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Big Bash League, 6th Match: Adelaide Strikers v Melbourne Renegades at Adelaide, Dec 23, 2018

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Adelaide Strikers 174/5

Melbourne Renegades 176/5 (19.1/20 ov)

Melbourne Renegades won by 5 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Daniel Christian (rhb) 49 27 181.48
Mohammad Nabi (rhb) * 48 30 160.00
Bowller O M R W Econ
Rashid Khan (lbg) 4.0 0 13 2 3.25
Billy Stanlake (lbg) 4.0 0 43 2 10.75
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

9.48pm Handshakes all around, but Strikers would think they’ve let this game slip. From 80 for 5, Renegades had no business winning this game, but the Christian-Nabi partnership saw off Rashid Khan, and then tore into the other Adelaide bowlers. Renegades inflict revenge after last season’s semi-final loss, and now leapfrog right into pole position on the BBL points table. That’s all from us at ESPNcricinfo for today. See you tomorrow for more Big Bash cricket.

Sarthak: “What a shame..none of the batsmen got 50..poor planning..hehe”

Sooryanarayanan: “Mohammad Nabi showed why he is the most underrated all-rounder in T20 cricket today while Christian told some of the IPL franchises that they missed a trick in not picking him up.”

19.1 4 Laughlin to Mohammad Nabi there it is! A hug between Nabi and Christian signifies what this means to them. Back of a length outside off, and Nabi slices a cut from near his body, and it has enough power to go into the third-man boundary. Renegades win by five wickets FOUR

Just three needed for Renegades.

End of Over No.19 172/5 This Over (20 runs)

Yoel: “Adelaide missing Siddle’s composure and experience here”

18.6 4 Stanlake to Christian full on off stump, and this has been slogged towards midwicket! Lands just between midwicket and long-on, and goes into the boundary on the bounce. Stanlake concedes 20 FOUR
18.5 6 Stanlake to Christian check-drive over long off! Again full outside off, and the pace only helps Christian. Keeps his back leg rooted on the ground and transfers his energy forward as he pulverises a six over the bowler’s head SIX

Renegades need 13 off eight

18.4 0 Stanlake to Christian slower ball, full and wide outside off, and Christian completely misses the shot! Looks to smack the leather off this delivery, but he was through his shot way too early no run
18.3 0 Stanlake to Christian Short! And Christian can’t pull this away. Extra pace forces him to play the shot late, and Carey takes a sharp take from near his face. Could’ve easily been top-edged over the keeper though no run

This is Renegades’ best-ever sixth-wicket stand

18.2 6 Stanlake to Christian that’s outta here! Lands in the slot on off stump, and Christian simply clears his front leg, and then lets his biceps do the rest. Absolutely clattered over deep midwicket, and we need a new ball! SIX
18.1 4 Stanlake to Christian unlucky for Stanlake! Pinpoint yorker on leg stump, but the ball hits the heel of his boot and flies away into the fine-leg boundary! oooh, this is bad for Strikers 4 leg byes

Stanlake for his final over

End of Over No.18 152/5 This Over (10 runs)

Renegades need 23 off 12

17.6 2 Laughlin to Mohammad Nabi low full toss on middle, and Nabi hits this over to deep midwicket. Off the bat’s toe end, and that allows them to take the second run 2 runs
17.5 2 Laughlin to Mohammad Nabi slower ball, but overpitched on middle stump. He swings across the line, and muscles a drive to wide long-on 2 runs
17.4 1 Laughlin to Christian full and wide outside off, and he mistimes a square drive to deep extra cover once again 1 run
17.3 4 Laughlin to Christian good length outside off, and he plays a square cut very hard! Ball races away to the boundary, and deep extra’s sliding effort can’t stop it off either FOUR
17.2 1 Laughlin to Mohammad Nabi yorker on leg stump, but Nabi natmegs this between his legs to deep backward square. A well-directed yorker from the experienced Laughlin 1 run
17.1 0 Laughlin to Mohammad Nabi good length outside off, and the slower ball takes some extra bounce. Looks to muscle a cut shot over point, but he misses it completely no run

Final three overs. Renegades need 11 per over

End of Over No.17 142/5 This Over (2 runs)

WATCH – Mohammad Nabi takes his first wicket of the BBL season (Australia and US only)

16.6 0 Rashid Khan to Christian length ball outside off, and he cuts despite the extra bounce. Lands just in front of point! Rashid finishes with 2 for 13 no run
16.5 0 Rashid Khan to Christian tossed up just outside off, and pushed to cover. Christian wants the single, but there’s none there no run

Rashid and Nabi sharing a light moment

16.4 1 Rashid Khan to Mohammad Nabi half-tracker outside off, and he toe-ends a pull to wide long on 1 run
16.3 1 Rashid Khan to Christian length ball on off, and spinning into his body. Nudged away to square leg for a walking single 1 run
16.2 0 Rashid Khan to Christian it’s a skidder outside off. Length ball outside the stumps, and he misses the cut shot no run
16.1 0 Rashid Khan to Christian length ball on middle, and tapped back to Rashid off the front foot no run

Renegades need less than nine per over. Here’s Rashid for his final over. He needs a wicket. Desperately.

