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Australia tour of United Arab Emirates, 4th ODI: Australia v Pakistan at Dubai (DSC), Mar 29, 2019

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Australia 277/7

Pakistan 271/8 (50 ov)

Australia won by 6 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Abid Ali (rhb) 112 119 94.11
Mohammad Rizwan (rhb) 104 102 101.96
Bowller O M R W Econ
Nathan Coulter-Nile (rf) 10.0 1 53 3 5.30
Marcus Stoinis (rf) 3.0 0 20 2 6.66
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.50 Pakistan 271/8 Last Over (10 runs)

11.00pm A bizarre chase from Pakistan. Perhaps it was the inexperience in their ranks? It’s the fourth time in history that a side has lost an ODI chase with two centurions. Pakistan were cruising when Abid Ali and Mohammad Rizwan were in the midst of their 144-run stand, but when Abid fell after reaching his ton, Australia had their opening. The required rate climbed, Australia found their way back into the game, and now they’ve made it 4-0. That 134-run stand between Maxwell and Carey set up Australia’s total, and their doggedness in the field turned it into a match-winning one.

Rehan Javed: “One of most frustrated Defeats in history of cricket; Once again Pakistan took defeat from Jaws of victory.”

Sadiq Dars: “This is hard to believe 25 required on 18 balls with 6 wickets in hand and finally Pakistan lost..”

Binoy: “Finch the captain cool done it again for aussies.”

Mikrant: “Inexperience just cost them the match.”

Glenn Maxwell is the Player of the Match: “We lost a few up top and I came in a bit earlier, but to put on a good partnership with Carey was what we needed. I’ve got a really solid role in this team at the moment. We knew if we could just get a wicket and break their big partnership, it was a hard wicket to start on.”

“They bowled beautifully,” admits Imad Wasim. “We were lacking the power hitting. We were short, so it shows we were lacking something. Some of the shots were not on in that situation. But the hundreds were positives for us. It’s an honour to lead Pakistan. I enjoy captaincy.”

“I thought our composure with the ball was really good,” says winning captain Aaron Finch. “We knew how slow the wicket was, we knew if we could get some new batters in it would be tough. Credit to our boys, though Abid and Rizwan getting hundreds were great knocks. Maxwell played really well, assessing the situation, taking it deep. You can never accuse Glenn of being selfish, the way he plays. He does everything for the team. When Shinwari hit a six, the heart started going again. But we kept hanging in. And that’s something we’ve prided ourselves on. Our quicks at the end were very disciplined.”

And that’s all from your commentary team tonight, with Alex Malcolm and Liam Brickhill having kept you informed over the course of the game. Australia’s one-day renaissance continues apace, and they will take some serious confidence into the fifth and final game on Sunday. Do join us again for that game. Until then, goodbye!

49.6 1 Stoinis to Yasir Shah another slow bouncer, it’s pulled out to deep square leg, and that’s the game 1 run
49.5 W Stoinis to Usman Shinwari another slog, but this one is caught! It was the slow bouncer, and Shinwari tried to smash it over midwicket. But he got more height than distance, and Handscomb holds another catch. Barring anything silly from Australia, this match is now sealed OUT
Usman Shinwari c Handscomb b Stoinis 6 (2b 0x4 1×6) SR: 300.00
49.4 6 Stoinis to Usman Shinwari slammed over long off! It was just a good old fashioned slog, but it’s cleared the fielder at the boundary to keep Pakistan hoping SIX
49.3 1 Stoinis to Yasir Shah short, rising over off stump, and Yasir can only pull to long on 1 run

Zubair Islam: “Pakistan needs a miracle”

49.2 W Stoinis to Mohammad Rizwan caught at deep backward square! It was pitched up, on his legs, and Rizwan actually got an excellent connection on this pick-up over the leg side. But he picked out Handscomb precisely in that position OUT
Mohammad Rizwan c Handscomb b Stoinis 104 (102b 9×4 1×6) SR: 101.96
49.2 1 Stoinis to Mohammad Rizwan an attempted slower bouncer goes awry, looping way down the leg side 1 wide

