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Indian Premier League, 3rd Match: Mumbai Indians v Delhi Capitals at Mumbai, Mar 24, 2019

Refresh Score Card

Delhi Capitals 213/6

Mumbai Indians 176 (19.2/20 ov)

Delhi Capitals won by 37 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Yuvraj Singh (lhb) 53 35 151.42
Krunal Pandya (lhb) 32 15 213.33
Bowller O M R W Econ
Kagiso Rabada (rf) 4.0 0 23 2 5.75
Ishant Sharma (rf) 4.0 0 34 2 8.50
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

12.15pm So a big win for the Delhi Capitals in their first match in that avatar. They look to have assembled a pretty good squad, and as long as Rishabh Pant fires like he did today, there’s not too much they’ll have to worry about. Early days still, so much more to come. Do join us tomorrow for Rajasthan Royals against Kings XI Punjab. Until then, it’s good night from Thilak, Saurabh and me.

Rishabh Pant: “It’s been a great journey, I’m trying to learn every day of my cricketing career. It feels good when your team wins. I always play according to the situation most of the time. This time I needed to increase the run rate for the team, and I took my chances, and it came off today. Especially in T20, you have to do something different. When the bowler cramps you for room, you need to make your own room.”

Shreyas Iyer: “To be honest, I was really well prepared to take on the captaincy. I’ve been leading India A as well as my domestic side. It’s been a great experience so far, we’ve been bonding and training really well. [Pant] is a really destructive batsman. Over the years I’ve seen him maturing a lot. He faced a few dot balls early on and then suddenly his strike rate was 250. Amazing batsman, great to have him on our team.”

They haven’t announced it yet, and they’re announcing a bunch of other awards, but Rishabh Pant is the Player of the Match, surely.

Ishant Sharma: “I was feeling a little nervous, actually, while watching the ball fly around while Rishabh batted. But I backed myself, I’ve been doing very well in Test cricket recently. I think everyone is gelling together and having fun, it doesn’t matter what the result is. That’s the right attitude to have. Winning the first match against Mumbai is a big boost for us. We have a new team, with new coaching staff and everything.”

Rohit Sharma: “First game is always a bit of a challenge for most of the teams. Lot of new players in the squad as well. We made a lot of mistakes today, as simple as that. We were pretty much in the game in the first 10 overs when we were bowling, but the way Rishabh batted, you’ve got to give him credit. We didn’t execute our plans well with the ball, but having said that, we’re all professional cricketers, and we have to learn from our mistakes and come back positively next time. We had six options. We didn’t have another spinner because we thought the pitch would do something initially, and they had a few left-handers so we didn’t pick the legspinner. I wasn’t convinced he would bowl four overs. That was my thinking. The combination might change for the next game. We want to see what combination the opposition plays and then decide. The ball was still coming on well when we batted. We ended up getting 180, still. Nobody went on to get a big score. Yuvi batted brilliantly, and there were a few cameos. If one of the top three or four had scored 70-80, things would have been different.”

Harsh: “@Arijit Ballooning the ball up 5 times is shaky. The only good thing was he had luck on his side where the ball landed in no man’s land every single time”

Vijay: “Good IPL so far for Tamil cricket fans! CSK winning, DK winning as captain, and now Shreyas Iyer winning as captain. Hopefully Ravi Ashwin can keep it going next match :)” — And you’ve had the opportunity to read my commentary as well.

Arijit : “@Harsh Yuvraj’s inning was not at all shaky. Coincidentally most of the DC bowers executed their plans well against him while giving free full tosses to Krunal and Pollard. Hopefully Yuvraj will be able to use this knock as platform and perform consistently.”

Soumith Potturi: “Yuvi was able to only hit the spinners/medium pacers, his reflexes are quite slow now to face Boult/Rabada’s darts. Same case with Yusuf Pathan earlier today. Not sure, if you Yuvi can go on for quite longer.”

11.50pm And that’s that. Jasprit Bumrah is nursing an injury, and he’s not going to come out to bat. Delhi begin life as the Capitals with an impressive 37-run win. Eyebrows went up when they named an XI with six bowlers and Keemo Paul batting at No. 6, but everything fell into place thanks to a breakthaking unbeaten 78, off 27 balls, from Rishabh Pant. Mumbai and Delhi started this match with the joint-worst record (4 wins in 11 matches each) in IPL season-openers. Now Mumbai have sole ownership of the title of the IPL’s worst starters. We’re only one game into this season, of course.

