Live Indian Premier League, 24th Match: Mumbai Indians v Kings XI Punjab at Mumbai, Apr 10, 2019

Refresh Score Card

Kings XI Punjab 197/4
(20.0 Overs) RR: 9.85

Mumbai Indians 198/7
(20.0 Overs) 9.90
Mumbai Indians won by 3 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)
Kieron Pollard (rhb)8331267.74
Quinton de Kock (lhb)2423104.34
Mohammed Shami (rfm)4.002135.25
Ravichandran Ashwin (rfm)4.003719.25
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.20 Mumbai Indians 198/7 Last Over (15 runs)

That’s all from us tonight. See you tomorrow

Pollard: I went up the order, I enjoy batting at Wankhede, I thought if we could get some sixes off Ashwin in the middle we’d be in the game. I love the ball sailing into the stands. Obviously, Rohit is captain of the team, we have a day game coming up, happy to hand over the captaincy to him

12.18am First game as captain in this league and Pollard produced one of his finest IPL knocks, his highest IPL score, to bring Mumbai within touching distance of a win; a win that looked very unlikely when he had come out to bat, and in the end, Alzarri Joseph, the hero on debut last match held his nerve to take them home. These two teams have made a habit of producing thrillers at this venue but one’s got to feel for KL Rahul, who scored his maiden IPL hundred but finished on the wrong side of another cliffhanger between these two teams here in Mumbai

Hardik: Hats off to the legend. One guy who could do this was Kieron Pollard. To be honest, from the situation where we came back from four runs four balls, I thought we had the game

Ashwin: We were a little up and down with out catching. It was a par score, with the dew falling, Shami was excellent but we couldn’t get through. Sam was obviously under the pump, it’s his first experience in the IPL in such a situation, he’ll definitely get richer with the experience. I thought we could have been steelier with resolve, this is a very challenging ground, we are looking forward to getting back home.

19.62 Rajpoot to Joseph full toss on middle pushed down the ground, past the bowler, and the long-on can’t get around it in time to stop them from turning for the second. Mumbai have stolen this after looking like absolute certainties to take it midway through the over and briefly losing it with Pollard’s dismissal against the run of play 2 runs
19.51 Rajpoot to Chahar full toss on middle, swung away to deep midwicket but only a single 1 run
19.41 Rajpoot to Joseph yorker on off, squeezed away to long-on and they all they get is one 1 run
19.30 Rajpoot to Joseph full toss on middle, the only thing in its favour is that it is fast and straight and Joseph can only pat it back to the bowler no run
19.2W Rajpoot to Pollard short ball outside off and do we have a twists here? Ankit Rajpoot, who looked to have lost the match for his team for all money has had Pollard miscue the pull shot straight to deep midwicket. It was a good short ball, well outside off which meant Pollard had to drag it around and couldn’t time or place it well enough OUT
KA Pollard c Miller b Rajpoot 83 (81m 31b 3×4 10×6) SR: 267.74
19.14 Rajpoot to Pollard full toss and now the match is in Mumbai’s pocket. flicked away down to fine leg, it was an absolute freebie FOUR
19.1(no Rajpoot to Pollard full toss on the pads and that’s into the stand over deep squareleg, and what’s more Ankit Rajpoot, who had been off the field since completing his previous spell has overstepped and it’s a free hit (no ball) SIX

End of Over No.19 Mumbai Indians 183/6 Last Over (17 runs)

Pradip Dalvi: “This is WEST Indian premier league!!”

npk: “The Caribbean Carnival continues! First Russel, then Narine and now Pollard.”
Ali Imran: “Just went to ran an errand, did not see this coming”

18.60 Curran to Joseph yorker outside off, squeezed away towards point no run
18.51 Curran to Pollard yorker outside off, finally finds the the spot and squeezed away to deep cover, this time Pollard takes one 1 run

Forecaster has jumped from 13% to 45% after that six

18.46 Curran to Pollard length on middle again and Pollard is not going to miss out on these. Just a flick of the wrists carries it all the way, deep into the upper tier of the stand at long-on SIX
18.36 Curran to Pollard length outside off, poor delivery, a gift for Pollard given the mood he is in and accepts it gleefully! He has swatted this flat and hard over long-off SIX
18.20 Curran to Pollard full outside off, Pollard hammers it to deep extra cover again, doesn’t time it as well and straight to the man, refuses the single no run
18.14 Curran to Pollard full outside off, tries to keep it away from Pollard but he’s found the middle of the bat through the covers and the boundary FOUR

End of Over No.18 Mumbai Indians 166/6 Last Over (8 runs)

17.60 Mohammed Shami to Joseph full toss on middle, pushed to deep cover but Pollard refuses the single to have strike for the next over no run
17.52 Mohammed Shami to Joseph length on middle, slower ball, not picked and swung away to the leg side, not timed perfectly but the lack of power as it trickles away to long-on allows two 2 runs
17.44 Mohammed Shami to Joseph full outside off and Joseph pierces the off side field with a swat, gets it just wide of mid-off and once it beat him it was always four FOUR
17.30 Mohammed Shami to Joseph short ball, well directed, fast and accurate, Joseph swings and misses no run

physio has come out for Shami . We also have a ball change

17.21 Mohammed Shami to Pollard length outside off and swatted past the bowler, taking Shami’s hand on the way, well stopped at long-off to keep it to one 1 run
17.11 Mohammed Shami to Joseph length and angled in, cramps him, strikes him on the thigh pad and it trickles away to the off side for a leg bye 1 run

