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England tour of West Indies, 2nd ODI: West Indies v England at Bridgetown, Feb 22, 2019

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West Indies 289/6

England 263 (47.4/50 ov)

West Indies won by 26 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Ben Stokes (lhb) 79 85 92.94
Eoin Morgan (lhb) 70 83 84.33
Bowller O M R W Econ
Sheldon Cottrell (lfm) 9.0 0 46 5 5.11
Jason Holder (lfm) 10.0 1 53 3 5.30
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

7.34pm So, that’s a wrap from Barbados. We’re off to Grenada for a pivotal third ODI on Monday, with England a touch chastened after another rousing performance from West Indies’ resurgent outfit. It’s been a thrilling evening. Sheldon Cottrell, we salute you! Goodnight!

Jason Holder: “Really pleased, credit to Hetty, he set it up on a sticky wicket, and credit for the way we defended it, led by Sheldon Cottrell. When I came back I knew we needed a wicket, I got two in the over and had England under pressure. You need options in this day and age, Cottrell added variation, I love his energy, he’s one for the future. And it’s good to see the young players stepping up.”

Shimron Hetmyer is Man of the Match “We just tried to pick up the slack and get a partnership going. I was thinking about opening up both sides of the ground, looking to pick up singles. I’m trying to learn some new things, trying not to be one-dimensional, open up both sides of the field, and execute from there.”

Here’s Morgan “A game is never won until right at the end. Two games into the series I felt we made a lot of improvements and we thought 290 was well without our capabilities. We made mistakes and it hurt us, and West Indies deserved to win.”

“My first time facing Cottrell, hopefully we can face him a lot more and play him better. Collectively we need to chase a total like that in partnerships, but we failed to nail it down.”

7.22pm Deepak Samson: “The English middle order is strong…no doubt…but to win matches the stability that Root brings to the table is vital. England need Joe to click on a reasonably regular basis to have a shot at the silverware in the summer…” Probably true, certainly on livelier decks. But it was a cracking game either way

Om Pashupati: “It’s good to see some underdogs picking up right before the World Cup – first SL in SA and now WI. Hope they are not picking up a bit too early !”

7.16pm Joy unconfined for West Indies … they looked down and out as England paced their chase well up until the final ten overs. But the loss of Ben Stokes to a rashly-timed review changed the nature of their innings. Their last six wickets tumbled for 35 in 7.5 overs, with Sheldon Cottrell starring with 5 for 46, his career-best figures.

Narayanan: “Now I understand why Stokes threw his pads.”

Alok Ranjan: “It’s 4:40 morning here in India and trust me I have not slept just because of this match Gee what a day it has been for cricket SA vs SL ,1st match PSL last ball six ,2nd match Hattrick in last over and now when chances were looking Not great for WI …They are pretty on the brink of winning this..Long Live Cricket,Cheers” It’s not a bad game, is it?

47.4 W Brathwaite to Plunkett slapped to long off, and Holder swallows the winning catch! No repeat of his Trent Bridge 2016 heroics from Plunkett, but he was looking for a similar go-to stroke, an up-and-over wallop on a full length. But the skipper is back on the rope, and seals a thrilling comeback win! OUT
LE Plunkett c Holder b Brathwaite 2 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
47.3 1 Brathwaite to Wood slower ball, chopped to point 1 run

mtham: “After indifferent performances on pitches that offer something for bowlers does this mean England are flat track bullies ” Yes, no, maybe. They’ve been outplayed today

47.2 . Brathwaite to Wood speared into the toes, can’t get it away no run
47.1 1 Brathwaite to Plunkett looking for the yorker, clipped to the leg side 1 run

End of Over No.47 England 261/9 Last Over (2 runs)

Subbu: “Wish Mo could mow a little further. Alas mo is not meant to mow. Not today” It’s a Mo go zone

46.6 . Cottrell to Wood outside off, flogged to point. The end of a match-defining over, surely. It’s all on Plunkett now … no run
46.5 W Cottrell to Ali round his legs, and Cottrell has five! This is magnificent bowling, but an unlucky way to go … clips the inside of the thigh pad, a la Keaton Jennings in the Tests, and deflects back into the leg stump! But there’s no stopping Cottrell now. He ain’t no Private Pile! OUT
MM Ali b Cottrell 12 (39m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 85.71

Deepak Samson: “The drill sergeant has done it !!” Sir, yes, sir!

