India Vs Windies 2nd T20 2018 Live Score Ball by Ball


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India 195/2
(20.0 Overs) RR: 9.75

Windies 124/9
 (20.0 Overs) 6.20
India won by 71 runs
Darren Bravo (lhb)2318127.77
Keemo Paul (rhb)202195.23
Bhuvneshwar Kumar (rm)4.001223.00
Jasprit Bumrah (rm)4.002025.00
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary


10.30pm That is that. India wrap up the T20I series 2-0, with one game to go in Chennai. West Indies will return home empty-handed. Rohit Sharma let the way for India with a dazzling century – his fourth in T20Is – in front of a sell-out crowd. No batsman has hit more T20I hundreds than him. Useful contributions from Dhawan and Rahul propelled India’s total to 195 for 2. West Indies’ batting line-up unravelled again, this time under scoreboard pressure. They barely managed to bat out 20 overs. No specialist openers in their T20I roster. No clarity from their batsmen in what is perhaps their most preferred format. Stick around for the presentations.
19.60Bumrah to Thomas Thomas ventures down the track, Bumrah bangs another short ball, 142kph, gets it to soar over Thomas. He falls over. DK hits the stumps, but Thomas makes his ground and WI avoid the ignominy of being dismissed no run
19.54Bumrah to Thomas 142kph from Bumrah. Short and outside off, Thomas clears his front leg and utterly batters it past the bowler. So, he can bat as well? FOUR
19.44Bumrah to Thomas really full on the pads, stylishly flicked away, although off the back foot, through midwicket. That looked so easy on the eye FOUR
19.30Bumrah to Thomas yorker angling across the left-hander. Thomas is too late in trying to connect with it and is beaten no run
karthik: “So Bhuvi ends up with much better figures than Kuldeep although it is Kuldeep who derailed the chase with important strikes and 3 misery overs. There should be a way for ppl to recognize if top order wickets were taken. May be add an asterisk next to wickets to differentiate top/middle order wickets vs tailenders” —- Eh, why are you complicating an already over-complicated game…
19.2WBumrah to Pierre pushing at a good length ball – done in by the lack of pace – and it goes straight back to Bumrah who reacts well and picks up his second caught and bowled of the match OUT
K Pierre c & b Bumrah 1 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00
19.21Bumrah to Pierre slower ball on leg stump, slips past the left-hander’s pads as he tries to flick 1 wide
19.10Bumrah to Pierre full and outside off, pokes it into the covers no run
Ananya: “Rohit should try bowling now…..” Dude has an IPL hat-trick! But it will be Bumrah. The equation by the way is 81 off 6 balls


18.61Kumar to Pierre flicks the shortish delivery on leg stump through square leg 1 run
18.50Kumar to Pierre bouncer to the new batsman, who pulls out of playing it and allows it to go past his left shoulder no run
18.4WKumar to Paul taken at mid-off and guess who’s taking the catch? The back of a length knuckle ball is belted down the ground, but as well as he strikes it, he doesn’t take care to hit it over Rohit. And he ain’t droppin those. Not today. OUT
KMA Paul c Sharma b Kumar 20 (21b 0x4 2×6) SR: 95.23
18.32Kumar to Paul walks across this time, picking up that Bhuvi is targeting the wide line, and pulls the back of a length delivery to deep square leg 2 runs
18.20Kumar to Paul does him in with a slower short ball – and by keeping it wide of the off stump, he makes sure it’s a dot, with the batsman swinging like a rusty gate no run
18.10Kumar to Paul backs away and cuts the shortish delivery a shade outside off to extra cover no run


