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Indian Premier League, 43rd Match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals at Kolkata, Apr 25, 2019

Refresh Score Card

Kolkata Knight Riders 175/6

Rajasthan Royals 177/7 (19.2/20 ov)

Rajasthan Royals won by 3 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Riyan Parag (rhb) 47 31 151.61
Ajinkya Rahane (rhb) 34 21 161.90
Bowller O M R W Econ
Piyush Chawla (lb) 4.0 0 20 3 5.00
Sunil Narine (lb) 4.0 0 25 2 6.25
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RECENT 6 4 | . W 6 1 1 1 | 6 . 4 1 1 1 | 1 1 4 2 1 6 | 1 4 1 . 1 W 1 | 4 4 4

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

Our live post-match show is still on. Head over there to see discussions on Karthik’s fabulous innings, Riyan’s unreal calm and the wonder that is Jofra Archer. Not to forget Varun Aaron’s amazing comeback. Meanwhile, it’s goodbye from all of us here.

12.06am Varun Aaron is the Man of the Match. “Everything is fine (with my leg). Got resolved in half hour, just cramps. I had a viral for the past three days and I’m just recovering from that. I felt I sweated extra and body just got dehydrated. I always believe in myself. I felt that the one over I bowled in the previous game, I didn’t do too much wrong in that. I was looking forward to make the most of my opportunity when I got a chance. I’m feeling good. All I want to do is play for the country and win matches.”

12.04am Steven Smith: We certainly made it difficult for ourselves, lost too many wickets in clumps through that middle section after a good start. Riyan Parag, isn’t he an impressive young man? And some great contributions from Archer and Gopal too. I thought they (KKR) bowled really well in the Powerplay. We saw a bit of grass on the wicket and thought we’d let the quicks go at them. I thought Oshane did a great job on IPL debut, and Varun Aaron was outstanding. I guess the first five or six games we weren’t able to get over the line in those close ones. And when you do that it sort of makes your season, and if you don’t it can break your season. Jofra and Stokesy are off tonight, so two big holes to fill. I’m here for 13 games.

12.02am: So it’s a sixth consecutive defeat for Knight Riders, and now all of RCB, KKR and Royals are on eight points each. Presentation time now.

11.56pm: Steven Smith on the sensational Riyan Parag five days ago when he made 43 off 29 against Mumbai: “I think he’s 17. But yeah, he’s terrific young kid, He works really hard. He’s a fit young kid. He’s a strong young kid. The way he batted, even in the first game that he played, he probably taught a lot to the experienced players a little something out there, even myself. He played with a really cool head, calm and composed and today he did the same. Just came out and played with that freedom. Saw the ball land hit the ball. He didn’t worry too much about anything. Just played the game, plus I think he’s got terrific skills with the ball. He bowled really well in his first game against Chennai and I thought he bowled really well today. He only started bowling the stuff he’s been bowling three weeks ago. Before that, he was just a genuine off spinner. So the kid learns really quickly and that I think is a sign of a really good player and someone that has a really good future.”

11.52pm: Royals have pulled this off, though it looked very iffy. But Riyan Parag played a sparkling innings and Jofra Archer pulled out one final rabbit out of his hat.

Dinesh Karthik: Little disappointed. I thought we were in it, but it wasn’t our day. I’ve kept saying, winning always feel good but when you lose close games like this you think ‘wow, when are we going to get there’. The plan in the final over was to bowl full. The second shot was a good shot, but the first ball… there was dew on the outfield as well. I think a lot of it will boil down to how much they trust me as a leader and keep the mood of the dressing room good.

Jofra Archer: I feel really excited. The tournament didn’t go as well as we liked, but moments like these really make me cherish playing for Rajasthan. Anyone that comes in to replace me and Stokesy will do a great job, I’m sure of that. I’m grateful for Rajasthan to take a chance on me, having not played any international cricket.

19.2 6 Prasidh Krishna to Archer Archer’s done it! His final act in IPL 2019 is hitting an extra cover drive off a full ball for six, while giving himself room. Full ball and he shows his extraordinary timing, and sending it zipping through the air and over the boundary. Pick him for the World Cup already, England! Just do it. SIX
19.1 4 Prasidh Krishna to Archer outside edge flies for four! Length ball outside off, Archer goes really hard at it, wanted to go over extra cover, but it takes the edge and goes to third man FOUR

Prasidh to bowl. Jofra on strike

Our statsman Gaurav says: “These two teams have played 2 Super Overs already in IPL. Both won by Rajasthan Royals.”

