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Pakistan Super League, 1st Match: Islamabad United v Lahore Qalandars at Dubai (DSC), Feb 14, 2019

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Lahore Qalandars 171/8

Islamabad United 177/5 (19.2/20 ov)

Islamabad United won by 5 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)

Batsman R B S.R
Hussain Talat (lhb) 37 30 123.33
Asif Ali (rhb) 36 19 189.47
Bowller O M R W Econ
Rahat Ali (lfm) 4.0 0 29 4 7.25
Carlos Brathwaite (lfm) 2.0 0 25 1 12.50
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

2am And that is it from the first evening of PSL 4! Superb skills on display all through the match and quite a bit of fireworks. See you soon!

Faheem Ashraf is the Man of the Match.

Usama Ali: “Regardless of who you were supporting, it’s encouraging as a Pakistani fan to see Faheem Ashraf and Asif Ali chase down a target together. Will be interesting in this whole tournament to see if players like them can improve like this, and later translate it internationally. “

Asad: “In all 3 previous seasons of psl in the first match of psl the team which lost their first game qualified for the final feeling for lahore”

Bilal: “Islamabad always finds a way of winning matches. One way or the other they will out the opposition down”

Mudassir Nadeem: “My goodness this Islamabad team has really strong bating lineup with shadab and patel still to come..”

Ilty: “I actually thought it was bad captaincy. He let a spinner bowl the 16th over and they just got into the zone against him. Then bowled Rahat at the wrong time who was bowling terribly by bowling length. Haris rauf should have been tried who’s known to be good at the death.”

1:41am This explains everything, doesn’t it? Islamabad have won with four balls to spare thanks to a 59-run stand for the sixth wicket. And it took only 4.4 overs. This is why they didn’t spend too much time trying to build the innings even when wickets fell quickly. They didn’t need to. Samit Patel, 238 T20s – 28 fifties – at a strike rate of 125, didn’t get a bat today. Neither did Shadab. And that is the story. They pulled it back late in Lahore’s innings, and blazed away early on to keep the required rate within distance. A three-wicket over from Rahat changed the momentum somewhat, but Islamabad didn’t let them build on that. A bright start to the evening for Qalandars, but it’ll feel like more of the same right now.

19.2 6 Mohammad Hafeez to Faheem Ashraf first tier over the midwicket boundary to finish! Length ball fired at middle, backs away and clears the boundary easily with a pull SIX
19.1 0 Mohammad Hafeez to Faheem Ashraf length ball fired at a length on middle stump. Drives to mid-off’s left. AB dives to stop no run

End of Over No.19 171/5 This Over (11 runs)

Anyone still hoping for a Lahore win? Would be among the greatest overs in T20 history. Hafeez will try to bowl it…

18.6 1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Faheem Ashraf low full toss at leg stump, looks to drive straight, gets it to fine leg off the inside edge 1 run

Wasi: “Only if Asif and Faheem could perform like this for Pakistan too.”

18.5 1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali length outside off, drilled to long-off’s left 1 run
18.4 6 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali just clears the boundary at long-on. Slower ball at a good length, outside off. Full swing of the bat and not completely in control of the timing, but there was enough power to clear the fence despite the extra elevation SIX
18.4 1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali full and down leg side, lets it pass 1 wide
18.3 1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Faheem Ashraf full on middle stump, driven to long-on 1 run
18.2 1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali This is sweetly struck. Overpitched just outside off, drilled straight past his feet. Long-off had to be quick to his right 1 run
18.1 0 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali full outside off, driven straight to extra cover no run

Stays around the wicket. 12 off 12.

End of Over No.18 160/5 This Over (16 runs)

Tariq: “@Hadi: It’s weekend in UAE.”

saqib: “i am a die hard fan of qalandars and i dont want islamabad to win but i do want asif faheem and shadab to perform”

Zeenia: “Excuse me! What’s going on here?! Like how and why and nooo plzz…. U can’t do this to us Lahore!!!”

17.6 1 Rahat Ali to Asif Ali slower short ball outside off, looks to pull, inside edge onto body and trickles into the leg side 1 run

Ziyad Jameel: “Man, Devcich just dropped the game!”

17.5 2 Rahat Ali to Asif Ali short of a length on leg stump, flicks to short fine’s left. Shaheen dives and misses. And the clutches his left bicep 2 runs
17.5 1 Rahat Ali to Asif Ali full and very wide. Can’t keep up the streak. No chance that batsman can hit this 1 wide
17.4 0 Rahat Ali to Asif Ali yorker tailing away outside off. Can’t get bat on this no run
17.3 0 Rahat Ali to Asif Ali slower ball at a length just outside off. Misses on the pull this time no run
17.2 6 Rahat Ali to Asif Ali pummeled over midwicket! Short of a length, slower ball at leg stump. Behind the line and smash! Simple as it gets SIX
17.1 6 Rahat Ali to Asif Ali almost gets the fifth! But Devcich can’t hold on with a sensational effort at long-off. Offcutter, at a length outside off. Slammed on the up, flat. Devcich leaps and parries it over the rope. Tries to drag it back into play but he can’t quite manage it SIX

Hadi: “Its almost 1:30am!!! 2:30 in Pak. Should be a crime having matches at this hour regardless of weekend”

End of Over No.17 144/5 This Over (9 runs)

Ahsan Butt: “That late mess that LQ created in their innings is going to cost them this game.”

