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England tour of West Indies, 4th ODI: West Indies v England at St George’s, Feb 27, 2019

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England 418/6

West Indies 389 (48/50 ov)

England won by 29 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Chris Gayle (lhb) 162 97 167.01
Darren Bravo (lhb) 61 59 103.38
Bowller O M R W Econ
Adil Rashid (lb) 10.0 0 85 5 8.50
Mark Wood (lb) 10.0 0 60 4 6.00
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.48 Windies 389/10 Last Over (2 runs)

6.15pm: My giddy aunt… I think we all need a glass of milk and a sit down. Luckily there’s a Test match on over in Hamilton, cricket’s equivalent of a chill-out zone. Grenada certainly pulled the pin, we’ve just seen a bonkers match, but Valkerie has done her best to sum it up in the report. Thanks for tuning in, we’ll be back for more when the teams meet again in St Lucia on Saturday. Cheerio!

6pm: Presentations time, starting with Jason Holder: “Definitely, the guys stuck to it and gave a good effort, credit to Chris, batting the way he batted was outstanding an unfortunately we couldn’t get there in the end. It was a good surface to bat on, both teams struggled to contain. Credit to both sides. Buttler was outstanding at the end. We had to go at it, we had a good start and kept momentum going, but we weren’t able to get there at the end. Not to die wondering. We had to go out, knew what we need to keep up with. A few guys kicked on, really good to see support for Chris. Right up there, to be at the top of the innings, two new ball, hit’s commendable. To get 10,000 runs in any format of cricket is something special.”

Buttler is named Man of the Match: “It was an incredible game. Put under a lot of pressure, Chris played a fantastic innings, but delighted with a win. [Your innings?] Fantastic, we talked on the bench about having a right-left combo, being able to attack one side all the time, so managed to sneak up the order and make the most of it. Been tough for the bowlers, in Barbados as well, the wind makes a huge difference. Guys work hard on range hitting, all around the world these days, we have a powerful line-up and have been utilising that well over the last few years. Had three fantastic games so far, sure it will be a great game in St Lucia.”

England captain Eoin Morgan: “Hell of a game, hope people enjoyed it. We went toe to toe with the West Indies. We were fortunate with that spell from Adil to get us over the line. We needed something special. I thought as a group we batted brilliantly, it brought the best out of all of us. Bairstow and Hales laid the platform and gave me and Jos and chance to build a partnership. Jos is like a champions race horse and watching him in full flow is something. But I thought West Indies played so well and gave it their all. Lot of people talk about them being No9 in the world, but there’s not a huge deal between the teams. They turned us over in the last game and have gone toe to toe with us. They are a strong side. Adil is an extremely strong asset, can bowl anywhere in the 50 overs and he has his variations. He got rhythm and purchase off the pitch. To come back and bowl an over where he takes three wickets and wins us the game is outstanding. This was such a close game,it could have gone either way. We were fighting a tough battle. The more games we play under pressure, stay calm and execute, the better for us.”

5.50pm: Jeepers, I did not see that coming! West Indies were right in it, with three overs to go… and then Adil Rashid takes 4 for 0! We’ve seen 807 runs, a world record 46 sixes, and a couple of excellent bits of bowling, between Rashid at the end and Mark Wood, who was a one-man show for England early on. Chris Gayle crunched a 55-ball hundred, Jos Buttler made his highest ODI score, Morgan reached three figures, too, West Indies made their highest total, and that barely begins to cover the madness. England, after all that, are 2-1 up in the series.

Jos Buttler is collared straight away before he can get off the field: “Unbelievable game of cricket. Being put under huge pressure, we showed character to come through, For Adil to bowl that over at that time, it was special. We just needed wickets. If Chris Gayle batted for long enough they were going to win. I thought Mark Wood was outstanding, and I like the way Adil wants the ball in those situations. It’s a great dress rehearsal, lots of pressure, You can lose those games and the guys did well to stand up to ti. [Innings?] Really special, I really enjoyed it, when you feel you get into that zone, it’s really pleasing. Joe Root said we need north of 350, so with 12-13 overs to go, we tried to kick on.”

