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Ireland tour of India, 3rd ODI: Afghanistan v Ireland at Dehradun, Mar 5, 2019

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Afghanistan 256/8

Ireland 260/6 (49/50 ov)

Ireland won by 4 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Andy Balbirnie (rhb) * 145 136 106.61
George Dockrell (rhb) 54 77 70.12
Bowller O M R W Econ
Dawlat Zadran (rfm) 10.0 1 52 2 5.20
Rashid Khan (rfm) 9.0 0 44 1 4.88
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.49 260/6 Last Over (11 runs)

8:33pm And that is all from our live coverage. Stick around for the report in a bit. Good night!

Andy Balbirnie: There was pressure. Just for a morale booster, to get that win against these guys, it’s great for the team. I was in control. There was a couple of scary moments, but you have to take risks The last few days we’ve been watching videos of their main threats. You go and bat and dream of having that kind of a knock. We’re a very close team at the moment, so just to be able to win that will be great for us.

Andy Balbirnie is the Man of the Match.

William Porterfield: Obviously didn’t start great. I can’t speak high enough about his knock. Not just getting a hundred but getting us over the line. Doing everything he speaks about doing. It’s been a very tightly contested series. In Sharjah we beat them 2-1, in Ireland they beat us 2-1. We would love to take the lead.

Asghar Afghan: Our top order batsmen played some poor shots. That’s why we were 74 for 5. I think 256 was good on this pitch. We dropped some catches and Balrbirinie played very well. We lost mainly because of our fielding.

Ashutosh Solse: “Balbirnine hit 8 sixes from his entire career of 52 matches.. now. 8 sixes from single game… Truly career setting innings for him”

Ahmad Sohrab Sa: “In cricket matches a single mistake can change the result, in today match Afghanistan did a very big mistake by given 10 overs bowling to Samiullah Shenwari. In 1st match Gulbadin bowled 7.2 for 20 runs today Sami bowled 10 overs for 60 runs.”

Isaac Marshall: “Maybe Afghanistan should pay their respects to Balbirnie by inviting him to next year’s Afghanistan Premier League?”

JackT: “A career defining knock, well played Balbirnie!!!”

Abhijato: “We take a bow, Mr Balbirnie! You have played like a sensation tonight, and proven that the Irish cricket team is far from done. The fightback this team has produced despite being against the wall and not in the favour of the critics throughout this tour so far would have crumbled lesser teams, but they’ve turned up more impressively every time they come out on the field. Here’s to hoping this inspires the reignition of the Ireland Cricket Team!”

8:17pm Anyone who saw the early stages of this innings would not have believed either Balbirnie or Ireland themselves would make it to 8:17pm in the night, leave along as winners by four wickets. Balbirnie has got 55.7% of the runs, in the face of a collapse, in the face of a quality spin attack, and despite his own shakiness at the start. Just kept on batting, taking it long, building the pressure on Afghanistan with every over. And Afghanistan have buckled under the pressure. An indiivudal knock of 145, and a partnership of 143 that involved an invaluable knock from Dockrell has helped Ireland draw level.

48.6 4 Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie he’s done it! Balbirnie backs away and slices this full ball over short third to clinch the most unlikely of wins for Ireland. What an absolute monster of a knock. FOUR
48.5 . Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie finds cover point! That was an exquisite square drive but he couldn’t pierce the infield on the off side, with all fielders in the circle no run
48.4 4 Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie past extra cover and past sweeper cover! Low full toss just outside off, backs away and drives into the gap. Zazai with the most laboured sprint at this. His despair is a picture of Afghanistan’s despair. Run and run and run, but can’t catch Balbirnie at the moment FOUR

Saoirse : “That six off Rashid Khan has surely sealed the match, though my Irish pessimism still has me worried!”

48.3 1 Dawlat Zadran to McBrine short of a length and in at off stump, runs the defence into his foot. They steal a single pitch side 1 run
48.2 1 Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie dropped! Oh no no no no. That is poor from Afghanistan. Clearly feeling the pressure. Rahmat at short fine. Slower short all at the shoulder. Waits for it and lobs it straight to the fielder with the attempted hook. That was as simple as they’ll come in the 49th over of a tight game 1 run

Does Dawlat have some magic left tonight?

48.1 1 Dawlat Zadran to McBrine full and in at middle stump, steps across and flicks to deep square 1 run

Dawlat around the wicket

End of Over No.48 249/6 Last Over (9 runs)

Eight runs off 12 balls. Will they be tempted to go after it this over and give Rashid not even an outside chance?

47.6 1 Rashid Khan to McBrine googly outside off, gets low and sweeps straight to short fine…where Mujeeb misfields and gives them another 1 run
47.5 . Rashid Khan to McBrine length on off stump, defended off the inside edge on the front foot no run

Jon : “If Balbirnie can find some consistency, he will go some way towards filling the void left by the retirement of Ed Joyce and that would play a big role in bringing Ireland back up to their best.”

47.4 1 Rashid Khan to Balbirnie length on leg stump, nudged into the midwicket region off the back foot 1 run
47.3 6 Rashid Khan to Balbirnie see ya! Eighth six for Balbirnie and now he doesn’t even care if it’s Rashid bowling. Full and flat at middle stump, gets right under it and sweeps it over the square leg boundary. Tremendous SIX
47.2 1 Rashid Khan to McBrine dropped. Big edge as he plays inside the line of another googly. On the back foot. Shahzad can only deflect this towards short third 1 run
47.1 . Rashid Khan to McBrine googly beats him. Another length ball outside, beats the forward block no run

End of Over No.47 240/6 Last Over (10 runs)

Isaac Marshall: “I’ve just been popping in and out but I fell bad for Dawlat being the only pacer, they’ll get used to him easily now and he’s done remarkably well considering this.”

