India VS Australia 1st Test Live Score Ball by Ball

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India 250/10 & 307/10
(88.0 Overs) RR: 2.84

Australia 235/10 & 291/10
(98.4 Overs) 2.38
Shaun Marsh (lhb)6016636.14
Tim Paine (rhb)417356.16
Mohammed Shami (rfm)20.046533.25
Jasprit Bumrah (rfm)24.086832.83

India won by 31 runs

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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

Thanks for your company. It was great fun bringing this to you. On behalf of Alex, it’s time for me, Shashank Kishore, to say goodbye. Look forward to Perth. Don’t forget to come back soon for all the post-match stuff from Sid Monga, Dan Brettig and Mel Farrell. Cheers guys.

Ravi Shastri chats with Sony, the broadcasters in India.

On what this win means to the side: “We lost the first Test in England by 31, lost the first Test in South Africa by 60-70, so this is a very good feeling for the boys to come out on top,” says Ravi Shastri. “When you get off to a good start, there’s belief. There was some rash shots played in the first innings, that was foolish cricket, but they learnt from it. Pujara was absolutely magnificent, we’ve asked him to be a little more upright to counter bounce in these conditions.”

On the plans leading into the second Test: “They have to rest up, to hell with the nets. You just come there, mark your attendance and get away to the hotel. We know the Perth track is quick, it’s a drop in surface, there’ll be something there for the fast bowlers. They need rest. I thought the bowlers were brilliant in the first innings, defending 250, the discipline was magnificent. They’ve worked on it, it’s not come in overnight. As a bowling unit, when you show that discipline, it doesn’t matter which side you play against. You will be successful.”

On Rishabh Pant: You have to allow him to play his game, that’s the way he has come into the side, but he has to be a little more sensible now. He did the hard work in getting Lyon to spread his fields, so he has to be smarter. You make a mistake now, but don’t repeat it, then I’ll be in his ears.

It is India’s third closest Test win in terms of runs.

India win just their sixth Test match in Australia. Cheteshwar Pujara was simply phenomenal in a low scoring game and the four-man attack did the job. Rishabh Pant equalled the world record for the most catches in a Test match with 11. This Test had it all. What is in store for Perth?

Thanks for your company for the last five days. On behalf of Shashank Kishore and all the team we hope you enjoyed it. Join us for the second Test from the brand new Perth Stadium on Friday. Until then, bye for now.

Presentation Tim Paine: “It’s pretty shattering. But India thoroughly deserved to win. We thought we could do it. But our batters couldn’t bat for long enough with our tail to win. I thought Pujara was probably the difference between the two sides. We go to Perth with a belief we can still win this Test series” How’s the finger?: “Finger is fine. Thank you”

Virat Kohli: “It’s important to stay calm. The odds were stacked up against them as soon as we got Pat Cummins out. I wouldn’t say I was cool as ice but you try not to show it. It was just a matter of one mistake or one good ball. Super proud to have four bowlers and take 20 wickets to win this Test match. It’s up to our batsmen to step up in this series. Pujara and Rahane stood up in this match. I thought we were the better team and deserved to win. I think when they bat together like that they are our most solid pair. I think it took a lot of grit and determination to put us past Australia. I think our middle order and lower order could’ve done better. These things are things to keep in mind for Perth. But if you had given me 1-0 up after the first game I would’ve taken that”

Cheteshwar Pujara is Player of the Match: “I think playing here before has helped me a lot. I think what has helped me is the preparation. Ultimately winning the Test match credit to all the bowlers. The first innings lead of 15 gave us the belief batting in the second innings. I always back my ability and I’ve got enough experience.” “It means a lot, he’ll be a proud father. I’d like to thank him for all his support throughout my career.”

Hazlewood bows his head. Lyon was on his haunches. Kohli celebrated and roared with delight. What a win by India. What a Test match. India lead the series 1-0. Both sides shake hands. Great respect between the teams. Lyon gets a great round of applause from the Australian fans as he heads into the rooms.

Rishabh Pant, who equalled the wicketkeepers catching record in this famous Test: “It was really nervous as they were coming close, but we did well. I’m very happy to contribute to the team, first time getting to this milestone. I always enjoy troubling batsmen, I love it when they concentrate on me and not on the bowlers.”

119.5W Ashwin to Hazlewood edged and caught at second! India win! Ashwin the hero! Beautifully bowled. He flighted this, loop, drift and drop outside off, lured a drive, it spins away, he gets an edge, it flies low to KL Rahul and he clutches it just above the turf! OUT
JR Hazlewood c Rahul b Ashwin 13 (47m 43b 1×4 0x6) SR: 30.23
119.40 Ashwin to Hazlewood good length, a bit of bounce, but he bunts it down again no run
119.30 Ashwin to Hazlewood looped higher outside off, he stretches out and defends to silly mid off no run
119.20 Ashwin to Hazlewood full, drifting into middle, he defends from the crease back to the bowler no run
119.10 Ashwin to Hazlewood slid through quicker, defends from the crease, inside edge onto body and it drops down no run

Lyon gets some fresh gloves run out to him. This will be the final over before tea. Ashwin continues

End of Over No.119 Australia 291/9 Last Over (8 runs)

