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England tour of West Indies, 5th ODI: West Indies v England at Gros Islet, Mar 2, 2019

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England 113

West Indies 115/3 (12.1/50 ov)

West Indies won by 7 wickets (with 227 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Chris Gayle (lhb) 77 27 285.18
Shai Hope (rhb) 13 18 72.22
Bowller O M R W Econ
Mark Wood (rf) 6.0 0 55 2 9.16
Chris Woakes (rf) 6.0 0 56 1 9.33
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

3.04pm So, that is the end of that. What absolute scenes! The trophy is shared, but the honours once again belong to West Indies after a truly staggering demolition job.
Thanks for all your comments, and don’t forget to join us again on Tuesday for the 1st T20 in St Lucia …

Nitin: “This might be the first time that a batsman scored 70% of team runs. his team won and still did not got MoM”… as mentioned earlier, so similar to this battering in the World Cup, when Brendon McCullum also missed out on the honours, and rightly so. Not often the bowlers get the credit they deserve!

And finally, here’s Jason Holder: “I’m really proud of the guys, it’s been tough for the bowlers but they’ve won us two games so credit to them. We showed good intent, led by Chris, who was outstanding for us throughout the series. Chris is going to be Chris, we talked about attacking the powerplay, go out with positive intent, and go after the bowling. We were clear with our plans today, hit England hard with the ball. We are heading in the right direction, it’s just a matter of being consistent. In preparation, mindset and mentality.”

The player of the series…. it’s the Universe Boss! “Man of the series, aged 39, come on youngsters, what’s happening! Our bowlers were fantastic, changing a small total, you’re sometimes wary, so I thought let’s try something new. At one stage I thought, is this going to be my last innings in the Caribbean for the West Indies, so I thought I’d go out on a high. We’ll get a bit of respect going into the World Cup.”

The player of the match, quite rightly is Oshane Thomas for his 5 for 21. “The wicket was seaming around, and I needed to make good use of it, with good lengths and stay consistent. I’ve learned a lot as a young fast bowler.”

Time for some presentations Here’s Morgan: “We struggled throughout with the bat, to adapt to extra bounce, it’s not something we come up against often. We struggled massively, it was a one-horse race and we didn’t deserve to win the game. It’s difficult to curb what’s been our natural reaction. We need to find a way to occupy the crease, score runs. You have to be in a good enough headspace to adapt, but I hope we can learn from our mistakes, and look forward not back.”

2.51pm Rohit: “Will England still be going into the world cup as the number one team?” Good question … I suspect it may depend on their series against Australia … England are vulnerable for sure!

2.49pm Gayle may not be a stats-person, but we’ve crunched his numbers for him. 424 runs from 316 balls! If the third match hadn’t been washed out, he’d have be on course for 500 ..

Here’s Gayle “I’d love to have bowed out in Jamaica, we’ll wait and see …” I think the context is that he’s not quite unretiring, but my goodness, he’s tempted! “This has to be my best ODI tournament, but I’m not a stats person. But to be able to do this at home, it’s outstanding.”

“I played in a couple of T20 series and I wasn’t getting the runs though I was putting in the work, and I said, whoever gets the willow it’s going to feel it, and thankfully it was England.”

“The captain said he can’t understand how I can announce my retirement when I’m striking it so well.”

2.39pm OB Jato: “If this was Gayle’s last show at home, it was a stunning one. Thanks for the memories. Long live cricket, and cheers!” Always leave them wanting more … what a way to bow out. And with a World Cup to come!

2.35pm Well, that was extraordinary. The whole series was extraordinary. The whole tour has been extraordinary! England suffer yet another of their habitual meltdowns on a deck when their usual pedal-to-the-metal approach could not come off, before Chris Gayle showed how to wallop it on a lively deck, with another uncompromising display of boshing!

Abhijato: “Jeepers! Well, what can one say? I shall be going off Cricinfo because my annual exams will start. But what an unexpected thrashing from the Windies tonight. Cheers to the glorious future, Oshane, and to the glorious past, Chris!”