46.4 1 Cottrell to Plunkett full and straight, squared up on the crease and he’s off the mark with a deflection to third man 1 run

Time for some long levers? Here’s your man for the moment. It’s Liam Plonk-it-into-the-stands

46.3 W Cottrell to Rashid got him! Cottrell is winning this match single-handedly! Back of a length again, Rashid looks to nurdle, opens the face, but can’t get the angle to beat the keeper. Out comes the salute for his career-best figures… and England are looking down the barrel now OUT
AU Rashid c †Hope b Cottrell 15 (25m 19b 3×4 0x6) SR: 78.94

Toby Briggs: “England do have depth atleast we haven’t been out classed ”

46.2 . Cottrell to Rashid up on the toes, punched to point. A precious dot … no run
46.1 1 Cottrell to Ali back of a length, taking the pace off the ball, and Moeen’s hoick lobs safely to no-man’s land at midwicket 1 run

End of Over No.46 England 259/7 Last Over (9 runs)

45.6 . Brathwaite to Rashid a fine finish to the over, as Rashid pokes limply outside off at a good length ball in the channel. Nevertheless, England made a dent in that over no run
45.5 . Brathwaite to Rashid good riposte! Climbing off the deck, past the edge no run
45.4 4 Brathwaite to Rashid back to back boundaries! This was a pretty well directed yorker, but Rashid’s wrists came to the party, turning it very fine behind square, where Bishoo dives despairingly and can’t intercept! FOUR
45.3 4 Brathwaite to Rashid brilliant strike from Rashid! Too wide from Brathwaite, Rashid opens the face and drills it square, past the flailing boundary rider FOUR
45.2 . Brathwaite to Rashid yorker, well bowled, Rashid wants the single as he kills the ball at his feet but Brathwaite responds quicker than Moeen no run

square leg and short cover in the circle

Sergiou Muaytha: “How much Mo can mow if Mo can mow.” Just a mo … I need to work that one out

45.1 1 Brathwaite to Ali sweet contact with a thump into the covers, but only the single to the cover sweeper 1 run

Eight an over is the rate. Which is not out of control … here’s Carlos Brathwaite. Remember his name?

End of Over No.45 England 250/7 Last Over (7 runs)

44.6 2 Cottrell to Rashid tighter to the off stump, a lusty slap to deep cover, and they scamper back for the second 2 runs
44.6 1 Cottrell to Rashid harsh wide! That looked to have pitched inside the tramlines, but was swinging away. 1 wide
44.5 1 Cottrell to Ali standing tall on the back foot, looking for two, but just the single, as Moeen is happy to be up the other end for the start of the next over 1 run
44.5 1 Cottrell to Ali slower ball, Moeen misses out with a mighty mow across the line, but it slides past leg stump for the extra anyway 1 wide
44.4 1 Cottrell to Rashid nudged down to third man for the single 1 run

Rounak: “I think the key to beating Eng is to prepare slow low pitches…if it’s a batting paradise (as is often the case these days in ODIs) you practically dont have any chance of beating them” Probably some truth in that. Fortunately for England, the ICC oversee pitch preparation at the World Cup, and they want belters

44.3 . Cottrell to Rashid a wild whoosh outside off! Can’t make contact there! no run
44.2 . Cottrell to Rashid big appeal again, but that pitched outside leg and had some inside-edge involved no run

Hugo: “Would I be being cynical to suggest Holder’s caught behind review against Rashid was so strong because he knew that may sway the umpire to give out, Holder knowing England had no more reviews left? ” Yes, because they used their own review to try to confirm it

44.1 1 Cottrell to Ali back of a length, pumped down the ground to long-on 1 run

End of Over No.44 England 243/7 Last Over (7 runs)

Neil Adam: “aaand … relax” … well, sort of… It’s the Wagah Border Guard marching back to the top of his mark! Sheldon has had plenty to salute so far today…

