India Vs Windies 4th ODI 29 Oct 2018 Live Match,Live Score


India 377/5
(50.0 Overs) RR: 7.54

Windies 153/10
 (36.2 Overs) 4.21
India won by 224 runs
Jason Holder (rhb)547077.14
Keemo Paul (rhb)1918105.55
Khaleel Ahmed (lm)5.001332.60
Kuldeep Yadav (lm)8.204235.04
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

8.49pm An early finish in Mumbai then. India can no longer win lose the series, but a West-Indies win in the final ODI could see the series end with a 2-2 deadlock. Will that happen? Find out with us on Thursday when we bring the deciding ODI to you from Thiruvananthapuram. Till then, on behalf of Sid Monga, Varun Shetty (from Mumbai) and Saurabh Somani, this is Sreshth Shah signing off from ESPNcricinfo.

Sohaib: “Kohli is getting some white in his beard!”

8.42pm Time for the presentation.

Rohit Sharma is the Man of the Match for his 137-ball 162: “Been doing slip catching for a while. I can hear Virat laugh, but I’ve been catching in the slips for a while now. Important to hold on to them. Catches come to you all the time, but when you’re fielding in the slips for Kuldeep, it’s not easy off his hand, but I learnt to be ready for his googly. Very clinical performance from us after losing two early wickets. A big partnership was the game-changer, and in all four games we’ve had big partnerships that have allowed us to stay in the game and post big totals. We have understood the importance of them. And once you’re set, you need to make it count. Also heartening to see us bowl as a unit. This kind of performance was a long time coming, but very happy to see such a dominating performance. Pacers were swinging the ball, spinners were turning it.”

Virat Kohli, the winning captain: “Definitely back on track. Ticked all the boxes, clinical in all three departments. We were put under a bit of pressure in the 3rd ODI, but we bounced back. Rayudu’s taken his opportunity with both hands, and we need to back him till the 2019 World Cup. He reads the game well, and he bats with intelligence. Khaleel is an exciting talent. If the pitch has something to offer, he can extract something. Bowled in the right areas, not too full not too short. Happy to see him make the ball talk.”

Jason Holder, the losing captain: “We didn’t play well enough. I guess we allowed them to score too many runs, and then we didn’t apply ourselves. Lost wickets up front, and no momentum thereafter. Run-outs are never something we want, and they were two of our better players. We had to do a lot to rebuild, but that never happened. I’ve been hearing about batting higher up the order myself, but need to see our team balance. Maybe next game!”

8.36pm Refresh your ESPNcricinfo homepages to enjoy our MATCH DAY show with Ajit Agarkar and Phil Simmons. And we’ll also have the post-match presentation in a few moments.

navaneeth: “Kerala welcomes MSD to complete his 10000 runs for India! Just ONE runs short… ” — Yep, he’s stranded on 9999

Azweer: “@Venkat: That’s too harsh… ”

abhijit: “great win. more important to be consistent, and bounce back from failures.”

Vivek: “What happened to you buddy, Venkat? Take a chill pill”

Vivek Raj: “It’s very odd to see Kohli without runs and Bumrah without Wickets. ”

It was an action packed weekend in the world of football, with several records being broken. Luis Suarez and Cristiano Ronaldo continued to bang in the goals, while Real Madrid sunk to another low. Click here for all the best numbers.

8.30pm India’s 224-run win is their biggest against a Test side (and their third-biggest in ODIs). Chasing 378 was never going to be a walk in the park, but two run-outs inside the first ten overs completely dismantled West Indies’ hope (and Hope). Khaleel Ahmed displayed what he’s capable of, with his swinging deliveries blowing the visitors’ middle-order away, while a late resistance from Jason Holder simply delayed the inevitable. Earlier, Rohit Sharma brightened everyone’s Monday with his seventh 150+ score and he had Ambati Rayudu’s ton for company as well. A good workout for the India bowlers, as well as their whole batting order. A rare Kohli failure tonight, but India would be happy that they still won by a big margin. We’ll be back with the presentation in a few moments.

