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Indian Premier League, 14th Match: Rajasthan Royals v Royal Challengers Bangalore at Jaipur, Apr 2, 2019

Refresh Score Card

Royal Challengers Bangalore 158/4

Rajasthan Royals 164/3 (19.5/20 ov)

Rajasthan Royals won by 7 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Jos Buttler (rhb) 59 43 137.20
Steven Smith (rhb) 38 31 122.58
Bowller O M R W Econ
Yuzvendra Chahal (lbg) 4.0 0 17 2 4.25
Mohammed Siraj (lbg) 4.0 0 25 1 6.25
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RECENT 6 1 . 1 2 | W 1 1 . 1 1 | . . 4 1 1 2 1 | 6 2 1 1 . 2 4 | 1 . 1 1 .

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

11.50pm And so, that’s all from our IPL 2019 coverage for tonight. Hope you enjoyed tonight’s commentary and coverage. We’ll see you tomorrow for the big one: Mumbai v Chennai. Till then, it’s time to say goodbye. On behalf of Karthik and Ranjith, this is Sreshth Shah signing off. Adios!

11.40pm Still a couple of minutes to go for the presentation. And here’s Harsha Bhogle to kick this off.

Shreyas Gopal, the Man of the Match: “Obviously, I am fortunate and lucky to have gotten those big wickets, again I’m saying it as a youngster getting such big names out doesn’t come everyday. I was just fortunate, and the plans worked. Coming in to bowl in the 7th over, we had built a lot of pressure in the Powerplay. I had come in after that, and because the batsmen were trying to score off me, I managed to get the wickets. Pretty comfortable bowling my variations, I rely on my gut feet while deciding what to bowl. I really don’t know why wristspinners do so well in T20s. But maybe it’s because we can spin the ball both ways. Overall, it’s about bowling in good areas and being disciplined.”

Ajinkya Rahane, the winning captain: “Thinking was dew factor, so we thought 150-160 would be a good total. Shreyas Gopal’s record against Virat and de Villiers we all know, but overall great team effort. After 3-4 overs, we thought wicket is slow, so I thought if spinners bowl well then batsmen will have a hard time. Gowtham was excellent in the Powerplay, and Gopal backed up after that. Relief, yes, to get points on the board. We played good cricket last three games, but tonight it was all about giving more than 100%. Tripathi was struggling before the match – he had twisted his ankle last game – but he was incredible with Stokesy and Smith. Overall, great team effort.”

Mustafa Moudi: “@SriHarsha: If RCB is lacking some key players, Kohli is responsible for that too. The retained captain has a lot of involvement in the auction. He should inform the management what kind of players he need in his team !!”

Baskar: “This is where a Captain and a Leader differ. My vote is for Kane among the fab 4. He is the Jon Snow his team turns to, at the hour.”

SriHarsha: “Surprised at people talking about kohlis captaincy. In IPL it’s not just about captains, there are many others in the think tank. RCB serious lacks quality all rounders and fast bowlers and there is no way they can be competitive.”

Anonymous: “The same Australian team that was without Smith and Warner. That win was great but to give all credit to Kohli is a joke”

Anjan: “It’s not the presence of Rohit or Dhoni that makes Kohli a successful captain. Neither members are part of the test XI. It’s the quality of the Indian team that makes them a winning combo, the captain has barely played the job of the leader even though he’s a terrific batsman in any format. If at all, he’s only been ad hoc and unpredictable with the selections.”

Padmini Jois: “for everybody bashing Kohli in the IPL, please don’t forget that King Kohli won us the test series in Aus just a few months ago. Dhoni was not in that team. Agreed, Kohli has animated ways of leading a team, but that does not make him a bad leader. ”

Jay: “Sundar for ali, klassen/southee for hetmeyer, ncn for umesh. We need someone who can bowl pinpoint yorkers to russel next game… :|”

Apoorv gupta: “People may say not to start kohli fans vs dhoni fans here. But to be honest kohli as a captain looks totally ineffective without dhoni and rohit. Hope he learns something before ms retires.”

Manoj: “So happy that Smithy is amongst the runs tonight with a healthy strike rate.”

Arumugham GR: “Fine margins in Cricket: Today it came off for Tripathi and not for Vihari a few days back, both needed one scoring shot. ”

11.31pm Virat Kohli, the losing captain: “Today, we were more competitive, but we were 15-20 short with the bat. I thought 160 was competitive, but with the dew factor, 15 runs more would’ve been more challenging. Wasn’t easy to get the boundaries in the 2nd innings, but if we make that many mistakes (dropped catches), then we will fall on the losing side. In a tournament like IPL, when you have no momentum, then these things can happen. The team hasn’t gone off to a good start, and these things look really bad. But we have to keep believing that we can turn things around. Thought we played well in Mumbai and tonight, but we need to improve. We need to take some confidence from tonight’s game though. The tournament isn’t so long, so you need to think on your feet on what the best XIs are. We will sit down and talk to see how we can balance our team and allow our players to create some match-winning performances.”

