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Australia tour of United Arab Emirates, 5th ODI: Australia v Pakistan at Dubai (DSC), Mar 31, 2019

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Australia 327/7

Pakistan 307/7 (50 ov)

Australia won by 20 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Haris Sohail (lhb) 130 129 100.77
Imad Wasim (lhb) * 50 34 147.05
Bowller O M R W Econ
Jason Behrendorff (lfm) 8.0 0 63 3 7.87
Glenn Maxwell (lfm) 10.0 0 45 1 4.50
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.50 Pakistan 307/7 Last Over (4 runs)

10.40pm Australia complete a 5-0 sweep with a 20-run win – their 8th in a row. Their total was set up by their top order, with Finch, Marsh and Maxwell all passing fifty and Khawaja narrowly missing out on his hundred. Pakistan lost Abid Ali in the very first over, and though Shan Masood reached fifty and Haris Sohail made a career-best 130 at better than a run a ball, they just didn’t have enough in the tank to get past Australia’s 327 for 7. Imad Wasim also reached fifty, but by the time he was at entered the game was already slipping away, and Australia’s bowlers kept things tight to wrap things up.

Sohaib Ahmed: “Although Pakistan lost this series badly but it has been an eye opener for the players and coaches and will give enough to ponder on before the England series and the World Cup.”

Kashif Qamar: “Maxwell is the only difference between both teams. Pak needs good allround power hitter badly.”

Arif Chaudhry: “Pak needs a real finisher like Abdul Razzaq”

Jeevan: “read alot of comments saying Maxi was the difference in both the sides, are you guys forgetting about the australian opening pair. Finch scoring 451 and Khawaja with 272.”

“It’s very satisfying,” says Australia coach Justin Langer. “We came here in September and Pakistan showed us how to play cricket. We worked really hard in the summer to turn it around, and 5-0 is a great result. Playing spin bowling has been a problem for a long time, but we’ve worked very hard and put some great plans into place. Everyone in world cricket is working towards the world cup, and it’s always nice to go into the tournament with confidence. We’ve got some now.”

Yet again, Glenn Maxwell is the Player of the Match: “It was nice to get involved. Our batting group did a great job. The team performance has been outstanding. To have this consistency leading into the world cup is great.”

“The way Haris played is fantastic,” says Imad Wasim. “Two hundreds in four games. He’s worked really hard on his fitness, and it’s paid off. Shan also played really well. No matter what players are playing, 5-0 is a bad loss. But we have to chin up as we have a series coming up against England and the World Cup. We’ll sit down and see what we have to do, and then do it. We’ll work on fielding and fitness. We also need to take initiative and play attacking cricket. After 17 years of struggle, Abid Ali showed his class in the last game. Same as Rizwan. If they keep playing like this, they can be superstars. No matter who is playing, they have to show their ‘A’ game. It’s a big loss for us, but we’ll come back hard in the next series.”

Aaron Finch is the Player of the Series: “The way everyone contributed throughout the series was fantastic,” says Finch. “The difference in 15, 20 runs tonight was the fielding. Our boys had a tremendous night in the field. everyone has played a really good role, so the selectors have a hard job to select that World Cup squad. My own process didn’t change a lot, I’ve just changed a couple of things technically over the last couple of weeks. They didn’t quite work at first, but when you try new things they take some time. It was tough. India had the better of me. Khawaja, his last couple of months in white ball cricket have been great, and he lead from the front in india. I was disappointed he didn’t get a hundred here, he played a great knock. There’s always room for improvement. One real positive it the way our spinners have bowled. The next couple of weeks will be important for guys to refocus and recharge their batteries. We’ll go to the World Cup with a lot of confidence now, even after a lot of people wrote us off.”

And that’s all from your commentary team tonight. Please do check Danyal Rasool’s match report before you leave. Thank you all for tuning in throughout this series. We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage.

