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Indian Premier League, 51st Match: Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Mumbai, May 2, 2019

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Mumbai Indians 162/5

Sunrisers Hyderabad 162/6 (20 ov)

Match tied (Mumbai Indians won the one-over eliminator)

Batsman R B S.R
Manish Pandey (rhb) * 71 47 151.06
Mohammad Nabi (rhb) 31 20 155.00
Bowller O M R W Econ
Hardik Pandya (rmf) 2.0 0 20 2 10.00
Krunal Pandya (rmf) 4.0 0 22 2 5.50
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RECENT | 6 2 W 6 1 1 | 4 4 1 1 1 1 | 6 1 . 1 4 . | 1 4 . . 1 1 | 4 . 1 1 1 2

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.20 unrisers Hyderabad 162/6 Last Over (16 runs)

11.45pm With 41 needed from 18 balls and Bumrah having one over left, it looked like Mumbai had the game in their pocket. And when Nabi got out, in the last over, Sunrisers needed nine from the last two balls. Pandey managed a couple off the penultimate delivery before smashing the next for a six to level the game. Don’t forget if Mumbai win the Super Over, they will be through for the playoffs. If Sunrisers win here, they will be all but through and that will also bring an end to Rajasthan Royals’ hopes of making it to top four.

19.6 6 HH Pandya to Pandey and that’s six. And that’s tie! It’s a length ball on the stumps, Pandey gives himself some room and smashes it over wide long-on. And we head into the Super Over SIX

Six for a Super Over. Rohit and Pollard having a discussion with the bowler. Mumbai are taking their time

19.5 2 HH Pandya to Pandey length ball outside off, Pandey comes down the track and looks to go over extra cover but ends up slicing it over short third man, comes back for the second 2 runs

Nine needed from two

19.4 W HH Pandya to Mohammad Nabi fuller and wider outside off, Nabi had to reach out for it, cannot get enough this time. Was a slower one as well and had Nabi let it go, it would have been a wide. But he ends up skying it towards long-off where Suryakumar settles under it OUT
Mohammad Nabi c Yadav b HH Pandya 31 (33m 20b 2×4 2×6) SR: 155.00
19.3 6 HH Pandya to Mohammad Nabi a full toss but Nabi fails to middle it, or wait. He has still got enough on it to clear Pollard at long-on. Pollard jumps but the ball just evades him SIX
19.2 1 HH Pandya to Pandey length outside off, Pandey was once again backing away, slices it towards sweeper cover in the end 1 run
19.1 1 HH Pandya to Mohammad Nabi length ball on the stumps, Nabi goes for the pull but doesn’t middle it, only a single to deep square leg 1 run

17 required from the last over. It’s Hardik with the ball

End of Over No.19 unrisers Hyderabad 146/5 Last Over (12 runs)

18.6 4 Bumrah to Pandey a high full toss this time, on the stumps and Pandey finds another four, this time pulls it between the two fielders at deep square leg and deep midwicket FOUR
18.5 4 Bumrah to Pandey and Pandey finds one. A full toss on the stumps, Pandey backs away and helps it towards deep square leg, just short of a six FOUR

Sunrisers need a boundary or two from these last two balls of the over

18.4 1 Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi fuller on the stumps, chips it towards long-on, Pollard is alert there and keeps it to one 1 run

Third man comes up for Nabi, mid-off goes back

18.3 1 Bumrah to Pandey short of length outside off, backs away and opens the face of the bat, one bounce to third man 1 run
18.2 1 Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi nails the yorker, Nabi can only dig it out towards long-on for one 1 run
18.1 1 Bumrah to Pandey fuller on the stumps, hit firmly but straight towards long-on 1 run

29 from 12 now. Bumrah to bowl

End of Over No.18 unrisers Hyderabad 134/5 Last Over (12 runs)

Raghu IFMR: “All they need are 6 boundary balls. And there is one of them. 5 more needed.”

17.6 6 Malinga to Mohammad Nabi fuller and wide outside off, gets his length wrong just a little bit and Nabi has just steered it over backward point, all the way for a six. This game is far from over SIX
17.5 1 Malinga to Pandey fuller this time, just outside off, Pandey can only hit it towards long-on 1 run
17.4 . Malinga to Pandey a brilliant yorker, this time well outside off, Pandey was once again trying to stay leg side of the ball, cannot put bat to the ball in the end no run

Pritam Banerjee: “Not only SRH’s play off spot, but also DC’s second spot rests on these two batsmans out there. Come on Nabi and Pandey! ”

17.3 1 Malinga to Mohammad Nabi a low full toss around off, Nabi can hit it only towards long-on. Pandey was looking for the second but it went straight towards Pollard 1 run
17.2 4 Malinga to Mohammad Nabi fuller outside off, almost a yorker once again, Nabi throws his bat at it, gets an inside edge past the stumps. Lucky four there FOUR
17.1 . Malinga to Mohammad Nabi a yorker, just outside off, Nabi is deep in his crease and looks to hit it towards wide long-on, misses no run

41 needed from 18 balls, six of those will be bowled by Bumrah

End of Over No.17 unrisers Hyderabad 122/5 Last Over (7 runs)