Yuzvendra Chahal, the Purple Cap holder: “It’s a great feeling to have the highest wickets in the tournament, but we didn’t win the match. Legspinners have so much variations compared to other bowlers, and we can get a bit more turn even on flat wickets. Created a bit of doubt on the batsman’s mind. Our fourth loss in a row, but we have 10 games, and we have a chance of coming back. If we think negative, then no point playing. So we need to be positive. My sixth year at RCB, so I’m used to the conditions at the Chinnaswamy. Doesn’t affect me.”

Nikhil: “So 7 teams will be fighting for 4 spots in Qualifiers & 8th team will be there to spoil someone’s party.”

Rajkumar Bhaska: “Can we check the no-ball plz…. oh wait, doesn’t matter! :-)”

11.28pm First points for Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2019, but Royal Challengers Bangalore have produced a much better performance. Teams in the past have qualified into the playoffs despite being 0-4 down in the league, so anything can happen. For now, though, smiles in the Royals camp as they can finally breathe ease. Ten games to go for each team. Royals’ win tonight was set up by Gopal’s three wickets, after which their batsmen produced a measured performance. Rahane was alright, Buttler was excellent, and Smith and Tripathi produced some confidence-inducing knocks. Hugs all around the Royals camp as the teams shake hands.

19.5 6 Yadav to Tripathi pulled for six! What a way to win the game. Length ball on off, and Tripathi absolutely hammers this over deep midwicket. Royals win by 7 wickets SIX

scores tied. Kohli and Umesh having a chat. Saini hanging about too.

Chintan Parekh: “We need drama, We need Wicket”

19.4 1 Yadav to Stokes length ball, just outside off, and the attempted cut has gone to point’s right. Negi gives to stop the ball, but they can’t stop the single 1 run

Royals need 2 off 3. Can Umesh produce another strangler?

19.3 . Yadav to Stokes length ball on middle, and he taps this to short midwicket. Dot ball! no run

Royals need 2 off 4. New man on strike

19.2 1 Yadav to Tripathi back of a length just outside off, and he clubs an attempted pull off his glove. Ball rolls away to short fine leg 1 run
19.1 2 Yadav to Tripathi back of a length on off, and the pull along the ground finds deep backward square. Enough time to take the second 2 runs

sooo, final over. Stokes at No. 5.

End of Over No.19 Rajasthan Royals 154/3 Last Over (4 runs)

18.6 W Mohammed Siraj to Smith full, just outside off, and Smith has hammered this off the back foot. Over the non-striker’s head, but the man at long on is there. Smith falls, Royals need 5 off the final over OUT
SPD Smith c Yadav b Mohammed Siraj 38 (55m 31b 2×4 1×6) SR: 122.58
18.5 1 Mohammed Siraj to Tripathi another drop! Look ma, no hands in real life from the RCB fielders. Short on off, and the pull is top-edged to the leg side. Moeen runs in from deep backward square to take a catch, but he slides along the grass and the ball pops out of his hand. Oh dear 1 run
18.4 1 Mohammed Siraj to Smith back of a length, wide outside off, and the attempted pull nearly goes straight to midwicket! Pawan Negi drops a tough chance diving forward 1 run

Dheeraj jain: “”Our only company at the bottom of the table is also leaving us ” by a disheartened RCB fan”

Paras: “@Parikshith…..luck favors the brave. ”

18.3 . Mohammed Siraj to Smith back of a length, wide outside off, and Smith flat-bats a shot straight back to Siraj no run
18.2 1 Mohammed Siraj to Tripathi length ball on middle, and angling into his ribcage. Pulled to deep backward square for one 1 run

Bilal Ahmed: “Finch mentioned that there will be trouble fitting smith and warner into the aussie team. Well if they keep on performing like this then Finch’s own place might be jeopardized .”

18.1 1 Mohammed Siraj to Smith back of a length on off, and pulled off the back foot to deep midwicket 1 run

End of Over No.18 Rajasthan Royals 150/2 Last Over (9 runs)

17.6 . Saini to Tripathi goes for the yorker, but Tripathi gives the bowler a chase, effectively turning it into a low full toss. Mistimed back to the bowler no run
17.5 . Saini to Tripathi back of a length on middle, and his attempted pull goes to midwicket on the bounce. AB picks up and has a shy at the bowler’s end, but can’t get the direct hit no run

Parikshith Hari: “@Roy- He still struggled, it is just that Umesh gave him a life”

17.4 4 Saini to Tripathi full toss on middle, and Tripathi backs away to make room. Fast hands from Tripathi makes him slice a square-cut, and that’s been struck past third man for four FOUR

Roy: “This innings shows what Smith possesses that is superior to Kohli. Struggled initially but willing to fight through it and not force the issue.”