Pakistan need 16 from 5 balls

49.1 1 Stoinis to Yasir Shah just short of a good length, Yasir slugging it straight down the ground. Long on cleans up, and they only take a single 1 run

All of a sudden, Australia are favourites! Six deliveries remain, Pakistan need 17. And Yasir is on strike. Stoinis will bowl. Mid off is up

End of Over No.49 Pakistan 261/6 Last Over (5 runs)

48.6 . Richardson to Mohammad Rizwan on a length, straight, and Rizwan is furious with himself as he can only push it back to the bowler. He was looking for a single to keep the strike no run
48.5 4 Richardson to Mohammad Rizwan this will help a little, Rizwan sprinting down the track and flat-batting another short one straight back over Richardson’s head FOUR
48.4 . Richardson to Mohammad Rizwan another play and a miss! Richardson is opting for a short-pitched approach, and Rizwan just cut underneath it no run

Muhammad Shahab: “pakistan need a Brathwaite here”

48.3 W Richardson to Imad Wasim caught at deep point! Imad backs away and hacks at a slower bouncer. He can’t get any distance on the shot though, and can’t control it either. Marsh comes in off the boundary and holds a simple catch, Australia grab another! OUT
Imad Wasim c Marsh b Richardson 1 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

21 off 10 needed

48.2 . Richardson to Imad Wasim big swish outside off, but he hits only fresh air! no run
48.1 1 Richardson to Mohammad Rizwan short, outside off, and it’s slapped hard out to the sweeper for Rizwan to raise his second hundred of the series. And this is only the second time that two Pakistan batsmen have scored ODI hundreds in the same chase 1 run

Excellent over from Coulter-Nile, just three runs (and a wicket) off it. Pakistan need 22 from 12. Rizwan is on 99. This ain’t over yet.

End of Over No.48 Pakistan 256/5 Last Over (3 runs)

47.6 . Coulter-Nile to Imad Wasim Imad backs away and rifles a shot into the off side, but he can’t beat Lyon at mid off no run
47.5 . Coulter-Nile to Imad Wasim punched firmly back at the bowler, who can’t quite get down quickly enough to stop it, but Lyon comes around from mid off to ensure it’s another dot no run

Faizan: “I hope Imad does not do what he always does which is hit out or get out. Great opportunity to lead the team home.”

47.4 1 Coulter-Nile to Mohammad Rizwan very full, on off stump, and Rizwan goes to 99 by driving down to long on 1 run
47.3 1 Coulter-Nile to Imad Wasim Imad whips a length delivery out to one of the three at deep midwicket 1 run

Asif: “Here’s drama. Pakistan please don’t be predictable.” — On the field, Finch has set three fielders out on the leg boundary

47.2 1 Coulter-Nile to Mohammad Rizwan swatted uppishly into the leg side, but falling safely in front of the fielder 1 run

Enter Imad

47.1 W Coulter-Nile to Saad Ali Saad falls! He was looking for a big pick-up shot over the leg side, but didn’t connect well. Richardson holds a simple chance in the deep. Is panic setting in? OUT
Saad Ali c Richardson b Coulter-Nile 7 (12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 58.33

Stat-attack from our very own Gaurav Sundararaman. As Rizwan closes in on his own ton, you should know that only once before have two Pakistan players have scored centuries while chasing

End of Over No.47 Pakistan 253/4 Last Over (11 runs)

46.6 1 Maxwell to Saad Ali Saad spots some width, slicing it square for a single to keep the strike, 11 off the over 1 run
46.5 2 Maxwell to Saad Ali Saad comes down the track and is almost beaten behind his legs, but gets some pad on it to find a leg bye 2 leg byes

Brave attempt at the reverse-jinx from Ahmad : “Pakistan has lost the match. I have no hope”

46.4 1 Maxwell to Mohammad Rizwan he’s down the track to get to the pitch, working down to long on 1 run

Hasan : “Guys don’t worry Imad Wasim is still there. With the way he is performing I’m pretty sure Pakistan can win!”