Sanjay Senthilk: “Bumrah, Malinga, Bumrah and one outstanding over. The chances look worse than bleak for SRH”

16.6 1 Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi short of length once again, into the batsman’s body, Nabi cannot time the pull this time, only a single to fine leg 1 run

yash: “Chances of SRH winning — 0% , from a Die hard SRH fan πŸ™

16.5 4 Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi short of length again, at the body but Nabi brings out the pull and swivels to hit it towards deep square leg FOUR
16.4 . Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi another short of length, down the leg side but Nabi was moving towards the leg side as well. So no wide there as it goes just over Nabi’s left shoulder no run
16.3 . Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi short of length at the batsman, Nabi looks to give himself some room and goes for the cut, fails to connect no run
16.2 1 Bumrah to Pandey length around off, Pandey stays leg side of the ball and steers it towards sweeper cover 1 run
16.1 1 Bumrah to Mohammad Nabi length around off, Nabi was looking to work it on the leg side, the ball hits the outer half and lobs to the left of extra cover 1 run

48 needed from 24 balls.

Shivaraman Gane: “What does the forecaster say about the chances of SRH winning?” — 27%

End of Over No.16 unrisers Hyderabad 115/5 Last Over (9 runs)

Time for a strategic break.

Naresh: “Oh, cmon, President and MP, finish it off! Don’t take it deep man! ”

Ishan Jain: “Manish Pandey is doing a Buttler this season. Change of batting order, change of fortune!”

15.6 4 Malinga to Pandey Malinga looks for a repeat but gets just little bit wrong. That’s all Pandey needs as he hammers it past the stumps at the other end, gets to his fifty with the four, off 37 balls FOUR
15.5 . Malinga to Pandey an excellent yorker, Pandey is standing on the leg stump and it was right at his toes, tailing in significantly. Pandey moves towards leg side and somehow manages to save his toes no run
15.4 1 Malinga to Mohammad Nabi length ball around off, eased away towards long-off 1 run
15.3 1 Malinga to Pandey length ball on the stumps, Pandey looks to play it on the leg side and misses. An appeal for lbw but denied. It hit the batsman outside the leg stump 1 leg bye

Roma Ahmed : “Another reason I want SRH to qualify is; if they won’t either KKR or KXIP will. And Russell and Rahul have a better chance to beat Warner in the Orange Cap than anyone else. A lot at stake, no??” — That’s a true fan

iamabd: “Dhoni’s success in IPL in Indian conditions and in T20 should not translate in his promotion to Number 4 slot in 50 over format in English conditions. He should stay back as finisher. Anyways Viswa has already jinxed it!!”

15.2 1 Malinga to Mohammad Nabi a slower one, fuller on the stumps, Nabi moves across a bit and flicks it behind square 1 run
15.1 2 Malinga to Mohammad Nabi short of length outside off, enough room to free the arms, Nabi cuts it towards sweeper cover for a couple 2 runs

57 needed from 30. Malinga comes on

What is it?

Indian Premier League, 51st Match: Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Mumbai, May 2, 2019.

When is it?

May 2, 2019.

What time does it start?

2019-05-02 14:30:00 GMT, 2019-05-02 20:00:00 local

Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Score Cards

  • Batting R B 4 6
    WP Saha caught 25 15 5 0
    MJ Guptill lbw 15 11 1 1
    MK Pandey not out 71 47 8 2
    KS Williamson lbw 3 7 0 0
    V Shankar caught 12 17 0 0
    Abhishek Sharma caught wk 2 3 0 0
    Mohammad Nabi caught 31 20 2 2
    Rashid Khan not out 0 0 0 0
    B Kumar
    KK Ahmed
    Basil Thampi
    Extras (lb 1, w 2) 3
    Total (6 wkts; 20 ovs) 162
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    BB Sran 2 0 24 0 12.00 (1w)
    SL Malinga 4 0 43 0 10.75
    JJ Bumrah 4 0 31 2 7.75
    RD Chahar 4 0 21 0 5.25
    KH Pandya 4 0 22 2 5.50 (1w)
    HH Pandya 2 0 20 2 10.00
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 40 WP Saha 25 MJ Guptill 14
    2nd 17 MJ Guptill 1 MK Pandey 16
    3rd 8 KS Williamson 3 MK Pandey 5
    4th 33 V Shankar 12 MK Pandey 20
    5th 7 Abhishek Sharma 2 MK Pandey 5
    6th 49 Mohammad Nabi 31 MK Pandey 17
    7th 8* MK Pandey 8 Rashid Khan 0
  • MK Pandey 71*
    v Bowler Dot 4 6 R B SR
    SL Malinga 4 3 1 21 10 210.00
    JJ Bumrah 0 2 0 11 5 220.00
    RD Chahar 7 2 0 15 15 100.00
    KH Pandya 3 1 0 12 12 100.00
    HH Pandya 0 0 1 12 5 240.00
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    Sports Event
    ​51st Match Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

    Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai,
    Starting on
    May 2, 2019
    Ending on
    May 2, 2019
    Indian Premier League, 51st Match: Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Mumbai, May 2, 2019.



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