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ICC Cricket World Cup, 21st match: Afghanistan v South Africa at Cardiff, Jun 15, 2019

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Afghanistan 125

South Africa 131/1 (28.4/48 ov, target 127)

South Africa won by 9 wickets (with 116 balls remaining) (D/L method)

Batsman R B S.R
Quinton de Kock (lhb) 68 72 94.44
Hashim Amla (rhb) 41 83 49.39
Bowller O M R W Econ
Gulbadin Naib (rmf) 6.0 0 29 1 4.83
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

8.10pm That’s it from Andrew Miller, Hemant Brar and Thilak Rama. Don’t forget to tune in bright and early tomorrow. I hear there’s something brewing up at Old Trafford …

And don’t forget if you are in India, you can get stuck into the highlights of this contest by tuning into our Hotstar links, right here

8pm So, there’s not a lot left to see here. South Africa have a win at last, but I’m afraid to say that whatever is eating Afghanistan is looking pretty terminal. A match-up between two hugely flawed teams today, and it made for some attritional viewing.

Ravi: “With this win, SA are in exactly same position as Pak in 1992 World Cup after 5 matches. 3 losses, 1 NR and 1 win.” This is very, very true. And if they can somehow find their way past New Zealand at Edgbaston later this week, they’ve got, in theory, winnable games against Pakistan and Sri Lanka to come. But they’ve got to find some inspiration with the bat … I’m not holding my breath

Faf du Plessis, South Africa’s captain, is simply relieved to be up and running. “Today was a good day for us. It was important to get a good start, the wicket was not conducive to spin. Morris and Tahir were fantastic in the middle overs, and Tahir singlehandedly made us a strong team in the last two years with his ability to take wickets in the middle overs.”

On the tedious run-chase, he adds: “Quinton plays quite freely but it was important for him to see off the new ball. We needed a 60 or 70-run stand and we could work on the run rate later. It was important for Amla to get among the runs, in the next four games, net run-rate is not going to play a massive role if you win those games. We need Hashim to score runs for us, so he needed a not-out innings today.

Gulbadin Naib, Afghanistan’s captain: “We repeated the same mistake again. We did well against the fast bowlers but the batsmen didn’t take responsibility in the middle overs. We have a lot of batsmen with Rashid Khan coming at 9. Asghar is a senior player that’s why we gave him a chance. Najib is an outstanding batsman, we’ll have him in the team in the upcoming matches. We need to play better cricket.”

Imran Tahir is Man of the Match for his 4 for 29 “I really enjoyed that, the way it came out, it was more important for me to play my role for the team, nice to have a first victory in our pocket. We were really up for it, we can’t control the weather, but we wanted the intensity to stay in the game. All in all a very pleasing performance.”

7.57pm And draw breath… the tension nearly killed me there… Amla finishes with 41 not out from 83 balls, a nice leisurely net that ought to set him up for better things. But seriously, I know getting a win at all costs was all that mattered today, but this South Africa side will be roadkill with that attitude for the rest of the tournament …

Sones: “This win won’t help SA. Actually it will have a negative effect on their confidence. Nobody will appreciate them for this approach. ”

28.4 6 Mohammad Nabi to Phehlukwayo woo-hoo! Down the ground and into the stands! South Africa gallop to a nine-wicket win with a massive 21.2 overs to spare! At least, that’s what the scorecard will say at any rate… SIX
28.3 . Mohammad Nabi to Phehlukwayo solid front-foot forward defence! Impeccable! no run

Anshit : “Wasn’t Andile sent to finish things in hurry?” Err … yeah

28.2 1 Mohammad Nabi to Amla flicked to leg … 1 run
28.1 . Mohammad Nabi to Amla nope, no contact. no run

End of Over No.28 South Africa 124/1 Last Over (3 runs)

Good grief this is desperate. As miserable an experience as covering England’s dismal post-elimination victory over Afghanistan at the 2015 World Cup … and that’s saying something!

27.6 . Aftab Alam to Phehlukwayo there’s the ambitious swing! But he completely loses his shape as the ball dribbles to midwicket. no run
27.5 . Aftab Alam to Phehlukwayo full and straight, and pushed to mid-off … for the love of God … won’t someone have a swing! no run
27.5 1 Aftab Alam to Phehlukwayo fired down the leg side … very delayed from the umpire, who was perhaps wondering if the ball had clipped the pad 1 wide

Still time to win it with a nice round 20 overs to spare…

27.4 . Aftab Alam to Phehlukwayo yorker! Well bowled, right into the toes, dug out with no idea where the ball has ended up. Right at his feet is the answer … no run

Anshul: “Understand the style of play by Amla today but it is painfully slow. Everyone including the ground staff would be hoping a quick finish to this game especially after Afghanistan’s low score. But Hash is here!”

