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Big Bash League, 25th Match: Melbourne Stars v Perth Scorchers at Melbourne, Jan 9, 2019

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Melbourne Stars 146/6

Perth Scorchers 147/4 (17.4/20 ov)

Perth Scorchers won by 6 wickets (with 14 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Cameron Bancroft (rhb) 59 42 140.47
Ashton Turner (rhb) 43 22 195.45
Bowller O M R W Econ
Dwayne Bravo (rmf) 3.0 0 18 2 6.00
Liam Bowe (rmf) 4.0 0 22 1 5.50
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RECENT 1 1 2 1 4 1 | 1 . W W . 1 | 2 1 6 2 2 1 | 6 4 1 6 2 . 1 | 1 2 2 W 1

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

The Scorchers win by six wickets with 14 balls to spare. That was a clinical chase. Ashton Turner closed that out magnificently after an excellent half-century from Cameron Bancroft. Turner has been exceptional in this season and he keeps his team alive in the tournament. But the game was set up with the ball. Andrew Tye is Player of the Match for his 4 for 18 from four overs. Usman Qadir was excellent with the ball as well. The Scorchers now head home to face the Sydney Sixers on Sunday. The Stars need to regroup ahead of a clash with the Adelaide Strikers on Friday. Thanks for your company tonight from the MCG. Until next time, goodbye.

17.5 1 Plunkett to Bosisto 126kph, bouncer, called no-ball for the second bouncer for the over! Game over. But no one knew. The keeper took it, threw the stumps down, Bosisto was in, but then took off to run as it ricocheted away, Gotch ran in picked it up and broke the stumps and he would have been out but the game was over! Crazy finish 1 no ball
17.4 1 Plunkett to Turner 130kph, bunting to midwicket and running, Bravo has all the time to line up the stumps and run him out and misses! 1 run
17.3 2 Plunkett to Turner 120kph, short ball over off, he backs away and upper cuts this over backward point, doesn’t time it but gets a couple 2 runs
17.3 1 Plunkett to Turner 113kph, slower ball, drifting down leg, he tries to glance and misses, it was close to leg but called wide 1 wide
17.2 4 Plunkett to Turner 108kph, slower ball short and wide and he cuts this easily through backward point and there’s no one there protecting that ball! Easy boundary FOUR
17.1 1 Plunkett to Bosisto full outside off, he pushes in the air on the front foot through a vacant cover-point 1 run

Plunkett on

End of Over No.17 137/4 This Over (2 runs)

Matt: “Said during the Stars innings that Turner would chase them down on his own – low and behold! One of the top T20 finishers around, hope he gets a chance in the IPL with RR” Good call Matt. He’s a gun

16.6 1 Bravo to Bosisto 105kph, length slower ball, outside off, he pushes this with an open face through backward point 1 run
16.5 0 Bravo to Bosisto 105kph, slower ball, full toss that dips again, Bosisto sits back and watches it and defends late no run

Bosisto in. Bravo on a hat-trick

16.4 W Bravo to Cartwright bowled him! Two in two! 130kph, yorker tailing down leg, he tried to whip it away behind square, it comes off the inside of his front foot and ricocheted onto leg stump! OUT
HWR Cartwright b Bravo 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Cartwright in

16.3 W Bravo to Agar Bowled him! 105kph change up slower ball completely deceives him! Like a change up in baseball, it was a full toss, Agar skipped down to smash it and it just dipped violently and did him cold, it hit the base of middle. That is exceptional skill from Bravo OUT
AC Agar b Bravo 7 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 87.50
16.2 0 Bravo to Agar slower ball, 98kph way down leg, he gets a little glove on it and it bounces to Gotch so it’s not called wide no run

Around the wicket

16.1 1 Bravo to Turner 124kph, full outside off, he drives easily down to long off 1 run

Bravo on

End of Over No.16 135/2 This Over (14 runs)

The Stars are powerless to stop this

15.6 2 Boland to Agar 130kph, full into middle stump, he pushes this to the circle at midwicket and again they pinch two 2 runs
15.5 1 Boland to Turner slower ball, back of a length, he tries to work to leg, but it comes off the inside edge onto thigh and drops down and Agar calls him through 1 run
15.4 6 Boland to Turner 134kph, short ball, he steps inside the line and pulls off the top edge that flies over short fine and again over the fence and down the race in the bowels of the MCG! SIX
15.3 2 Boland to Turner 117kph, leg cutter slower ball, into leg stump, he just pushes to the circle at wide mid on and they run an easy two. This pair is lightning between the stumps 2 runs
15.2 2 Boland to Turner 117kph, pulled hard to deep midwicket, they take on Bravo’s throw and beat him! What great running 2 runs

Huzefa: “@Stiaan – Smith’s team is not playing any match today at the BPL.”