End of Over No.19 Rajasthan Royals 167/7 Last Over (9 runs)

18.6 . Russell to Unadkat length ball on the stumps, swiped, but gets it only till mid-off no run

Shashank Kishore caught up with the 17-year old Riyan Parag earlier in the IPL, and here’s the teenager’s goosebump-inducing story (also ft Prashant Chopra and Mahipal Lomror)

18.5 W Russell to Parag oh dear he’s out hit-wicket. Short ball and he was moving inside the line to pull it fine, but doesn’t connect with the ball. In the follow through his bat hits the top of the stumps. unfortunate end to an impressive innings. OUT
R Parag hit wicket b Russell 47 (63m 31b 5×4 2×6) SR: 151.61
18.4 6 Russell to Parag Riyan Parag is turning it on He’s a teenager and he’s just hit IPL 2019’s MVP for a six over long-on, even though it wasn’t perfectly timed. Own medicine and all that for Russell. Brathwaite at long-on was interested and leapt up, but the ball went over him SIX
18.3 1 Russell to Archer pacy short ball, Archer goes to pull but gets it high on the bat and it goes to long-off 1 run

Riyan Parag is looking supremely calm and confident. Like this is an everyday chase for him

18.2 1 Russell to Parag yorker on the fifth stump line, steered to deep point 1 run
18.1 1 Russell to Archer too short and he pulls it well, but there is a deep midwicket 1 run

Imran Shaikh: “The Over Rate is abysmal. Hope someone is penalised for this” – the guys paying the penalty are those on ball by ball comms…

And Royals win percentage has shot up to 71% now!

Abhay Raghavan: “Narine’s Dropped catch of Parag is costing KKR here…”

End of Over No.18 Rajasthan Royals 158/6 Last Over (13 runs)

17.6 6 Prasidh Krishna to Parag smoked goes for the aggressive option of bowling a bouncer, but Riyan – with a cool belying his years – just rocks back and pulls it high and handsome, way over deep square leg SIX
17.5 . Prasidh Krishna to Parag excellent comeback by Prasidh, wide yorker, out of the batsman’s reach and within the tram-lines. Riyan was moreover giving himself room so he had to really stretch out to try and get bat on that. no run
17.4 4 Prasidh Krishna to Parag inside edge goes for four He was moving across and wanted to smash this to cow corner but gets an inside edge. Luck is on his side, it goes very fine for a boundary FOUR
17.3 1 Prasidh Krishna to Archer nicely timed but there is a man on the cover boundary. Full toss outside off, punched 1 run
17.2 1 Prasidh Krishna to Parag has a big thrash at that towards long-on but doesn’t time it, and it rolls along the ground to the fielder there 1 run
17.1 1 Prasidh Krishna to Archer blasted this full delivery from the stumps but straight to Narine at mid-off. He was moving to his left and the ball hits his boot 1 run

And the forecast says 40% to Royals now. Creeping up steadily

End of Over No.17 Rajasthan Royals 145/6 Last Over (15 runs)

16.6 1 Narine to Archer back of a length, and Archer swipes it to deep midwicket off the back foot 1 run
16.5 1 Narine to Parag good length outside off, he gets down low and cuts it to the sweeper on the cover fence 1 run
16.4 4 Narine to Parag quicker one but strays on the pads and Riyan does superbly to just tickle it fine FOUR
16.3 2 Narine to Parag comes forward and clips it between long and on deep midwicket 2 runs
16.2 1 Narine to Archer leading edge that falls in no-man’s land at cover. He was moving across to flick it to leg, but didn’t read the spin 1 run
16.1 6 Narine to Archer swatted down the ground given room to free his arms outside off and he smashes it with a horizontal bat straight back SIX

46 off 24 – doable, but ideally Royals would have wanted a top order batsman in there. And here’s Narine, who’s been quite unplayable today

End of Over No.16 Rajasthan Royals 130/6 Last Over (8 runs)