Dhal Bellie: “Hi, this is Dhal Bellie from Guyana. I think West Indies did not have a good lunch. For the next match, they need to eat Hot Masala Goat Curry with Paratha Roti to get some energy.”

Khaleel Ahmed after his three-wicket haul: “I thought there will be moisture in the evening, so I wanted to utilise it. And then when I found the swing, I decided to stick with that line and length. After joining Team India, I have been working on these skills. A lot of input from bowling coach Bharat Arun as well. So I implemented it after practicing for a few days. I had planned Samuels’ wicket. I wanted him to feel I’m bowling the inswinger, but I chose to bowl the other one to him. It paid off. I like to appeal a lot because that makes the batsman uncomfortable, even if I can’t get a wicket.”

Guna: “Really impressed with Holder as a batsmen, bowler and Captain. The way he is holding this match with the help of tail says it all. He is the real HOLD between the top order and lower order for Westindies”

Venkat: “One thing is proven beyond doubt in this series. Kohli is a great batsman but an ordinary captain. No shame in that. Even Tendulkar was not a great captain. Time to find a new captain. May be Rohit.”

Yatin: “Rohit Sharma has now single handedly beaten Sri Lanka and Windies. His 264 was 13 better than SL’s 251 Today his 162 is 9 better than Windies’s 153”

36.2WKuldeep Yadav to Roach Rohit Sharma beat West Indies by nine runs! Length ball on middle, and the googly goes past Roachs’ outside edge and clips the top of off stump! OUT
KAJ Roach b Kuldeep Yadav 6 (27b 0x4 0x6) SR: 22.22
36.11Kuldeep Yadav to Holder length ball on off, and turning into his pads. Looks to defend off the front foot, but the punch takes the inside edge to deep backward square 1 run


35.60Ahmed to Roach length ball on the stumps, tucked into the leg side no run
35.51Ahmed to Holder too full and driven to mid-off, where the man has to run to his left to clean up 1 run
35.40Ahmed to Holder Khaleel thinks he’s ended the game, starts celebrating almost as soon as ball hits pad. But it clearly pitched outside leg. He has a massively disappointed expression on his face, but when he watches the replays he’ll know why that wasn’t given no run
35.30Ahmed to Holder length ball on the stumps, played back towards the bowler no run
35.20Ahmed to Holder good length outside off, and he tries to punch away from his body. Misses, through to the keeper no run
35.11Ahmed to Roach good length outside off, and angling away. Throws his hands at it, and cuts this square to point for a single 1 run
Nehal Kulkarni: “@guru Khaleel not bowling as they want to back bumrah with confidence of taking a wicket in the game. Khaleel does not feature in potential first playing eleven for the WC. That seems like the only reason to me” — well, here he is now


34.61Kuldeep Yadav to Roach full outside off, and the defensive shot takes the pad and flies over to the leg side. Kuldeep appeals again, but the umpire has already given it a legbye 1 leg bye
34.50Kuldeep Yadav to Roach extra flight outside off, and the googly goes away from Roach. Tries to drive, but the bat is nowhere near the ball. MSD whips the bails off, but Roach is alright no run
34.40Kuldeep Yadav to Roach full on off, and turning into the batsman’s pads. Misses the defense, and hits his front leg. A hopeful appeal from Kuldeep, but umpire Gould says no no run
34.30Kuldeep Yadav to Roach full just outside off, and defended off the front foot. Soft hands, and the partnership has now lasted 40 balls! no run
34.21Kuldeep Yadav to Holder flighted on middle, and he drills a straight drive past the non-striker’s left to long off 1 run
34.11Kuldeep Yadav to Roach extra flight and that makes it a full toss. Clipped off his boots to deep backward square leg for a walking single 1 run


