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ICC World Cup Warm-up Matches, South Africa v West Indies at Bristol, May 26, 2019

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South Africa 95/0 (12.4/31 ov)

West Indies

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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

4.10pm Match abandoned due to rain. Holder and Duminy shake hands, so does the rest of the team. We saw an impressive batting performance under difficult conditions from Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla today. Andre Russell bowled a mean short ball too, and the Holder-Cottrell duo bowled a terrific opening spell albeit with no rewards.

South Africa’s next game with be the World Cup opener on June May 30 against England, while West Indies play another warm-up game in a few days. Thanks for hanging out with us on this gloomy Sunday, we’ll see you tomorrow for more cricketing action. On behalf of Shamya and Chandan, this is Sreshth signing off.


Will from Brist: “Blue sky visible at the ground for the first time today, no rain currently, no more rain forecast, and they’ve e cancelled the match. Hope they do better for the rest of the WC or this could be the most disappointing ever.. ”

Meer : “I’ll keep you company – who’s someone you think will burst on to the scene unexpectedly in this World Cup? ” — could be Rassie van der Dussen’s year!

Matthew Dunk: “Are these matches classified as ODIs, List A matches or neither?” — none of those, mate. These are called ‘other one-dayers’

Verdad: “Can my comment get published during this rain? Anyway.. SA can take away from these 2 warm ups that they have a strong top order.. Amla, Faf, QDK.. 150 – 200 from those 3 should help them win any match.”

mikesiva: “I think we should’ve made changes to our preliminary squad. I would’ve like to have seen Keemo Paul bowling in these conditions.” — Handy batter too

Muhammad: “The forecast is showing no rain so where’s it raining from???” — Didn’t you know that the forecast should never be trusted?

4.08pm Thanks, Shamya. Well, it’s not been drizzling in London today, and the England squad members went out for a run, in honour of Andrew Strauss’ late wife Ruth. Pictures and more details right here

I don’t have much to share, and the messages from all of you have dried up too … so over to Sreshth again, with the hope that he brings happy news.

Will we have any more action? Maybe. The rain comes and goes in these parts. But it must be frustrating for everyone, and maybe they will just call it off. Spells of a few overs here and few overs there don’t really do much for anyone, does it?

3.45pm And we’re off again … this is so disappointing.

The pitch is under covers again, the umbrellas and sombreros are out in the stands again – amazingly, a lot of people have stayed put – and we go back to staring at the sky and adding the minutes.

12.4 1 Russell to Amla pitched up again, very straight, and Amla pushes it to mid-on for a single 1 run

looks like a drizzle is on

12.3 . Russell to Amla pitched up, almost a yorker, and Amla gets nicely behind it to send it back to the bowler no run
12.3 1 Russell to Amla too short, or, well, too much bounce; it didn’t look too short but went well over the ducking Amla’s head 1 wide
12.2 1 Russell to de Kock he gets the ball to angle in to the batsman off the good length, and it’s dabbed away to third man 1 run

Russell goes around the wicket

12.1 4 Russell to de Kock slightly short of good length but well outside off from Russell, and de Kock cracks the cut behind point for four FOUR

End of Over No.12 South Africa 88/0 Last Over (16 runs)

11.6 4 Thomas to Amla half-century for Amla, but not his best shot; better line (fifth stump) and length (goodish) from Thomas, and Amla went for the big shot in the cover region but only inside-edged it past the stumps, and the keeper, for four. FOUR
11.5 6 Thomas to Amla it’s a small ground, and at Thomas’ pace, the ramp for six is always on; short, outside off, and Amla gets into position quickly to send it over third man SIX
11.4 1 Thomas to de Kock further up, at pace, but very straight, and de Kock punch-flicks it to midwicket for a single 1 run
11.3 4 Thomas to de Kock short, quick, going off-stumpish, and de Kock pulls it majestically past the midwicket fielder, who could only turn to his left and saw the ball fly past FOUR
11.2 1 Thomas to Amla better from Thomas, on a length on off stump, and Amla guides it to third man for a single 1 run
11.1 . Thomas to Amla A loosener there from the new man, pitched up well outside off stump, Amla went for the drive but couldn’t reach it no run