End of Over No.16 140/5 This Over (13 runs)

15.6 4 Valente to Mohammad Nabi length ball on off, and he flicks this very fine! Allows the ball to go past his hips, before he gets some bat to place the ball right between the keeper and short fine leg! FOUR

Yoel: “Carey might regret catching that ball off Smith…if he stayed in a few more overs, the asking rate would have been much higher”

15.5 2 Valente to Mohammad Nabi full toss on middle stump, and he bunts a shot away to wide long on. Christian wants the second run, and he has to hurry… but the players make it with ease! 2 runs

Suva: “Why Rashid is being held back? If he manages one more wicket the game is done!”

15.4 2 Valente to Mohammad Nabi length ball outside off, and flicked away to deep backward square for a comfortable double 2 runs
15.3 0 Valente to Mohammad Nabi full on middle, and bunted back to the bowler. No run no run

That’s the fifty stand too

15.2 4 Valente to Mohammad Nabi full on leg stump, but Nabi skips down the ground and lifts the ball straight down long-on’s throat! But Neser makes a mess of the catch with the ball dipping away from him, and the ball rolls away for four after the dropped catch FOUR
15.1 1 Valente to Christian full on leg stump, and nudged away gently to square leg. Just a single though 1 run

End of Over No.15 127/5 This Over (12 runs)

14.6 2 Neser to Mohammad Nabi full just outside off, and Nabi slices a lofted shot to Rashid at long off. He has to hurry for the second, but he manages to eventually complete it without diving in 2 runs

Sarthak: “MR needed 100 from 10 overs and now 60 from 6 overs. I like when game follows simple math tables.”

Sarthak Urankar: “@IPL teams: Get Dan Christian. He is in super form, experienced all rounder, someone available for entire IPL season, can play around the world in different conditions.”

14.5 1 Neser to Christian low full toss on middle, and he muscles a mistimed drive to long on 1 run
14.4 6 Neser to Christian length ball outside off stump, and Christian allows the ball to come to him, before flat-batting a shot over the bowler’s head for six more. Long-on was just a spectator SIX
14.3 0 Neser to Christian full and wide outside off stump, and he tries to muscle a cover drive. But the bat hits the ground, and the ball flies through him to Carey no run
14.2 2 Neser to Christian full and wide outside off, and he crunches a cover drive through the infield! Beats the sliding fielder at cover, but Rashid at wide long off does very well to stop the boundary 2 runs

Renegades need 59 off 35

Score Cards

  • Batting R B 4 6
    SB Harper lbw 28 25 3 1
    TP Ludeman caught 8 6 1 0
    CL White lbw 32 22 4 1
    KR Smith caught wk 3 5 0 0
    TLW Cooper caught 0 1 0 0
    Mohammad Nabi not out 48 30 4 2
    DT Christian not out 49 27 2 5
    JD Wildermuth
    CJ Boyce
    KW Richardson
    Usman Shinwari
    Extras (lb 6, w 1, nb 1) 8
    Total (5 wkts; 19.1 ovs) 176
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    MW Short 2 0 23 0 11.50
    MG Neser 3 0 29 0 9.66
    B Stanlake 4 0 43 2 10.75
    Rashid Khan 4 0 13 2 3.25
    B Laughlin 3.1 0 39 0 12.31 (1nb, 1w)
    C Valente 3 0 23 1 7.66
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 21 TP Ludeman 8 SB Harper 11
    2nd 50 SB Harper 17 CL White 32
    3rd 1 CL White 0 KR Smith 1
    4th 1 TLW Cooper 0 KR Smith 1
    5th 9 KR Smith 1 Mohammad Nabi 8
    6th 94* DT Christian 49 Mohammad Nabi 40
  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    8. JD Wildermuth 32 155 29 10.33 0
    9. CJ Boyce 70 247 51* 11.76 0
    10. KW Richardson 90 275 45 16.17 0
    11. Usman Shinwari 65 9 3* 4.50 0
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    6th Match Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne Renegades


    Adelaide Oval,
    Starting on
    Dec 23, 2018
    Ending on
    Dec 23, 2018
    Big Bash League, 6th Match: Adelaide Strikers v Melbourne Renegades at Adelaide, Dec 23, 2018.



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