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Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand, 2nd ODI: New Zealand v Sri Lanka at Mount Maunganui, Jan 5, 2019

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New Zealand 319/7

Sri Lanka 298 (46.2/50 ov)

New Zealand won by 21 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Thisara Perera (lhb) 140 74 189.18
Danushka Gunathilaka (lhb) 71 73 97.26
Bowller O M R W Econ
Ish Sodhi (lb) 10.0 1 55 3 5.50
James Neesham (lb) 7.0 0 48 2 6.85
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RECENT W 1 3 | . 6 6 . 6 6 | . 1 . 6 6 . | . . . 1 . 1 1 . | W . . 1 1 1 | .

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

10:05pm Whew. That is it from our live coverage. New Zealand have sealed the series with a game to go. Stick around for our post-match coverage. Andrew Fidel Fernando on match report and a piece on Thisara Perera, no doubt. That should be tasty. On behalf of Saurabh and Raghav, it’s goodbye from here.

Kane Williamson: Probably 85% of that game, it was clinical from our guys. I thought 319 was a good score on a slightly worn wicket. Perera played absolutely out of his skin, reminded me of Stoinis. It was all sort of landing in one direction for a bit there. We all had a go [dropped catches]. It was frustrating. If we did hold our catches, we’d have reflectd on it differently. On top of that, Thisara kept putting us under pressure. We pride ourselves on our fielding and it’s something we need to move on quickly from before Nelson. It’s about guys going out and performing their roles. Needs to become that sort of a habit where we go out and keep the game moving forward as much as we can. We adjusted pretty well, where it was gripping and we realised it wasn’t a 350 pitch. Jimmy’s played outstandngly well. On these sorts of surfaces, those 300+ scores and 350+ scores are important, you need a guy like Jimmy or Thisara coming out. This is sort of the new age of one-day cricket.

Lasith Malinga: Thisara played an unbelievable innings. I always feel he is a match-wining player and he almost did it for Sri Lanka. We are really happy for him. We needed to get a good middle order partnership but we missed that and that is why we lost the match in this situation. In the first ODI we didn’t use our variations much, but after that we realised we needed to do it. We have to prepare mentally for the situation and conditions.

Thisara Perera: Really proud of myself, because it’s my first century. Last eight years I’ve been batting at No. 8. Thanks to the coaching staff for pushing me up to No. 7. I should give them a present. I was not thinking anything. I had to take the responsibilty throughout. I told the Nuwan and Sandakan to just play five or six balls. I should thank Chandika Hathurusingha and Thilan Samraweera – they were throwing throwing throwing to me. Credit goes to these two.

Thisara Perera is the Man of the Match.

ChrisNZ: “Stoked that we can break the ‘rule’ of only giving MoM to the winning team. Well deserved for a spectacular knock.”

Jamie: “Whew! I thought I was going to be to blame for an NZ loss there – when Perera was in the 90s, I said to the TV “Don’t get him out just yet boys, let him get to three figures first…””

Pathum: “We had hope for word cup.2019 well done boys”

UJack: “Great match! Would have been a cake walk ifNZ were tidy – 13 wides and 5 dropped catches. On the other hand, the lower order fightback of SL was inspiring – hoping the top order will fight just the same in the next game!”

Vikram Rathore: “That was one of the best ODI knocks we will ever see. Shame it ended in a losing cause, but my god, can this bloke bat!”

Hashim: “What a fight back from Srilanka. Who would have thought they will reach 298. Once they were 128/7.”

Aashu: “Just like last January (Marcus Stoinis’ 146 against NZ), this January also produces a magnificent inning by an all rounder in a losing cause. “

Braden : “Apparently there have been reports of a meteor shower across the Bay of Plenty. Surely just some of Thisara Perera’s sixes. “


9:47pm Thisara smiles after the dismissal. Hasn’t had much reason to smile lately. Everyone congratulating him on a fine, fine knock. He leads both teams off the field. “Just let me do my work peacefully” he had tweeted following the backlash after the first ODI. Among many others, New Zealand have allowed him to do that today. But make no mistake – the last 18 months have been Thisara’s best in international cricket. This is the peaking of a very talented man. Eight fours, 13 sixes, and a total of 169 added with the last three wickets. For context, those three batsmen made a combined 26 runs. Sri Lanka’s top order will be kicking themselves. New Zealand will possibly have some hairdryer treatment of their own. Some average cricket from both teams around this colossal innings. What a way to start the year.

46.2 W Henry to NLTC Perera Boult leaps forward and ends the pain at long-on! What a catch! Not quite, for Thisara Perera. It was in the slot, length ball on leg stump. Short-arm jab again but this time it’s off the toe-end. It dips on Boult who sprints some ten yards and pulls off a stunner. After five dropped catches, it took some compensation OUT
NLTC Perera c Boult b Henry 140 (74b 8×4 13×6) SR: 189.18

It’s the 47th over and NZ are onto something – he isn’t going to hit the bouncers for six

46.2 1 Henry to NLTC Perera bouncer. Wide! Henry not happy with that. A sharp bouncer. Perera backed away and it was too fast for him. Replays show it was the right call 1 wide

Right, the physio is out massaging Thisara’s lower back on the left side.

