England V Pakistan Full Match Highlights ICC World Cup 2019


England vs Pakistan | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Match Highlights

England suffered a stunning upset at the hands of inspired Pakistan in their second World Cup match at Trent Bridge.

The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.

Pakistan 348/8 (50.0 Overs) RR: 6.96

England 334/9
 (50.0 Overs) 6.68
Pakistan won by 14 runs
Joe Root (rhb)107104102.88
Jos Buttler (rhb)10376135.52
Wahab Riaz (lf)10.008238.20
Shadab Khan (lf)10.006326.30
RECENT | 4 1 1 . 4 . | 1 1 W 1 . 1 | W W 1 6 . 2 | 4 1 1 1 . 4 2 2 | 2 . . 1

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.50 England 334/9 Last Over (10 runs)

6.48pm Chants of “Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Zindabad!” in the stands. Wahab hugs Imad. Sarfaraz Ahmed looks skywards. #Scenes at Trent Bridge. England seemed to be ahead in the game when Root rattled away to a hundred. England seemed to be ahead in the game when Buttler rattled away to a faster hundred – this was in fact England’s fastest World Cup hundred. Shadab and Amir, however, got the two centurions and set the scene for Wahab’s late burst. With England needing 29 off 14 balls, Wahab then produced a decisive double-strike to effectively seal the game for Pakistan and shock favourites England. Not to long ago, Mickey Arthur questioned Wahab’s place in the side. The quick – who wasn’t in this World Cup squad in the first place – has responded strongly with a match-winning performance that had his coach applauding him in typical animated fashion. Well, what does this mean for England?

Mohammad Hafeez, Man of the Match: Everyone believed we can do this. We’re really happy and everyone chipped in, taking the task and giving everything. To be honest, we were very confident and we had a good meeting together. We just needed one winning performance. It was a total team effort. I was just trying to play my natural shots. Sometimes you have to take calculated risks and it worked for me today. Whenever we come to UK, we get good support. It’s like a home to us.

Jatin Goyal: “Lessons from today’s and yesterday’s matches:- 1) this World Cup is going to be the most closely fought one 2) Spin is back in the equation. So are the Asian teams 3) chasing 350 in a bilateral series is different from chasing 350 in World Cup. It might be a high scoring WC, but not an absurd one 4) England is beatable; and Pakistan is well, Pakistan. 5) Experience pays – it was Sakib/Fizz yesterday, it was Amir/Wahab/Hafeez today “

49.64Wahab Riaz to Wood Wahab bowls off just two steps, short and on the hips, tickled away fine of short fine leg, but PAKISTAN WIN FOUR
49.51Wahab Riaz to Rashid slower bouncer on middle, 118ks, Rashid looks away, takes his eyes off the ball, flapped to the leg side 1 run
49.41Wahab Riaz to Wood very full and angling in at off, 141ks, jabbed to the covers 1 run
49.30Wahab Riaz to Wood Wood gives himself more room, Wahab spears it full and wide, 142ks, Wood can’t connect no run
49.24Wahab Riaz to Wood Wood backs away outside leg and smites this full-toss over the covers FOUR
49.10Wahab Riaz to Wood the batsman gives himself from room, Wahab comes in from behind the umpire. Wide yorker, beaten no run
England need 25 off the last over. Wahab will bowl it. Round the stumps

End of Over No.49 England 324/9 Last Over (4 runs)

48.61Mohammad Amir to Wood back of a length and outside off, this cutter is stabbed away to the right of Amir 1 run
Naf: “To quote Nasser Hussain’s famous Champions trophy finals comment with a slight alteration. PAKISTAN CRICKET AT IT’S BEST, DOWN ONE DAY, UP THE OTHER. ”
48.51Mohammad Amir to Rashid full and wide, slashed away to deep third man 1 run
Shabaib Abdulla: “Experience does counts Aamir and Wahab have proved that”
48.4WMohammad Amir to Archer Wahab in the thick of things again, this time he holds onto a pressure catch at deep third man. He runs in from the outfield and bends forward to pouch it. Archer swings at this – quite possibly a slower ball – and skies it to Wahab OUT
JC Archer c Wahab Riaz b Mohammad Amir 1 (6m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
48.31Mohammad Amir to Rashid wide yorker, scooped away to deep point. Excellent lengths from Pakistan bowlers in the past few overs 1 run
48.20Mohammad Amir to Rashid Rashid jumps a long way across off, the bowler follows him, Rashid still can’t touch it. Not a wide either no run
48.11Mohammad Amir to Archer full and wide outside off, smeared away to sweeper cover 1 run

