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ICC Cricket World Cup, 24th match: England v Afghanistan at Manchester, Jun 18, 2019

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England 397/6

Afghanistan 247/8 (50 ov)

England won by 150 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Hashmatullah Shahidi (lhb) 76 100 76.00
Rahmat Shah (rhb) 46 74 62.16
Bowller O M R W Econ
Jofra Archer (rf) 10.0 1 52 3 5.20
Adil Rashid (rf) 10.0 0 66 3 6.60
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.50 247/8 Last Over (1 run, wicket maiden)

6.35pm: Okay, that’s your lot for this one. Sheriff Morgan and his six-shooter laid down the law at Old Trafford today, and sent his team riding off into the sunset with the points. Afghanistan battled admirably, and have some plusses to take into their next match against India (gulp!), but this was as comprehensive as results come. We’ll have Danyal’s report on the site soon, and join us again tomorrow for a real crunch clash, New Zealand v South Africa at Edgbaston, a game around which the whole tournament could pivot. From myself, Varun and Thilak, it’s goodbye for now!

6.25pm: Time for the captains, starting with Gulbadin Naib: “Yeah, obviously how they played, [Morgan’s was] one of the best innings I ever seen. Our plan when we saw the wicket, different to the last four games, it suited the spinners and Mujeeb did a good job. Unfortunately Rashid was expensive, not at his best, so England scored around 400. We did a lot of good things but we dropped Morgan, so this is the main point for us. We work hard in every department and are improving day by day, but we have work to do. [Attempting to chase?] Big target but our message was play your normal game, don’t think about win or lose, play the 50 overs. Maybe we then have a chance. We played 50 overs, so that’s a good thing for our batters.”

Morgan is back for more: “Our next two three games are crucial. Want to bring our intensity to every game, we were at the top of four game today. If we can bring that to Headingley against Sri Lanka, then we go on to play Australia in good form. I think the intensity can still be there, you can still produce mistakes. [Dropped catches?] We did spill a couple of catches, which can happen, hopefully it doesn’t continue. But I can’t fault the guys. [Archer and Wood?] Throw Stokes in there, bowling 90mph as well as the moment. Having guys competing that level is amazing.”

6.15pm: England go top of the table, while Afghanistan stay rooted to the bottom. There was a mini pitch invasion at the end there, with one Afghan fan taking a selfie with some of the England players, apparently. They are just happy to be there – and happy their side batted through a full 50 overs, which is a decent milestone for them, giving they had a snowball’s chance in hell of making 398. It was a decent outing for the England captain, too, amid a record-breaking deluge of sixes – fittingly, Morgan’s 148 was pretty much the margin between the sides.

For that knock, Eoin Morgan is named Man of the Match: “Today was a fantastic day for us, and I managed to have a day out, which was great,. The wicket was good, we bowled well in the first ten overs, our openers batted really. A good day all round. I didn’t think it was going to be my day. Hobbling around with a bad back, didn’t think I’d produce an innings like that. Makes it a bit more special when i can compete with the youngsters in the side. It was nice. It started out as a tough game, Afghanistan are a side with potential, so it’s nice to do it on the big stage. [Used to play more funky shots?] I think I have changed, everybody plays the shots I started my career with, so that they’re not as effective. I’m probably stronger down the ground now than I ever have been. [Back okay now?] Yeah, tomorrow’s going to be a rough day.”

49.6 . Archer to Ikram Alikhil banged in, clips him on the top of the helmet! A final symbolic blow, England win by a massive 150-run margin – but Afghanistan are still standing no run

They can’t be bowled out now, either…

49.5 . Archer to Ikram Alikhil short and tucking up Ikram, who jabs it away to backward square leg no run

Dawlat Zadran comes out for the last two balls

49.4 W Archer to Rashid Khan short ball, slapped high towards the cover boundary… Bairstow holds this one! He turns to the crowd and grins, Archer has another wicket, Rashid Khan heads off and you can stick a fork in this one – it’s as good as done OUT
Rashid Khan c Bairstow b Archer 8 (19m 13b 1×4 0x6) SR: 61.53
49.3 1 Archer to Ikram Alikhil fired in full on leg stump, deflected behind square for one 1 leg bye
49.2 . Archer to Ikram Alikhil full toss on the stumps, blocked back to the bowler no run
49.1 . Archer to Ikram Alikhil angling in from round the wicket, tapped back no run

One more over. Afghanistan are almost there

End of Over No.49 246/7 Last Over (7 runs)

Here’s Fidlerrr: “One thing this WC is showing is that England are NOT flat track bullies as some thought, otherwise why are they the only team getting large scores at this tournament. This game played on the same track as India v Pakistan also.”

48.6 . Wood to Rashid Khan shortish, swings hard and misses no run
48.5 2 Wood to Rashid Khan smashed h-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-g-h into the off side, won’t quite go all the way towards long-off… in fact, won’t even go for four! 2 runs
48.4 4 Wood to Rashid Khan back of a length, slower ball and this time Rashid smacks it past mid-off, gets fingertips on it but won’t prevent four FOUR
48.3 . Wood to Rashid Khan short outside off, cranking up the pace, again Rashid fails to connect with a swipe no run
48.2 1 Wood to Ikram Alikhil dug out to the on side, Wood flings himself after it in his follow through, but can’t prevent one 1 run
48.1 . Wood to Ikram Alikhil fired in full and straight at 145kph/90mph, neatly played off his toes no run

Couple more to go. I’m beginning to think Afghanistan aren’t going to get these

End of Over No.48 239/7 Last Over (4 runs)

47.6 . Archer to Rashid Khan short ball, very slow and loopy and this time he can only connect with the toe of the bat no run
47.5 . Archer to Rashid Khan full toss, mistimed towards mid-off as Rashid backs away and swings hard no run
47.5 1 Archer to Rashid Khan dug in short, too high 1 wide

“250 is a decent enough score for any team,” opines Bipul. “It’s just that England team was too good.”