15.6 1 Prasidh Krishna to Archer yorker on the stumps, clipped off his toes to deep square 1 run
15.5 4 Prasidh Krishna to Archer back of a length again, but Archer’s ready this time and swivels to pull this to the midwicket boundary FOUR

Visakan Bapu: “If mid season transfer window is not feasible, we can try out loan options. Players can get transferred to other team for a particular period of time. ”

15.5 1 Prasidh Krishna to Archer digs it in too short and it sails over the batsman’s head. Will be wide 1 wide
15.4 . Prasidh Krishna to Archer back of a length and coming into him, Archer’s at the receiving end of a 145 kph ball this time, and he jabs it back to the bowler no run
15.3 1 Prasidh Krishna to Parag back o fa length coming in from outside off, he taps it into the legside rising high on his toes and they take a quick single. Prasidh goes across to his right to field but decides against having a shy 1 run

Harsha : “Jofra needs to do a Russell” – and he’s coming in when Russell used to, too!

15.2 W Prasidh Krishna to Gopal holes out to long-off. Not quite full enough to go for the lofted drive, and too close to the body too. Gets it off the outside half of the bat and Gill sprints in from long-off to catch it comfortably OUT
S Gopal c Shubman Gill b Prasidh Krishna 18 (18m 9b 4×4 0x6) SR: 200.00

Shreyas Gopal lifted Royals’ winning chances to 28.5% after that Nitish over

15.1 1 Prasidh Krishna to Parag back of a length outside off, chopped to cover 1 run


Srinath: “Seeing so many talented players (Indian and international) that are not able to get a game for some of the other teams (Shimron Hetmeyer is an example) and seeing teams like Rajasthan struggling with a “mediocre” team, they should open up a mid-season transfer window and allow players to be swapped to make things more even and exciting. ”

End of Over No.15 Rajasthan Royals 122/5 Last Over (13 runs)

14.6 4 Rana to Gopal hat-trick of fours the gamble to give Nitish an over has not worked. too full this time and Shreyas is almost predicting where the ball will be. Into position early to take a half step down and drive it beautifully through extra cover FOUR
14.5 4 Rana to Gopal too short again and he takes advantage. Rocks back and pulls this to dep square leg’s left. No chance for the fielder FOUR
14.4 4 Rana to Gopal width outside off and Shreyas unleashes a nice looking cut shot to send the ball screaming to the boundary at point FOUR

What is it?

Indian Premier League, 43rd Match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals at Kolkata, Apr 25, 2019.

When is it?

Apr 25, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-04-25 14:30:00 GMT, 2019-04-25 20:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Score Cards

  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 53 AM Rahane 34 SV Samson 19
    2nd 4 SV Samson 3 SPD Smith 1
    3rd 6 SPD Smith 1 BA Stokes 5
    4th 15 BA Stokes 6 R Parag 8
    5th 20 STR Binny 11 R Parag 6
    6th 25 S Gopal 18 R Parag 7
    7th 44 R Parag 26 JC Archer 17
    8th 10* JD Unadkat 0 JC Archer 10
  • Batting R B 4 6
    AM Rahane lbw 34 21 5 1
    SV Samson bowled 22 15 0 2
    SPD Smith bowled 2 6 0 0
    BA Stokes caught 11 10 2 0
    R Parag hit wicket 47 31 5 2
    STR Binny caught 11 11 0 1
    S Gopal caught 18 9 4 0
    JC Archer not out 27 12 2 2
    JD Unadkat not out 0 1 0 0
    VR Aaron
    O Thomas
    Extras (w 5) 5
    Total (7 wkts; 19.2 ovs) 177
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    CR Brathwaite 2 0 16 0 8.00 (3w)
    M Prasidh Krishna 3.2 0 43 1 12.90 (1w)
    AD Russell 3 0 32 1 10.66
    SP Narine 4 0 25 2 6.25
    Y Prithvi Raj 2 0 28 0 14.00 (1w)
    PP Chawla 4 0 20 3 5.00
    N Rana 1 0 13 0 13.00
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    Sports Event
    43rd Match Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals


    Eden Gardens, Kolkata,
    Starting on
    Apr 25, 2019
    Ending on
    Apr 25, 2019
    Indian Premier League, 43rd Match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals at Kolkata, Apr 25, 2019.



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