Live Indian Premier League, Qualifier 2: Chennai Super Kings v TBC at Visakhapatnam, May 10, 2019

Refresh Score Card

Delhi Daredevils 147/9
(20.0 Overs) RR: 7.35

Chennai Super Kings 151/4
(19.0 Overs) 7.94
Chennai Super Kings won by 6 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
Faf du Plessis (rhb)5039128.20
Shane Watson (rhb)5032156.25
Trent Boult (lfm)4.002015.00
Amit Mishra (lfm)4.002115.25
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.19 Chennai Super Kings 151/4 Last Over (7 runs)

11.24pm That’s it from the presentation ceremony, and that’s it from tonight. CSK have out-experienced another team in this competition, and tonight their bowlers really set it up before their opening pair settled nicely into a match-winning partnership, taking their time early on, backing their ability to pull off the bigger shots when they got their eye in. The final’s on Sunday, between two three-time champions. I don’t have to ask you to join us for that, because I know you will. So until then, it’s good night from me, Liam and Raghav.

Faf du Plesiss is the Player of the Match. “We didn’t have the best run in the last five or six games, but we do have a lot of confidence as a team that’s won a lot of big games. We drew a lot of strength from that. Especially the previous game we watched two nights ago, the wicket looked really good, the guys were playing some big shots. We were expecting that kind of wicket, but it didn’t turn out that way. Our strength is to get partnerships going and extend that, even if we take our time initially. We’ve got a lot of good batsmen down the order, and we back them to catch up with the required rate. I reckon I almost ran three there (the early run-out chance). I have to laugh at myself because it was terrible running.”

MS Dhoni: “It’s the usual route, last year was the exception. The kind of response from the boys today was brilliant. The way we batted to get 140-plus runs was very nice. I think with the 7.30 start, the wicket may be slightly different. It feels like the groundsmen feel obliged to water it more, and it starts out tacky. The spinners got some turn, and we kept getting wickets at the right time. The whole batting line-up is strong, they have a lot of left-handers, the ground is small, we had a left-arm spinner they could have negated. The crucial part was to keep getting wickets. The credit needs to go to the bowlers. The captain only asks this is what I need. Then it’s up to them to figure out how to bowl, and they have to put in the hard yards. Thanks to the bowling department for where we are this season. I would have preferred it if the openers finished it off. Once they got the required rate below 6 an over, there was no reason to play big shots and get out. They did the hard yards.”

Selvamani Jagan: “Bravo or Faf for MoM? I think it should be Bravo” — Bravo for me. Let’s see!

Kapil Baldawa: “Keemo’s first 2 overs completely changed the game. 2 overs for 41 runs when you are defending 147, you’ll never even win. Feel for DC. May be Lamichanne could have been picked.”

Mustafa Moudi: “This match is exact replica of their encounter at Delhi where DC scored 147 and CSK comfortably won by 6 wickets. Coincedentally, that was the 2nd match of both teams in the league stage and this is their 2nd match of playoff !!”

Sultan: “”…..and it’s fitting that Bravo’s hit the winning runs.” Bravo’s score is 0. ” — Ah, damn! Didn’t realise it was leg-byes!

Sanjay: “Is Shreyas Iyer poor in reading the pitch? DC won both the tosses against CSK in league stage but MS was happy doing what they were asked to do. Today CSK won the toss and Shreyas was happy to do what he was asked to do. The result in all the 3 matches says something.”

Tharun John: “CSK is the only team to defend title (2010 and 2011) MI won 2013, 2015 and 2017. So by stats looking at past, anyone can win this IPL 2019.”

MS Dhoni: “@Tushar: The winner of eliminator plays at the same venue they just won. They have the advantage of not travelling and knowing the pitch better.”

Shane Watson: “The faith CSK continue to show in me when it’s been a challenging IPL for me, it was nice tonight. The way Faf got going, I could take my time getting into rhythm. It took me a little while, and Faf batted beautifully, to be able to take on the bowlers at that stage. I could take a couple more balls to find my feet. That’s the beauty of cricket, it’s such a team game, you do rely on your teammates at certain moments in time. There’s huge positives about age and experience, and that’s the way CSK has played, from the top with MS and Stephen Fleming. We know what to do in different situations, we’ve made the most of our experience. Mumbai Indians have a great team, not too many holes in their team. It’s been an absolute honour to play with MS at CSK because I’ve learned a hell of a lot from him.”

Shreyas Iyer: “We had a disappointing start, losing two wickets in the Powerplay, and it was hard to recover from that. They have amazing spinners. But we’ve had a great season. None of the batsmen took the initiative to take the team through and there wasn’t a partnership buidling. Disappointing for us but a good learning. It’s something to think about [the Delhi pitch], we didn’t win too many home games, but we can’t complain about pitches. We’ve been practising a lot on slow wickets. As professionals we can’t give [excuses]. I think we’ve learned a lot, looking at seniors like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma leading their teams. It’s a proud moment for me, standing with them at the toss. They talk to me, share their experiences, and that’s great for me. I’ve heard Rohit and many of them talk about how difficult it is to be captain, and yeah, it’s not an easy job to do, but I’m happy to be the captain. Really proud of the boys. Loving the way we’ve gelled as a family. The coaches and support staff have been amazing. A lot more to come next season. We’ve found the base, now is the time to grow.”

