan Ali to Maxwell misfield by Imad clubbed to cover, and Pakistan just getting a bit ragged. That went through him and Hafeez cleaned up 2 runs
16.44Hasan Ali to Maxwell Maxwell’s adding salt to Hasan’s wounds That went like a rocket to the point fence, cut powerfully and into the gap FOUR
16.32Hasan Ali to Maxwell dropped by Hafeez on the cover fence slower bouncer, he stepped away and slapped it high and wide. Hafeez got there, but shelled it 2 runs
16.24Hasan Ali to Maxwell gives himself room and slashes hard, sending the thick edge fine. Third man had no chance of cutting it off FOUR
fine leg is up
16.11Hasan Ali to Coulter-Nile full toss, but he can’t time it. Goes for the big hit over cow corner but gets it high on the bat and only to long-on 1 run
Pushkaraj: “Well, it is easy to criticize Australian batsmen, but Pakistani bowlers have been immaculate. Their bowling style (wicket to wicket without much pace) seems to be tailor made for this kind of a pitch. We can get a good game if and when a batting line up like India faces them in the desert (assuming full strength sides which was not the case in Asia cup).”


15.61Shadab Khan to Coulter-Nile goes for the big hit again, but not well timed. goes aerial with the slog-sweep but it lands in the gap between long-on and deep midwicket 1 run
15.50Shadab Khan to Coulter-Nile flatter on the stumps and quicker, in response to those two sixes. Punched to cover no run
15.46Shadab Khan to Coulter-Nile another slog-sweep goes down on one knee and times it sweetly, over deep square leg SIX
15.31Shadab Khan to Maxwell goes again, but doesn’t get it off the middle, it just goes off the end of the bat to long-on 1 run

Score Cards

    Imad Wasim41812.00(1w)
    Faheem Ashraf301404.66
    Shadab Khan403027.50
    Shaheen Shah Afridi403528.75(4w)
    Hasan Ali403208.00
    Mohammad Hafeez10414.00
  • Partnerships
    1st11DJM Short 2AJ Finch 2
    2nd8CA Lynn 7AJ Finch 0
    3rd12AJ Finch 1MR Marsh 7
    4th30MR Marsh 14GJ Maxwell 13
    5th1AT Carey 1GJ Maxwell 0
    6th11BR McDermott 3GJ Maxwell 8
    7th59GJ Maxwell 31NM Coulter-Nile 25
    8th2NM Coulter-Nile 2AJ Tye 0
    9th2*A Zampa 0AJ Tye 2
    DJM Shortrun out21200
    AJ Finchcaught31000
    CA Lynncaught71201
    MR Marshcaught wk212310
    GJ Maxwellcaught523742
    AT Careycaught1400
    BR McDermottrun out3400
    NM Coulter-Nilecaught271703
    AJ Tyenot out2100
    A Zampanot out0000
    B Stanlake
    Extras(lb 13, w 5)18
    Total(8 wkts; 20 ovs)136

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