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Pakistan tour of South Africa, 2nd Test: South Africa v Pakistan at Cape Town, Jan 3-6, 2019

Refresh Score Card

Pakistan 177/10 & 294/10
(51.1 Overs) RR: 3.45

South Africa 431/10 & 43/1
(124.1 Overs) 3.47
Batsman R B S.R
Dean Elgar (lhb) * 24 39 61.53
Theunis de Bruyn (rhb) 4 10 40.00
Bowller O M R W Econ
Mohammad Abbas (rmf) 4.0 0 14 1 3.50

South Africa won by 9 wickets

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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

11.40am: Lickle bit o’ Test cricket to start your day? Don’t mind if I do… Thanks for joining us for that tiddler of a chase, the full report is here. South Africa were too good, once again, but Pakistan can take something from this defeat (even if it’s that they need to change the batting order for Jo’burg). Another series win at home for SA, they’ve not lost since England rumbled them in 2015-16. Anyway, we’ll be back for more next week, gluttons for punishment on spicy surfaces. Thanks from myself, Miller and Thilak. Cheerio!

11.30am: Right, time for the presentations at Newlands, starting with Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed: “Yes, not enough runs in the first inns, if we had got 250-300, the pitch was still helping fast bowlers [in the fourth innings]. It’s hard to recover if you’re losing five wickets in the first session, but the way our batsmen are batting, that’s how you learn in Test cricket. For me, playing two or three practice matches [would be ideal]. But we only played one match here. Our batsmen showed their courage, hopefully we’ll have confidence [in Johannesburg].”

South Africa captain Faf du Plessis is also Man of the Match for his first-innings hundred: “Yeah, finally got a hundred at my favourite ground. It’s an amazing place to play cricket, I’ve wanted it for a long time. It was one of those grafty hundreds, we prefer those knocks for the team, you take a few blows on the body and tough it out. We come in, the crowd is great, closest to a Barmy Army atmosphere, it’s a lot of fun coming here and our bowlers like it, there’s usually something for the bowlers. [Seven series wins in a row at home] We’re proud of that record, we’ve had some big teams coming here and we’ve beaten them. We know if we get runs on the board, our bowlers will do the rest. [Pitch criticisms] I think day one was moving day in terms of the pitch, but it got easier to bat on, yesterday Pakistan were in a good position to bat on and get a 150 lead and then who knows what happens. I still feel there was enough in it for batters and bowlers. At times it was difficult but that’s Test cricket for me. We wanted to finish last night but that no-ball spoiled it for us. [Four quicks, no spinner?] It was good discussion, thought we got it spot on. We looked at the last three years here, the opposition hasn’t batted past 70 overs, so the spinner isn’t going to bowl that many overs. Playing a subcontinental team on a pitch with pace, for me it was pretty easy. [Satisfying hundred?] After a game where you don’t score runs, you still feel the pressure, the expectation. Lot of time and energy spent on the headspace I wanted to be in for this match, reflect on when I’ve done well, block out the noise. It was a true test of my character, making sure that’s what I go to first under pressure, and good to see I managed to get that right.”

11.20am: No drama. Or not much of it, anyway. South Africa go 2-0 up in the three-match series, meaning next week’s match in Johannesburg is a dead rubber. Theunis de Bruyn will be disappointed and Hashim Amla is probably going to need an ice pack on that right arm for a while, but South Africa finished the job inside the hour. The ball was still flying about, the pitch capable of mischief – as Amla discovered – but a target of 41 was never likely to stretch SA too much. It does leave you wondering what might have been had Pakistan mustered a more competitive first-innings effort, though.

“RSA 431 in first innings & 43/1 in second!” And the universe is in harmony, Muhammed Riyas

Here’s Ajmal Khan: “As a Pakistani cricket fan, considering the team performance, is there any reason for me to be angry and upset or should I say ‘it’s part of the game’?” Channel those frustrations, Ajmal. Why not go out and paint a landscape, or take a walk and do the crossword? This too shall pass

9.5 4 Azhar Ali to Elgar half-tracker down the leg side, Elgar wheels around and spanks it past fine leg, lets out a roar – South Africa win by nine wickets FOUR
9.4 4 Azhar Ali to Elgar right, shackles off, Elgar isn’t going to sit in and mither around… opens the shoulders and belts it back down the ground, flies to the straight boundary FOUR
9.3 0 Azhar Ali to Elgar pitched up and worked towards midwicket no run
9.2 0 Azhar Ali to Elgar gets across and defends this one no run

Azhar chuckles and runs quickly back to his mark

9.1 0 Azhar Ali to Elgar ooh, teasing line, back of a length outside off and Elgar has a little flirt no run

Okay, I think Pakistan realise the jig is up. Azhar Ali to bowl some medium pace

End of Over No.9 South Africa 35/1 Last Over (5 runs)

“Is Amla out? Do SA lose a batsman?” Not out, no, Alexander Sudhe. I’m sure he’d be back if required

8.6 0 Mohammad Amir to du Plessis another bumper from Amir, not in Faf’s postcode no run
8.5 0 Mohammad Amir to du Plessis back of a length, rising in the channel as du Plessis jumps across and stabs it down to gully no run
8.4 0 Mohammad Amir to du Plessis good length, 131kph and steered into the covers no run
8.3 1 Mohammad Amir to Elgar short ball, Elgar swats it away safely through backward square 1 run

Leg slip in now. Possibly after the horse has bolted

8.2 0 Mohammad Amir to Elgar banged in, outside off and he lets this one go no run
8.1 4 Mohammad Amir to Elgar bouncer, down the leg side and it nearly goes badly for Elgar, he pulls and gets a fat connection off the glove that just clears Sarfraz! Runs away for four, bringing the target into single figures FOUR