16.6 0 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Faheem Ashraf inswinging yorker at leg stump. Can’t do more with that than hitting it onto his own boot no run
16.5 1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali short of a length on middle stump, mistimed uppish pull to midwicket 1 run
16.4 0 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali yorker just outside off, past the outside edge as he looks to jam it to third man no run

Saran: “Good to see Faheem back in bit of form with bat,needed badly both in PSL and in national side”

16.3 4 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali to the long leg boundary. Short ball at off. Shuffles, uses the pace and the angle into him to lift this behind square FOUR
16.2 0 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali past the outside edge. Offcutter in the corridor, cutting away from a length. Looks to nudge it through the off side but can’t get bat on it no run
16.1 4 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asif Ali poor start. Knee height full toss just outside off, shuffles and hammers it over the bowler. Mid-off is in too FOUR

Shaheen, around the wicket

End of Over No.16 135/5 This Over (11 runs)

15.6 0 Yasir Shah to Faheem Ashraf full outside off, poked into the off side no run

Ahmed Shaukat: “That shot of Hussain made me recall Misbah’s shot in T20 final in 2007.”

15.5 4 Yasir Shah to Faheem Ashraf and another! Length and skidding across, quick. Easy pickings at that pace. Reverse-whip, just past short third FOUR
15.4 1 Yasir Shah to Asif Ali short of a length just outside off, punched to sweeper cover 1 run
15.3 1 Yasir Shah to Faheem Ashraf length on middle, tapped to deep midwicket off the back foot 1 run
15.2 4 Yasir Shah to Faheem Ashraf reverse sweep connected perfectly. Length on off stump, gets down quickly and gets really low to bisect point and short third FOUR
15.1 1 Yasir Shah to Asif Ali short and wide outside off, cut straight to sweeper cover 1 run

End of Over No.15 124/5 This Over (13 runs)

14.6 6 Brathwaite to Faheem Ashraf spanked! Clean hitting. Short ball up at off stump. Gets under this and lifts it over deep midwicket who is pedaling backwards SIX
14.5 0 Brathwaite to Faheem Ashraf short of a length just outside off, chopped to point no run

Jai: “Too bad, Brath took that wicket. I was hoping for Rahat to take all 10 wickets in an T20 inns with his last over. “

Score Cards

  • To bat
    Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
    8. Shadab Khan 86 407 42 10.71 0
    9. SR Patel 246 4577 90* 25.85 0
    10. Mohammad Sami 172 524 38 10.27 0
    11. Waqas Maqsood 31 36 8 6.00 0
  • Batting R B 4 6
    L Ronchi caught 27 17 4 1
    Rizwan Hussain caught 15 15 2 0
    CS Delport caught 24 21 0 2
    PD Salt caught 4 4 1 0
    Hussain Talat caught 37 30 3 1
    Asif Ali not out 36 19 2 3
    Faheem Ashraf not out 23 11 2 2
    Shadab Khan
    SR Patel
    Mohammad Sami
    Waqas Maqsood
    Extras (lb 3, w 7, nb 1) 11
    Total (5 wkts; 19.2 ovs) 177
  • Bowling O M R W Econ
    Shaheen Shah Afridi 4 0 45 0 11.25 (1w)
    Rahat Ali 4 0 29 4 7.25 (2w)
    CR Brathwaite 2 0 25 1 12.50 (1w)
    Yasir Shah 4 0 30 0 7.50 (2w)
    Mohammad Hafeez 3.2 0 28 0 8.40
    Haris Rauf 2 0 17 0 8.50 (1nb, 1w)
  • Partnerships
    Wkt Runs Players
    1st 45 Rizwan Hussain 15 L Ronchi 27
    2nd 0 L Ronchi 0 CS Delport 0
    3rd 4 PD Salt 4 CS Delport 0
    4th 55 CS Delport 24 Hussain Talat 26
    5th 14 Hussain Talat 11 Asif Ali 2
    6th 59* Asif Ali 34 Faheem Ashraf 23
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    1st Match Islamabad United vs Lahore Qalandars


    Dubai International Cricket Stadium,
    Dubai,Dubai (DSC),UAE
    Starting on
    Feb 14, 2019
    Ending on
    Feb 14, 2019
    Pakistan Super League, 1st Match: Islamabad United v Lahore Qalandars at Dubai (DSC), Feb 14, 2019.



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