India VS Austrailia 2nd Test De 2018 Live Score Ball by Ball

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Australia 326/10 & 243/10
(108.3 Overs) RR: 3.00

India 283/10 & 140/10
(105.5 Overs) 2.67
Ajinkya Rahane (rhb)304763.82
Rishabh Pant (lhb)306149.18
Nathan Lyon (ob)19.033932.05
Mitchell Starc (ob)17.034632.70

Australia won by 146 runs

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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.56 India 140/10 Last Over (1 run)

Australia win by 146 runs and it’s their first victory since Durban earlier this year, after which the team fell apart. This will be a significant moment in their recovery. Been a very fine performance against a very good India team. The series is level at 1-1 and we should have a terrific second half to this series in Melbourne and Sydney.

Would always have taken a miracle to deny Australia today and India’s tail was blown away as expected. Nathan Lyon outstanding throughout the match, and Mitchell Starc cranked up the speed gun today. They’ll be plenty of emotion in the Australian camp. Tim Paine and Justin Langer embrace. I’ll stay with you for the presentations.

Yash: “Great plan and execution from Australia. What should India do for next game? Drop both openers? Ash will come in, but who is he gonna replace Vihari/Umesh. Will bhuvi get his chance this tour? We have Pandya gunning for a place in the team as well. With all these options, one thing is sure; team management is going to mess it up again.”

Mitchell Starc “It’s been a lot of hard work. We said the tables would turn. Seeing some of the kids here this afternoon, hopefully we’ve put on a great show. This week shows the fight of this team and make people proud.”

Time for the presentation…

Virat Kohli “As a team I think we played well in patches which we can hold onto. Australia played much better than us with the bat. 330 on that pitch we felt was a bit too much. They deserved to win. We had the belief we could do it, but they were more relentless and put us in trouble. [Our bowlers] are outstanding as a pack, to see them dominate was really good to see and something we want to build on. They are relentless even if they aren’t getting wickets which is a great quality. When we looked at the pitch we didn’t think about [Jadeja] but I thought Nathan bowled really well. We never thought we wanted to consider a spinner, thought four fast bowlers would be enough. When you don’t win you don’t really rank your performances so it’s irrelevant because we didn’t get the result we wanted. I’m just focused on the next Test. [The catch to dismiss him] It was a decision made on the field and it stays there. Nothing more to it.”

Tim Paine “It’s probably more a relief at the moment, first Test win has taken a while. Really proud of the players and staff. Good to get a little bit of reward. It was as difficult Test, both have been tough Tests. Two really competitive sides with good fast bowling attack. The pitch was flying through. It seemed like the roller had a real effect on it. Day one was a bit of a funny one, we crossed our fingers. Marcus and Aaron, to get us none for 100 was brilliant and probably the difference in the end. Uzzie has been batting well for a long time, bowling really well to all of us. He’s in a really good space. It’s great to have Gaz, every team wants a spinner like Nathan Lyon. He loves bowling to the best players in the world.”

Player of the match goes to Nathan Lyon “It’s amazing to play a role in a victory, haven’t had one in a while. Thanks to everyone. Can’t wait to sing the song. It’s fair to say we’ve been in a drought, so good to break. Was special to wrap the tail up quickly. My role probably changed a bit, attacking in Adelaide to a defending on here. But luckily they ran down to the wicket to create a few footholes. When you come up against the best players, to compete against Virat and take his wicket was pretty special. Big thanks to my brother, I’m not a very good batter so just trying to play my role.”

So that just about wraps things up for this Test. It’s a very enjoyable watch (when you aren’t a batsman!). We’ll be back for Boxing Day, but before then there’s the start of the BBL tomorrow and we’ll have full coverage of that. For now, from Gnasher and Alex, it’s goodbye and thanks for joining us.

55.6W Cummins to Bumrah there it is! Victory for Australia…Bumrah launches this high in the air, Cummins settles under it in his follow through. Job done OUT
JJ Bumrah c & b Cummins 0 (4m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
55.50 Cummins to Bumrah short again, another swing and a miss no run
55.40 Cummins to Bumrah backing to leg, goes for a swing over the leg side, doesn’t make contact no run
55.3W Cummins to Sharma caught behind! It’s one to go. Ishant backing away outside leg, a short-of-a-length delivery, a thin top edge as he tries to carve through the off side OUT
I Sharma c †Paine b Cummins 0 (13m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
55.20 Cummins to Sharma backs away to the leg side and has a slog at a short delivery no run
55.10 Cummins to Sharma short again but makes him play this time, defended to the leg side no run
55.11 Cummins to Sharma starts with a short ball…called wide 1 wide

Pat Cummins into the attack

End of Over No.55 India 139/8 Last Over (2 runs)

The players are taking a drink. This won’t take long now. KP: “What I am more worried now is that, Starc is finding his rhythm. His bouncers and yorkers are flowing here.”