End of Over No.17 Mumbai Indians 158/6 Last Over (14 runs)

16.66 Curran to Pollard full toss and was it a no-ball? No, not high enough but it certainly went high enough and importantly far enough, swung away deep into the stands over deep squareleg to bring up his fifty and keep his team very much in the hunt SIX
16.50 Curran to Pollard yorker outside off, away from Pollard’s reach and there’s some respite for Curran against Pollard no run
16.41 Curran to Joseph yorker outside off, squeezes it out to third-man to turn the strike to Pollard 1 run
16.30 Curran to Joseph full toss outside off, quite a bit of width there but he can’t get any bat on it no run
16.21 Curran to Pollard 1 run
16.16 Curran to Pollard full on off and Pollard is enjoying taking Curran on. In the slot under his bat, toe-ends it slightly but hits it flat and down the ground for six SIX

End of Over No.16 Mumbai Indians 144/6 Last Over (9 runs)

15.60 Mohammed Shami to Joseph length and angled in, cramping him for room and cuts him half no run
15.54 Mohammed Shami to Joseph short ball, hurries onto him as he goes for the pull, the fielder at fine leg has a chance to his left, makes good ground and times his dive well but spills it as he lands FOUR
15.4W Mohammed Shami to KH Pandya slower ball on off, Krunal doesn’t pick it, is through the drive early and chips a catch to extra cover. What a match Shami is having. Struck with the new ball and is now breaking the back of this chase OUT
KH Pandya c Miller b Mohammed Shami 1 (6m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
15.31 Mohammed Shami to Pollard full toss around the hip, tucked away to deep squareleg 1 run

Kannan: “Shami winning the game between two of the best pace bowlers of India. ”

15.21 Mohammed Shami to KH Pandya length on off, Krunal guides it down to third-man 1 run

What is it?

Indian Premier League, 24th Match: Mumbai Indians v Kings XI Punjab at Mumbai, Apr 10, 2019.

When is it?

Match will be played on Apr 10, 2019.

What time does it start?

Starting time of match 2019-04-10 14:30:00 GMT, 2019-04-10 20:00:00 local

In Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Who will WinIndian Premier League, 24th Match: Mumbai Indians v Kings XI Punjab ?

With ten nearly equally matched groups, the importance of every game can’t be understated in this tournament. Both sides are expected to emerge out packaged full-strength against each other in what claims to be a cracker of a competition. Contemplating that the 2 sides on newspaper,Kings XI Punjab are somewhat more power-packed unit whereas Mumbai Indians possess the benefit of being a steady side. For this and another above-mentioned motives, we believe the Kings XI Punjab are far more likely to emerge victorious in what will be among the most crucial experiences for either side.

What TV channel is it on Live?

The following TV Channels have acquired the official Broadcast rights for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Check this listing to know about Where to watch CWC 2019.

  • India and Subcontinent Star Sports, DD Sports DD National (DD1)
  • United Kingdom Sky Sports
  • South Africa Super Sports
  • Pakistan PTV Sports and Ten Sports
  • Bangladesh Ghazi Tv (GTV), Maasranga & BTV
  • Australia Fox Sports
  • U.S.A Willow Tv
  • New Zealand Sky Sports
  • Canada ATN
  • Middle East and North Afirca OSN Sports Cricket HD
  • Sri Lanka SLRC (Channel Eye)
  • Caribbean ESPN
  • Hong Kong Star Cricket, Today TV App
  • Singapore Star Cricket, Star Hub Go, Singtel
  • China Fox Network Group
  • Fiji Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC TV)
  • Europe, Japan ICC’s Facebook webpage
  • Malaysia Star Cricket, Astro Go
  • Afghanistan Moby TV

Score Cards

  • BattingRB46
    Q de Kockcaught242320
    SD Ladbowled151311
    SA Yadavcaught211540
    KA Pollardcaught8331310
    Ishan Kishanrun out71010
    HH Pandyacaught191320
    KH Pandyacaught1200
    AS Josephnot out151320
    RD Chaharnot out1100
    JP Behrendorff
    JJ Bumrah
    Extras(w 11, nb 1)12
    Total(7 wkts; 20 ovs)198
  • BowlingOMRWEcon
    AS Rajpoot4052113.00(1nb)
    Mohammed Shami402135.25(2w)
    GC Viljoen403408.50(3w)
    R Ashwin403719.25
    SM Curran4054113.50(1w)
  • Partnerships
    1st28SD Lad 15Q de Kock 13
    2nd28SA Yadav 21Q de Kock 7
    3rd6Q de Kock 4KA Pollard 2
    4th32Ishan Kishan 7KA Pollard 23
    5th41HH Pandya 19KA Pollard 16
    6th5KH Pandya 1KA Pollard 1
    7th54KA Pollard 41AS Joseph 12
    8th4*AS Joseph 3RD Chahar 1
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    Sports Event
    24th Match Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab


    Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai,
    Starting on
    Apr 10, 2019
    Ending on
    Apr 10, 2019
    Indian Premier League, 24th Match: Mumbai Indians v Kings XI Punjab at Mumbai, Apr 10, 2019.


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