Oshane Thomas is in now

End of Over No.11 South Africa 72/0 Last Over (10 runs)

10.6 4 Russell to de Kock short again, but more leg side, and de Kock gets under this one well and powers the pull to the square-leg boundary for four more FOUR
10.5 . Russell to de Kock close to being a wide, that, but not given; another bouncer, but de Kock ducks away well no run
10.4 . Russell to de Kock short, quicker, would have taken de Kock’s head with it but for the lovely sway away from the batsman no run
10.3 1 Russell to Amla short and wide outside off again, but it’s closer to the batsman this time, not enough room for the cut, so Amla guides it to third man for a single 1 run
10.2 4 Russell to Amla short and wide outside off stump, and Amla cuts it beautifully behind the point fielder for four FOUR
10.1 1 Russell to de Kock short from Russell, but it took a while to get to de Kock, who looked like he had played it too early, but adjusted and pulled it away with the top part of the bat for a single to fine-leg 1 run

End of Over No.10 South Africa 62/0 Last Over (6 runs)

9.6 1 Holder to de Kock ooh! Same length as the previous one, but this one cuts in a bit and forces de Kock to play at it. It’s an inside edge, though, and it rolls off to fine-leg for a single. 1 run
9.5 . Holder to de Kock good one from Holder there; pitched on a length and it angles across de Kock, who leaves it alone no run
9.4 1 Holder to Amla shortish, outside off stump, and Amla plays it with a horizontal bat to the cover region and they scamper across for a single 1 run

Thanks, Sreshth – Holder here to complete that over.

3.25pm Confirmed: We will have a 31-overs-a-side game. One bowler can bowl 7 overs. The other 4 can bowl a max of 6. Here’s Shamya to begin the restart.

3.20pm Looks like we’ll have a word from the ground in five minutes from now. Will we see some cricket?

Khan: “Sreshth seems to be in Bangalore, 7.50 pm” — You got me there. Fixed to local time.

Vinod Rajpal: “Hey Sreshth ; Should i wait here or go out with my friends !! Any other update for start ?” — stick around till the game is officially called off/starts. We can both leave together then 🙂

3.06pm For every 4 minutes, we lose one over. So if the game started now, we’d have a 31-over-per-team contest. But for every eight minutes, we will lose one over each per innings. So, we have likely around 80-odd minutes before it’s impossible for the game to continue.

Will from Brist: “Sat in a pub 5 mins from Bristol ground as they’re allowing readmission.. Looks a lot brighter now.. ”

3pm Sorry, guys. Nothing to add. Still wet at Bristol.

prathik: “who should be the captain of india” — If India don’t reach the final, I’d nominate Rohit Sharma for the 2020 season and onwards.

Crystal Ball: “After MS Dhoni, Darren Sammy and Eoin Morgan, Rohit Sharma is the best professional cricket captain in the world.”

2.40pm Havabsb Wtwhuer: “Today is the most boring day for the cricketing world ”

Was the 2007 World Cup the most boring of all time? Osman Samiuddin looks back at that tournament

Mzoyi: “As far as umpires are concerned, they’re human and they will make mistakes. Some mistakes do not impact a team that much but some do. Take the RCB game as an example. Who knows what 1 more victory could have done for RCB as far as qualification for the play-offs is concerned. So, I feel like on-field umpires should be assisted in a world cup at least. ”

Shashwat: “Umpires making wrong decisions is personally not that big an issue as far as I am concerned…in the past also we had unparalleled thrilling matches which never got overshadowed by umpiring mistakes…the fact that now players come out in the open to criticize the decisions and widespread media attention is why all this scrutiny is done!!”

2.28pm Play was supposed to resume 28 minutes ago, but rain came moments before 2pm start. We now await updates.

