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Indian Premier League, 29th Match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Chennai Super Kings at Kolkata, Apr 14, 2019

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Kolkata Knight Riders 161/8

Chennai Super Kings 162/5 (19.4/20 ov)

Chennai Super Kings won by 5 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Suresh Raina (lhb) 58 42 138.09
Ravindra Jadeja (lhb) * 31 17 182.35
Bowller O M R W Econ
Sunil Narine (ob) 4.0 1 19 2 4.75
Piyush Chawla (ob) 3.4 0 32 2 8.72
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RECENT 2 1 1 4 | 1 2 4 4 4 1 | 1 . 1 1 4 1 | 1 1 4 2 . . 1 | . . W . 1 . | 2

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

Quickly hop over to the other tab for more. Kane Williamson is back as Sunrisers Hyderabad opt to bowl against Delhi Capitals, who’ve won two games on the bounce. Plenty of changes there. Join Saurabh Somani and Ankur Dhawan on ball-by-ball commentary.

That’s that from Gnasher and I. Hope you enjoyed it. Plenty coming up post-game. For now, it’s goodbye. Cheers

7.40pm Stats wise, Eden Gardens been the worst ground for spinners in the IPL this season, but Imran Tahir, who is Man of the Match showed that can be overcome as he prised out four wickets to suck momentum out of the KKR innings. Sreshth Shah writes.

Gaurav Sundararaman comes up with gold again: All three of CSK’s previous chases against KKR has gone into the last over. On all occasions, Jadeja has seen them home.

He adds: The only other instances of teams having 14 points after eight games are MI in 2010 and Kings X1 in 2014. Both finished runner up when they did that.

19.4 2 Chawla to Jadeja backs away and punches this into the gap at deep cover to bring up the winning runs. Chennai Super Kings consolidate their position at the top. Seventh win in eight games for them. KKR slump to their third straight loss and have a lot of soul-searching to do. They concerns will multiply further as Andre Russell didn’t take the field after hobbling off early in the chase. 2 runs
19.3 1 Chawla to Raina too short, he whips this to deep backward square leg 1 run
19.2 1 Chawla to Jadeja slaps this short ball to long-on 1 run
19.1 4 Chawla to Jadeja bowls short, bowls quick and Jadeja gets a thick bottom edge to beat short third man. Didn’t intend to play it there, but gets the desired result FOUR

Chawla to bowl the final over.

End of Over No.19 Chennai Super Kings 154/5 Last Over (16 runs)

18.6 1 Gurney to Jadeja slower ball, another full toss, tucked to short fine for a single. 1 run
18.5 2 Gurney to Jadeja squeezes his flick to deep square, once again went for a leg-stump yorker 2 runs
18.4 4 Gurney to Jadeja low full toss on the pads and Jadeja clips it off his pads behind square. Superb execution, this is very poor bowling. FOUR
18.3 4 Gurney to Jadeja leading edge and this flies over short third man. This is a full delivery which he looks to flick. Lucky runs FOUR
18.2 4 Gurney to Jadeja steps out and hits this straight back over the bowler’s head. Manufactured the length by going over, hit it very well. FOUR
18.1 1 Gurney to Raina slaps this slower length ball to long-off 1 run

End of Over No.18 Chennai Super Kings 138/5 Last Over (8 runs)

17.6 1 Narine to Raina squeezes the drive to long-off 1 run
17.5 . Narine to Raina steps out and hits it back to Narine, who hurls the throw back to the keeper no run
17.4 1 Narine to Jadeja plays it nice and late, to short third man again 1 run
17.3 1 Narine to Raina dabs this gently to short third man 1 run
17.2 4 Narine to Raina pulled into the gap! Poor ball, Raina picked the length and split the gap at deep midwicket and long-on FOUR
17.1 1 Narine to Jadeja length ball on middle, works it from outside off to deep midwicket 1 run

End of Over No.17 Chennai Super Kings 130/5 Last Over (9 runs)

16.6 1 Prasidh Krishna to Jadeja glided down to square third man 1 run
16.6 1 Prasidh Krishna to Jadeja bangs one in, Jadeja looks to whip it square but misses. Wide down leg 1 wide
16.5 4 Prasidh Krishna to Jadeja hammered back past the bowler, mid-off had no chance. Prasidh serves up a juicy full delivery with mid-off up. Can’t do that FOUR
16.4 2 Prasidh Krishna to Jadeja sliced over the infield, Uthappa running back from cover gets to the ball but can’t prevent the second 2 runs
16.3 . Prasidh Krishna to Jadeja deceived by a slower length ball, looked to back away and cut but played too early. no run
16.2 . Prasidh Krishna to Jadeja bunts this to short cover, looks for a run but can’t get it. no run
16.1 1 Prasidh Krishna to Raina hits the deck hard with a short of length ball on the body, Raina tucks this on the hop to square leg for his first IPL fifty this season 1 run