Guru: “Why Khaleel is not bowling?” — beats me
33.60Bumrah to Holder back of a length outside off, and he rides the bounce to tiptoe and flat-bat a pull down the ground. Intercepted by mid on no run
33.50Bumrah to Holder attempted yorker that doesn’t land right. Full on off, and drilled down the ground to mid off no run
33.41Bumrah to Roach slower ball, overpitched outside off. Tapped late past backward point to Jadhav at third man 1 run
Dhaval : “This match have shown TWO things. The problem with WI and the good thing about India. WI needs to be consistent with their performances like the first 3 ODIs and India have shown their ability to bounce back after couple of bad days.”
33.30Bumrah to Roach length ball outside off, and angling into off stump. Defended off the back foot towards the bowler no run
33.20Bumrah to Roach full on off, and he toe-ends a defensive shot into the pads. Goes onto the back foot to try and keep this ball away no run
33.11Bumrah to Holder big appeal for lbw! But the umpire says no. Full on middle stump and he misses the defensive shot off the back foot. Hits his front leg and dribbles away to the leg side. They scamper across for a single, and there’s a direct hit at the bowler’s end. Roach is in… by a country mile 1 run


32.60Jadeja to Roach and Jadeja does exactly that. Full on off, and nudged off his pads to the leg side no run
“Toss it up”, says Dhoni
32.50Jadeja to Roach full outside off, and turning away. Defended with the bat’s open face to the off side no run
32.40Jadeja to Roach and slower from Jadeja. Defended off the back foot from outside off stump to cover no run
Dhoni says: “bowl slower through the air please”
32.30Jadeja to Roach length ball just outside off, and blocked off the back foot. Played to cover no run
32.20Jadeja to Roach full outside off, and he prods forward to defend towards cover no run
Abdul Haadi: “If only super-subs were still allowed, Dhoni could continue keeping while somebody(Pant/Karthik) could take his batting position….”
32.11Jadeja to Holder good length just outside off, and fended with soft hands to point. Enough time to jog across for a single and that’s his seventh ODI fifty! 1 run


31.60Bumrah to Roach length ball outside off, and flying past Roach’s shoulders to the keeper no run
31.50Bumrah to Roach yorker on off and he does well to wedge a defensive shot away to the off side. Offers the bat’s full face no run
31.40Bumrah to Roach full outside off, and driven to point. Jadeja collects it on the bounce but does some playacting like he’s taken the catch. All in jest no run
31.30Bumrah to Roach back of a length outside off, and testing Roach’s short-ball skills. Defended off the back foot after shuffling across to cover his stumps no run

Score Cards

    B Kumar513016.00(2w)
    JJ Bumrah812503.12
    KK Ahmed501332.60
    RA Jadeja1013913.90
    Kuldeep Yadav8.204235.04
  • Partnerships
    1st20C Hemraj 14KOA Powell 4
    2nd0SD Hope 0KOA Powell 0
    3rd0KOA Powell 0MN Samuels 0
    4th25SO Hetmyer 13MN Samuels 12
    5th2R Powell 1MN Samuels 1
    6th9MN Samuels 5JO Holder 4
    7th21FA Allen 10JO Holder 11
    8th24AR Nurse 8JO Holder 13
    9th31KMA Paul 19JO Holder 12
    10th21KAJ Roach 6JO Holder 14
  • JO Holder 54*
    JJ Bumrah60051145.45
    KK Ahmed80051338.46
    RA Jadeja11022625104.00
    Kuldeep Yadav910182185.71
    C Hemrajcaught141611
    KOA Powellrun out41210
    SD Hoperun out0200
    MN Samuelscaught182330
    SO Hetmyerlbw131120
    R Powellbowled1900
    JO Holdernot out547012
    FA Allencaught101710
    AR Nursecaught81310
    KMA Paulstumped191812
    KAJ Roachbowled62700
    Extras(lb 4, w 2)6
    Total(all out; 36.2 ovs)153

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