27.4 1 Aftab Alam to Phehlukwayo short once more, too short this time as Phehlukwayo doesn’t even think of a stroke 1 wide
27.3 . Aftab Alam to Phehlukwayo bouncer, and Andile sways inside the line no run

Smiles on the balcony for South Africa. That’s nice to see …

27.2 1 Aftab Alam to Amla cheeky … a slower-ball bouncer, loops into Amla’s arc, so he opens the face to run a single to third man 1 run
27.1 . Aftab Alam to Amla driven with no footwork, into the off side no run

Right, Aftab returns. Can Amla finish it off in style finish it off will do!

End of Over No.27 South Africa 121/1 Last Over (3 runs)

Whatever it is that’s on at the cinema in Cardiff tonight, it’s either not very compelling, or it starts stupidly late …

26.6 . Mohammad Nabi to Phehlukwayo on the legs, can’t get this one away no run
26.5 1 Mohammad Nabi to Amla cracked down the ground to long-off once more… I think even the rain would be getting bored now 1 run
26.4 1 Mohammad Nabi to Phehlukwayo lots of air, launched down to long-off … there’s fielder lurking but it falls just short! 1 run
26.3 1 Mohammad Nabi to Amla clipped off the pads to square leg 1 run
26.2 . Mohammad Nabi to Amla go on Hash, treat yourself … nope, another watchful nudge no run
26.1 . Mohammad Nabi to Amla solidly into line. Red ink or bust no run

End of Over No.26 South Africa 118/1 Last Over (10 runs)

So… nearly… there…

25.6 4 Rashid Khan to Phehlukwayo hurrah, he’s nailed another one! Back of a length, banged through cover with a scything cut FOUR
25.5 . Rashid Khan to Phehlukwayo reverses the hands for the sweep, misses no run
25.4 1 Rashid Khan to Amla a bottom-handed flick to long-on. Lalalalala … 1 run
25.3 . Rashid Khan to Amla right behind the ball, blocked again no run
25.2 1 Rashid Khan to Phehlukwayo on the back foot, pushed to cover 1 run
25.1 4 Rashid Khan to Phehlukwayo slammed into the leg side! From nowhere, fireworks! FOUR

End of Over No.25 South Africa 108/1 Last Over (2 runs)

Bob: “This SA side is toast. The fat lady has not only sung, but it was a recording. She never entered the building. ” It does rather feel like it. But remember Imran’s cornered tigers!

24.6 . Mohammad Nabi to Amla worked back towards the bowler, on the leg side. Tidy over no run
24.5 . Mohammad Nabi to Amla more lift off the deck outside off as Nabi slides this on with the arm. Amla is beaten on the cut no run
24.4 . Mohammad Nabi to Amla head right over the ball, a full-faced block. Proper cricket! no run
24.3 1 Mohammad Nabi to Phehlukwayo on the back foot, blocked to mid-on 1 run

Arthur: “With this being a rain reduced, one sided affair. What is expected for the big clash tomorrow? Of course rain forecasted, are we looking at full match or a washout??” We’ll get something in, even if it’s a game of tiddlywinks

24.2 . Mohammad Nabi to Phehlukwayo an ambitious mow, dribbles to the leg side no run
24.1 1 Mohammad Nabi to Amla leans back for the cut, placed out to the cover sweeper 1 run

What is it?

ICC Cricket World Cup, 21st match: Afghanistan v South Africa at Cardiff, Jun 15, 2019.

When is it?

Jun 15, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-06-15 12:30:00 GMT, 2019-06-15 13:30:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Score Cards

  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    4. AK Markram 26 643 67* 27.95 0
    5. F du Plessis 143 5507 185 47.47 12
    6. HE van der Dussen 18 664 95 73.77 0
    7. DA Miller 126 3058 139 38.70 5
    8. CH Morris 42 467 62 20.30 0
    9. K Rabada 75 259 31* 16.18 0
    10. Imran Tahir 107 157 29 7.85 0
    11. BE Hendricks 4 2 2* 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    HM Amla not out 41 83 4 0
    Q de Kock caught 68 72 8 0
    AL Phehlukwayo not out 17 17 2 1
    AK Markram
    F du Plessis
    HE van der Dussen
    DA Miller
    CH Morris
    K Rabada
    Imran Tahir
    BE Hendricks
    Extras (lb 1, w 4) 5
    Total (1 wkt; 28.4 ovs) 131
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    Aftab Alam 5 1 16 0 3.20 (2w)
    Hamid Hassan 4 1 11 0 2.75
    Rashid Khan 7 0 45 0 6.42 (1w)
    Gulbadin Naib 6 0 29 1 4.83
    Mohammad Nabi 6.4 0 29 0 4.35 (1w)
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    Sports Event
    21st match Afghanistan vs South Africa


    Sophia Gardens, Cardiff,
    Starting on
    Jun 15, 2019
    Ending on
    Jun 15, 2019
    ICC Cricket World Cup, 21st match: Afghanistan v South Africa at Cardiff, Jun 15, 2019.



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