46.3 4 Maxwell to Mohammad Rizwan paddled fine, and Pakistan find a vital boundary! Maxwell fired this one in quicker, but Rizwan was waiting for it with another paddle sweep, getting it fine of Zampa and hitting it well enough for the ball to beat him to the boundary FOUR
46.2 2 Maxwell to Mohammad Rizwan Maxwell lobs a full one up on a leg stump line, from around the wicket, and Rizwan sweeps down to fine leg. It’s placed well enough for a second run. Quick running 2 runs

Abhijato: “Surely there isn’t a choke here?”

46.1 1 Maxwell to Saad Ali punched down the ground for one 1 run

And Maxwell will continue, the required rate nine an over

End of Over No.46 Pakistan 242/4 Last Over (4 runs)

45.6 . Coulter-Nile to Mohammad Rizwan nice yorker from Coulter-Nile, and it’s backed up by Maxwell at point, who dives to stop the ball as it’s dug out square no run

Vikas Pullela : “I’ve seen a lot of comments through out this series saying how the Pakistan team is missing many of the starters and hence this Australian performance doesn’t mean much. But people should relaize that this is the same team that won a series against a full strength Indian team in India. Add Warner and Smith and the other bowlers and they look pretty good for the world cup”

45.5 1 Coulter-Nile to Saad Ali worked neatly off the hip, the ball bouncing out to deep square leg 1 run
45.4 . Coulter-Nile to Saad Ali a firm drive finds mid off no run
45.3 1 Coulter-Nile to Mohammad Rizwan short of a length, just outside off, and Rizwan slugs a front-foot pull out to midwicket, moving into the 90s 1 run
45.2 1 Coulter-Nile to Saad Ali Saad steps into a crunchy drive, and he wants two but he’s sent back. It would have been very tight 1 run

What is it?

Australia tour of United Arab Emirates, 4th ODI: Australia v Pakistan at Dubai (DSC), Mar 29, 2019.

When is it?

Mar 29, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-03-29 11:00:00 GMT, 2019-03-29 15:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Dubai International Cricket Stadium

Score Cards

  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    NM Coulter-Nile 10 1 53 3 5.30
    KW Richardson 7 0 37 1 5.28 (1w)
    MP Stoinis 3 0 20 2 6.66 (2w)
    NM Lyon 10 0 49 1 4.90
    A Zampa 10 0 49 1 4.90
    AJ Finch 2 0 19 0 9.50
    GJ Maxwell 8 0 41 0 5.12
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 0 Shan Masood 0 Abid Ali 0
    2nd 74 Haris Sohail 25 Abid Ali 47
    3rd 144 Abid Ali 65 Mohammad Rizwan 79
    4th 11 Umar Akmal 7 Mohammad Rizwan 4
    5th 24 Saad Ali 7 Mohammad Rizwan 14
    6th 4 Imad Wasim 1 Mohammad Rizwan 3
    7th 6 Mohammad Rizwan 4 Yasir Shah 1
    8th 7 Usman Shinwari 6 Yasir Shah 1
    9th 1* Yasir Shah 1 Junaid Khan 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    Shan Masood bowled 0 5 0 0
    Abid Ali caught 112 119 9 0
    Haris Sohail caught 25 43 1 0
    Mohammad Rizwan caught 104 102 9 1
    Umar Akmal bowled 7 9 0 0
    Saad Ali caught 7 12 0 0
    Imad Wasim caught 1 5 0 0
    Yasir Shah not out 3 3 0 0
    Usman Shinwari caught 6 2 0 1
    Junaid Khan not out 0 0 0 0
    Mohammad Hasnain
    Extras (lb 3, w 3) 6
    Total (8 wkts; 50 ovs) 271
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    Sports Event
    4th ODI Australia vs Pakistan


    Dubai International Cricket Stadium,
    Dubai,Dubai (DSC),UAE
    Starting on
    Mar 29, 2019
    Ending on
    Mar 29, 2019
    Australia tour of United Arab Emirates, 4th ODI: Australia v Pakistan at Dubai (DSC), Mar 29, 2019.



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