49.6 . Richardson to Usman Shinwari and Shinwari swipes over the top of a slower ball on a length outside off to end the game no run
49.5 1 Richardson to Imad Wasim Imad sets himself for a big hit into the leg side, but the ball takes the inside edge and bounces off his pad. It rolls into space, and he’s called through for a single to take him to fifty. With the game lost, there’s no celebration from him 1 run
49.4 . Richardson to Imad Wasim on a length and straighter this time, Imad pushing it back to the bowler no run
49.3 . Richardson to Imad Wasim full pace delivery, just short of a length, and Imad plays and misses outside off no run
49.3 1 Richardson to Imad Wasim too short, too wide, and he’ll have to bowl this one again 1 wide
49.2 . Richardson to Imad Wasim slower ball from Richardson, Imad throwing the kitchen sink at it but he’s through the stroke far too early no run
49.1 2 Richardson to Imad Wasim swatted off a length and out to the cover sweeper, and they take on the fielder to get back for the second 2 runs

Last over coming up, and Pakistan need 25 from it. Imad is on strike. Richardson will bowl.

Abdul Rehman: “Pakistan need Carlos Brathwaitte here”

End of Over No.49 Pakistan 303/7 Last Over (10 runs)

48.6 W Behrendorff to Yasir Shah caught at long on! Yasir had to go for it. The ball was full, slow and in the arc. He aimed for the stands beyond long on, but could only get it as far as Finch, who was lurking near the boundary in that direction OUT
Yasir Shah c Finch b Behrendorff 11 (13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 84.61
48.5 1 Behrendorff to Imad Wasim a slow cutter, just 112km/h, and Imad slams it out to the cover sweeper 1 run
48.5 1 Behrendorff to Imad Wasim dug in by Behrendorff, but it’s much too short and balloons way over the batsman 1 wide
48.4 1 Behrendorff to Yasir Shah slower ball bouncer, and Yasir gets himself in an awful tangle trying to get it away. In the end, he taps it tamely to short fine leg, and they sprint through for one 1 run
48.3 2 Behrendorff to Yasir Shah Yasir spots a length ball and spanks it straight, but doesn’t hit it well enough to reach the boundary. That does, however, bring up Pakistan’s 300 2 runs
48.2 1 Behrendorff to Imad Wasim crunched out to the cover sweeper, just the one 1 run
48.1 4 Behrendorff to Imad Wasim sliced to wide long off! Imad clears his leg at a short one on off stump, slicing the ball wide of Richardson at long off. Richardson hared around the boundary to get to it, but his dive wasn’t enough FOUR

Two overs to go, and Pakistan need 35. It’s now or never

End of Over No.48 Pakistan 293/6 Last Over (6 runs)

47.6 1 Richardson to Imad Wasim on a length and straight, Imad slugging it down to long on and running through for a single to keep the strike 1 run
47.5 2 Richardson to Imad Wasim another slower one at 118km/h, Imad backing away and slashing it down to long off 2 runs
47.4 1 Richardson to Yasir Shah full bunger from Richardson, and it’s sliced out towards the cover sweeper … but drops short of him! 1 run
47.3 1 Richardson to Imad Wasim slower ball, and Imad swipes at it one-handed as he’s flummoxed by the change of pace. The ball rolls into the leg side field, and they take a single 1 run
47.2 1 Richardson to Yasir Shah 1 run
47.1 . Richardson to Yasir Shah Yasir slams a length ball straight back at Richardson, who fields off his own bowling. Imad had wandered way out of his crease, looking to get back on strike, but Richardson decides not to throw down the stumps! He had time, and all three to aim at no run

41 off 18 needed. One big over could make things very interesting

End of Over No.47 Pakistan 287/6 Last Over (14 runs)

46.6 4 Behrendorff to Imad Wasim slashed down to third man! The fielder was up at short third man, so Imad just had to get it past him. Behrendorff helped by bowling it short of a good length, outside off, and though the shot was little more than a thick edge it’s brought a vital boundary FOUR

Mustafa Moudi: “This chase is exactly on the lines with RR’s chase against CSK. From last 3 overs, Whatever is required by RR is also required by Pak in the next 5 mins. Coincidentally both the teams are playing against the Men in Yellow and looking for their first win of the series/tournament !!”