Charlie: “Most expensive 5-for ever??” Looks like it

47.6 W Rashid to Thomas another wrong’un, past the bat – stumped! FOUR IN FIVE!! Rashid absolutely nails his final over to finish with a five-for! And England win with room to spare! OUT
O Thomas st †Buttler b Rashid 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Oshane Thomas, for only his third innings in ODIs. West Indies still need 30

47.5 W Rashid to Bishoo spanked high and handsome, but he picks out deep square leg! Three in four balls for Rashid, and West Indies lying twitching in a heap! Looped up a googly outside leg stump and Bishoo went for it, he had to, but couldn’t clear the man OUT
D Bishoo c Hales b Rashid 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
47.4 . Rashid to Bishoo pushes through the googly, into the gloves and Buttler whips off the bails no run

Rashid comes through in a pinch… and he’s on a hat-trick. Devendra Bishoo on strike, with another new batsman, Sheldon Cottrell, at the other end

47.3 W Rashid to Brathwaite gottim, two in two! Brathwaite won’t be seeing this one home! Big wind up but he slices a lofted shot towards cover, where Morgan backpedals and holds it safely OUT
CR Brathwaite c Morgan b Rashid 50 (36b 4×4 2×6) SR: 138.88
47.2 W Rashid to Nurse gone this time, top-edged straight up! Nurse slams his bat in anger at himself, but Plunkett made no mistake this time, at short fine leg. An ugly wipe across the line and Rashid breaks the stand OUT
AR Nurse c Plunkett b Rashid 43 (41b 5×4 0x6) SR: 104.87
47.1 2 Rashid to Nurse dropped! Nurse carts the ball towards long-on, Stokes scampering in, he gets to it but spills the catch as he dives full length! They pinch two more! 2 runs

Zain MK: “One wicket and this is England’s game.” But where’s it coming from?

End of Over No.47 Windies 387/6 Last Over (6 runs)

Wood is bowled out, finishing with 4 for 60. But this is still manageable for West Indies

46.6 1 Wood to Nurse full, 145kph/90mph outside off, steered through the covers for one more 1 run
46.5 1 Wood to Brathwaite banged in short, Brathwaite rides it and takes the blow on the glove, dropped into the leg side – that’s his half-century, his first in ODIs. But has he got another Eden Gardens finish in him? 1 run
46.4 . Wood to Brathwaite bouncer from Wood, skidding through at 142kph, Brathwaite ducks no run

“This is too riveting!” gulps Kevin Augustine. “It could go either way! One bad over….”

46.3 1 Wood to Nurse dug in short, Nurse slugs a pull through square leg 1 run
46.2 2 Wood to Nurse fires in the yorker, good ball but Nurse digs it out into the leg side and they come scampering back for two 2 runs
46.1 1 Wood to Brathwaite pitched up on off and driven through the covers 1 run

The rate a genial 9.50 an over. England need wickets… Here’s Mark Wood

End of Over No.46 Windies 381/6 Last Over (9 runs)

Nicola Morris: “Any idea how many full tosses have been bowled in this match?” With almost 800 runs scored so far (799, to be precise), it’s all been toss, hasn’t it?

45.6 1 Rashid to Brathwaite flighted, outside off and Brathwaite goes back and runs one more fine off the face of the bat 1 run
45.5 1 Rashid to Nurse pushed thorugh on the stumps, whipped away to deep backward square 1 run

“OMG I can barely watch!” wails Graeme Smith. “If WI do this it would be an amazing achievement!”

45.4 4 Rashid to Nurse drops a touch short and this is slammed through the covers again! Nurse applying the pain FOUR
45.3 1 Rashid to Brathwaite flighted, another big swing and he gets a thick edge to third third man 1 run
45.2 1 Rashid to Nurse pushed through, big old heave-ho from Nurse, skews away off the outside edge 1 run
45.1 1 Rashid to Brathwaite lobbed up, spins a touch and Brathwaite swipes down the ground 1 run

A change of ends for Adil Rashid

End of Over No.45 Windies 372/6 Last Over (14 runs)

44.6 4 Woakes to Nurse another one goes! Nurse slugs a full toss over extra cover! Clears the jump of Morgan and races away… Windies still in this! FOUR
44.5 4 Woakes to Nurse pitched up and skelped over mid-off, Root gives chase but misses with his flick back from in front of the rope! Four more to the total! FOUR
44.4 4 Woakes to Nurse another full toss, straighter line and Nurse humps it through square leg, good connection and he gets only his second boundary FOUR
44.3 . Woakes to Nurse fired full and wide of the stumps, a low full toss but Nurse only succeed in getting a thin edge through on the bounce no run
44.2 1 Woakes to Brathwaite dug in short and Brathwaite pulls through backward square leg 1 run
44.1 1 Woakes to Nurse goes full and straight, clubbed down towards long-on off the toe of the bat 1 run

