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Big Bash League, 28th Match: Sydney Thunder v Adelaide Strikers at Sydney, Jan 13, 2019

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Sydney Thunder 168/6

Adelaide Strikers 97 (17.4/20 ov)

Sydney Thunder won by 71 runs

Batsman R B S.R
Colin Ingram (lhb) 48 30 160.00
Jonathan Wells (rhb) 11 22 50.00
Bowller O M R W Econ
Arjun Nair (ob) 3.0 0 12 3 4.00
Daniel Sams (ob) 1.4 0 8 1 4.80
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

The Thunder win by 71 runs. What a horrible batting collapse by the Strikers. They lost 7 for 22 to be all out for 97! They lost three in the Powerplay and despite a small rebuild by Ingram and Wells they were always well behind the rate and never recovered. Shane Watson had a great day with both the bat and his captaincy, mixing his bowlers well and never allowing any batsmen to settle. Shane Watson is the Player of the Match for his 68 from 40 balls. He was a class above on a slow surface. That is a huge result for the Thunder. They jump to second on the BBL table for the time being while the Strikers slip from second to fifth. It is that tight. There are two more games today following this one. The Renegades host the Heat in Geelong before the Scorchers face the Sixers in Perth. Hope you can stay with us for more BBL coverage. But from Sydney, for now, it’s goodbye.

17.4 W Sams to O’Connor Is this a run out? Stanlake lost his bat. Oh no! He’s out on replay! What a horror way to end it. It was pushed to midwicket for a tight one, Green gathered and threw to Lenton, Stanlake was going to make his ground easily, but as he slid his bat it stuck in the ground just short of the line, he lost control of it, his next step was just short of the line, his body was over the line but in the air when Lenton broke the stumps! So unfortunate for big Billy. OUT
B Stanlake run out 1 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
17.3 1 Sams to Stanlake full yorker, outside off, he jams the bat down and gets an outside edge that runs to third man 1 run

Craig: “I personally prefer these 160-180 run contests as bowling is also a skill. As much as I feel Lynn etc should be in the ODI team, when someone just stands there hitting like a baseballer it is quite boring to me!”

17.2 1 Sams to O’Connor fuller outside off, he pushes this on the front foot to long off 1 run
17.1 W Sams to Rashid Khan caught at deep square! Short slower ball, Rashid sets himself, he toes a pull shot high to deep square but nowhere near far enough to reach the rope, Nair comes in, steadies himself and takes the catch OUT
Rashid Khan c Nair b Sams 8 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Sams back on

End of Over No.17 95/8 This Over (6 runs)

Karan: “For Rashid Khan, it’s time to prove himself again for the team.” Not sure he needs to prove himself. They already value him as their most important player.

16.6 0 Jordan to O’Connor another 137kph wide yorker, he backs away and misses again no run
16.5 0 Jordan to O’Connor 135kph, full yorker outside off, he misses trying to squeeze it to third man no run
16.5 1 Jordan to O’Connor short and way wide of off, too wide and called 1 wide
16.4 1 Jordan to Rashid Khan shorter length, he flat bats it towards long on 1 run
16.3 2 Jordan to Rashid Khan he whips out the helicopter whip, it flies miles in the air behind square, but Sangha didn’t see, it landed 30m away from Sangha inside the rope behind square! They get two 2 runs
16.2 2 Jordan to Rashid Khan 106kph, slower ball bouncer, he pulls high off the top edge, it falls safely at square leg and they run two so he can keep the strike 2 runs
16.1 0 Jordan to Rashid Khan 132kph, short ball outside off, he sets himself and swats it, miscuing towards mid off no run

End of Over No.16 89/8 This Over (1 run)

Loui: “It’s not the batting but the “wickets” that have been poor this season” Yes the pitches have been poor this season. No question of that.

15.6 0 Nair to O’Connor tossed up on middle, he defends into the leg side and again they opt not to take the available single no run
15.5 0 Nair to O’Connor top spinner, he pushes forward, gets an outside that runs past slip, there’s an easy one, but Rashid sends him back no run
15.4 W Nair to Laughlin caught at long off! Off break tossed up outside off, he swings hard, trying to hit straight down the ground, he slices it high to long off, Jordan is 10m off the rope and he takes the catch easily. OUT
B Laughlin c Jordan b Nair 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
15.3 0 Nair to Laughlin 83kph, tossed up outside off, he pushes on the front foot back to the bowler no run
15.2 W Nair to Neser Bowled him! Dragged on! A tossed up carrom ball, outside off, he tries to sweep, gets a bottom edge and drags it onto the off stump! OUT
MG Neser b Nair 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Stuart: “The ECB said they are modelling their new competition on the Big Bash………I hope they are watching closely how poor this season has been. Standard of batting is dreadful on a whole this year ”

15.1 1 Nair to Rashid Khan 81kph, tossed up on off, he dances out and swipes this through midwicket to the sweeper 1 run

End of Over No.15 88/6 This Over (5 runs)