Samuel Hill: “This is very poor bowling from New Zealand. So often we don’t finish teams off when they’re on the ropes. Southee can’t play the next game. His time in the limited overs teams has to be over.”

46.1 3 Henry to Pradeep they’ll get three! The point fielder tracks back as this trickles towards the boundary and pulls it back in. Pradeep and Sri Lanka will be grateful for that. Munro there. Full and in at off stump. Backs away and slices a gorgeous drive to beat the diving cover fielder to his left 3 runs

Matt Henry, best fast bowler on the day for NZ. He’ll bowl his last over. Can Pradeep survive? Thisara flexing his spine a little. Looks like he has a slight niggle.

End of Over No.46 Sri Lanka 294/9 Last Over (24 runs)

Neil: “Book cricket, anyone?”

Stewart: “Regardless of outcome, Perera for Man of the Match, as he actually has made it a match”

Samuel Hill: “This is very poor bowling from New Zealand. So often we don’t finish teams off when they’re on the ropes. Southee can’t play the next game. His time in the limited overs teams has to be over.”

45.6 . Southee to NLTC Perera well bowled. Thisara shuffles and Southee sends a bouncer across the channel, straight at his helmet. Ducks under it no run

Big conference now. They need to stop that single.

45.5 6 Southee to NLTC Perera now way! Southee has lost his length completely. Another full toss. Just outside off. A half-step into into the off side and a launch over square leg this time. Unreal stuff. SIX

It’s been 160 runs since Sri Lanka lost their seventh wicket!

45.4 6 Southee to NLTC Perera another full toss! Another six! How the tables have turned! New Zealand have no clue where to bowl to him. Outside off, in his zone and he slots it over long-on again! SIX
45.3 . Southee to NLTC Perera beaten. Slower ball at a length outside off, walks across and swings at it but that skids under no run
45.2 6 Southee to NLTC Perera mistimed but another six! Shuffles early this time, gets a high full toss this time. It’s wide and he slices from underneath. The wind carries it. Long-on and long-off converge…and watch it clear the boundary SIX
45.1 6 Southee to NLTC Perera suh-weeet! That sound! Wow. A low full toss outside off and it cannot be middled better than that. Doesn’t even need to swing – just a check-punch. It’s far, far over the wide long-on boundary. 96 metres! It’s rolled off somewhere too after landing in the grassbanks. We’re getting a replacement ball SIX

End of Over No.45 Sri Lanka 270/9 Last Over (13 runs)

Alan Richardson: “Is this a bit of “All rounders” union in play with Neesham & Perera – You bowl me a few pies to put over the boundary and I will bowl you a few when it is your turn to bat?”

44.6 . Neesham to Pradeep bouncer at an off stump line, keeps the bat withdrawn and jumps away to let it go no run
44.5 1 Neesham to NLTC Perera short ball alright, and a mistimed pull. Once again, exactly what he needed. It drops into the circle at mid-on and they cross over 1 run

Looks like mid-off is in. Cover, point and midwicket are in. Slower short ball?

44.4 . Neesham to NLTC Perera inside edge onto front pad. Short ball at middle stump, looks to pull and can’t get it away no run
44.3 6 Neesham to NLTC Perera clears the extra cover boundary! Full and wide outside off. Stays still and reaches out with his hands. Opens the face late and sends it 76 metres SIX
44.2 6 Neesham to NLTC Perera pow! He’s short-arm slogged a slower short ball over midwicket! Imagine the power. Leg stump line, plenty of time to pick the slower ball and he swats him off the front foot SIX
44.1 . Neesham to NLTC Perera slower ball just outside off, backs away and looks to club it. Beaten on the outside edge no run

ChrisNZ: “If all catches had been taken, Sri Lanka would be 257/14, or even 15 if you count Taylor’s fingertip effort at third slip… ”

End of Over No.44 Sri Lanka 257/9 Last Over (3 runs)

Sandaru Herath: “Edges! Edges! Thats what we need from you Pradeep”

43.6 . Southee to Pradeep full and in at off stump. Pushed back to the bowler no run
43.5 . Southee to Pradeep yorker at leg stump, defends down the pitch no run
43.4 . Southee to Pradeep bouncer at off stump, sways into the leg side to let it go no run

They’ve crossed over though

43.3 1 Southee to NLTC Perera dropped! Guptill runs in from long-off and puts down a simple one. Looks like he’s damaged his finger too. Runs off immediately. Or is he just embarrassed? Low full toss dipping away outside off. Swings across the line, get s a top edge. Ground made, catch dropped. Same old story. 1 run

Alan Deacon: “Take off Neesham, take off Neesham, take of Neesham”