Ranjit: “Obviously umpires can make mistakes, they have to make decisions in split second, but some obvious mistake of tv upmire is unforgivable, fresh example: it was yesterday’s stieve smith out decision, camera clearly showed ball bonced off the pitch and he was given out, better make 2 or 3 tv umpires so that clear decision can be made”

Abdul mannan : “The day DRS have arrived in cricket nightmares for umpires has started, becoz of that we caught umpires of their mistakes”

Shahzad Nadeem : “Hoping for a 15-20 overs match. Will be some scenes to watch Gayle, Hetmyr and Russell going all guns blazing..!! ” — Since it’s an ODI, we can only have a 20-over shootout. Nothing lesser.

Aparna: “This is tough on a Sunday :-/ It rains so often in England, will be a shame if this happened frequently during the tournament. ”

2.12pm Ahoy, everyone. Nothing much to report. Quite a wasted Sunday, isn’t it? OK, here’s a question for you guys: do you think umpires receive more criticism than they deserve in cricket these days? Can we forgive them for 1 incorrect decision every 10 correct ones? They’re human after all. Thoughts?

Mustafa Moudi: “Yes, Umpires are humans too. But if an error is Regarding a Wicket, I dont mind but for incorrect No-Balls and Wide Calls, They should be Blamed since they enjoy an unchallenged authority there. If Captains are given the right to use DRS for every Umpire decision and not just related to Wicket, then Umpires wont ever be blamed for anything !!”

Kuldeep: “Yes they are human beings but they should use technology to get correct decisions” — Hmm, but what about the fear of wasting more time? ODIs can’t get any longer!

Dave: “Re umpire criticism, the reason they get more wrong is because they over rely on technology. Every run out, stumping etc is sent upstairs even if the bat is past the stumps. If they made more decisions themselves, they’d be better at making them. ”

Umpire: “Rain, rain, go away! Umpire should start the game in rain. Poor Decision from both umpires. ”

Okay, let me go find Sreshth and see if he wants to take you through the next few minutes.

The news from Cardiff is worse (though I don’t know which is worse, not playing at all, or this stop-start affair) – that match has been called off, they couldn’t even have the toss. So Alagappan and Danyal, like Pakistan and Bangladesh, don’t really get to warm up today.

1.59pm Oh dear! The covers are back. Two minutes before play was scheduled to restart – for a 39-overs-a-side contest – the rain came back, and so did the covers.

1.45pm Play to resume at 2pm, it will be 39 overs per side.

Getting some good news from Bristol, waiting for an official word.

We only have reserve days for the semi-finals and final. Should we have had them for the entire tournament? You can find the poll in our Live Report for the Bangladesh v Pakistan game and tell us what you think.

1.26pm Ok then, this is from a friend who is at County Ground, Bristol – the rain has stopped and “they are removing the covers slowly”. Please don’t ask me why it’s happening slowly and not at lightning speed.

Nirmal Vedant: “Might get my comments published Today since it’s so calm out here! I wonder whether the warm up match should have a bit more extra time scheduling the cut offs and calling the game off .. above all the purpose of getting practise must be served!” – Here you go

Also, here are some updates – especially on the fielding, from the South African camp from a few days ago.

Doku PM: “Is there any super over this World Cup???? Saw it in the regulations you wrote monsieur.” – Only for the knockout games.

1.11pm Well over an hour since the action in Bristol stopped.

For questions on (1) Is it still raining, (2) When will play resume, (3) When do we start losing overs – we don’t have an official update yet. An entry on the ICC live report around 15 minutes ago said, “we may have to wait another hour at least for more play”. That’s all we have at the moment. More the moment we know.

By the way, did you read this – Oshane Thomas’ interview by Saurabh Somani, where he talks about bowling faster and faster when he senses the batsman’s fear?

RC Daniel: “Good afternoon. How are you? Would it be possible at this stage to move the World Cup to the Caribbean? Here in Barbados we have had 30°C weather for the last three months. So much so that we have an International Motor Rally on today and next weekend and we are all melting in the heat.” – Probably a bit too late, but I for one will happily vote for every single sporting event to be held in the Caribbean islands – forever.

Adam: “When do we start losing overs??” – We’ll keep you posted on that. For now, we are losing readers pretty rapidly if the (in)frequency of comments is anything to go by.