118.61 Bumrah to Hazlewood edges again trying to defend a good length angled across but it rolls away along the ground well wide of second slip to third man 1 run
118.54 Bumrah to Hazlewood ramps up and over slips! What a shot! Shorter across him, he rocks back and lifts this up and over the two slips! Brilliant shot. FOUR
118.41 Bumrah to Lyon slashes and edges it flies through a vacant gully in the air but well short of the man placed at third man 1 run
118.31 Bumrah to Hazlewood shorter length, on off, he backs away and runs it off the face to wide third man for a single 1 run

This is the only time in Test history in the fourth innings every partnership has been 15 runs or more

118.21 Bumrah to Lyon fuller length, 142kph, he square drives on the up to deep point for another run 1 run

One slip and gully spread quite wide

118.10 Bumrah to Lyon 139kph, good length outside off, he hangs in his crease and pushes to point no run

Bumrah replaces Ishant

End of Over No.118 Australia 283/9 Last Over (maiden)

117.60 Ashwin to Hazlewood beautiful off break, 85kph, he reaches out and defends off the thick outside half of the bat along the ground to point no run
117.50 Ashwin to Hazlewood carrom ball, outside off, he picks it and defends after it spins back no run
117.40 Ashwin to Hazlewood drifting to middle, he defends and receives an applause from the crowd no run
117.30 Ashwin to Hazlewood good length outside off, 85kph, he reaches out and defends well no run
117.20 Ashwin to Hazlewood very full, 87kph, on middle, he drops the bat down and smothers it no run
117.10 Ashwin to Hazlewood shorter length on off, he’s back and punching this to mid on no run

End of Over No.117 Australia 283/9 Last Over (9 runs)

116.64 I Sharma to Lyon edged in the air wide of second slip! This flies through where third or fourth might have been and runs to fine third man! He flashed at a good length, got a thick edge but there’s only two slips and no gully and third man is wide. FOUR
116.50 I Sharma to Lyon good length, 141kph, outside off, he pushes on the front foot to cover no run
116.51 I Sharma to Lyon huge LBW shout denied!! He oversteps and Dharmasena calls it immediately. He was just over. It hit the front pad flush in front of the stumps. Was it hitting? Umpire’s call! Hawkeye had it clipping leg. If it was given it would’ve remained despite an review 1 no ball

Deepak: “Following commentary from Everest basecamp,Nepal,im a mountain guide,what a close match and nailbiting finish it is going to be”

116.40 I Sharma to Lyon 137kph, back of a length outside off, he’s back and pushing it back to the bowler no run
116.32 I Sharma to Lyon good length angled into middle and off, 136kph, he turns this off the front foot with the angle behind square, great shot and they run two 2 runs

GD: “Maybe Aust top order should learn a lesson from their Indian counterparts on how to bat” They tried to emulate Pujara. But he was a cut above everyone

116.21 I Sharma to Hazlewood inswinging yorker, he digs this out to the gap at midwicket and they pinch another run. Well played 1 run
116.11 I Sharma to Lyon full and angled into off, he whips from off stump to deep forward square, nice stroke for one 1 run

Two balls in Ishant’s last over were no balls that weren’t called by the umpire. Channel Seven in Australia just showed the replays

End of Over No.116 Australia 274/9 Last Over (2 runs)

115.60 Ashwin to Hazlewood flighted outside off, he strides forward and defends with soft hands no run
115.50 Ashwin to Hazlewood carrom ball, wide but spinning back, he leaves, it spin sharply and wasn’t far from off no run
115.40 Ashwin to Hazlewood flighted and drifting, he pushes nicely along the ground to mid off no run
115.30 Ashwin to Hazlewood fuller 84kph, he’s out and smothering the spin with his long reach no run
115.20 Ashwin to Hazlewood beaten by a big spinning off break, not even close to the edge as he poked at it no run
115.12 Ashwin to Hazlewood shorter length, he’s back and pulling in front of square and they get two. 49 to win 2 runs

Ashwin into his 51st over. Two slips and a silly mid off

Score Cards

  • BowlingOMRWEcon
    I Sharma1944812.52(3nb)
    JJ Bumrah2486832.83
    R Ashwin52.5139231.74
    Mohammed Shami2046533.25
    M Vijay401102.75
  • Partnerships
    1st28AJ Finch 11MS Harris 14
    2nd16MS Harris 12UT Khawaja 4
    3rd16UT Khawaja 4SE Marsh 12
    4th24PSP Handscomb 14SE Marsh 10
    5th31TM Head 14SE Marsh 14
    6th41SE Marsh 24TD Paine 16
    7th31TD Paine 25PJ Cummins 5
    8th41MA Starc 28PJ Cummins 12
    9th31PJ Cummins 11NM Lyon 20
    10th32JR Hazlewood 13NM Lyon 18
  • BattingRB46
    AJ Finchcaught wk113510
    MS Harriscaught wk264930
    UT Khawajacaught84200
    SE Marshcaught wk6016650
    PSP Handscombcaught144010
    TM Headcaught146210
    TD Painecaught wk417340
    PJ Cumminscaught2812130
    MA Starccaught wk284420
    NM Lyonnot out384730
    JR Hazlewoodcaught134310
    Extras(b 1, lb 6, nb 3)10
    Total(all out; 119.5 ovs)291
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    1st Test Australia vs India


    Adelaide Oval,
    Starting on
    Dec 6, 2018
    Ending on
    Dec 10, 2018
    India tour of Australia, 1st Test: Australia v India at Adelaide, Dec 6-10, 2018.


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