43.2 . Southee to NLTC Perera yorker length wide outside off, chops at it and can’t get bat on it no run
43.2 1 Southee to NLTC Perera full and wide again! Swings at it but that’s well wide of him 1 wide
43.2 1 Southee to NLTC Perera full and very wide outside off. Left alone 1 wide

ThinkWhyNot: “Thisara Perera says to Sandakan “It’s hard from hit from that end as wind is in opposite site, so lets go with singles”. But could not survive”

43.1 . Southee to NLTC Perera full and wide yorker. Dips inwards from the wide marker as Perera leaves no run

Pradeep the new man. Averages 4.80 in 88 FC games, just under 6 in 76 List A games

End of Over No.43 Sri Lanka 254/9 Last Over (3 runs)

42.6 W Neesham to Sandakan taken by Taylor! Neesham produces the magic once again. What a comeback he’s had. Short ball lifts up steeply from off stump. Too good for Sandakan. He’s looking to defend and it pings up into the third slip region. Taylor lunges forward and holds on OUT
PADLR Sandakan c Taylor b Neesham 6 (20b 0x4 0x6) SR: 30.00

Samuel Hill: “By my calculations that’s the fastest ever century vs NZ in ODIs.” — It is! Bairstow had it in 58 before this

42.5 . Neesham to Sandakan short ball at off stump, ducks under it no run
42.4 . Neesham to Sandakan past the outside edge. Length ball in the corridor, defends inside the line no run

EGC King: “From a NZ fan perspective, I really hope Perera can get SL home from here. New Zealand really need to face up to one of their long-standing weaknesses in the field–passivity and slowness to adjust when a batsman decides to change the pace of the game. We’ve seen it too many times now.”

42.3 1 Neesham to NLTC Perera slower short ball at middle stump, waits on it and pulls to deep midwicket’s left 1 run
42.2 1 Neesham to Sandakan wide of gully. Taylor leaping to his right, one-handed. Oh he’s got a finger on it. But that was difficult. Short outside off and he cut hard at that 1 run

Mxp : “Miracles happening this part isn’t f the world .. is it another miracle MCG???congrates man don’t loose your hope Thisara the big boy..”

42.1 1 Neesham to NLTC Perera falls short of midwicket. Length at leg stump, one hand comes off as he slogs at this 1 run

Here he is. Jimmy Neesham

End of Over No.42 Sri Lanka 251/8 Last Over (11 runs)

This is the third-fastest hundred by a Sri Lankan, behind Jayasuriya’s 48-ball and 55-ball hundreds

41.6 . Boult to Sandakan length at off stump, defended off the back foot no run

What is it?

Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand, 2nd ODI: New Zealand v Sri Lanka at Mount Maunganui, Jan 5, 2019.

When is it?

Jan 5, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-01-05 01:00:00 GMT, 2019-01-05 14:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui

Score Cards

  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    TA Boult 10 1 61 1 6.10 (3w)
    TG Southee 8 0 68 1 8.50 (4w)
    MJ Henry 9.2 1 52 2 5.57 (2w)
    KS Williamson 2 0 8 0 4.00
    IS Sodhi 10 1 55 3 5.50 (2w)
    JDS Neesham 7 0 48 2 6.85 (2w)
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 28 N Dickwella 9 MD Gunathilaka 16
    2nd 35 MDKJ Perera 4 MD Gunathilaka 26
    3rd 49 BKG Mendis 20 MD Gunathilaka 28
    4th 4 MD Gunathilaka 1 LD Chandimal 1
    5th 5 LD Chandimal 2 DAS Gunaratne 1
    6th 7 DAS Gunaratne 5 NLTC Perera 1
    7th 0 S Prasanna 0 NLTC Perera 0
    8th 75 SL Malinga 17 NLTC Perera 58
    9th 51 PADLR Sandakan 6 NLTC Perera 43
    10th 44 NLTC Perera 38 N Pradeep 3
  • Batting R B 4 6
    N Dickwella bowled 9 10 1 0
    MD Gunathilaka caught wk 71 73 9 0
    MDKJ Perera caught 4 23 0 0
    BKG Mendis caught wk 20 30 2 0
    LD Chandimal bowled 3 12 0 0
    DAS Gunaratne run out 6 5 1 0
    NLTC Perera caught 140 74 8 13
    S Prasanna bowled 0 4 0 0
    SL Malinga bowled 17 22 2 0
    PADLR Sandakan caught 6 20 0 0
    N Pradeep not out 3 5 0 0
    Extras (lb 6, w 13) 19
    Total (all out; 46.2 ovs) 298
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    Sports Event
    2nd ODI New Zealand vs Sri Lanka


    Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui,
    Mount Maunganui,Mount Maunganui,NZ
    Starting on
    Jan 5, 2019
    Ending on
    Jan 5, 2019
    Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand, 2nd ODI: New Zealand v Sri Lanka at Mount Maunganui, Jan 5, 2019.



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