SA needing just 11 to win now

End of Over No.8 South Africa 30/1 Last Over (7 runs)

7.6 1 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar fired in straight, flicked away off the pads 1 run
7.5 2 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar dug in short and this time Elgar pulls, picks up a couple towards deep backward square 2 runs

HaidER khan: “So, South Africa are now effectively 3 down. Come on Pakistan, 7 more to get.” Well, Markram isn’t on the treatment table. He won’t bat “unless necessary”, but I suspect SA losing six wickets would count as necessary

7.4 0 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar round the wicket, short ball and Elgar whirls out of the way… But was there a sound? Sarfraz likes it, Abbas too, and Pakistan review, though Elgar doesn’t look too perturbed. Yep, might have flicked the armguard, but the ball was nowhere near bat/gloves no run
7.3 0 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar short ball, angled across at a difficult height for the pull, but Elgar isn’t interested no run
7.2 3 Mohammad Abbas to du Plessis pitched up and driven, not timed completely but it runs away past mid-off and they come back for three 3 runs
7.1 1 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar Elgar gets forward and dabs one down into the off side for a quick single 1 run

End of Over No.7 South Africa 23/1 Last Over (5 runs)

M: “If we can’t beat then then we’ll break them attitude from Amir.” Don’t think Amir had much to do with it, really. But Amla must has said something the pitch didn’t like

6.6 0 Mohammad Amir to du Plessis short of a length over the stumps and du Plessis hops into a defensive posture once again no run
6.5 0 Mohammad Amir to du Plessis back of a length and defended from deep in the crease no run

Out comes the captain, Faf du Plessis. Just 18 runs needed… Elgar, by the way, asked Amla to borrow his armguard before he left the field

Hash needs some treatment here, he’s taken a whack on his right bicep, wincing as the physio comes out to examine him. He’s not going to continue, he shakes his head and makes for the dressing room… That was a fearful blow and it may have affected his ability to hold the bat properly. So the SA innings sustains more damage, though not in the way Pakistan would prefer, I’m sure

6.4 0 Mohammad Amir to Amla oh, what’s that hit? Amla seems in some pain, smacked on the back arm by a spiteful lifter… the ball then looped up and deflected off the bat, landing just wide of the stumps! He was half forward and attempting to leave what looked like a length ball, only for it to spit like fat from a fryer no run
HM Amla retired hurt 2 (19m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00
6.3 1 Mohammad Amir to Elgar sliding in with the arm from over the wicket, Elgar jabs it through square leg for one more 1 run
6.2 0 Mohammad Amir to Elgar dug in short, flying through at chest height as Elgar leans out of the way no run

SA move past the halfway point in this ticklish chase…

6.1 4 Mohammad Amir to Elgar ooh yes, that’s nice, times the pants off a cover drive, that’s four right out of the middle for Elgar FOUR

“@Ahmad P … the choke happened yesterday… when Pakistan were batting,” snickers Kshor. Nah, yesterday was gutsy. But day one was a bit of a choke

End of Over No.6 South Africa 18/1 Last Over (1 run)

5.6 0 Mohammad Abbas to Amla length around off stump, 126kph and shown an immaculate straight bat by Amla no run

“Seems like Amir wants to get this match over with asap…” hoots Usman Intisab. “A good day for shopping perhaps later? Is the sale on???”

5.5 1 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar touch short on the body and worked behind square 1 run
5.4 0 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar ooh, fiendish line from Abbas, climbing and decking away as Elgar starts to feel for it and then drags his bat out of the way no run
5.3 0 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar steepling bouncer, 130kph and Elgar ducks it phlegmatically once again no run
5.2 0 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar length ball, comes across and shows it a dead-bat no run
5.1 0 Mohammad Abbas to Elgar tight lines, back of a length outside off, Elgar gets his hands out of the way no run

“At this rate top scorer in SA’s second innings is going to be extras,” chirps simon. He’s certainly keen to get this done

End of Over No.5 South Africa 17/1 Last Over (11 runs)

4.6 0 Mohammad Amir to Amla length in the channel, angled across the bows but Amla isn’t biting no run

Score Cards

  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 4 TB de Bruyn 4 D Elgar 0
    2nd 19* HM Amla 2 D Elgar 7
    2nd 20* F du Plessis 3 D Elgar 17
  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    5. AK Markram 16 1280 152 44.13 4
    6. T Bavuma 35 1710 102* 34.20 1
    7. Q de Kock 39 2311 129* 39.16 4
    8. VD Philander 58 1538 74 24.03 0
    9. DW Steyn 92 1248 76 13.71 0
    10. K Rabada 36 485 34 11.82 0
    11. D Olivier 9 20 10* 4.00 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    D Elgar not out 24 39 4 0
    TB de Bruyn caught wk 4 10 1 0
    HM Amla retired hurt 2 5 0 0
    F du Plessis not out 3 6 0 0
    AK Markram
    T Bavuma
    Q de Kock
    VD Philander
    DW Steyn
    K Rabada
    D Olivier
    Extras (b 4, w 5, nb 1) 10
    Total (1 wkt; 9.5 ovs) 43
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    Mohammad Amir 5 2 17 0 3.40 (1nb, 1w)
    Mohammad Abbas 4 0 14 1 3.50
    Azhar Ali 0.5 0 8 0 9.60
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    2nd Test South Africa vs Pakistan


    Newlands, Cape Town,
    Cape Town,Cape Town,SA
    Starting on
    Jan 3, 2019
    Ending on
    Jan 6, 2019
    Pakistan tour of South Africa, 2nd Test: South Africa v Pakistan at Cape Town, Jan 3-6, 2019.


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