19.2 W Tewatia to McClenaghan whoops. A bit more flight outside off and McClenaghan swings too early, looking to slog with the turn. The ball slides past his bat and he drags his back foot out of the crease briefly, just long enough for Pant to knock off the bails OUT
MJ McClenaghan st †Pant b Tewatia 10 (8b 2×4 0x6) SR: 125.00
19.1 . Tewatia to McClenaghan flat length ball outside off. Looks for the slog-sweep and only manages an inside-edge into his pad no run

38 off six. Two wides/no-balls, six sixes? Tewatia to bowl the last over, from round the wicket.

End of Over No.19 Mumbai Indians 176/8 Last Over (8 runs)

18.6 1 Rabada to McClenaghan shortish, close to off stump, pulled along the ground to deep square leg 1 run

Harsh: “Was this shaky 53 good enough to keep ishan kishan out for the next few games?”

18.5 1 Rabada to Rasikh Salam slower ball, full and angling into the batsman as he backs away, looking to make room. Lofted down to long-on, on the bounce 1 run
18.4 2 Rabada to Rasikh Salam full on off stump and he makes room to drive this over extra-cover. Ingram jumps up, right arm outstretched, and gets a fingertip to the ball, so I guess that counts as a half-chance 2 runs
18.3 . Rabada to Rasikh Salam slower yorker, looks to make room and play through the covers but the angle cancels out that room. Blocked back to the bowler no run
18.2 2 Rabada to Rasikh Salam back of a length close to off stump, punched to the right of deep point 2 runs

Rasikh Salam walks in on IPL debut.

18.1 W Rabada to Yuvraj Singh that’s that, I guess. Full on leg stump, Yuvraj flicks it, and picks out the man at deep midwicket. It’s been a struggle for Yuvraj, punctuated by flashes of the old strokeplay, and he walks off with a fighting fifty to his name OUT
Yuvraj Singh c Tewatia b Rabada 53 (35b 5×4 3×6) SR: 151.42
18.1 1 Rabada to Yuvraj Singh another attempted yorker, looking to deny Yuvraj room, another wide down the leg side 1 wide
18.1 1 Rabada to Yuvraj Singh looks for the yorker, ends up angling it down leg side. Yuvraj can’t connect with the flick 1 wide

One of Yuvraj’s most famous innings in any format was a half-century off 12 balls. Mumbai need 46 off 12 balls now. Rabada steams in from round the wicket.

End of Over No.18 Mumbai Indians 168/7 Last Over (9 runs)

17.6 4 Boult to McClenaghan full, lots of width, and McClenaghan carves it away in the air, out of reach of the leaping cover fielder FOUR
17.5 . Boult to McClenaghan excellent yorker, aimed right at the feet of the batsman and he can’t connect with his flick. Hit on the pads but it’s angling down leg, so no appeal no run
17.4 1 Boult to Yuvraj Singh shortish, close to off stump, clears his front leg and clubs this down to long-on. Takes the single this time 1 run
17.3 4 Boult to Yuvraj Singh slog, edge, boundary, fifty. This is a strange, stop-start innings, lacking fluency for most part, but he’s still there, and he slogs at this length ball outside off and gets a thick edge that races away to the right of short third man FOUR
17.2 . Boult to Yuvraj Singh back of a length, angling into off and middle, blocked back to the bowler no run
17.1 . Boult to Yuvraj Singh full, angling into off stump, whips it away to long leg and refuses the single. Why?!?!?! McClenaghan’s just hit a cleverly executed boundary, and he must have faced Boult a far bit in the nets? no run


End of Over No.17 Mumbai Indians 159/7 Last Over (9 runs)

16.6 4 Rabada to McClenaghan shot. Premeditates, walks across his stumps, and gets a full-toss angling into him. Uses the angle to help it away to the left of short fine leg FOUR

Stays round the wicket to McClenaghan.

16.5 1 Rabada to Yuvraj Singh once again, he sends one ballooning into a vacant space. Rabada’s bouncer gets up above his back shoulder. and he miscues the attempted pull high in the air, without any power, but midwicket is back on the boundary 1 run

Back round the wicket to Yuvraj.

16.4 1 Rabada to McClenaghan full-toss outside off, jabbed down the ground towards long-on, off the inside half of the bat 1 run
16.3 . Rabada to McClenaghan awkward bounce from a good length, and McClenaghan, doubling up while looking to work it leg-side, is hit on the back thigh no run

Stays over the wicket to the left-handed Mitchell McClenaghan.

