Live Pakistan Super League, 21st Match: Islamabad United v Peshawar Zalmi at Dubai (DSC), Mar 1, 2019

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Islamabad United 176

Peshawar Zalmi 177/6 (20 ov)

Peshawar Zalmi won by 4 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)

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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.20 177/6 Last Over (14 runs)

7.30pm Phew! There was almost nothing to separate these two teams, but with his unbeaten fifty Dawson has done just that. Dawson is named Player of the Match for his knock.

“We tried to take the game deep,” says Dawson. “We know it’s not easy coming in as a new batsman. I was a little bit nervous. They bowled well. Faheem bowled really well with his wide yorkers.”

Jay Dee: “Love you Liam (both of you) I won my Biryani Plate.” — Enjoy!

Abhijato: “Well sir, it’s been another stunning match for booksellers and cricket lovers alike… As I had mused, with his sportsmanship and skills, Sammy has grown his legend yesterday as well as tonight. What a player! We are lucky to see him play, for when he comes good, he comes good in a way which is perhaps incomprehensible to people who haven’t seen him. Here’s to hoping you do see some Duminy magic in Newlands(;)!” — I’ll be heading there in a few minutes, just in time for the chase.

Nisar: “Its like a perfect written script, Birthday boy hitting last ball for four to win the game. I reckon full PSL in Pakistan would be hell of a League like IPL, the quality of cricket is just incredible.”

Alber Soomro: “I was tired back from university, I followed match for a while and then went to sleep, I woke up and open ESPN App and wow wow wow !! What I was able to witness, match ain’t over, PZ needs 14 off 6 balls with Sammy on strike, What a Thriller, In the end Happy Birthday Liam. What a way to celebrate it of last ball 4.”

Ibrahim: “Too much biryani plates for bet in PSL. This is the beauty of PSL ”

TalhaBadr: “@ArhamAtif. You smelt a toe biting finish after 14th over of 1st innings. You go to one hell of a NOSE”

Mohsin Shah: “Dawson has given Birthday treat to zalmi fans.. Now its Afridi’s time to give birthday treat to Sultan fans..”

19.64 Mohammad Sami to Dawson happy birthday! Dawson spots a full one and slams it straight back down the ground for four. He reaches fifty with the shot, but more importantly for his team he also gets them over the line with a last-gasp boundary FOUR

Dawson on strike, on his birthday. He needs to hit the last ball for four to win the game

19.5W Mohammad Sami to Sammy Sammy is run out! They chance another bye to a missed drive, and again the keeper throws the ball to Sami. He turns and throws, hitting the stumps this time. And Sammy hasn’t grounded his bat! His bat was over the line, but in the air, and his foot wasn’t grounded OUT
DJG Sammy run out 40 (29b 2×4 2×6) SR: 137.93
19.46 Mohammad Sami to Sammy full toss disappears! Sami charges in and sends down a full toss, Sammy winding up and sending it straight back down the ground for an 87 metre six SIX
19.31 Mohammad Sami to Dawson chaos! Dawson walks across to off but misses his attempted scoop. Sammy calls him through anyway, and Ronchi throws the ball to Sami, who has a shy but misses the non-striker’s stumps 1 bye
19.21 Mohammad Sami to Sammy full, straight, and he can only get it down to long off for one 1 run

Sam: “@Uzair: It could be a Sami-racle”

19.12 Mohammad Sami to Sammy smashed out to wide long off, where Walton sprints across and saves two runs 2 runs

Sami will bowl the last over. Sammy on strike. 14 needed

End of Over No.19 163/5 Last Over (8 runs)

18.64 Faheem Ashraf to Dawson scooped over short fine leg! Dawson knows what Faheem is trying to do so he walks right across to the off side again, scooping the full ball in the air and just over a leaping short fine leg fielder. Dawson walked so far across, he wasn’t even standing on the pitch when he played the shot FOUR

Ali Jan: “It’s the 5th match with the no ball in death overs in last 6 or 7 matches. Also wicket on that no ball. And seems like this was the 1st match when chasing team lost even they got no ball advantage like last 4 match.”

18.51 Faheem Ashraf to Sammy sliced up and over cover, but the fielder at wide long off stops it on the bounce and keeps them to one 1 run

Uzair: “It’s Sammy-ricale”

18.40 Faheem Ashraf to Sammy Sammy just tries to hit this one too hard, unleashing a huge swing at the ball, but it’s too full and too wide and he can’t get anything on it no run
18.31 Faheem Ashraf to Dawson no major damage, just a single as Dawson walks across and swings a full one into the leg side 1 run
18.31 Faheem Ashraf to Sammy caught off a no ball! Faheem sends down a full toss and Sammy mis-hits it out to Shadab, who holds a high catch. Sammy is trudging off, but he’s held back as the umpire’s check his back heel. It’s not behind the line, and it’s a Free Hit coming up 1 no ball
18.21 Faheem Ashraf to Dawson Dawson walks right across to the off side to get in line, but his drive can’t beat cover 1 run
18.10 Faheem Ashraf to Dawson full, wide and it zips under the bat! Faheem’s plan is holding solid no run

Faheem will bowl out in the penultimate over

End of Over No.18 155/5 Last Over (14 runs)

17.61 Rumman Raees to Dawson full, wide and he slashes out to the cover sweeper 1 run

Ali Hashmi: “SAMMY-licious..”

