ICC World Cup 2019 Results, Highlights and Points Table


Icc World Cup 2019 is the biggest cricketing event. 48 matches will be played among 10 best teams of the world. Here you may find schedule, results, points table and highlights of all CWC matches.

Points Table CWC 2019 

New Zealand9530111+0.175
Sri Lanka833018-0.934
South Africa825015-0.080
West Indies816013-0.335

Results of ICC World Cup 2018

May 30 2019England vs South Africa 1st match
England won by 104 Runs
May 31 2019Pakistan vs West Indies 2nd matchWest Indies won by 7 wickets Watch Highlights
Jun 1 2019New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 3rd matchNew Zealand won by 10 wkts
Jun 1 2019Afghanistan vs Australia 4th matchAustralia won by 7 wkts
Jun 2 2019Bangladesh vs South Africa 5th matchBangladesh won by 21 runs Watch Highlights
Jun 3 2019England vs Pakistan 6th match
Pakistan won by 14 runs
Watch Highlights
Jun 4 2019Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka 7th matchSri Lanka won by 34 runs – 41 overs match due to rain, DLS Target 187
Jun 5 2019India vs South Africa 8th matchIndia won by 6 wkts Watch Highlights
Jun 5 2019Bangladesh vs New Zealand 9th matchNew Zealand won by 2 wkts
Jun 6 2019Australia vs West Indies 10th matchAustralia won by 15 runs Watch Highlights
Jun 7 2019Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 11th matchMatch abandoned without a ball bowled (no toss)
Jun 8 2019England vs Bangladesh 12th matchEngland won by 106 runs
Jun 8 2019Afghanistan vs New Zealand 13th matchNew Zealand won by 7 wkts
Jun 9 2019Australia vs India 14th match
Watch Highlights
Jun 10 2019South Africa vs West Indies 15th matchNo Results
Jun 11 2019Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka 16th matchMatch abandoned without toss due to rain
Jun 12 2019Australia vs Pakistan 17th matchAustralia won by 41 runs
Jun 13 2019India vs New Zealand 18th matchMatch abandoned without toss due to rain
Jun 14 2019England vs West Indies 19th matchEngland won by 8 wkts
Jun 15 2019Australia vs Sri Lanka 20th matchAustralia won by 87 runs
Jun 15 2019Afghanistan vs South Africa 21st matchSouth Africa won by 9 wkts (DLS method)
Jun 16 2019India vs Pakistan 22nd matchIndia won by 89 runs (DLS method) Watch Highlights
Jun 17 2019Bangladesh vs West Indies 23rd matchBangladesh won by 7 wkts Watch Highlights
Jun 18 2019Afghanistan vs England 24th matchEngland won by 150 runs
Jun 19 2019New Zealand vs South Africa 25th matchNew Zealand won by 4 wkts Watch Highlights
Jun 20 2019Australia vs Bangladesh 26th match
Australia won by 48 runs
Jun 21 2019England vs Sri Lanka 27th matchSri Lanka won by 20 runs
Jun 22 2019Afghanistan vs India 28th matchIndia won by 11 runs
Jun 22 2019New Zealand vs West Indies 29th matchNew Zealand won by 5 runs
Jun 23 2019Pakistan vs South Africa 30th matchPakistan won by 49 runs
Jun 24 2019Afghanistan vs Bangladesh 31st matchBangladesh won by 62 runs
Jun 25 2019England vs Australia 32nd matchAustralia won by 64 runs
Jun 26 2019New Zealand vs Pakistan 33rd matchPakistan won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Jun 27 2019India vs West Indies 34th match
India won by 125 runs
Jun 28 2019South Africa vs Sri Lanka 35th matchSouth Africa won by 9 wickets
Jun 29 2019Afghanistan vs Pakistan 36th match
Pakistan won by 3 wkts
Jun 29 2019Australia vs New Zealand 37th matchAustralia won by 86 runs
Jun 30 2019England vs India 38th match
Jul 1 2019Sri Lanka vs West Indies 39th match
Jul 2 2019Bangladesh vs India 40th match
Jul 3 2019England vs New Zealand 41st match
Jul 4 2019Afghanistan vs West Indies 42nd match
Jul 5 2019Bangladesh vs Pakistan 43rd match
Jul 6 2019India vs Sri Lanka 44th match
Jul 6 2019Australia vs South Africa 45th match
Jul 9 2019TBA vs TBA 1st Semi-final
Jul 11 2019TBA vs TBA 2nd Semi-final
Jul 14 2019TBA vs TBA Final



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