Live Score India tour of Australia, 3rd Test: Australia v India at Melbourne, Dec 26-30, 2018

Refresh Score Card

India 443/7 & 106/8
(169.4 Overs) RR: 2.61

Australia 151/10 & 261/10
(66.5 Overs) 2.25
India won by 137 runs
Pat Cummins (rhb)6311455.26
Shaun Marsh (lhb)447261.11
Jasprit Bumrah (rfm)19.035332.78
Ravindra Jadeja (rfm)32.068232.56
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

1.45pm And that’s all the international cricket we have for 2018. What a brilliant year it’s been for the sport. We’ll see you in 2019, but before that, don’t forget to catch up on our best stories from 2018. This is Sreshth Shah signing off, and on behalf of all of us at ESPNcricinfo, we wish you Happy New Year in advance.

Varahan: “Thank you EspnCricinfo staff for creating fantastic memories in 2018..Looking forward to more in 2019…”

Jeff: “The amount of credit given by the Indians to their first class system is telling. Time for a revamp Australia!”

1.28pm The post-game presentation now. India, by the way, have retained the Border-Gavaskar Trophy since they currently have the trophy. They can’t lose this series anymore.

Jasprit Bumrah, The Man of the Match: “To play Test cricket is a great feeling: be it Boxing Day or any other day. I made my India debut in Australia, so great feeling. I always focus on consistency. When you have so many options, you may get confused. Someday you get wickets, someday another mate will, but we don’t think about those. Bowled a lot, but I don’t mind, because this is why we train. We bowl a lot in Ranji-Trophy cricket, and it pays off. When I made my ODI debut, I always just wanted to play Test cricket.”

Virat Kohli: “We are not going to stop here. This has given us more confidence to play more positive cricket in Sydney. We’ve done well in all three departments, which is why we’ve retained the trophy. But we want to continue. This is how we played in South Africa too, and we’re not ready for the final game. It’s a good thing I don’t read any comments or opinions (on not enforcing the follow on). I wanted us to bat more, and add some more runs, because batting would be difficult on day four and five. We knew that it would be tough for Australia, but credit to our bowlers, especially Jasprit. The three fast bowlers have broken the record for most wickets by pacers in a calendar year for a team, which is brilliant. I certainly feel proud as a captain when they bowl in partnerships. No one is looking to out-bowl each other. Our first-class cricket is amazing, which is why we won. Credit must go to first-class set-up in India, which challenges our fast bowlers in India, and that helps them abroad. Agarwal showed great character on Boxing Day. And Pujara has always been composed, so we just wanted a big partnership. And the fact that Vihari batted so long in the first innings, it allowed us to bat more confidently. And Rohit’s 60-odd as well. (Can you be the first Indian captain to win a Test series?) Honestly I cannot answer that. Nothing can distract us from trying to win that final Test, because we’ve never been in a position to win a series. Thank you.”

Tim Paine: “We made some strides forward in Perth, but this was disappointing. We’re playing against some of the best bowlers, and we need to find positives before Sydney. Another huge challenge coming up. We had little discussions about the batting order, but conditions in Sydney will be different, so we’ll decide on the best formula. The pitch was a good one, although some said it’s a ‘bad wicket’. I was glad I didn’t win the toss, because I wanted to bowl anyway. Would’ve looked disastrous. Cummins has been superb all series. The quality was always there, but the Australian public can see his effort. We just need a few more guys to jump in with him. It’s been a difficult year, but the silver lining is that we’ll have some world-class players available for selection in a few months. And we’ll see the benefits of what happened this year over the next few.”

Shahz: “Aus couldnt reach india’s first innings score in both innings. India’s first – 443. Aus both – 151+261 = 412 ! India won an innings and 31 run.. Lol”

Sanjay: “Thank you Virat for rubbing in the salt! “Our first class cricket is Amazing””

1.18pm And Virat Kohli is jubilant! From first slip, he punched the air while running towards Ishant as soon as the wicket was taken. Handshakes between Paine, young Archie and Kohli. The rest of the team follows suit. Just 27 balls needed today to clean up the tail. A terrific way for India to end 2018 and the Border-Gavaskar Trophy will remain with them, irrespective of what happens in Sydney. They now lead 2-1. Stick around for reactions from the two captains.

The Indian team is hanging around near the field to thank the fans who turned up today. They’ve been a patient lot, braving the inclement weather.