47.4 2 Archer to Rashid Khan fuller, hoyed over cover, clears the man running back for a couple into the deep 2 runs
47.3 . Archer to Rashid Khan short ball in the channel, Rashid hacks and gets a bottom edge no run
47.2 1 Archer to Ikram Alikhil full outside off, 146kph/90mph and sliced off the outside edge towards third man 1 run
47.1 . Archer to Ikram Alikhil round the wicket, dug in and defended on the back foot, maybe another slower delivery no run

dubravka: “England, please let Afghanistan bat the whole 50 overs.” Three more sets of six to go… Afghanistan could still bring the margin down below three figures

End of Over No.47 235/7 Last Over (1 run)

46.6 . Wood to Rashid Khan full and wide, pace off this time and another wild swing misses no run
46.5 . Wood to Rashid Khan banged in at 143kph/89mph, Rashid ducks and hurls the bat in the same motion, fails to connect no run
46.4 . Wood to Rashid Khan slower ball outside off, swing and a miss no run
46.3 1 Wood to Ikram Alikhil banged in, evasive action from Alikhil and it crashes into the glove – but Buttler can’t cling on one-handed! It was tantalisingly out of reach as the keeper flung himself to his left. Would have been a brilliant take 1 run

Ikram Alikhil is in at No.9

46.2 W Wood to Najibullah Zadran timber, another slowie does it! Cutter on leg stump and Najibullah misses with a heave across the line, Wood disturbs the woodwork OUT
Najibullah Zadran b Wood 15 (21m 13b 0x4 1×6) SR: 115.38
46.1 . Wood to Najibullah Zadran short ball, over the top of Najib’s cross-batted swipe no run

End of Over No.46 234/6 Last Over (7 runs)

Here’s Lenin : “Why is everyone so harsh on AFG. Their batsmen need confidence and these knocks can kick start their campaign so they can give a better account of themselves going forward in the rest of the world cup. ”

45.6 . Archer to Rashid Khan over the wicket, bunted back to the bowler no run

Rashid Khan walks out next

45.5 W Archer to Hashmatullah Shahidi bowled ‘im! No World Cup hundred for Hashmat! Done by the slower ball, moving across and attempting something cute, by the time he realised the ball was arriving late he was in no position to hit it… Superb knock from Afghanistan’s No. 4, though. Kept his team above water OUT
Hashmatullah Shahidi b Archer 76 (145m 100b 5×4 2×6) SR: 76.00
45.4 4 Archer to Hashmatullah Shahidi full and fast, 89mph but Hashmat simply clears the front leg and smacks four to long-on! Stand and deliver, even with a man back FOUR
45.3 1 Archer to Najibullah Zadran round the wicket, pace off again, whipped to deep square 1 run
45.2 1 Archer to Hashmatullah Shahidi another variation, knuckle ball floated on leg stump, swung away through midwicket 1 run

What is it?

ICC Cricket World Cup, 24th match: England v Afghanistan at Manchester, Jun 18, 2019.

When is it?

Jun 18, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-06-18 09:30:00 GMT, 2019-06-18 10:30:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Old Trafford, Manchester

Score Cards

  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    CR Woakes 9 0 41 0 4.55 (2w)
    JC Archer 10 1 52 3 5.20 (2w)
    MM Ali 7 0 35 0 5.00
    MA Wood 10 1 40 2 4.00 (1w)
    BA Stokes 4 0 12 0 3.00
    AU Rashid 10 0 66 3 6.60 (1w)
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 4 Noor Ali Zadran 0 Gulbadin Naib 3
    2nd 48 Gulbadin Naib 34 Rahmat Shah 13
    3rd 52 Rahmat Shah 33 Hashmatullah Shahidi 18
    4th 94 Asghar Afghan 44 Hashmatullah Shahidi 46
    5th 12 Mohammad Nabi 9 Hashmatullah Shahidi 3
    6th 24 Hashmatullah Shahidi 9 Najibullah Zadran 15
    7th 0 Najibullah Zadran 0 Rashid Khan 0
    8th 13 Rashid Khan 8 Ikram Alikhil 3
    9th 0* Dawlat Zadran 0 Ikram Alikhil 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    Noor Ali Zadran bowled 0 7 0 0
    Gulbadin Naib caught wk 37 28 4 1
    Rahmat Shah caught 46 74 3 1
    Hashmatullah Shahidi bowled 76 100 5 2
    Asghar Afghan caught 44 48 3 2
    Mohammad Nabi caught 9 7 0 1
    Najibullah Zadran bowled 15 13 0 1
    Rashid Khan caught 8 13 1 0
    Ikram Alikhil not out 3 10 0 0
    Dawlat Zadran not out 0 0 0 0
    Mujeeb Ur Rahman
    Extras (lb 1, w 8) 9
    Total (8 wkts; 50 ovs) 247
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    Sports Event
    24th match England vs Afghanistan


    Old Trafford, Manchester,
    Starting on
    Jun 18, 2019
    Ending on
    Jun 18, 2019
    ICC Cricket World Cup, 24th match: England v Afghanistan at Manchester, Jun 18, 2019.



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