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Big Bash League, 21st Match: Perth Scorchers v Brisbane Heat at Perth, Jan 5, 2019

Refresh Score Card

Perth Scorchers 135/6

Brisbane Heat 139/5 (18.2/20 ov)

Brisbane Heat won by 5 wickets (with 10 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Chris Lynn (rhb) 33 34 97.05
Ben Cutting (rhb) 26 16 162.50
Bowller O M R W Econ
Nathan Coulter-Nile (rf) 4.0 0 25 3 6.25
Jason Behrendorff (rf) 4.0 0 28 1 7.00
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

9.40pm That is that. Brisbane Heat break their duck with his five-wicket win. Smiles in the Heat camp. They lost their openers early to Coulter-Nile, but a series of contributions from the middle order carried the Heat past the line. Lynn scrapped his way to 33 off 34 balls on a two-paced pitch while Cutting and Burns made contrasting cameos to finish the chase. A day after being dropped from Australia’s ODI squad, Nathan Coulter-Nile ran in hard, hit 140ks, and came away with three wickets. There were reports that he’d been left out because of a back complaint. Coulter-Nile later clarified to ABC Radio that he was okay and suggested that there might have been a miscommunication between the selectors and the medical staff.

Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did bringing it to you. Alex Malcolm’s report will be up shortly. Until next time, this is Deivarayan Muthu signing off on the behalf of P Ranjith. Cheers

Mujeeb is the Player of the Match for his outstanding spell of 4-0-10-2: I am excited. This is my first Player of the Match award in Big Bash.

Mujeeb, indeed, is a man of few words but he lets it rip with the ball

McCullum: It’s a huge relief. To travel all the way to Perth and get the win is an exceptional show of courage. I lost the ball a bit under the lights but threw my hands up at the ball and stopped it. Mujeeb is really quiet off the field but he’s courageous and the performances he is putting up is great. He doesn’t say a lot but the boys enjoy his company.

18.2 4 Tye to Burns Top-edged onto the helmet and the ball ricochets away to the third man boundary. Short and angling into Burns, he looks away, hooks, and the ball deflects away past short third man 4 leg byes
18.1 0 Tye to Burns short and flies through to the keeper, Burns gives himself room but can’t lay bat on ball no run

The Heat need just one run for their first win of the season

End of Over No.18 135/5 This Over (20 runs)

17.6 6 Richardson to Cutting Thumped flat and hard over Richardson’s head. Make it 20 runs off the over. Attempted yorker, comes out as a full-toss, smoked away SIX
17.5 4 Richardson to Cutting Richardson loses his length again. Serves up a full-toss outside off, which is cracked away through the covers for back-to-back boundaries FOUR
17.4 4 Richardson to Cutting overpitched and outside off, Cutting clears his front leg and smears it over extra-cover FOUR
17.3 0 Richardson to Cutting Richardson responds with a top yorker just outside off, Cutting clears his front leg and squeezes it back to the bowler no run
17.2 6 Richardson to Cutting Mowed over square leg for a masssssssive six! He jumps across off, meets a length ball, and lustily clubs it into the second tier. What a strike from Cutting SIX
17.1 0 Richardson to Cutting back of a length and outside off, knocked to midwicket. Cutting loses his balance and falls again. Whats up with Cutting? no run


End of Over No.17 115/5 This Over (8 runs)

16.6 1 Agar to Cutting Cutting jumps across off, flicks towards long-on, falls. But gets up and recovers to complete the single 1 run
16.5 1 Agar to Burns flatter and shorter outside off, flashed off the back foot to point 1 run
16.4 6 Agar to Burns Agar tosses it slower and wider outside off, Burns lays into it. He smites a slog-sweep over midwicket for six. Nearly ran himself out off the last ball, then goes big now SIX
16.3 0 Agar to Burns Burns stays leg-side of this shortish ball outside off and punches to the covers. There’s a mix-up between the wickets but no harm done in the end for the Heat no run
16.2 0 Agar to Burns arm ball, snakes back in, chopped to point off the back foot no run
16.1 0 Agar to Burns tossed up on middle and leg, flipped to square leg for one no run