End of Over No.48 England 320/8 Last Over (9 runs)

47.6WWahab Riaz to Woakes What a double-blow from Wahab. Welcome back, Wahab! Coach Arthur enjoyed that. He claps away in glee. Wahab roars and pumps his fist. These emotions tell you the story. That’s how you prove your coach wrong. After the slower one, Wahab hits 87mph and finds extra bounce. Banged in short and zipping away, Woakes flashes and the edge flies through to the keeper. Sarfaraz takes the ball over his head OUT
CR Woakes c †Sarfaraz Ahmed b Wahab Riaz 21 (23m 14b 1×4 1×6) SR: 150.00
47.5WWahab Riaz to Ali Wahab takes down Moeen with a slower bouncer. Sarfaraz and Wahab in the middle of an animated chat. Good variation from Wahab and he bangs it in outside off. Moeen searches for the ramp down to third man, but can only pop a catch to backward point, where Fakhar Zaman makes no mistake OUT
MM Ali c Fakhar Zaman b Wahab Riaz 19 (48m 20b 1×4 0x6) SR: 95.00
47.41Wahab Riaz to Woakes short and wide, another slower ball, delays his swat and sends the ball to sweeper cover 1 run
47.36Wahab Riaz to Woakes Wahab errs too full and outside off, he can’t get the yorker right this time. Woakes gives himself swinging room and lifts it inside-out over long-off. Woakes loving going inside-out SIX
47.20Wahab Riaz to Woakes pinpoint yorker on middle, Wahab’s sort of coming from behind the umpire, nails the blockhole, jammed out no run
47.12Wahab Riaz to Woakes Asif Ali runs in from sweeper cover… but drops it. It was a tough chance, though. Full and wide outside off, skied in the air. Asif was late to take off, he still got to the ball, but spilled it 2 runs
Round the wicket

End of Over No.47 England 311/6 Last Over (15 runs)

46.64Mohammad Amir to Ali slower short ball on middle, Moeen lines it up and swats a pull away to the left of deep square leg. Imam dives in vain and watches it whistle away to the boundary. First boundary for Moeen. Has he found his groove at the right time for England? Sarfraz isn’t pleased with Amir’s length FOUR
46.51Mohammad Amir to Woakes back of a length, pitches outside leg, skids off the pitch, pings the thigh pad and rolls away to cover. Leg bye 1 leg bye
46.51Mohammad Amir to Woakes slower cutter, good length and swerving away outside off, Woakes swishes… and misses. That’s a tight call again, just past the tramline. Another off-side wide 1 wide
46.51Mohammad Amir to Woakes wide yorker, off-side wide, well past the tramline 1 wide
46.40Mohammad Amir to Woakes full and wide – inside the tramline – Woakes reaches out for the ball but can’t touch it. Tight call, but not a wide no run
46.34Mohammad Amir to Woakes short and angling across off, Woakes simply throws his bat at it and edges it away fine of short third man for four FOUR
46.22Mohammad Amir to Woakes Shadab and Imam circle around the swirling ball in the outfield near deep cover. But the ball falls into no-man’s land. Another cutter from Amir, Woakes skies it and gets away with it 2 runs
46.12Mohammad Amir to Woakes back of a length on middle, Woakes steps away, gives himself some room, and jabs it away to wide long-off, wide enough for him to come back for the second 2 runs

End of Over No.46 England 296/6 Last Over (5 runs)

45.62Hasan Ali to Ali on a length and outside off, Moeen goes for a loft but can only flap it over the bowler’s head. Moeen continues to struggle for timing 2 runs
45.50Hasan Ali to Ali another slower ball, on a length and cuts back in, Moeen can’t pick this either. Swipes and does not connect no run
45.40Hasan Ali to Ali yes it’s the variation, Moeen does not pick it. He swings for the hills… and misses it altogether no run
Fine leg, third man up. Slower ball coming?
45.31Hasan Ali to Woakes back of a length on middle and leg, punched down to long-on 1 run


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