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Big Bash League, 14th Match: Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Thunder at Adelaide, Dec 31, 2018

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Adelaide Strikers 175/4

Sydney Thunder 155/6 (20 ov)

Adelaide Strikers won by 20 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Callum Ferguson (rhb) 47 39 120.51
Shane Watson (rhb) 28 25 112.00
Bowller O M R W Econ
Peter Siddle (rfm) 4.0 0 20 3 5.00
Rashid Khan (rfm) 4.0 0 34 2 8.50
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.20 155/6 This Over (8 runs)

9.51pm Big win for Strikers. This was one-sided. Rashid Khan gets to pay the tribute he wanted to for his late father – two wickets and a big win for his side. It was also a wonderful gesture from the Adelaide Oval to give him a rich ovation at the end of his spell. He’s been popular in this part of the world, and deservedly so, wooing the crowd every night with his skills.

But the Strikers’ hero with the ball was Peter Siddle. He has returned from national duty, where he was with the Test team for the MCG Test. He put down Rohit Sharma – one of several forgettable moments for the home team as India retained the Border-Gavaskar Trophy with a massive win. This has been a good comeback from that, a good first step to erase those memories.

With the bat, Carey laid the platform with a rapid half-century, and Colin Ingram, the Strikers skipper, made use of that to launch a brilliant assault of his own.

That is where we will leave you then. That was the last of our live coverage of competitive cricket in 2018. We hope you had an awesome year – we sure did, bringing all the cricket to you. The new year has so much more in store, and promises to be more exciting, promising and enthralling than ever. So many memories from this year – some good, some not so much. But this year has seen some terrific cricket, and the future is very promising with all the exciting talent around. We shall leave you with our report card for teams in international cricket in 2018. From here at the comms desk, it’s goodbye and a very happy new year! Here’s to 2019!

Robert Brown: “Yes very brave of the young man, and feel for him and his family”

19.6 2 Laughlin to Green squeezes a yorker out to long-on and scampers back for the second 2 runs
19.5 0 Laughlin to Green short, gets big on him as he tries to pull no run
19.4 2 Laughlin to Green dipping outside off, worked away to wide long-off 2 runs
19.3 0 Laughlin to Green full outside off, drilled back no run
19.2 2 Laughlin to Green low full toss, shovelled wide of long-on 2 runs
19.1 2 Laughlin to Green full,backs away and drills to wide of long-off 2 runs

End of Over No.19 147/6 This Over (6 runs)

18.6 1 Neser to Green fuller of a length, backs away and slaps to the sweeper at cover 1 run
18.5 2 Neser to Green yorker, dug out towards short fine 2 runs
18.4 1 Neser to Nair driven to long-on and then casually strides out of the crease for a second, Has to dive to survive a direct throw 1 run
18.3 1 Neser to Green dropped. Full, straight, outside off, backs away and hammers a drive to extra cover where Ingram shells it 1 run
18.2 1 Neser to Nair full, angled into middle, whipped away to deep backward square 1 run
18.1 0 Neser to Nair backs away to a fuller one and swings and misses no run

End of Over No.18 141/6 This Over (4 runs)

17.6 1 Siddle to Nair drilled away towards mid-off for a quick one 1 run
17.5 W Siddle to Ferguson full toss, comes at an awkward height. Swings at it and sends a catch down the throat of deep midwicket. Ferguson is looking at the square leg umpire for a signal. None from him and off he goes OUT
CJ Ferguson c Weatherald b Siddle 47 (39b 4×4 1×6) SR: 120.51
17.4 1 Siddle to Nair yorker, dug out into the on side. Siddle runs across to his right, throws at the stumps and collides with Ferguson. Both of them take a tumble, but no damage done, physically or wicket-wise 1 run
17.3 1 Siddle to Ferguson 1 run
17.2 1 Siddle to Nair slaps a back of a length ball to the sweeper at cover 1 run
17.1 0 Siddle to Nair slower length ball, tries to open the face and run it down but misses no run

Warm ovation for Rashid from the Adelaide Oval crowd at the end of his spell. You can see that he’s emotional.

End of Over No.17 137/5 This Over (9 runs)

16.6 0 Rashid Khan to Ferguson no run
16.5 W Rashid Khan to Sams tries to slog, but there’s two issues – it’s against the turn and that’s a long boundary. Gives a catch to cow corner. Second wicket for Rashid OUT
DR Sams c Wells b Rashid Khan 15 (8b 1×4 1×6) SR: 187.50
16.4 6 Rashid Khan to Sams comes down the ground and shovels it hard, just over the sweeper at cover SIX
16.3 1 Rashid Khan to Ferguson legbreak on a length that squares him up and finds the outside of the bat as he defends from the crease 1 run
16.2 1 Rashid Khan to Sams in-between length, not short enough, pulled against the turn and without much timing to deep midwicket 1 run
16.1 1 Rashid Khan to Ferguson gets down and sweeps to backward square leg 1 run

Sarath: “Wide yorker with no 3rd man, that is silly cricket”

End of Over No.16 128/4 This Over (9 runs)

15.6 2 Laughlin to Sams chips this slower one down to long-on for a brace 2 runs
15.5 4 Laughlin to Sams full and wide, jams the bat down with an open face to steer it to third man FOUR
15.4 0 Laughlin to Sams no run
15.3 1 Laughlin to Ferguson dipping fuller one outside off, drilled to long-off 1 run
15.2 1 Laughlin to Sams full outside off, shovelled to long-off 1 run
15.1 1 Laughlin to Ferguson full around off, pushed towards extra cover 1 run

Score Cards

  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 39 JC Buttler 23 SR Watson 15
    2nd 35 SR Watson 13 CJ Ferguson 21
    3rd 36 JE Root 18 CJ Ferguson 16
    4th 6 JJS Sangha 2 CJ Ferguson 4
    5th 21 DR Sams 15 CJ Ferguson 5
    6th 3 CJ Ferguson 1 AJ Nair 2
    7th 15* CJ Green 12 AJ Nair 3
  • Batting R B 4 6
    SR Watson caught 28 25 2 1
    JC Buttler caught 23 17 3 1
    CJ Ferguson caught 47 39 4 1
    JE Root caught 18 11 2 0
    JJS Sangha caught 2 4 0 0
    DR Sams caught 15 8 1 1
    AJ Nair not out 5 7 0 0
    CJ Green not out 12 9 0 0
    SL Rainbird
    JD Cook
    Fawad Ahmed
    Extras (lb 2, w 3) 5
    Total (6 wkts; 20 ovs) 155
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    JS Lehmann 1 0 11 0 11.00
    MG Neser 4 0 25 1 6.25 (1w)
    B Stanlake 2 0 25 0 12.50
    PM Siddle 4 0 20 3 5.00
    B Laughlin 4 0 26 0 6.50 (1w)
    Rashid Khan 4 0 34 2 8.50 (1w)
    MW Short 1 0 12 0 12.00
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    14th Match Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney Thunder


    Adelaide Oval,
    Starting on
    Dec 31, 2018
    Ending on
    Dec 31, 2018
    Big Bash League, 14th Match: Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Thunder at Adelaide, Dec 31, 2018.



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