46.6 1 Dawlat Zadran to McBrine nice shot but won’t pierce the field. Overpitched outside off, leans into the drive, won’t beat mid-off to the right 1 run
46.5 1 Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie short slower ball outside off, backs away and chops to sweeper’s left 1 run
46.4 . Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie oh well bowled. Slower bouncer at an off stump line. Backs away for the upper cut but decides to let it pass no run
46.3 6 Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie clears midwicket! Again. What a hit. Supremely clean. Length ball at middle stump. Drags it off the front foot and just gets it over the rope. Ireland below run a ball again SIX

Anton: “Cameron-Dow can hold a bat. Scored a 70 against Sri Lanka A 2 months ago on the Irish A tour. Probably be he who’s in next”

46.2 . Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie length on off stump, tapped to extra cover on the up no run
46.1 2 Dawlat Zadran to Balbirnie past the bowler and mid-off. Long-on cleans up to his left. Wants to loft this over the infield but it comes off the toe-end 2 runs

End of Over No.46 230/6 Last Over (4 runs)

45.6 . Rashid Khan to McBrine beats outside edge and off stump! Gosh that was close. Googly on middle stump, makes him defend inside the line and nearly has him no run
45.5 1 Rashid Khan to Balbirnie googly that he hasn’t picked. But the stride is big and he gets a thick inside edge into safety as he tries to push through cover 1 run
45.4 1 Rashid Khan to McBrine length outside off, gets forward and flicks to short fine’s right 1 run

JackT: “Wow! this has got tight! so much so I’ve broken away more from Nagpur”

45.3 1 Rashid Khan to Balbirnie length on off stump, pushed to deep midwicket off the back foot 1 run
45.2 1 Rashid Khan to McBrine googly, short of a length outside off. Poked into the off side and they steal a single. Rashid not happy with the point fielder, and he has a case 1 run
45.1 . Rashid Khan to McBrine short of a length and turning in at off stump, tapped to the bowler off the back foot no run

No slip for McBrine, but five fielders inside the circle

End of Over No.45 226/6 Last Over (7 runs)

David Price: “Afghanistan the better team with their quality bowlers still available. However, the better team doesnt always win. Come on ireland.”

44.6 1 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to McBrine short of a length outside off, gets on the back foot and taps it to long-on off the back foot 1 run

Mujeeb’s last ball coming up

44.5 . Mujeeb Ur Rahman to McBrine length ball, sliding away outside off. Blocked on the front foot no run
44.4 1 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Balbirnie length ball pushed through on leg stump, flicked to deep square 1 run
44.3 4 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Balbirnie oh superb. He’s in total control. Short of a length ball turning away outside off and he slashes through it with the perfect timing to beat sweeper to his left FOUR

Yoel: “Murtagh can bat well. should come in before Rankin”

44.2 1 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to McBrine full on off stump, driven to long-on 1 run
44.1 . Mujeeb Ur Rahman to McBrine length outside off, gets forward and blocks down the pitch no run

Wasim : “This game is evenly poised. One thing I can’t seem to follow via the commentary, is how tired does Balbirnie look? That could also play a key role in this finish. ” — Doesn’t look tired at all, to be honest.

What is it?

Ireland tour of India, 3rd ODI: Afghanistan v Ireland at Dehradun, Mar 5, 2019.

When is it?

Mar 5, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-03-05 07:30:00 GMT, 2019-03-05 13:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Dehradun

Score Cards

  • Batting R B 4 6
    WTS Porterfield lbw 3 10 0 0
    PR Stirling caught 20 26 4 0
    A Balbirnie not out 145 136 8 8
    Simi Singh lbw 1 2 0 0
    KJ O’Brien caught 21 25 2 1
    GH Dockrell stumped 54 77 1 1
    SW Poynter caught 0 3 0 0
    AR McBrine not out 9 15 0 0
    WB Rankin
    TJ Murtagh
    J Cameron-Dow
    Extras (lb 4, w 3) 7
    Total (6 wkts; 49 ovs) 260
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    Mujeeb Ur Rahman 10 0 55 1 5.50 (1w)
    Dawlat Zadran 10 1 52 2 5.20
    Samiullah Shinwari 10 0 60 1 6.00
    Mohammad Nabi 10 0 45 1 4.50
    Rashid Khan 9 0 44 1 4.88 (2w)
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 13 WTS Porterfield 3 PR Stirling 9
    2nd 14 PR Stirling 11 A Balbirnie 3
    3rd 2 Simi Singh 1 A Balbirnie 1
    4th 44 KJ O’Brien 21 A Balbirnie 23
    5th 143 GH Dockrell 54 A Balbirnie 83
    6th 1 SW Poynter 0 A Balbirnie 1
    7th 43* A Balbirnie 34 AR McBrine 9
  • A Balbirnie 145*
    v Bowler Dot 4 6 R B SR
    Mujeeb Ur Rahman 11 1 3 30 23 130.43
    Dawlat Zadran 12 5 1 34 25 136.00
    Samiullah Shinwari 13 1 2 31 29 106.89
    Mohammad Nabi 12 1 0 23 28 82.14
    Rashid Khan 15 0 2 27 31 87.09
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    Sports Event
    3rd ODI Afghanistan vs Ireland


    Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Dehradun,
    Dehra Dun,Dehradun,INDIA
    Starting on
    Mar 5, 2019
    Ending on
    Mar 5, 2019
    Ireland tour of India, 3rd ODI: Afghanistan v Ireland at Dehradun, Mar 5, 2019.



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