PS – West Indies have gone past Rohit’s score now.
17.66Kuldeep Yadav to Brathwaite launches it straight down the ground and it carries all the way. Good stride forward, taking him to the pitch of the ball, and then it’s a matter of swinging that bat through the line SIX
17.50Kuldeep Yadav to Brathwaite loops it up on middle – the wrong ‘un again – Brathwaite defends no run
Davis: “A full strength WI team is a dream team. Too bad, it will never happen, due to some issue. Think of this as a squad: Gayle, Shai Hope (wk), Heymeter, Dwayne bravo, Pollard, Russel, brathwaite, holder,narine, Thomas, badree.”
17.41Kuldeep Yadav to Paul another googly, pitching on leg stump, short of a length, Paul pulls to deep square leg 1 run
17.36Kuldeep Yadav to Paul slog sweep sails past the ropes. Length ball from Kuldeep, allowing Paul to get under it. These two battled hard in the Tests. And they’re at it again SIX
17.26Kuldeep Yadav to Paul steps out and launches the tossed up delivery on leg stump over long-on SIX
17.10Kuldeep Yadav to Paul appeal for lbw and then for a catch and it’s finally given. But wait, West Indies have reviewed it. It’s a googly, pitching possibly on leg stump, sneaking under the bat as Paul goes for a reverse scoop. Hits the pad in line with off stump. UltraEdge says there’s no bat or glove. Ball-tracking says it’s missing the stumps. Paul survives. Umpire Chaudhary changes his decision no run


16.61Ahmed to Paul full toss outside off, slaps it to the sweeper 1 run
16.50Ahmed to Paul works the fuller ball to square leg and looks for a single – Krunal’s there, and Brathwaite yells no just in time no run
Jacq: “C Brathwaite looks shadow of the man whose name we all were supposed to remember”
16.41Ahmed to Brathwaite yorker on middle, Brathwaite pushes it to long-on 1 run
16.32Ahmed to Brathwaite offcutter, cramping the right-hander for room. Brathwaite clips it to deep midwicket 2 runs
16.20Ahmed to Brathwaite tries to hook a very short delivery, rising above his shoulder outside off, but ends up inside edging to the keeper no run
16.11Ahmed to Paul backs away and spears the leg-stump yorker to the sweeper on the off side 1 run


Sreshth from the ground says: Only about 70% capacity at the ground now. Fans are slowly leaving… remember it’s chhoti Diwali in North India today.
15.61Bumrah to Paul slower ball outside off, Paul defends towards point and picks up a single 1 run
15.50Bumrah to Paul back of a length on off stump, blocks it no run
15.41Bumrah to Brathwaite outside edge as the slower ball – which too is nearly yorker length, outside off – wanders away to third man 1 run
15.31Bumrah to Paul another superb yorker, from wide of the crease, but Paul is up for the challenge, bringing down the straight bat and picking up a single down the ground 1 run
15.20Bumrah to Paul yorker on middle, Paul keeps it out well no run

Score Cards

    B Kumar401223.00
    KK Ahmed403027.50(1w)
    JJ Bumrah402025.00(1w)
    KH Pandya402305.75(2w)
    Kuldeep Yadav403228.00
  • Partnerships
    1st7SD Hope 6SO Hetmyer 1
    2nd26SO Hetmyer 14DM Bravo 11
    3rd15DM Bravo 12D Ramdin 3
    4th4N Pooran 4D Ramdin 0
    5th16KA Pollard 6D Ramdin 4
    6th13D Ramdin 3CR Brathwaite 3
    7th0FA Allen 0CR Brathwaite 0
    8th33KMA Paul 20CR Brathwaite 12
    9th2K Pierre 1CR Brathwaite 0
    10th8*CR Brathwaite 0O Thomas 8
    SD Hopebowled6801
    SO Hetmyercaught151430
    DM Bravocaught231840
    D Ramdincaught101700
    N Pooranbowled4310
    KA Pollardcaught61110
    CR Brathwaitenot out151901
    FA Allenrun out0100
    KMA Paulcaught202102
    K Pierrecaught1400
    O Thomasnot out8420
    Extras(b 4, lb 3, w 9)16
    Total(9 wkts; 20 ovs)124

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