46.5 1 Behrendorff to Yasir Shah another big swipe from Yasir, the ball dribbling in to the leg side as they pinch a quick single 1 run
46.4 2 Behrendorff to Yasir Shah on a length and straight, Yasir swinging wildly to get the ball down to long on 2 runs
46.3 1 Behrendorff to Imad Wasim short from Behrendorff, and it’s pulled down to fine leg, where Lyon puts in some excellent work at the boundary’s edge, getting to the ball in a flash and releasing it immediately to keep them to one 1 run
46.2 4 Behrendorff to Imad Wasim inside edge brings four! Behrendorff aimed this one full and Imad had a full go at it, only for a thick inside edge to send the ball bouncing past the stumps and the wicketkeeper and down to the boundary FOUR
46.1 2 Behrendorff to Imad Wasim whipped off a length and out into the leg side. Imad wants two, calls for two, and is back for the second to keep the strike 2 runs

Pakistan need 55 from 24, and Imad is their only hope

End of Over No.46 Pakistan 273/6 Last Over (6 runs)

45.6 1 Richardson to Imad Wasim just short of a good length again, and it’s pulled into the leg side with no great timing 1 run
45.5 4 Richardson to Imad Wasim full pace delivery this time, and it’s powered through point! Richardson offered him width, and Imad cashed in FOUR
45.4 . Richardson to Imad Wasim change of pace once again from Richardson, and Imad can only hack this back of a length delivery into the covers no run
45.3 . Richardson to Imad Wasim slower ball from Richardson, and it has the beating of Imad outside off no run

What is it?

Australia tour of United Arab Emirates, 5th ODI: Australia v Pakistan at Dubai (DSC), Mar 31, 2019.

When is it?

Mar 31, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-03-31 11:00:00 GMT, 2019-03-31 15:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Dubai International Cricket Stadium

Score Cards

  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 1 Abid Ali 0 Shan Masood 1
    2nd 108 Shan Masood 49 Haris Sohail 58
    3rd 27 Mohammad Rizwan 12 Haris Sohail 12
    4th 102 Umar Akmal 43 Haris Sohail 59
    5th 1 Haris Sohail 1 Saad Ali 0
    6th 16 Saad Ali 4 Imad Wasim 12
    7th 48 Yasir Shah 11 Imad Wasim 35
    8th 4* Imad Wasim 3 Usman Shinwari 0
  • Imad Wasim 50*
    v Bowler Dot 4 6 R B SR
    JP Behrendorff 1 3 1 25 11 227.27
    KW Richardson 5 1 0 13 13 100.00
    NM Lyon 1 0 0 1 2 50.00
    A Zampa 3 2 0 11 8 137.50
  • Batting R B 4 6
    Shan Masood lbw 50 54 3 0
    Abid Ali caught wk 0 1 0 0
    Haris Sohail caught 130 129 11 3
    Mohammad Rizwan caught 12 13 1 0
    Umar Akmal caught 43 44 3 0
    Saad Ali caught 4 11 0 0
    Imad Wasim not out 50 34 6 1
    Yasir Shah caught 11 13 0 0
    Usman Shinwari not out 0 1 0 0
    Junaid Khan
    Mohammad Abbas
    Extras (w 7) 7
    Total (7 wkts; 50 ovs) 307
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    JP Behrendorff 8 0 63 3 7.87 (1w)
    KW Richardson 10 0 61 1 6.10 (2w)
    NM Lyon 10 0 50 1 5.00
    GJ Maxwell 10 0 45 1 4.50
    A Zampa 9 0 68 1 7.55 (3w)
    MP Stoinis 3 0 20 0 6.66
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    Sports Event
    5th ODI Australia vs Pakistan


    Dubai International Cricket Stadium,
    Dubai,Dubai (DSC),UAE
    Starting on
    Mar 31, 2019
    Ending on
    Mar 31, 2019
    Australia tour of United Arab Emirates, 5th ODI: Australia v Pakistan at Dubai (DSC), Mar 31, 2019.



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