Records watch: Pant (20) now has most dismissals in a Test series for India. And Virat Kohli has just equalled Saurav Ganguly’s record of 11 Away Test wins as captain.

Ankur Shah: “The question for India is, who should open the next match? Vihari doesnt seem to be ready for that role. ”

Ankush: “Despite being on losing side, my MoM is Cummins. What amazing grit and fighting spirit. 80 runs and 9 wickets”

ryan Rattan: “Have you ever seen any passionate leader than Virat Kohli? He’s like the Steve Jobs of cricket right now. A visionary, a believer, a team player!! Love to team India from Germany. My gin tonics did pay off tonight! Well played”

Kedar Kshirsaga: “The real question now. Bumrah or Mayank. Who’s the man of the match? I feel it should be Mayank. Indian bowling has been good for some time now. The batting from the opener has made the real difference.”

89.3W I Sharma to Lyon India win their 150th Test match! And they go 2-1 up in this Border-Gavaskar series. Short from Ishant, and Lyon tries to pull. Takes the top edge, and Pant makes no mistake. Start the celebrations! OUT
NM Lyon c †Pant b I Sharma 7 (86m 50b 0x4 0x6) SR: 14.00
89.20 I Sharma to Lyon length ball on off, and he tiptoes to negate the rising delivery. Defended off the back foot no run
89.10 I Sharma to Lyon almost played on! Full on off, and while Lyon tries to defend, the ball takes the inside edge, hits his pads, and dribbles just past the leg stump no run

End of Over No.89 Australia 261/9 Last Over (wicket maiden)

88.60 Bumrah to Hazlewood bowls stump to stump. Length ball aimed at off stump, and Hazlewood gets behind the ball’s line before defending no run
88.50 Bumrah to Hazlewood short! Not so well directed. Hazlewood has no trouble in ducking under this no run

Ed: “Come on Bumrah, Go get that 10 wicket haul with the win.”

88.40 Bumrah to Hazlewood yorker! But Hazlewood does well to squirt it away. Sticks his bat down, and shovels this to point no run
88.30 Bumrah to Hazlewood length ball on off, and Hazlewood backs away before defending off the back foot no run

India need one more wicket. Here’s Bumrah from round the wicket to Hazlewood

88.2W Bumrah to Cummins edged and taken! Pujara takes a moderately difficult catch. Length ball angling into Cummins, and he’s forced to defend. The ball swings away oh so slightly and when Cummins sticks his bat out, all the ball can do is take a thick outside-edge off his bat. Pouched at first slip. An excellent Test match for Cummins comes to an end OUT
PJ Cummins c Pujara b Bumrah 63 (160m 114b 5×4 1×6) SR: 55.26
88.10 Bumrah to Cummins length ball on off, and angling into his body. Tapped off the back foot to mid-on no run

Mayank grabs the helmet. A short-leg for Bumrah. Attacking field placement

End of Over No.88 Australia 261/8 Last Over (maiden)

87.60 I Sharma to Lyon fuller from Ishant. Lands just outside off stump, and he offers the bat’s full face to drive. Played to mid off no run
87.50 I Sharma to Lyon back of a length just outside off stump, and he covers his stumps by shuffling across. Defends thereafter no run

Saawank: “How’s the pitch behaving after rain? Any change in batting condition? ” — Definitely extra bounce off every delivery. Wonder if it’s because of the moisture

87.40 I Sharma to Lyon length ball, but not as quick. Lyon punches off the backfoot to cover, but not with any power. The ball rolls away to the infielder no run

Aravind: “Cummins reminds me of Jayadratha from the Mahabharata who, on his day, held the entire Pandava army at bay for a whole day.”