Andrew: “Reminds me of the black Knight saying “alright, we’ll call it a draw…” to King Arthur after all his limbs have been hacked off! ”

Rhys: “Moeen Ali did not take a single wicket in the entire series and did absolutely nothing with the bat either. If you would like to join the drop Moeen club, give me a call…”
It’ll be alright on the night … [gulp]

12.1 4 Curran to Hetmyer …. though to be fair, that is pretty poetic. One ball, one drive to long-off, and one utterly crushing victory! All over in 40.2 overs… the biggest defeat in terms of balls remaining in England’s history, and the series is shared 2-2! FOUR

Curran into the attack, to ruin the poetry of the scorecard

End of Over No.12 Windies 111/3 Last Over (8 runs)

Well, it is three minutes past the designated lunch break, but in a shocking outbreak of common sense, they are staying out there!

11.6 2 Wood to Bravo slower ball, attempted yorker, a languid drive into the covers, and a fine tumbling stop just inside the rope 2 runs

Harsha: “Did Morgan forgot he has 3 more bowlers. Hopeless captaincy” Yes. Most literally so!

11.5 . Wood to Bravo tucked off the toes, can’t get this one away no run
11.5 1 Wood to Bravo angled past the pads, another one notched off the target 1 wide
11.4 . Wood to Bravo well bowled, if utterly futilely. Round the wicket, tight line, defended on the back foot no run
11.3 . Wood to Bravo tighter line from round the wicket, defended solidly to cover no run

Khan: “The most ridiculous moment of the match may yet to come with Umpires taking players off for lunch with WI 3 runs to win” Oh please make it so … it’s the perfect farcical finish

11.2 1 Wood to Hetmyer a mow across the line, a top-edge to third man 1 run
11.1 4 Wood to Hetmyer smoked on the up over the covers! Well, that might reignite the after-burners. Hetmyer retreating to leg to have a wipe, and some! FOUR

Wood to continue? Really? Seems a mistep from Morgan

End of Over No.11 Windies 103/3 Last Over (6 runs)

10.6 . Woakes to Bravo full and straight, defended back down the pitch no run

Raghav sends me the most sixes in a series link.Top boshing!

10.6 1 Woakes to Bravo banged in short, too short 1 wide
10.5 4 Woakes to Bravo over-pitched this time, and thumped uppishly through long-on. Not remotely timed, but there’s no-one to haul it back as it rolls into the rope FOUR
10.4 . Woakes to Bravo rolls the fingers, nibbles past the edge. Well bowled no run

39 sixes in four ODIs for Gayle, almost twice the former record of 23 from Rohit Sharma. Gosh

10.3 . Woakes to Bravo good wheels, banged in short and zipping through to the keeper no run
10.2 . Woakes to Bravo back of a length, punched back to the bowler, who stoops to gather on the half-volley no run
10.1 1 Woakes to Hetmyer slower ball, picked and blocked 1 run

End of Over No.10 Windies 97/3 Last Over (2 runs)

So, that is the end of the Powerplay. Think Windies shaded that one …
Ruwantha: “97 runs with 6 singles and 10 sixes” Scenes

9.6 . Wood to Bravo sharp bouncer, Bravo ducks. That is probably the end of Wood’s work today. Of all the players to flog in a lost cause, he ain’t the one… no run
9.5 . Wood to Bravo very full, tight to off stump, zips through at good pace to the keeper no run
9.4 . Wood to Bravo banged in short, defended down into the crease no run

Here’s that Jayasuriya nonsense, by the way. Those were the days

9.3 . Wood to Bravo dabbed into the off side for another single no run
9.2 1 Wood to Hetmyer a dirty swipe into the leg side to get off the mark. Yes, Hetty, he’s in the mood … 1 run

Manjunath : “Gayle 77 n Campbell’s 1, reminded me of Jayasurya’s 76 n Kalu’s 0 almost 2 decades back… ” Different gravy. Mind you, Kalu could get a wriggle on when the time came too!