Chris Woakes replaces Rashid. Morgan gambling on wickets? WI need 61 from six overs

End of Over No.44 Windies 358/6 Last Over (7 runs)

Husnain: “I will love it if Ben Stokes ends up bowling the last over and Carlos Brathwaite to face it.” I won’t, since I had to do the last one, too

43.6 2 Wood to Brathwaite back of a length, 138kph/86mph and clipped off the body, Plunkett has a shy from short fine leg… and they pick up one more for the overthrow 2 runs
43.5 1 Wood to Nurse short ball, pulled hurriedly through backward square for one more 1 run

Again the RRR bobs above 10

43.4 2 Wood to Nurse full and driven, Woakes is across at mid-off and only gets a hand on it, but it takes the pace off 2 runs
43.3 1 Wood to Brathwaite short, taking the pace off, Brathwaite goes back outside off and dabs to third man 1 run

Brian Moate’s back: “Oh dear, I shouldn’t have made that last comment !!”

43.2 1 Wood to Nurse short ball, Nurse wheels on a pull for one to deep backward square 1 run
43.1 . Wood to Nurse good length and nipping away off the pitch, into the gloves no run

Mark Wood returns. England could do with a wicket, 68 needed off 42

What is it?

England tour of West Indies, 4th ODI: West Indies v England at St George’s, Feb 27, 2019.

When is it?

Feb 27, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-02-27 13:30:00 GMT, 2019-02-27 09:30:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at National Cricket Stadium, St George’s, Grenada

Score Cards

  • AU Rashid 10.0-0-85-5
    v Batsman Dot 4 6 R B SR
    CH Gayle 5 4 4 43 16 268.75
    DM Bravo 2 0 0 5 7 71.42
    JO Holder stumped 2 0 0 2 4 50.00
    CR Brathwaite caught 5 0 2 18 12 150.00
    AR Nurse caught 10 2 0 16 18 88.88
    D Bishoo caught 2 0 0 0 2 0.00
    O Thomas stumped 1 0 0 0 1 0.00
  • MA Wood 10.0-0-60-4
    v Batsman Dot 4 6 R B SR
    CH Gayle 6 0 0 6 12 50.00
    JD Campbell caught 3 2 1 14 6 233.33
    SD Hope caught 5 1 0 4 6 66.66
    DM Bravo caught 10 0 0 1 11 9.09
    SO Hetmyer caught 1 0 1 6 2 300.00
    JO Holder 5 3 0 15 11 136.36
    CR Brathwaite 1 0 0 5 5 100.00
    AR Nurse 1 0 0 8 7 114.28
  • Batting R B 4 6
    CH Gayle bowled 162 97 11 14
    JD Campbell caught 15 9 2 1
    SD Hope caught wk 5 7 1 0
    DM Bravo caught 61 59 4 4
    SO Hetmyer caught 6 2 0 1
    JO Holder stumped 29 35 3 0
    CR Brathwaite caught 50 36 4 2
    AR Nurse caught 43 41 5 0
    D Bishoo caught 0 2 0 0
    SS Cottrell not out 0 0 0 0
    O Thomas stumped 0 1 0 0
    Extras (lb 5, w 12, nb 1) 18
    Total (all out; 48 ovs) 389
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    CR Woakes 10 0 91 0 9.10 (5w)
    MA Wood 10 0 60 4 6.00 (1w)
    LE Plunkett 8 0 40 0 5.00 (3w)
    BA Stokes 8 0 77 1 9.62 (1nb, 2w)
    AU Rashid 10 0 85 5 8.50 (1w)
    MM Ali 2 0 31 0 15.50
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 24 JD Campbell 15 CH Gayle 9
    2nd 20 SD Hope 5 CH Gayle 13
    3rd 176 DM Bravo 61 CH Gayle 105
    4th 6 SO Hetmyer 6 CH Gayle 0
    5th 69 CH Gayle 35 JO Holder 28
    6th 6 JO Holder 1 CR Brathwaite 5
    7th 88 AR Nurse 43 CR Brathwaite 45
    8th 0 CR Brathwaite 0 D Bishoo 0
    9th 0 D Bishoo 0 SS Cottrell 0
    10th 0 O Thomas 0 SS Cottrell 0
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    Sports Event
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    National Cricket Stadium, St George’s, Grenada,
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    Starting on
    Feb 27, 2019
    Ending on
    Feb 27, 2019
    England tour of West Indies, 4th ODI: West Indies v England at St George’s, Feb 27, 2019.



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