Shaji Pappan: “Big bash is super and exciting and innovative league. Only IPL is better but that’s because of Indian contingent just imagine the range of BBL if Indian players were also allowed to play. ”

14.6 0 Fawad Ahmed to Neser 84kph, leg break on middle, he defends on the front foot no run
14.5 W Fawad Ahmed to Nielsen caught at long off! Good catch by Green. This was a wrong un, he danced down, nailed it flat out of the middle of the bat, but no elevation, straight to Green and he holds on nicely OUT
HJ Nielsen c Green b Fawad Ahmed 7 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 87.50
14.4 1 Fawad Ahmed to Rashid Khan leg break outside off, he runs down and slaps this on the up past the bowler to long off 1 run
14.3 1 Fawad Ahmed to Nielsen miscues a slog sweep off the toe, it spoons to the circle at midwicket 1 run
14.2 2 Fawad Ahmed to Nielsen skips down and lofts this high over deep midwicket who is a long way in, it clears Sams running back but lands inside the rope, he saves two 2 runs

Arf: “Shubham The name is one of the things that gives the BBL its uniqueness. We’ve got too many premier leagues and super leagues across the world, but there’s only one Big Bash League. ”

14.1 1 Fawad Ahmed to Rashid Khan shorter outside off, he’s back and cutting to the gap at point 1 run

Fawad Ahmed back

End of Over No.14 83/5 This Over (7 runs)

Alan: “I’m with @Joe on this. BBL is a tad boring due to dilution. Oz cricket in general is worse for wear due to limited free-to-coverage. CA has gone for the money, left the fans out.” That’s quite a common comment at the moment.

13.6 2 Nair to Nielsen 82kph, tossed up on off, he sweeps hard against the turn forward of square for a couple 2 runs

Karan: “Rashid khan should have come at 4 down on the crease.. ” He’s in now. At the non-striker’s

13.5 W Nair to Ingram caught by long off running in! Beaten by flight and drop. It was only 77kph, he skips down the track but stays leg side, he tries to loft over long off but gets it off the toe, scooping it high towards long off, Sams runs in a fair way and takes the catch well. OUT
CA Ingram c Sams b Nair 48 (30b 4×4 2×6) SR: 160.00
13.4 4 Nair to Ingram 89kph, short on leg, with fast hands and he pulls this around the corner behind square and finds the rope! FOUR
13.3 1 Nair to Nielsen 73kph, tossed up, he skips down and slices this in the air, just over cover running back and long off running in 1 run
13.2 0 Nair to Nielsen steps outside off, he exposes leg, tries to sweep, it comes off the gloves and drops down no run
13.1 0 Nair to Nielsen tossed up on middle, he skips down and drives back to the bowler no run

End of Over No.13 76/4 This Over (10 runs)

Joe Yates: “The BBL needs a massive trim down. It is really hurting Australian FC cricket. And honestly, Australian crowds are getting bored with it. CA has horribly misread things by expanding the competition. It feels like it is dragging on.”

12.6 1 Green to Nielsen 101kph, fuller on off, he drives down to long on 1 run

Score Cards

  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    AP Devcich 1 0 9 1 9.00
    CJ Green 3 0 16 1 5.33
    GS Sandhu 2 0 9 1 4.50
    DR Sams 1.4 0 8 1 4.80
    CJ Jordan 3 0 23 1 7.66 (1w)
    Fawad Ahmed 4 0 20 1 5.00
    AJ Nair 3 0 12 3 4.00
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 9 J Weatherald 4 MW Short 5
    2nd 9 MW Short 1 TM Head 8
    3rd 8 TM Head 2 CA Ingram 6
    4th 49 JW Wells 11 CA Ingram 38
    5th 6 CA Ingram 4 HJ Nielsen 2
    6th 7 HJ Nielsen 5 Rashid Khan 2
    7th 1 MG Neser 0 Rashid Khan 1
    8th 0 B Laughlin 0 Rashid Khan 0
    9th 6 Rashid Khan 5 LN O’Connor 0
    10th 2 B Stanlake 1 LN O’Connor 1
  • Batting R B 4 6
    MW Short lbw 6 5 1 0
    J Weatherald caught 4 4 1 0
    TM Head caught wk 10 18 1 0
    CA Ingram caught 48 30 4 2
    JW Wells stumped 11 22 0 0
    HJ Nielsen caught 7 8 0 0
    Rashid Khan caught 8 8 0 0
    MG Neser bowled 0 2 0 0
    B Laughlin caught 0 2 0 0
    LN O’Connor not out 1 6 0 0
    B Stanlake run out 1 1 0 0
    Extras (w 1) 1
    Total (all out; 17.4 ovs) 97
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    28th Match Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide Strikers


    Sydney Showground Stadium,
    Starting on
    Jan 13, 2019
    Ending on
    Jan 13, 2019
    Big Bash League, 28th Match: Sydney Thunder v Adelaide Strikers at Sydney, Jan 13, 2019.



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