Tushar: “@David – That way the loser of Qualifier 1 may be playing 3 matches in a row. Doesnt solve the problem.” — True, but at least it would reward the team winning the Eliminator with a bit more time rather than the team losing the first Qualifier.

11.01pm They do it year after year, and they’ve done it again. In the end, 147 was inadequate, and you’ll have to credit CSK’s middle-overs bowling for keeping Delhi Capitals down to that total. I thought Bravo, Tahir and Harbhajan were particularly good today, and it’s fitting that Bravo’s hit the winning runs.

18.64 Sharma to Bravo there it is, CSK are through to their eighth IPL final. Another bouncer, angling into the left ribcage. Steps across and fends at it, gets just enough on it to beat Pant throwing himself to his left behind the wicket 4 leg byes

Dwayne Bravo’s on strike now.

18.51 Sharma to Rayudu short, gets up to chest height on off stump, pulled through midwicket, along the ground 1 run
18.4W Sharma to Dhoni short outside off, and Dhoni’s pulled it straight to the man on the boundary! Keemo Paul hardly had to move there, at deep square leg. CSK will have to wait just a little longer OUT
MS Dhoni c Paul b Sharma 9 (14m 9b 1×4 0x6) SR: 100.00
18.30 Sharma to Dhoni back of a length on off stump, punched to extra-cover no run
18.22 Sharma to Dhoni down the track and Ishant tries to cramp him by bowling it full at his feet. Ends up as a low full-toss and Dhoni chips it back over the bowler’s head. Munro does well to field it, running hard to his left at the long-on boundary 2 runs
18.10 Sharma to Dhoni back of a length in the corridor, nips away off the seam, Dhoni jabs at it without any footwork and the ball beats his outside edge. Ishant’s bowled a lot of this sort of ball in Test cricket of late no run

CSK just one hit away now, and Dhoni’s on strike, appropriately. Ishant to bowl.

David : “Looks like the quick turnaround has potentially been a big factor, especially with the 3rd and 4th teams needing to play so many times in such a short space of time. Why not have the first qualifier after the eliminator? That way MI wouldn’t have an exorbitant 5-day break and there is a more realistic contest for the 3rd and 4th teams?” — I agree.

End of Over No.18 Chennai Super Kings 144/3 Last Over (9 runs)

17.60 Paul to Rayudu length ball close to off stump, presses forward and pushes towards backward point no run
17.54 Paul to Rayudu short, wide, Rayudu gets on his toes and slaps it away to the backward point boundary FOUR
17.40 Paul to Rayudu slower short ball, jags in off the pitch from outside off. Rayudu is through his pull too early and the ball grazes his glove and hits his stomach no run
17.30 Paul to Rayudu bouncer outside off, Rayudu thinks of hooking, and in the end decides to drop his bat out of the way and evade it no run
17.24 Paul to Rayudu back of a length, angling down leg, and you can’t keep bowling that line. Rayudu tickles it away nice and fine, and fine leg is once again too fine to be able to stop this FOUR
17.11 Paul to Dhoni full, angling into the pads, clipped to fine leg 1 leg bye

CSK need 13 off 18. Delhi need one of those improbable magic overs now. Can Keemo Paul be that man?

Srinath Bharadwaj: “CSK will be the ONLY defending team again to reach the finals. They did it first in 2011.”

End of Over No.17 Chennai Super Kings 135/3 Last Over (8 runs)

16.60 Boult to Rayudu on the fuller side of a good length on middle and leg, blocked back to the bowler no run
16.51 Boult to Dhoni digs it in short, gets it up near Dhoni’s right collarbone. Rolls his wrists over to pull along the ground to fine leg 1 run
16.42 Boult to Dhoni full on middle and leg, clipped to the left of fine leg 2 runs
16.34 Boult to Dhoni short, down the leg side, and Dhoni helps it off his hip to the fine leg boundary. Fine leg was way too square to even think of stopping this FOUR
16.20 Boult to Dhoni very full, sixth-stump line, Dhoni doesn’t really move his feet. Jabs at it and gets a thick inside-edge that pretty much doesn’t go anywhere no run
16.11 Boult to Rayudu back of a length, angling across the stumps. Stays leg-side of the ball and jabs to deep point 1 run

Prem: “Why CSK? Why do you do this? Do you always need Dhoni to bat to win? Why cannot others finish it and give him some rest?” — Here he is. Lots of whistles in the crowd suddenly. Boult now to Rayudu.

Manas Misra: “DC used up both the spinners even before Dhoni set his foot in the middle… not a great strategy.” — Well, they didn’t really have much of a choice, did they? It’s not like they’ve used up the spinners by the 12th over.

They’ve taken the last time-out.

