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Big Bash League, 9th Match: Perth Scorchers v Adelaide Strikers at Perth, Dec 26, 2018

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Adelaide Strikers 88

Perth Scorchers 92/3 (18/20 ov)

Perth Scorchers won by 7 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
William Bosisto (rhb) * 36 34 105.88
Ashton Turner (rhb) 24 46 52.17
Bowller O M R W Econ
Cameron Valente (rm) 2.0 0 16 1 8.00
Billy Stanlake (rm) 4.0 0 18 1 4.50
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.18 92/3 This Over (10 runs)

Scorchers win by seven wickets with 12 balls to spare. It wasn’t a cruise but the Scorchers did what they needed to. Inglis was good early and Bosisto paced his innings well. Turner absorbed a lot of balls but they were happy to ensure Rashid Khan did not get a look at a new batsman at any stage. The Scorchers get their first win of the season. It was set up by their bowlers and fieldsmen. The Strikers have some work to do after losing two in a row. That was a panicked batting display. They lost 7 for 21 in 41 balls and Rashid Khan and Cam Valente saved them from a record low total.

Prasu: “Player of the match ? Behrendroff or Richardson ?”

Jhye Richardson is Player of the match for his 3 for 7. “I’m pretty stoked to put a performance on the board and get a win on the board. It’s a 14-game season, we’re happy to get the win and move on from here. We worked out that straight and back of a length on this wicket was tough to score.” That concludes our coverage from Optus Stadium. There is a WBBL match coming up between the Scorchers and the Heat which we will have the live scores for. Please join us tomorrow night for more BBL action as the Sydney Sixers face the Melbourne Stars at the SCG. Until then, goodnight from Perth.

17.6 4 Valente to Bosisto smoked off the pads behind square! That’s the way to end it. Angled into the pads and he flicked it away emphatically. FOUR
17.5 1 Valente to Cartwright good length, defending to cover-point and they try for a sharp single, the throw went to the wrong end! Bosisto was in trouble if it went to the striker’s 1 run

Cartwright in with nothing to gain

17.4 W Valente to Turner bowled him! He wanted to end it with one blow! He backed away to a fuller straighter ball, tried to launch this down the ground, it nips through the gate and crashes into middle and leg! OUT
AJ Turner b Valente 24 (46b 2×4 0x6) SR: 52.17
17.3 1 Valente to Bosisto 128kph, good length on off, he gets and inside edge onto pad, it rolls into the on side for one 1 run
17.2 2 Valente to Bosisto run out chance! It’s sent upstairs. He turns this down to fine leg and takes on the throw from Stanlake trying for a second, Carey breaks the stumps, he’s diving at full stretch! This is tight! There’s one frame in it and he got home. Just. 2 runs
17.1 2 Valente to Bosisto slower ball, off spinner, he whips this in the air straight of deep square leg for a couple 2 runs

End of Over No.17 82/2 This Over (5 runs)

Rajk: “We all know Scorchers need to open the account first in the table, but caption knock with a bit of higher strike rate would be great! ” I think he’s trying but it has been difficult batting tonight.

16.6 1 Neser to Bosisto 124kph, outside off, half-volley, smacks a full blooded drive to long on 1 run
16.5 0 Neser to Bosisto 122kph, full almost a yorker length outside off, he jams it out with the bottom hand to midwicket no run
16.4 1 Neser to Turner shorter outside off, he flat bats a pull down to long on 1 run
16.3 0 Neser to Turner full outside off, driven back to the bowler and he hurls it back at the stumps in frustration no run

Another free hit

16.3 1 Neser to Turner slower ball, wide of off, he misses, and it’s called wide 1 wide

Free hit

16.3 1 Neser to Turner overstepped! And he was caught down the leg side! Not out and a free hit! He glanced it fine, Carey took a screamer, a juggling catch diving left. Looked up and it was given not out. 1 no ball
16.2 0 Neser to Turner good length, into leg stump, 139kph, he defends towards midwicket no run
16.1 1 Neser to Bosisto good length, 128kph, outside off, he pushes gently to mid off on the circle for an easy one 1 run

End of Over No.16 77/2 This Over (9 runs)

Michael: “The venue saying Perth is a bit ambiguous. Is this at WACA Ground or Optus Stadium?” Optus Stadium