Prasidh Krishna back into the attack and he’ll bowl out here

End of Over No.16 Chennai Super Kings 121/5 Last Over (1 run)

15.6 . Narine to Jadeja eased with the spin to short third man. Top over no run
15.5 . Narine to Jadeja spins back in from length on off, defended no run

With that wicket, Forecaster prediction on CSK’s win percentage has dropped from 55 to 47 in a matter of four deliveries.

15.4 W Narine to Dhoni struck plumb in front! Dhoni reviews, but he seems to be stone dead. This is a full delivery, spins back in and Dhoni is hit on the pad as he plays down the wrong line. He’s well outside the line on the forward push, the ball beats the inside edge to hit the pad. Portion of leg stump visible at the point of impact. Ball tracker says this would’ve smashed leg stump. Excellent decision from umpire Rod Tucker. We criticise umpires when they don’t get it right, so you have to give them credit where due. OUT
MS Dhoni lbw b Narine 16 (25m 13b 0x4 1×6) SR: 123.07
15.3 . Narine to Dhoni sharp turn back in, Dhoni looks to nudge it into the leg side but this hits him on the thigh pad as there’s extra bounce no run
15.2 1 Narine to Raina swept down to deep midwicket 1 run
15.1 . Narine to Raina nice and full on the stumps, defended. no run

Dhoni receiving a lower back rubdown. CSK’s win% on Forecaster has shot up to 55

End of Over No.15 Chennai Super Kings 120/4 Last Over (11 runs)

14.6 2 Gurney to Dhoni squeezes the drive into the gap at deep cover. Dhoni was running right onto the pitch at one stage but changed tracks as he ran across for the second 2 runs

What is it?

Indian Premier League, 29th Match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Chennai Super Kings at Kolkata, Apr 14, 2019.

When is it?

Apr 14, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-04-14 10:30:00 GMT, 2019-04-14 16:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Score Cards

  • Batting R B 4 6
    SR Watson lbw 6 7 1 0
    F du Plessis bowled 24 16 5 0
    SK Raina not out 58 42 7 1
    AT Rayudu caught 5 11 0 0
    KM Jadhav lbw 20 12 3 1
    MS Dhoni lbw 16 13 0 1
    RA Jadeja not out 31 17 5 0
    MJ Santner
    Imran Tahir
    SN Thakur
    DL Chahar
    Extras (w 2) 2
    Total (5 wkts; 19.4 ovs) 162
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    M Prasidh Krishna 4 0 30 0 7.50 (1w)
    HF Gurney 4 0 37 1 9.25
    AD Russell 1 0 16 0 16.00
    SP Narine 4 1 19 2 4.75 (1w)
    Kuldeep Yadav 3 0 28 0 9.33
    PP Chawla 3.4 0 32 2 8.72
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 29 SR Watson 6 F du Plessis 23
    2nd 15 F du Plessis 1 SK Raina 14
    3rd 17 AT Rayudu 5 SK Raina 11
    4th 20 KM Jadhav 20 SK Raina 0
    5th 40 MS Dhoni 16 SK Raina 24
    6th 41* SK Raina 9 RA Jadeja 31
  • SK Raina 58*
    v Bowler Dot 4 6 R B SR
    M Prasidh Krishna 5 2 0 11 10 110.00
    HF Gurney 1 2 0 15 9 166.66
    SP Narine 2 2 0 14 10 140.00
    Kuldeep Yadav 2 0 0 4 6 66.66
    PP Chawla 1 1 1 14 7 200.00
  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    8. MJ Santner 69 771 45* 20.83 0
    9. Imran Tahir 249 200 23 10.00 0
    10. SN Thakur 74 88 15* 6.76 0
    11. DL Chahar 59 158 39 8.77 0
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    Sports Event
    29th Match Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings


    Eden Gardens, Kolkata,
    Starting on
    Apr 14, 2019
    Ending on
    Apr 14, 2019
    Indian Premier League, 29th Match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Chennai Super Kings at Kolkata, Apr 14, 2019.



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