Tarrq: “Being an Indian and South African fan, I would wish all west Indies matches are rain affected with overs curtained, to see the Caribbean power batting and winning the tournament at ease” – Cool thought that

“For a start, with the state of the climate, we haven’t had persistent rain at this time of year over the last couple of years and the summers have been very dry. (A fact that’s been very problematic for farmers). So unlikely that many whole games will be rained off. Cricket grounds are far bigger than tennis courts you can’t just stick roof on it! Many a successful tournament has been played in this country and many more shall be,” writes HW. – Fingers crossed for “unlikely that many whole games will be rained off”.

Obeid: “In all the hullabaloo about reserve days and rain, let’s take a moment to think about the crowd coming to watch the game at the stadium. In case of matches moving to reserve days, how does it work for the crowd watching the game at the stadium? Do they get a chance to rewatch the match again without paying extra or what?” – Typically, yes. Would be pretty ruthless if they were asked to pay a second time, after mostly sitting under umbrellas the first time out.

And, tough as it is to believe, if it’s bad in Bristol, it’s worse in Cardiff, though Alagappan Muthu is seeing the sun at the end of the clouds.

Shaikat Saha: “There should be a reserve day for each match in the main event. Last Champion Trophy BD vs AUS match was washed by rain and for this issue, they qualified for semi while Aus was far better side than them. R u agree with this? ”
– I’d be inclined to agree, you’d much rather have a result in each match in a World Cup, but I wonder if that would make the schedule really unwieldy.

While we wait – and we don’t know for how long – here’s Osman Samiuddin wondering how long Imam-ul-Haq can feed off the hate.

Imran Khan: “Please post my first comment ever. Whats more important, playing cricket in england or cricket game itself? England needs to realize that if they want a big tournament in their country then they need to invest in covered stadiums. ”
– Here it is, Imran … but dunno if covered stadiums is the way to go. And, well, rain affects cricket in most parts of the world. Perhaps a bit more in the UK than elsewhere, but it’s difficult to predict the weather anywhere these days, isn’t it?

All right, so it seems like Shannon Gabriel felt a bit of stiffness after bowling his second delivery. Hope it’s nothing serious. One way or other, guess we’ll wait for an official update. What we are getting from the live coverage of the match on the ICC website is “It looks as though he may have pulled a hamstring.”

Shahaab : “”England cricket at its best one minute sun next minute rain”” – it is rather fascinating, except it doesn’t really help with the cricket. We might have a fair bit of this sort of stop-start stuff this World Cup, I guess. Can’t really beat the weather, but hope it doesn’t have too significant an effect in terms of qualification for the final four and stuff like that.

Vinod Rajpal: “Shamya comes with the Players back into the crease ! Thank You Shamya ….” – guess that didn’t work for too long, did it?

11.54amOh, we have rain again, after just seven balls. The umbrellas are out in the stands and the ground has emptied quickly.

9.3 4 Holder to Amla pitched up, just outside off stump, and Amla goes well back in the crease and drives it beautifully through the off-side infield for four. FOUR
9.2 . Holder to Amla similar delivery to the previous one, perhaps marginally shorter, defended off the back foot no run
9.1 . Holder to Amla Holder pitches it on a length, on off stump, and it’s defended off the front foot no run

End of Over No.9 South Africa 56/0 Last Over (1 run)

8.6 . Russell to de Kock fuller one, very straight, and de Kock plays it away to square-leg … that’s the end of that over no run
8.5 1 Russell to Amla leg stump this time, off a similar length to the previous deliveries, and Amla flicks it away to fine-leg for a single 1 run
8.4 . Russell to Amla Short again, and outside off stump this time; Amla pushes it away towards cover no run
8.3 . Russell to Amla shortish, into the batsman, and it’s patted away comfortably no run

Thanks, Sreshth. It looks only marginally brighter out there, but the rain’s gone and that’s the main thing. The players are walking back in, so we’ve got more cricket coming up.

Okay then, Andre Russell is warming up. So Shannon Gabriel, who bowled two balls of the ninth over, won’t be completing it.

11.45am Looks like the rain in Bristol has halted. We should be resuming soon. So let’s welcome Shamya Dasgupta to the comm box.