15.6 0 Laughlin to Turner 13kph, half-volley and he smokes a drive back at Laughlin and it ricochet’s off his shin!! Ouch. He is OK. And it’s a dot ball no run
15.5 1 Laughlin to Bosisto full yorker on off, he squeezes it out to mid on 1 run

Ned: “Why aren’t they going for quick runs? The table looks at net run rate disregarding wickets lost doesn’t it?” The surface is obviously not that easy to bat on. They are just trying to bank the win

15.4 1 Laughlin to Turner back of a length, on off, he defends short of cover and they run well 1 run
15.3 1 Laughlin to Bosisto slower ball, full toss, on leg, he whips hard to deep forward square 1 run
15.3 1 Laughlin to Bosisto 124kph, bouncer, he tries to pull but it flies over his head and is called wide for height 1 wide
15.2 1 Laughlin to Turner shorter ball, pulled to deep backward square with control 1 run
15.1 4 Laughlin to Turner lofted cover drive inside out to the rope! Two men in the circle at cover and mid off and he drives up and over cover, beautiful shot. FOUR

Laughlin is back

End of Over No.15 68/2 This Over (4 runs)

Yoel: “Wonder if this will be a tactic of other teams as well – take minimal risks vs Rashid, even if it means scoring very little runs – and then attacking the other bowlers” Maybe Yoel

14.6 0 Neser to Bosisto 131kph, full angled into off, he clips this straight to midwicket no run
14.5 1 Neser to Turner slower ball, back of a length, off stump, he chips this in the air for a short way through mid on to the man in the deep at long on 1 run

In case you just joined us, we had a bat-flip #fail before this game: just what some of you had predicted when #BBL08 began

14.4 1 Neser to Bosisto full and straight, he pushes on the front foot wide of mid off 1 run
14.3 1 Neser to Turner 122kph, back of a length on off, he defends square of cover and pinches a single 1 run
14.2 0 Neser to Turner good length outside off, he tries to drive on the up through cover and misses no run
14.1 1 Neser to Bosisto good length on leg, he backs away to push through the off side, gets a thick inside edge through midwicket 1 run

Sarat: “Both The most expensive overs of the innings was bowled by Neser” He’s back on

End of Over No.14 64/2 This Over (maiden)

Turner faces a maiden. Unwilling to take a risk to Rashid

13.6 0 Rashid Khan to Turner leg break, 93kph, fired wide of off, he leaves this alone no run
13.5 0 Rashid Khan to Turner full top spinner, he drives straight to cover no run
13.4 0 Rashid Khan to Turner wrong un, he defends on the front foot to cover no run

Score Cards

  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    MG Neser 4 0 23 0 5.75 (1nb, 1w)
    B Stanlake 4 0 18 1 4.50 (1w)
    Rashid Khan 4 1 9 0 2.25 (1w)
    B Laughlin 3 0 17 0 5.66 (1w)
    C Valente 2 0 16 1 8.00
    CA Ingram 1 0 7 0 7.00
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 19 M Klinger 2 JP Inglis 16
    2nd 11 JP Inglis 6 WG Bosisto 3
    3rd 57 AJ Turner 24 WG Bosisto 29
    4th 5* WG Bosisto 4 HWR Cartwright 1
  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    6. AC Agar 71 673 68 18.69 0
    7. DJ Willey 175 2559 118 24.37 2
    8. NM Coulter-Nile 108 556 42* 15.02 0
    9. AJ Tye 129 351 42 11.32 0
    10. JA Richardson 31 70 16 17.50 0
    11. JP Behrendorff 61 75 26 18.75 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    M Klinger run out 2 7 0 0
    JP Inglis caught wk 22 21 4 0
    WG Bosisto not out 36 34 3 0
    AJ Turner bowled 24 46 2 0
    HWR Cartwright not out 1 1 0 0
    AC Agar
    DJ Willey
    NM Coulter-Nile
    AJ Tye
    JA Richardson
    JP Behrendorff
    Extras (lb 2, w 4, nb 1) 7
    Total (3 wkts; 18 ovs) 92
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    9th Match Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide Strikers


    Perth Stadium,
    Starting on
    Dec 26, 2018
    Ending on
    Dec 26, 2018
    Big Bash League, 9th Match: Perth Scorchers v Adelaide Strikers at Perth, Dec 26, 2018.



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