43.6 . Holder to Rashid brilliant finish from Holder! A pinpoint yorker, tailing into the toes and Rashid can only dead-bat it down into the crease no run

Alex W: “Regardless of the outcome. This off-day by England with the bat is considerably better than previous off-days (collapses)!” Small mercies

43.5 . Holder to Rashid full length, angling into the stumps, looking for the single to short midwicket but it’s not there no run
43.4 4 Holder to Rashid priceless boundary! On the legs, Rashid nudges so fine, and Hope can’t intervene FOUR

Mustafa Moudi: “Am sitting in the flight to Kuwait, which will take off in 15 minutes. Any chances for result before that ??” If England keep up their Test-match style collapse, then very much so!

43.3 1 Holder to Ali on the pads, worked to the leg side 1 run

stuart : “Have we not got to the stage now where horrifically bad decisions should be over turned straight away by the TV umpire without them being reviewed?” I think ones that are liable to cause riots on the big screen ought to be considered, yes! Then again, Stokes burned the review with a honker too!

43.2 . Holder to Ali eased out to cover no run

Richard Hirst: “What’s the record for the most bold type in one over?” I may have just broken it …

43.1 2 Holder to Ali on the toes, flicked eagerly to deep square leg, and England pick up a couple 2 runs

Now then skipper, eyes back on the prize after that aberration

What is it?

England tour of West Indies, 2nd ODI: West Indies v England at Bridgetown, Feb 22, 2019.

When is it?

Feb 22, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-02-22 15:00:00 GMT, 2019-02-22 11:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados

Score Cards

  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 1 JM Bairstow 0 JJ Roy 1
    2nd 9 JJ Roy 1 JE Root 8
    3rd 50 JE Root 28 EJG Morgan 18
    4th 99 EJG Morgan 52 BA Stokes 44
    5th 69 BA Stokes 35 JC Buttler 31
    6th 5 JC Buttler 3 MM Ali 2
    7th 0 TK Curran 0 MM Ali 0
    8th 27 AU Rashid 15 MM Ali 10
    9th 1 MM Ali 0 LE Plunkett 1
    10th 2 LE Plunkett 1 MA Wood 1
  • SS Cottrell 9.0-0-46-5
    v Batsman Dot 4 6 R B SR
    JJ Roy bowled 1 0 0 1 2 50.00
    JM Bairstow lbw 1 0 0 0 1 0.00
    JE Root 7 2 0 11 12 91.66
    EJG Morgan caught 5 2 0 14 13 107.69
    BA Stokes 4 0 0 8 11 72.72
    JC Buttler 1 0 0 2 3 66.66
    MM Ali bowled 1 0 0 3 4 75.00
    AU Rashid caught 4 0 0 3 6 50.00
    LE Plunkett 0 0 0 1 1 100.00
    MA Wood 1 0 0 0 1 0.00
  • Batting R B 4 6
    JJ Roy bowled 2 4 0 0
    JM Bairstow lbw 0 1 0 0
    JE Root caught wk 36 40 6 0
    EJG Morgan caught 70 83 5 3
    BA Stokes caught wk 79 85 7 2
    JC Buttler caught 34 33 2 2
    MM Ali bowled 12 14 0 0
    TK Curran lbw 0 1 0 0
    AU Rashid caught wk 15 19 3 0
    LE Plunkett caught 2 3 0 0
    MA Wood not out 1 3 0 0
    Extras (lb 3, w 9) 12
    Total (all out; 47.4 ovs) 263
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    SS Cottrell 9 0 46 5 5.11 (3w)
    JO Holder 10 1 53 3 5.30 (2w)
    O Thomas 5 0 32 1 6.40
    AR Nurse 6 0 28 0 4.66
    D Bishoo 10 0 49 0 4.90 (1w)
    CH Gayle 2 0 15 0 7.50 (1w)
    CR Brathwaite 5.4 0 37 1 6.52 (2w)
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    Sports Event
    2nd ODI West Indies vs England


    Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados,
    Starting on
    Feb 22, 2019
    Ending on
    Feb 22, 2019
    England tour of West Indies, 2nd ODI: West Indies v England at Bridgetown, Feb 22, 2019.



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