17.4 1 Saini to Tripathi fast! Back of a length on middle, and angling down the leg side. Tripathi ducks under it, happily 1 wide

Rayan: “I think RCB have the dressing room problem.. We can’t see any Bond between players…”

17.3 1 Saini to Smith back of a length on off, and the ball hurries onto Smith. Mistimes a pull, but it lands safely near square leg. Nobody there 1 run
17.2 2 Saini to Smith full on off, and he swings across the line to hammer a leg-side swipe to deep midwicket 2 runs
17.1 1 Saini to Tripathi back of a length on off, and he flat-bats a pull to long on for a single 1 run

Royals need 18 off 18. Who else needed 18 off 18 recently? Delhi Capitals yesterday

End of Over No.17 Rajasthan Royals 141/2 Last Over (16 runs)

16.6 6 Mohammed Siraj to Smith clobbered over cow corner! Slower ball, full outside off, and Smith has given this an absolute hammering. Stays on the back foot, sees the ball come to him, and then absolutely swings the bat as if it’s a katana. Beautiful sound off the bat, and the ball soars into the stands SIX
16.5 2 Mohammed Siraj to Smith full, just outside off, and he slaps a square drive to deep extra cover 2 runs
16.5 1 Mohammed Siraj to Smith slower ball, really wide outside off, and Smith gives the ball a chase. Tries to muscle a cut through point, but misses. Umpire Erasmus calls it a wide though 1 wide
16.4 1 Mohammed Siraj to Tripathi length ball on off, and angling in. He mistimes a flick towards the leg side, ball rolls away to square leg 1 run
16.3 . Mohammed Siraj to Tripathi back of a length on off, and the extra bounce takes it over Tripathi’s shoulders. He reckons it should be a wide, but the umpires disagree no run
16.2 2 Mohammed Siraj to Tripathi falls in front of Stoinis! Full and wide outside off, and Tripathi tries to slice an uppish drive to the point boundary. In the air for a while as Stoinis runs in, but the ball falls just in front of him 2 runs
16.1 4 Mohammed Siraj to Tripathi classy! Full, wide outside off, and Tripathi prods forward to meet the ball on the up. Firmly struck over cover, Tripathi holds his pose after playing that FOUR

Siraj. Rajasthan need 34 off 24.

End of Over No.16 Rajasthan Royals 125/2 Last Over (4 runs)

15.6 1 Chahal to Tripathi full on leg, and he goes down on one knee to sweep. Hit to fine leg. A solid spell from Chahal comes to an end, but it’s likely going to be in another losing cause 1 run

Tanay: “Rajasthan deserves to get a win. They were mighty close in first three games. ”

15.5 . Chahal to Tripathi full on leg, and Tripathi walks down the ground to drive. Hit uppishly, and the ball lands just in front of Chahal. Nearly carried all the way no run
15.4 1 Chahal to Smith full on middle, and he drives down the ground to long off for a single 1 run
15.3 1 Chahal to Tripathi length ball on middle, and the googly is flicked off his pads to deep backward square 1 run
15.2 . Chahal to Tripathi full on middle, and turning across Tripathi. Defended no run

What is it?

Indian Premier League, 14th Match: Rajasthan Royals v Royal Challengers Bangalore at Jaipur, Apr 2, 2019.

When is it?

Apr 2, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-04-02 14:30:00 GMT, 2019-04-02 20:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur

Score Cards

  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 60 AM Rahane 22 JC Buttler 32
    2nd 44 JC Buttler 27 SPD Smith 15
    3rd 50 SPD Smith 23 RA Tripathi 25
    4th 10* BA Stokes 1 RA Tripathi 9
  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    6. STR Binny 139 1441 49 19.21 0
    7. K Gowtham 49 454 60 14.64 0
    8. JC Archer 93 418 36 17.41 0
    9. S Gopal 49 235 39 15.66 0
    10. VR Aaron 75 108 17* 9.81 0
    11. DS Kulkarni 135 203 28* 11.27 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    AM Rahane lbw 22 20 4 0
    JC Buttler caught 59 43 8 1
    SPD Smith caught 38 31 2 1
    RA Tripathi not out 34 23 3 1
    BA Stokes not out 1 2 0 0
    STR Binny
    K Gowtham
    JC Archer
    S Gopal
    VR Aaron
    DS Kulkarni
    Extras (b 4, lb 1, w 5) 10
    Total (3 wkts; 19.5 ovs) 164
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    UT Yadav 3.5 0 40 0 10.43 (1w)
    NA Saini 4 0 35 0 8.75 (1w)
    Mohammed Siraj 4 0 25 1 6.25 (1w)
    YS Chahal 4 0 17 2 4.25 (2w)
    MP Stoinis 3 0 28 0 9.33
    MM Ali 1 0 14 0 14.00
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    Sports Event
    14th Match Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore


    Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur,
    Starting on
    Apr 2, 2019
    Ending on
    Apr 2, 2019
    Indian Premier League, 14th Match: Rajasthan Royals v Royal Challengers Bangalore at Jaipur, Apr 2, 2019.



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