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Some people want to watch and play cricket all the time. If you are one of those people who love to play and watch cricket all the time, then Crictime HD Live Streaming is the best choice for you to watch cricket anytime and anywhere. There are many other platforms available to watch cricket live, but Crictime is my best choice due to its features. Let’s start live HD streaming free of cost!

Crictime HD Live Streaming

Crictime hd

Crictime is one of the best sports channels where you enjoy Live Cricket Streaming. It was launched in 2009. This channel has been popular over the years, and now this channel becomes a brand.

If you are a fan of cricket, then Crictime is the best one for you to watch live cricket streaming. Here you don’t have to face any difficulty or delay to watch live streaming. You can see it with consistent without any time delay. This channel also provides you T20 Live streaming.

That is why the primary purpose of Crictime is to provide a charge free platform to watch Live Matches. For those people who don’t have resources to pay high charges.

Crictime HD Live Streaming TV Channels

As I told, I love this platform because of its features. Do you know it? It is not a TV channel, but it is a platform that provides the facility to watch multiple sports channel free of cost. Do you want to know about those channels? Some channels provided by Crictime. These are as following:

  • Sony Six
  • Ten Sports
  • PTV Sports
  • Stars Sports
  • Sky Sports Cricket
  • Sky Sports Main Event

This channel is not about Just for T20 matches; it also provides you One Day Match, Test Match, and Old matches. You can freely and easily watch a cricket match. You can also watch any sport that is entirely free of cost. Moreover, you can also watch PSL 2019, season 4 on Crictime free of cost.

The cricket events are competing for football events nowadays due to the developing interest of people in cricket. Many people love to watch matches in the stadiums. But it is not possible for everyone to watch live matches in the stadiums because it is not easy to fulfill resources like time and money. Don’t worry, if you are facing the same problem, you can watch Crictime HD Live Streaming free of cost.

PSL 2020 with Crictime HD Live Streaming

Many platforms are available on the internet to provide Live streaming. But most of them are fake or have the wrong information. There is no need to worry about this issue because our website is wholly secured and provides you accurate information. So let’s get started with Crictime Live Streaming PSL 2019, season 4!

Here I will provide an exclusive detail of everything; you have to be patient.

But before moving the procedure, I will tell you about the servers of Crictime. There are six dedicated servers of Crictime that help you to watch Live Cricket Streaming. There is some detail of some servers. These are:

Server 1:

Server 2:

Server 3:

These above servers help you to watch LIVE Cricket Streaming without no time delay. Now, let’s talk about

How to Do Live Cricket Streaming with Crictime?


Firstly, you have to unlock your system and go to any browser.


Now you have to type server mentioned above names. Like,, or and enter search button.


Crictime page will be load.


If Crictime is open, then you can easily watch PSL 2019.


It’s all about PSL 2019, where you can freely enjoy Live Cricket Streaming.

Live Cricket Streaming Servers

ICC World Cup Crictime HD Live Streaming

ICC World Cup is one of the most significant events in the history of cricket. The top cricketing nations participate in this event. People from these countries love to watch their teams in action. If you are also looking to watch this world cup live free of cost, then you have to choose this platform for best services.

Moreover, there are cricketing stars play this event and stars are introduced in this event. Mostly, people love to watch matches in the stadiums, but it is not possible for everyone to watch matches in the stadium due to lack of resources.

As you know, the limited number of viewers can sit in the stadium so, it is not possible for millions of fans to watch matches in the stadium. Crictime HD Live Streaming is the best choice for the people who have missed the chance to watch matches in the stadiums.

Why Crictime HD Live Streaming?

Crictime has six servers that are entirely dedicated. It’s quality time is best, and it provides Live streaming without no time delay. If you don’t have Television, or you are far away from your home, then you must check Crictime Live Streaming.

There are some drawbacks of Crictime. These are as follows:

Due to heavy traffic, these channels cannot provide Live streaming consistently. Like during Asia Cup 2008, Crictime has not official rights to provide you Live Cricket Streaming. Due to heavy loads, their servers go down, and it happened in Asia Cup 2008 during Pakistan vs. India matches.

There are many other platforms available for the live streaming of cricket. Mostly, platforms are good, but if you are looking for the best platform, then Crictime has no competition in the market of cricket streaming platforms.

Final Verdicts

I know you are very excited to watch live streaming on this platform. Don’t worry! You don’t need to wait. Start watching your favorite matches without any delays. If you are facing any problem in the use of this app, you can leave a comment below. I will respond to you with a suitable solution.

Hope so; you understood how to do Live Streaming with Crictime. If you still have any issue, then you don’t forget to comment below. We are always here to help you. Keep following us to get more updates.

Keep visiting for more exciting updates related to this platform. Thanks!


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