16.2 W Rabada to Cutting serious pace again, and Rabada might just have sent back Mumbai’s last recognised batsman. Fullish, but not on a driving length, in the corridor, and Cutting doesn’t have any time to get a proper stride in to drive. Ends up playing away from his body, as a result, with an angled bat, and the ball zips past the edge or kisses it through to Pant. The umpire gives Cutting out, but he seems unsure whether he edged it or not. Consults with Yuvraj and reviews, but UltraEdge shows a little spike as the ball goes past his edge, and he’ll have to walk back OUT
BCJ Cutting c †Pant b Rabada 3 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00
16.2 2 Rabada to Yuvraj Singh that’s seriously quick, a misdirected yorker angling down leg. Pant, moving to his right, fumbles after Yuvraj misses his flick, and they sneak a bye 2 wides

Chants of Yuvi, Yuvi echo around the Wankhede as Rabada goes round the wicket.

16.1 1 Rabada to Cutting low full-toss wide of off, stabbed away to deep point 1 run


All this batting depth has left Mumbai still hanging on in this game, but by their fingernails. They now need 16 an over as the teams take the last time-out of the day.

Nikhil: “Can Ben Cutting pull of a Dre Russ here, he has the potential and can’t get a better opportunity”

End of Over No.16 Mumbai Indians 150/6 Last Over (16 runs)

15.6 6 Patel to Yuvraj Singh bam. Axar sends down a long-hop, and Yuvraj swivels and deposits it high over the square leg boundary SIX
15.5 1 Patel to Cutting shortish, angling into the stumps, pulled to deep midwicket 1 run
15.4 1 Patel to Yuvraj Singh what happened here. Stops on the pitch, maybe. Shortish, and he’s too early into the pull. Skews it high but into no-man’s land as long-on and deep midwicket try to sprint forward to reach it before it bounces 1 run
15.3 6 Patel to Yuvraj Singh flat length ball speared across Yuvraj, wide of off stump. It allows Yuvraj to free his arms, and he launches it high and straight, back over the bowler’s head and off the middle of his bat SIX
15.2 1 Patel to Cutting back of a length, angling into leg stump, clipped away to wide long-on 1 run

Lots of depth in this Mumbai line-up. Ben Cutting on strike now.

Rishabh Pant smashed 78* off 27, but did Mumbai miss a trick against him by holding Bumrah back?

15.1 1 Patel to Yuvraj Singh floated up across the left-hander, lands outside off. Swiped down to long-on 1 run

Axar from round the wicket.

End of Over No.15 Mumbai Indians 134/6 Last Over (11 runs)

14.6 W Boult to KH Pandya got him, ends a threatening cameo with the slower ball. It’s fairly full and angling into middle stump. Krunal has to make all the power himself, and he clears his front leg and slogs it away but can’t clear the man at deep midwicket OUT
KH Pandya c Tewatia b Boult 32 (15b 5×4 1×6) SR: 213.33

What is it?

Indian Premier League, 3rd Match: Mumbai Indians v Delhi Capitals at Mumbai, Mar 24, 2019.

When is it?

Mar 24, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-03-24 14:30:00 GMT, 2019-03-24 20:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Score Cards

  • Batting R B 4 6
    RG Sharma caught 14 13 2 0
    Q de Kock caught 27 16 4 1
    SA Yadav run out 2 6 0 0
    Yuvraj Singh caught 53 35 5 3
    KA Pollard caught 21 13 2 1
    HH Pandya caught 0 2 0 0
    KH Pandya caught 32 15 5 1
    BCJ Cutting caught wk 3 4 0 0
    MJ McClenaghan stumped 10 8 2 0
    Rasikh Salam not out 5 4 0 0
    JJ Bumrah absent hurt
    Extras (lb 2, w 7) 9
    Total (all out; 19.2 ovs) 176
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    TA Boult 4 0 42 1 10.50 (1w)
    I Sharma 4 0 34 2 8.50
    K Rabada 4 0 23 2 5.75 (3w)
    R Tewatia 1.2 0 12 1 9.00
    KMA Paul 3 0 21 1 7.00 (2w)
    AR Patel 3 0 42 1 14.00
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 33 RG Sharma 14 Q de Kock 18
    2nd 4 SA Yadav 2 Q de Kock 1
    3rd 8 Q de Kock 8 Yuvraj Singh 0
    4th 50 KA Pollard 21 Yuvraj Singh 28
    5th 0 HH Pandya 0 Yuvraj Singh 0
    6th 39 KH Pandya 32 Yuvraj Singh 5
    7th 19 BCJ Cutting 3 Yuvraj Singh 14
    8th 17 Yuvraj Singh 6 MJ McClenaghan 9
    9th 6 MJ McClenaghan 1 Rasikh Salam 5
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    Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai,
    Starting on
    Mar 24, 2019
    Ending on
    Mar 24, 2019
    Indian Premier League, 3rd Match: Mumbai Indians v Delhi Capitals at Mumbai, Mar 24, 2019.



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