9.1 1 Wood to Bravo full and straight, tapped to mid-off 1 run

End of Over No.9 Windies 95/3 Last Over (2 runs)

8.6 . Woakes to Hetmyer outside off, a cautious start as Hetmyer leaves alone no run

Now then, here’s a guy who might take the Gayle route to glory. Shimron for the win!

8.5 W Woakes to Hope or not! Hope slogs across the line as Woakes takes pace off the ball on a full length, and a grotty innings comes to an end. He really wasn’t feeling it today, but it is scarcely going to matter! OUT
SD Hope b Woakes 13 (18b 0x4 1×6) SR: 72.22
8.4 . Woakes to Hope blocked once more, Hope can’t hope to match what’s gone before, so he’s just setting himself to see it through no run

George points out the similarities with Wellington at the 2015 World Cup. England’s all-time nadir? I’d say so…

8.3 . Woakes to Hope solidly into line. It’s a different tempo now! no run
8.2 2 Woakes to Hope full length, a stiff-forearmed thump on the up, over the covers. Reeled in just inside the rope 2 runs

Simon Lewis: “This is like the game I used to play as a kid, with a home-made die, with equal chances for scoring 1,2,3,4, or 6. If you rolled a 5, the different numbers gave you different ways of being out (or not out). Those games used to be high-scoring and short-lasting too. Never thought they might actually be realistic.”

8.1 . Woakes to Hope back of a length, tight line, blocked no run

End of Over No.8 Windies 93/2 Last Over (26 runs)

Gayle did hint the other day that he might un-retire after his exploits in this series but that salute to all corners suggests otherwise … hmmm…

7.6 W Wood to Gayle full, straight, timber! Out comes the off stump, and Gayle’s cavorting series is over! He salutes all corners as he marches from the fray. Twenty-one to win … I can’t see England coming back from this… OUT
CH Gayle b Wood 77 (27b 5×4 9×6) SR: 285.18
7.5 6 Wood to Gayle kapowed over midwicket once more! Beausejour is writhing in ecstasy like … something unprintable…. back of a length, slammed across the line. Wood is being massacred! SIX
7.4 4 Wood to Gayle fine leg has just moved to cover the off side, so Gayle suckers a clip off the toes instead! This is nonsense! FOUR

What is it?

England tour of West Indies, 5th ODI: West Indies v England at Gros Islet, Mar 2, 2019.

When is it?

Mar 2, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-03-02 15:00:00 GMT, 2019-03-02 11:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia

Score Cards

  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    CR Woakes 6 0 56 1 9.33 (1nb, 1w)
    MA Wood 6 0 55 2 9.16 (4w)
    TK Curran 0.1 0 4 0 24.00
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 40 JD Campbell 1 CH Gayle 37
    2nd 53 CH Gayle 40 SD Hope 11
    3rd 2 SD Hope 2 DM Bravo 0
    4th 20* DM Bravo 7 SO Hetmyer 11
  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    6. JO Holder 100 1667 99* 26.46 0
    7. CR Brathwaite 37 419 50 14.44 0
    8. AR Nurse 53 501 44 20.04 0
    9. D Bishoo 42 164 29* 10.93 0
    10. SS Cottrell 19 27 8* 6.75 0
    11. O Thomas 14 6 6* 3.00 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    CH Gayle bowled 77 27 5 9
    JD Campbell bowled 1 9 0 0
    SD Hope bowled 13 18 0 1
    DM Bravo not out 7 14 1 0
    SO Hetmyer not out 11 6 2 0
    JO Holder
    CR Brathwaite
    AR Nurse
    D Bishoo
    SS Cottrell
    O Thomas
    Extras (w 5, nb 1) 6
    Total (3 wkts; 12.1 ovs) 115
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    Sports Event
    5th ODI West Indies vs England


    Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia,
    Gros Islet,Gros Islet,WI
    Starting on
    Mar 2, 2019
    Ending on
    Mar 2, 2019
    England tour of West Indies, 5th ODI: West Indies v England at Gros Islet, Mar 2, 2019.



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