Live Score Big Bash League, 1st Match: Brisbane Heat v Adelaide Strikers at Brisbane, Dec 19, 2018

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Brisbane Heat 146

Adelaide Strikers 147/5 (19.1/20 ov)

Adelaide Strikers won by 5 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)

Alex Carey (lhb)7046152.17
Jonathan Wells (rhb) *2422109.09
James Pattinson (rfm)4.002325.75
Joe Burns (rfm)1.00818.00
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

Adelaide Strikers win by five wickets and open the defence of their title in very positive fashion. A poor night for the Heat in front of a big home crowd. They lost 8 for 51 before a last-wicket stand gave them something to bowl at. Alex Carey then led the run chase and the Heat couldn’t strike often enough to create real pressure.

Shiva pops up with a stat: “Fifth successive loss for Heat in the BBL. They had lost their last four in a row last season. This equals their worst streak in the BBL (5 consec. losses in 2014-15 season).

There was a dose of controversy tonight as well with the bizarre run out situation involving James Pattinson, but it reached a sensible conclusion. We may hear more about it though. Alex will have his match wrap done shortly but, for now, it’s goodbye and we’ll see you for more BBL fun tomorrow.

19.11 Steketee to Wells short ball, gets a bottom edge on the pull, bobbles to the off side 1 run

End of Over No.19 146/5 Last Over (6 runs)

18.61 Cutting to Wells another full toss, driven to deep cover to level the scores 1 run
18.52 Cutting to Wells full toss at the stumps, drives, doesn’t quite get it to the boundary as the cover sweeper gets across 2 runs
18.41 Cutting to Neser a short ball, quite a sharp delivery, pulled into square leg 1 run
18.3W Cutting to Lehmann carved to backward point, good catch…a very wide delivery, Lehmann had to stretch for it, comes off the toe end and Swepson takes a sharp, low grab OUT
JS Lehmann c Swepson b Cutting 16 (12b 1×4 0x6) SR: 133.33
18.21 Cutting to Wells length ball outside off, a slower delivery, carved to deep cover 1 run
18.11 Cutting to Lehmann full outside off, driven to deep cover 1 run

Todd: “As a batter, I always thought that I would walk when bowlers started calling me back when I wasn’t out. Hitting the next ball for six was the appropriate response.”

End of Over No.18 140/4 Last Over (12 runs)

17.64 Steketee to Wells that’s an even better shot! A delightful drive up and over the off side, that was a super stroke FOUR
17.54 Steketee to Wells gets this wrong, it’s a full toss, gives himself a touch of room to the leg side and drives over the covers FOUR
17.40 Steketee to Wells a leg-stump yorker, dug out back to the bowler no run

Graham Ward: “A distinct lack of ‘elite honesty’ from Carey!”

17.30 Steketee to Wells full outside off, driven firmly and straight to cover no run
17.23 Steketee to Lehmann length ball outside off, places his back-cut wide of point 3 runs
17.11 Steketee to Wells gets the yorker in, punched down the ground 1 run

End of Over No.17 128/4 Last Over (8 runs)

The Strikers just need to be sensible from here

16.62 Cutting to Lehmann a slower ball, into the pitched, pulled out to deep midwicket…ticking down comfortably at the moment 2 runs
16.51 Cutting to Wells very wide outside off, would have been called if Wells hadn’t moved across and driven to deep cover 1 run
16.42 Cutting to Wells full toss outside off, driven wide of the cover sweeper 2 runs

Alex Carey has just told Fox Sports he nicked that ball to the keeper off Swepson

16.31 Cutting to Lehmann a short ball, plays a well controlled pull to deep square 1 run
16.21 Cutting to Wells full outside off, miscues a drive and it flies into the leg side 1 run

Prasu: “As i said before, this AS team looks weak on batting with Head being not present, ”

16.10 Cutting to Wells a wide yorker, he plays over the top of it no run
16.11 Cutting to Wells short, wide outside off, called wide 1 wide

Srk: “Cutting’s overs will decide the fate of BH” He’s back now

End of Over No.16 120/4 Last Over (8 runs)

15.62 Swepson to Lehmann a shorter delivery, a leg-break, worked with the spin into midwicket 2 runs
15.51 Swepson to Wells steps back to leg and cuts a length delivery square into the covers 1 run
15.40 Swepson to Wells well bowled again, another lbw appeal as Wells uses his feet and is beaten on the inside edge no run
15.30 Swepson to Wells misses a sweep at a full toss, an appeal for lbw but heading down the leg side no run
15.21 Swepson to Lehmann short outside off this time, clubbed down the ground 1 run
15.14 Swepson to Lehmann edged! But through the vacant slip area down to third man. Lovely delivery, a googly FOUR

End of Over No.15 112/4 Last Over (4 runs)

14.61 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Lehmann full outside off, driven to backward point for a scampered single 1 run
14.50 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Lehmann beats him with one that goes on outside off, touch of extra bounce no run
14.40 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Lehmann pushed into the pads, worked to the leg side…no single there no run
14.31 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Wells short, he swivels on a pull to deep midwicket 1 run

Score Cards

  • Partnerships
    1st56J Weatherald 17AT Carey 36
    2nd4CA Ingram 1AT Carey 3
    3rd33MW Short 13AT Carey 19
    4th15AT Carey 12JW Wells 3
    5th34JS Lehmann 16JW Wells 17
    6th5*JW Wells 4MG Neser 1
  • To bat
    8.Rashid Khan17060656*12.360
    9.PM Siddle46319*6.200
    10.B Laughlin137123225.120
    11.B Stanlake5126713.000
  • BattingRB46
    AT Careybowled704654
    J Weatheraldcaught171320
    CA Ingramcaught1300
    MW Shortcaught131800
    JW Wellsnot out242220
    JS Lehmanncaught161210
    MG Nesernot out1100
    Rashid Khan
    PM Siddle
    B Laughlin
    B Stanlake
    Extras(lb 4, w 1)5
    Total(5 wkts; 19.1 ovs)147
  • BowlingOMRWEcon
    JL Pattinson402325.75
    Mujeeb Ur Rahman402606.50
    MT Steketee3.1037011.68
    JA Burns10818.00
    MJ Swepson402716.75
    BCJ Cutting302217.33(1w)
  • Summary

    Sports Event
    1st Match Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide Strikers


    Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane,
    Starting on
    Dec 19, 2018
    Ending on
    Dec 19, 2018
    Big Bash League, 1st Match: Brisbane Heat v Adelaide Strikers at Brisbane, Dec 19, 2018.

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