17.51 Rumman Raees to Sammy hammered down the ground again, but he doesn’t get all of this one and it comes to ground in front of the long off fielder 1 run
17.44 Rumman Raees to Sammy top edge now! Rumman reverts to a short length and Sammy swings wildly, the ball taking the top edge and bouncing away to fine leg FOUR
17.36 Rumman Raees to Sammy slower ball, down the ground! Sammy saw this one early, hammering it straight back over the bowler’s head for his first six SIX
17.21 Rumman Raees to Dawson slower ball from Rumman, and Dawson flicks it to short fine leg 1 run
17.11 Rumman Raees to Sammy short and rising in to Sammy, who pulls but misses, and they take a single off the body 1 leg bye

Khurram Shahzad: “WOW to IU fielding”

End of Over No.17 141/5 Last Over (6 runs)

16.61 Faheem Ashraf to Sammy saved on the boundary! Sammy hammered this flat and hard out to wide long off, where the fielder sprinted across and managed to palm it back inside the rope, saving runs. Possibly five of them. This is technically a dropped chance, but he did very well just to get there 1 run
16.51 Faheem Ashraf to Dawson Dawson walks right across to the off side, trying to upset Faheem’s full-and-wide approach, but he can only find a single to midwicket 1 run
16.42 Faheem Ashraf to Dawson full, wide and Dawson slashes it down wide of the third man fielder … Delport sprints across from cover sweeper, and puts in a dive right at the edge of the boundary – despite the sandy surface – to save two runs 2 runs
16.31 Faheem Ashraf to Sammy another low full toss, wide of off, and Sammy can only drive it out to the cover sweeper 1 run
16.20 Faheem Ashraf to Sammy and now the drive finds cover! It was a low full toss from Faheem, but he couldn’t put it away and the required rate is above 11 now no run
16.10 Faheem Ashraf to Sammy beaten outside off! That’s a bit better from Faheem, though clearly the plan is to go full and wide to Sammy no run
16.11 Faheem Ashraf to Sammy oh dear, Faheem’s horror show continues as he starts with a wide outside off 1 wide

End of Over No.16 135/5 Last Over (7 runs)

15.60 Mohammad Sami to Dawson yorker from Sami to end the over, and Dawson digs it out nicely – but straight to the man at short third man no run

Ali Hashmi: “Quetta Gladiators is the best T20 team *fact*. @Ehtisham what have you started my friend. ”

15.52 Mohammad Sami to Dawson another low full toss, and this time it’s Dawson who slices it out to the cover sweeper, giving Delport more work to do and bringing up the fifty stand 2 runs
15.41 Mohammad Sami to Sammy full toss, outside off, and it’s miscued into the leg side 1 run
15.32 Mohammad Sami to Sammy another diving stop saves two more! Sami sends one down full and wide and Sammy hammers a drive up and over cover. Delport sprints around and puts in a dive to save the runs 2 runs

Dr Harpot: “*using metaphorical stethoscope* If this partnership is not broken soon, I would have to deny United the medical certificate… Certainly I can’t allow the entrance of a team into the Finals which seems to find everything a ‘choking’ hazard!”

Score Cards

  • BowlingOMRWEcon
    Rumman Raees4041010.25
    Mohammad Sami403308.25(2w)
    Zafar Gohar403027.50(2w)
    Shadab Khan402125.25
    Faheem Ashraf4040110.00(2nb, 1w)
  • Partnerships
    1st37Kamran AkmalADS Fletcher
    2nd21ADS FletcherImam-ul-Haq
    3rd11Imam-ul-HaqUmar Amin
    4th2Umar AminLA Dawson
    5th13KA PollardLA Dawson
    6th89DJG SammyLA Dawson
    7th4*Wahab RiazLA Dawson
  • BattingRB46
    Kamran Akmalcaught191212
    ADS Fletchercaught wk212112
    Umar Amincaught61000
    LA Dawsonnot out523533
    KA Pollardstumped1500
    DJG Sammyrun out402922
    Wahab Riaznot out0000
    Hasan Ali
    Umaid Asif
    Ibtisam Sheikh
    Extras(b 5, lb 7, w 9, nb 2)23
    Total(6 wkts; 20 ovs)177
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    21st Match Islamabad United vs Peshawar Zalmi


    Dubai International Cricket Stadium,
    Dubai,Dubai (DSC),UAE
    Starting on
    Mar 1, 2019
    Ending on
    Mar 1, 2019
    Pakistan Super League, 21st Match: Islamabad United v Peshawar Zalmi at Dubai (DSC), Mar 1, 2019.


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