End of Over No.16 107/5 This Over (3 runs)

15.6 0 Tye to Cutting Cutting nips down the track, Tye drags his length back and gets it to sail through to the keeper. Cutting quietly ducks under the ball no run
15.5 1 Tye to Burns lifter outside off, swatted away to the right of Cartwright at deep square leg 1 run
15.4 1 Tye to Cutting Cutting shuffles a fair way across off stump, knuckle ball from Tye. He gets inside the line and clips it square. Cutting slips at the non-striker’s end and they have to settle for one 1 run
15.3 0 Tye to Cutting Cutting gets behind the line of this shorter ball outside off and fends it right back to Tye no run
15.2 0 Tye to Cutting short, angling in, bursts off the pitch, strikes the glove and rolls back to Tye. Cross-seamer from AJ Tye no run
15.1 1 Tye to Burns seam-up. Full on the pads, eased to fine leg with the wrists 1 run

AJ Tye’s back into the attack

End of Over No.15 104/5 This Over (3 runs)

14.6 1 Coulter-Nile to Burns short and angling in at the body, Burns jumps back in his crease and fends it to short midwicket 1 run
14.5 0 Coulter-Nile to Burns another beauty from Coulter-Nile. Wide of the crease, angling in, kicking and screaming away past the shoulder of the bat no run
14.4 0 Coulter-Nile to Burns back of a length and explodes past the shoulder of the bat as Burns looks to run down to third man and misses no run
14.3 1 Coulter-Nile to Cutting Cutting ventures across off and chips a short ball over midwicket. Cramped up for room 1 run
14.2 0 Coulter-Nile to Cutting bouncer, flies through to the keeper, as the batsman swerves out of the way no run
14.1 1 Coulter-Nile to Burns back of a length and outside off, Coulter-Nile hits 141ks, dabbed to third man with an open face 1 run

End of Over No.14 101/5 This Over (8 runs)

13.6 1 Behrendorff to Burns good length and skipping away outside off, opens the face and guides it to backward point 1 run
13.5 4 Behrendorff to Burns pitched up and outside off, Burns clears his front leg and spanks it up and over extra-cover FOUR
13.4 0 Behrendorff to Burns short and kicks up outside off, Burns gets on top of it and fends it away to backward point no run
13.3 1 Behrendorff to Cutting shorter and outside off, goes on the back foot and secures a single to point 1 run

Score Cards

  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    JP Behrendorff 4 0 28 1 7.00
    NM Coulter-Nile 4 0 25 3 6.25
    JA Richardson 4 0 50 1 12.50 (1w)
    AC Agar 3 0 19 0 6.33 (2w)
    AJ Tye 3.2 0 11 0 3.30
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 19 M Bryant 11 BB McCullum 8
    2nd 22 BB McCullum 6 CA Lynn 10
    3rd 39 CA Lynn 23 MT Renshaw 13
    4th 7 MT Renshaw 5 JA Burns 2
    5th 5 JJ Peirson 4 JA Burns 1
    6th 47* BCJ Cutting 26 JA Burns 17
  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    8. JL Pattinson 33 52 13 5.20 0
    9. JK Lalor 37 77 14 9.62 0
    10. B Doggett 15 16 6 4.00 0
    11. Mujeeb Ur Rahman 65 78 27 9.75 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    M Bryant caught 11 5 1 1
    BB McCullum caught 14 11 2 0
    CA Lynn caught 33 34 6 0
    MT Renshaw lbw 18 15 3 0
    JA Burns not out 20 25 1 1
    JJ Peirson caught 4 4 0 0
    BCJ Cutting not out 26 16 2 2
    JL Pattinson
    JK Lalor
    B Doggett
    Mujeeb Ur Rahman
    Extras (lb 6, w 7) 13
    Total (5 wkts; 18.2 ovs) 139
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    21st Match Perth Scorchers vs Brisbane Heat


    Perth Stadium,
    Starting on
    Jan 5, 2019
    Ending on
    Jan 5, 2019
    Big Bash League, 21st Match: Perth Scorchers v Brisbane Heat at Perth, Jan 5, 2019.



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