End of Over No.16 Chennai Super Kings 127/3 Last Over (8 runs)

15.6W Patel to Raina bowled him. There’s already been one thick inside-edge in this over, and now he drags one onto his stumps. This was perhaps a touch too close to cut, and he goes at it with an angled bat and chops it on OUT
SK Raina b Patel 11 (22m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 84.61
15.51 Patel to Rayudu flatter, on the pads, clipped through square leg 1 run
15.44 Patel to Rayudu shot. Down the track, moving away from leg stump, and he gets into the perfect spot against this flighted ball to loft it inside-out over extra-cover FOUR
15.31 Patel to Raina flat, back of a length outside off, waits on it and chops it through backward point 1 run
15.22 Patel to Raina down the track and Axar angles bowls it flatter and shorter outside off. Looks for the leg-side heave and drags an inside-edge past leg stump and the keeper 2 runs
15.10 Patel to Raina flat length ball wide of off stump. Raina goes for the hard sweep and misses no run

Axar continues, over the wicket to Raina.

End of Over No.15 Chennai Super Kings 119/2 Last Over (4 runs)

14.61 Mishra to Raina very full on off stump, jabbed down to long-on 1 run
14.51 Mishra to Rayudu flat legbreak on leg stump, swept along the ground to deep backward square leg 1 run
14.40 Mishra to Rayudu flatter and fuller, blocked back to the bowler no run
14.30 Mishra to Rayudu nicely looped up on middle stump. Doesn’t get to the pitch with his front-foot stride. Wanted to drive to long-off, has to instead adjust and dab to backward point with an open face no run
14.21 Mishra to Raina slow legbreak outside off, waits on it and punches to the off-side sweeper 1 run
14.11 Mishra to Rayudu front-of-the-hand delivery, ends up dragging it short, pulled firmly and on the bounce to deep midwicket 1 run

Mishra continues.

What is it?

Indian Premier League, Qualifier 2: Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Capitals at Visakhapatnam, May 10, 2019.

When is it?

Match will be played on May 10, 2019.

What time does it start?

Starting time of match 2019-05-10 14:00:00 GMT, 2019-05-10 19:30:00 local

In Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Andhra Cricket Association-Visakhapatnam District Cricket Association Stadium, Visakhapatnam

Who will WinIndian Premier League, Qualifier 2: Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Capitals ?

With ten nearly equally matched groups, the importance of every game can’t be understated in this tournament. Both sides are expected to emerge out packaged full-strength against each other in what claims to be a cracker of a competition. Contemplating that the 2 sides on newspaper,Delhi Capitals are somewhat more power-packed unit whereas Chennai Super Kings possess the benefit of being a steady side. For this and another above-mentioned motives, we believe the Delhi Capitals are far more likely to emerge victorious in what will be among the most crucial experiences for either side.

What TV channel is it on Live?

The following TV Channels have acquired the official Broadcast rights for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Check this listing to know about Where to watch CWC 2019.

  • India and Subcontinent Star Sports, DD Sports DD National (DD1)
  • United Kingdom Sky Sports
  • South Africa Super Sports
  • Pakistan PTV Sports and Ten Sports
  • Bangladesh Ghazi Tv (GTV), Maasranga & BTV
  • Australia Fox Sports
  • U.S.A Willow Tv
  • New Zealand Sky Sports
  • Canada ATN
  • Middle East and North Afirca OSN Sports Cricket HD
  • Sri Lanka SLRC (Channel Eye)
  • Caribbean ESPN
  • Hong Kong Star Cricket, Today TV App
  • Singapore Star Cricket, Star Hub Go, Singtel
  • China Fox Network Group
  • Fiji Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC TV)
  • Europe, Japan ICC’s Facebook webpage
  • Malaysia Star Cricket, Astro Go
  • Afghanistan Moby TV

Score Cards

  • BowlingOMRWEcon
    TA Boult402015.00
    I Sharma402416.00
    AR Patel403218.00
    A Mishra402115.25
    KMA Paul3049016.33(2w)
  • Partnerships
    1st81F du Plessis 50SR Watson 26
    2nd28SR Watson 24SK Raina 3
    3rd18SK Raina 8AT Rayudu 10
    4th19MS Dhoni 9AT Rayudu 9
    5th5*AT Rayudu 1DJ Bravo 0
  • To bat
    7.RA Jadeja22822534822.080
    8.DL Chahar59158398.770
    9.Harbhajan Singh26515087814.640
    10.Imran Tahir2492002310.000
    11.SN Thakur748815*6.760
  • BattingRB46
    F du Plessiscaught503971
    SR Watsoncaught503234
    SK Rainabowled111300
    AT Rayudunot out202030
    MS Dhonicaught9910
    DJ Bravonot out0100
    RA Jadeja
    DL Chahar
    Harbhajan Singh
    Imran Tahir
    SN Thakur
    Extras(lb 5, w 6)11
    Total(4 wkts; 19 ovs)151
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    Sports Event
    Qualifier 2 Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals


    Andhra Cricket Association-Visakhapatnam District Cricket Association Stadium, Visakhapatnam,
    Starting on
    May 10, 2019
    Ending on
    May 10, 2019
    Indian Premier League, Qualifier 2: Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Capitals at Visakhapatnam, May 10, 2019.


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