54.6W Starc to Yadav that was coming, pops a short ball back to the bowler! That was a vicious working over from one fast bowler to another. Umesh backing away this time, a short of a length ball hammers into the splice and loops to the on side…Starc has time to get across from his follow through OUT
UT Yadav c & b Starc 2 (35m 23b 0x4 0x6) SR: 8.69
54.50 Starc to Yadav goes for the yorker, fair play to Umesh, he stays in line and digs out into the covers no run
54.42 Starc to Yadav he’s not liking this, Umesh, as he turns his head away from the ball and it flies off the splice through square leg…getting a working over 2 runs
54.30 Starc to Yadav he’s miles outside leg stump again, manages to turn this to short leg…get one at the stumps! That was 150kph. Lively no run

Leg gully in place

54.20 Starc to Yadav he’s not getting in line there! Moves miles outside leg then heaves across the line of a short-of-a-length delivery no run
54.10 Starc to Yadav takes a blow on the helmet as he ducks into a short ball, turned his head away from the line no run

San: “Wifey is so happy that I am not going to be glued to ESPNcricinfo for too long today.”

End of Over No.54 India 137/7 Last Over (4 runs)

53.60 Lyon to Sharma defended into backward point no run
53.50 Lyon to Sharma big appeal for caught behind first ball, the straighter one from Lyon, Australia very confident but they decline to review. Missed it by a long way. Paine says it might have been boot on ground whatever he heard no run

Not sure Pant quite worked out how to play today. That will come with more experience. Was always a tough ask for him

53.4W Lyon to Pant fantastic catch at midwicket! Lyon wins again, and Australia have almost won. Pant came down the pitch, tried to heave this through the leg side, loses his shape and drags it in the air towards midwicket. Handscomb dives full length to his left, that’s a ripper of a catch OUT
RR Pant c Handscomb b Lyon 30 (75m 61b 2×4 0x6) SR: 49.18
53.30 Lyon to Pant left alone outside off, tempted for another cut no run
53.20 Lyon to Pant goes on with the arm, defends on the back foot no run
53.14 Lyon to Pant that’s neatly cut away, fully in control of that, waited for it outside off and placed it fine of backward point FOUR

End of Over No.53 India 133/6 Last Over (1 run)

52.60 Starc to Yadav fuller, outside off, pushed towards mid-off so he sees out the over no run
52.50 Starc to Yadav big appeal for lbw, may be pitched outside leg, could have been high as well…Umesh shuffling across the crease, ball didn’t really get up. Well, was missing off stump as well no run

Vinny Katz: “Thoughts on Cummins performance the first two tests? Do you think his spot is under threat at all?” Keeps getting Kohli out and scores valuable runs. He’s fine

52.40 Starc to Yadav short, down the leg side, goes for the pull and ends up flat on his back side in the crease no run
52.30 Starc to Yadav that’s a sharp short ball, 140kph, flies off his back no run

Ryan: “Seriously, did I read this right? Bumrah has an average of 1.42 – 10 runs in total from 13 digs HS – 6; …even Danny Morrison averaged 8.42. Wow.” The new Chris Martin?

52.21 Starc to Pant tucked into midwicket, sets off quickly to try and get the second but there’s no chance 1 run
52.10 Starc to Pant short of a length, takes his bottom hand off the bat as he fends to the leg side no run

End of Over No.52 India 132/6 Last Over (1 run)

51.60 Lyon to Yadav just evades short leg as this flies off a thick inside edge as Yadav lunges forward no run
51.50 Lyon to Yadav stretches forward and defends past silly point no run
51.40 Lyon to Yadav fuller, outside off, whipped back to the bowler no run
51.30 Lyon to Yadav thrusts forward with bat in front of pad no run

Max Weber: “Paine getting a bit silly with his fields when all he needed to do was leave a gully in. Don’t think they need to show Pant this much respect in all honesty.”

51.20 Lyon to Yadav prods forward outside off no run

Score Cards

  • BattingRB46
    KL Rahulbowled0400
    M Vijaybowled206730
    CA Pujaracaught wk41110
    V Kohlicaught174020
    AM Rahanecaught304721
    GH Viharicaught287540
    RR Pantcaught306120
    UT Yadavcaught22300
    I Sharmacaught wk0500
    Mohammed Shaminot out0000
    JJ Bumrahcaught0300
    Extras(b 6, w 3)9
    Total(all out; 56 ovs)140
  • BowlingOMRWEcon
    MA Starc1734632.70(1w)
    JR Hazlewood1132422.18
    PJ Cummins902522.77(2w)
    NM Lyon1933932.05
  • Partnerships
    1st0KL Rahul 0M Vijay 0
    2nd13CA Pujara 4M Vijay 5
    3rd35V Kohli 17M Vijay 15
    4th7M Vijay 0AM Rahane 7
    5th43AM Rahane 23GH Vihari 19
    6th21GH Vihari 9RR Pant 12
    7th18RR Pant 18UT Yadav 0
    8th2UT Yadav 2I Sharma 0
    9th1I Sharma 0Mohammed Shami 0
    10th0JJ Bumrah 0Mohammed Shami 0
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    2nd Test Australia vs India


    Perth Stadium,
    Starting on
    Dec 14, 2018
    Ending on
    Dec 18, 2018
    India tour of Australia, 2nd Test: Australia v India at Perth, Dec 14-18, 2018.


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