15.1 1 Boland to Agar 115kph off cutter slower ball, he didn’t pick it, stopped his pull shot, gets a top edge but it pops up and falls safe at square leg 1 run

Boland again

End of Over No.15 121/2 This Over (20 runs)

14.6 6 Beer to Turner tossed up outside off, he launches him again, flatter to long on but still over the top and into the crowd! Incredible power from Turner. SIX
14.5 4 Beer to Turner 72kph, short ball outside off, he has so much time to adjust, smashes a pull shot wide of long on for four! FOUR
14.5 1 Beer to Turner pushed way wide of off, outside the guidelines, easy call for a wide 1 wide
14.4 6 Beer to Turner tossed up into the slot, Turner swings through the line hitting against the turn and launching this way back into the crowd at wide long on! Super strike SIX
14.3 2 Beer to Turner shorter length, he’s back and working this through midwicket and they run well 2 runs
14.2 0 Beer to Turner good length at leg stump, he defends off the back foot no run

Cam Bancroft is on the mic “I tried to be bold today. Sometimes you’ve got to risk failure to succeed in T20”

14.1 1 Beer to Agar 78kph, good length, he’s back and slapping this down to long off 1 run

Beer back around the wicket

End of Over No.14 101/2 This Over (7 runs)

13.6 1 Bowe to Agar 91kph, fuller, he skips down and drives to long on against the turn 1 run
13.5 2 Bowe to Agar dragged down short and wide, he cuts straight at cover but there’s a misfield from Maddinson and it allows a couple 2 runs
13.4 2 Bowe to Agar 88kph, drifting down leg, it comes off the pad and runs for a couple of leg byes 2 leg byes

Agar in at No.4

13.3 W Bowe to Bancroft appeal for a stumping! It goes upstairs. He’s OUT! He tried to sweep from outside off, missed it, he dragged his back foot out, Gotch whipped the bails off in a flash and knew he had his man. The replay shows he didn’t get his back foot back in OUT
CT Bancroft st †Gotch b Bowe 59 (42b 4×4 2×6) SR: 140.47
13.2 1 Bowe to Turner tossed up, full toss, he skips out and drives along the ground to long off 1 run

Score Cards

  • Batting R B 4 6
    CT Bancroft stumped 59 42 4 2
    M Klinger caught 29 30 2 0
    AJ Turner not out 43 22 2 3
    AC Agar bowled 7 8 0 0
    HWR Cartwright bowled 0 1 0 0
    WG Bosisto not out 2 4 0 0
    AM Hardie
    NM Coulter-Nile
    DJ Willey
    AJ Tye
    Usman Qadir
    Extras (lb 4, w 2, nb 1) 7
    Total (4 wkts; 17.4 ovs) 147
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    MA Beer 4 0 38 0 9.50 (1w)
    SM Boland 3 0 30 0 10.00
    LE Plunkett 3.4 0 35 1 9.54 (1nb, 1w)
    DJ Bravo 3 0 18 2 6.00
    L Bowe 4 0 22 1 5.50
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 75 M Klinger 29 CT Bancroft 46
    2nd 21 CT Bancroft 13 AJ Turner 6
    3rd 40 AC Agar 7 AJ Turner 30
    4th 0 HWR Cartwright 0 AJ Turner 0
    5th 11* AJ Turner 7 WG Bosisto 2
  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    7. AM Hardie 2 8 8 8.00 0
    8. NM Coulter-Nile 108 556 42* 15.02 0
    9. DJ Willey 175 2559 118 24.37 2
    10. AJ Tye 129 351 42 11.32 0
    11. Usman Qadir 20 97 36 13.85 0
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    25th Match Melbourne Stars vs Perth Scorchers


    Melbourne Cricket Ground,
    Starting on
    Jan 9, 2019
    Ending on
    Jan 9, 2019
    Big Bash League, 25th Match: Melbourne Stars v Perth Scorchers at Melbourne, Jan 9, 2019.



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