Ayush: “Is there any reserve day inwc19” — All the details are rain and playing conditions are below:

1 – The Semi-Finals and Final shall have a reserve day allocated on which an incomplete match shall be continued from the scheduled day. No other matches shall have a reserve day allocated.

2 – If the reserve day is allocated, every effort will be made to complete the match on the scheduled day with any necessary reduction in overs taking place and only if the minimum number of overs necessary to constitute a match cannot be bowled on the scheduled day will the match be completed on the reserve day.

3 – If the match has started on the scheduled day and overs are subsequently reduced following an interruption, but no further play is possible, the match will resume on the reserve day at the point where the last ball was played.

4 – If a Super Over is required and the weather prevents it from being played on the scheduled day, it will take place on the reserve day.

11.36am On this day, 20 years ago, this happened. How many of you remember it?

Tiaan: “South Africa, rain and world cups… where have we seen that before…”

Tariq: “ICC should have a reserve day for all worldcup matches for the sake of cricket, worldcup and fans. I just hope the weather stays clear during all worldcup matches.” — Well, in the 1999 World Cup played in England – there kinda was a reserve day. Games that couldn’t finish on day 1 due to rain would be continued to day 2 (from that position). If that failed too, then shared points.

11.22am Looks like it will be start-stop kinda day today, with alternating spells of rain and dry periods. No real updates so far from Bristol.

IB: “Rather than hypotheticals about the weather, how about actuals? Ask Oman, Ireland and Netherlands whose World T20 in 2016 was ruined by rain….those matches were obviously in England right….? Ooops, no, it was in India!!!”

What’s Carlos Brathwaite’s biggest asset in the ODI team? He responds, right here.

Anand: “Its only the warm-ups and yet rain has already started to play spoilsport. Why can’t ICC just change the schedule or play it in a different country where it’s not raining ? What would ICC do if Ind v Pak or Aus v Eng gets washed out ?? ” — We’ll never have a World Cup in England if we listened to your suggestion!

While we wait for the rain to pause, why don’t you select your winners on ESPNcricinfo’s fast and fun predictor game for the World Cup, Cricket Picks. Click here to participate!

11.07am Bad news, guys. It’s raining. A smile on Holder and Gabriel’s face as they walk out. The fans have umbrellas. A bit of recap of today’s action: Hashim Amla looks like he was never away from ODI cricket, and Quinton de Kock has looked as strong as he did during IPL 2019. Conditions were cloudy, so batting wasn’t supposed to be easy.

As for West Indies, Holder was tight, while Cottrell kept asking the batsmen some tough questions, although, he was a bit inconsistent too. Gabriel has bowled just the two deliveries.

8.2 . Gabriel to Amla length ball outside off, and he tries to punch to point but the inside-edge takes it to square leg instead no run
8.1 . Gabriel to Amla length ball, on off, and Amla is surprised by how quick the ball reaches him. Defends off the back foot, but so uncomfortably no run

Gabriel now.

End of Over No.8 South Africa 55/0 Last Over (9 runs)

Shivam: “Amla is back…just seeing his strike play in last and this match…. everyone is saying that Kohli, Babar, Bairstow, Warner maybe highest run scorers…I will put my weight behind Amla”

7.6 4 Cottrell to de Kock hammered! Not short enough, not full enough, and he drags a pull from outside off stump to the cow-corner fence. In position sooo early FOUR

What is it?

ICC World Cup Warm-up Matches, South Africa v West Indies at Bristol, May 26, 2019.

When is it?

May 26, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-05-26 09:30:00 GMT, 2019-05-26 10:30:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at County Ground, Bristol

Score Cards

  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    JO Holder 5 0 29 0 5.80 (1w)
    SS Cottrell 4 0 27 0 6.75
    ST Gabriel 0.2 0 0 0 0.00
    AD Russell 2.2 0 18 0 7.71 (1w)
    O Thomas 1 0 16 0 16.00
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    ICC World Cup Warm-up Matches, South Africa v West Indies at Bristol, May 26, 2019.



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