87.30 I Sharma to Lyon length ball outside off, and this has gone straight through to the keeper. No lateral movement, so easy for Lyon to leave it alone no run
87.20 I Sharma to Lyon length ball on off, and angling in slightly. Stays on the backfoot to defend towards cover no run

Ishant bowling seam-up, instead of cross-seam like the previous over

87.10 I Sharma to Lyon slightly full outside off. Lyon wants to drive, but with absolutely no footwork. He misses no run

End of Over No.87 Australia 261/8 Last Over (maiden)

Janaki: “Took NZ all of 14 balls to wrap up the win this morning. Hope this one remains riveting for longer. Could be a historical battle. ”

86.60 Bumrah to Cummins back of a length on off, and Cummins takes cover! Ducks under the ball’s trajectory no run
86.50 Bumrah to Cummins length ball outside off again, and the ball takes a boomerang bounce off the deck before landing in Pant’s gloves no run
86.40 Bumrah to Cummins length ball, just outside off stump, and Cummins goes fishing outside the stumps again. The ball whizzes past his outside edge no run

This session will be from 12:55 to 2:55pm. Final session from 3:15 pm onwards

86.30 Bumrah to Cummins length ball outside off, and he’s happy to shoulder his arms on this occasion no run
86.20 Bumrah to Cummins length ball on the fourth-stump line and he tries to punch through the covers. Beaten for pace! no run
86.10 Bumrah to Cummins extra bounce from Bumrah straightaway. Length ball just outside off, but getting big on Cummins. Uncomfortably defended towards cover point no run

End of Over No.86 Australia 261/8 Last Over (3 runs)

85.61 I Sharma to Cummins length ball outside off stump, and Cummins keeps his bat out to tap this away to deep point. Keeps the strike 1 run
85.50 I Sharma to Cummins soft appeal for caught behind but it’s come off his pads! Full ball swinging down the leg side but Cummins tries to play at it. He misses, the ball hits his thigh-guard, and it lands up in Pant’s gloves no run
85.41 I Sharma to Lyon length ball on off, and he flicks this off his pads to fine leg. They jog across for a single 1 run
85.30 I Sharma to Lyon full on off, and swinging inwards. Lyon prods forward to block towards mid-on no run

Anwar: “Morning from India, Happy and unhappy to see the match hasn’t done yet. Wanted to watch them win live at same time didn’t want the rain to keep them away from winning…” — and a slight delay. Ishant wants more sawdust near his landing area

85.20 I Sharma to Lyon length ball just outside off, but zipping inwards. He covers his stumps and defends off the back foot no run
85.11 I Sharma to Cummins back of a length outside off, and Cummins tries to defend off the back foot. Tapped away from near his face to deep point, and he opts to take the single 1 run

12.50pm Kohli and his men are warming up near the boundary. Been a frustrating few hours for them. Play will resume in five minutes (if the weather remains clear). Lyon and Cummins already in the middle. The man with the fifty is on strike. Ishant with the new ball, that’s still only five overs old. Two slips and a gully

End of Over No.85 Australia 258/8 Last Over (1 run)

12.21pm Stop the press! The covers are coming off! But the teams are busy lunching. Still 34 minutes till the break ends.

Hitesh kohli: “I hope Indians don’t wish more rain if Cummins starts to change the course of the game.”

JV: “@Tim I think Caleb is keeping it very kiwi mate. Always sink the boot into an Aussie while you can!”

Tim: “@ Caleb, keep it kiwi mate. We don’t do gloating. That’s the whole point. Work hard, respect the game, its history, and the opposition and enjoy your victories without yelling it from the rooftops. Kia kaha. ”

Govee: “I think MCG has roof right?? Then why they are not using?? ” — No, that’s the Docklands Stadium (in Melbourne)

Caleb: “The followers of the once great all conquering Australian cricket team are now resorting to rain dancing; oh how the mighty have fallen! Loving the view from little old New Zealand, who perhaps for the first time are genuinely better than Australia at cricket :D”

anubhav: “Stop lunching virat and co. you are about to win boxing day test…what’s there in the menu though.”

Todd: “Oh no, the rain is easing! Dance harder fellas!”

Lex: “Melbournite here… our weather is laughable at times (will be 39 celcius on Thursday) but can guarantee you this will clear this arvo. Jokes aside, our bureau of meteorology is actually pretty good and – unfortunately! – there’ll easily be time for India to clean up the last two wickets”

12.17pm If play does start after the lunch break, then we’ll have 71 overs left in the day. Eleven lost so far today, and eight from yesterday’s extra hour have been deducted from the full quota of 90.

11:52am Lunch will be taken at 12:15pm. That’s 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. So the earliest possible restart is at 12:55pm. We’ll give you any weather updates as they come.

JIG: “Weather is actually working in India’s favor. This is just ensuring Aus does not get enough time to score 140 and just enough time for Ind to take those remaining two. ”

Peter: “@Dishant: What debate is there to be had? If the follow-on had been enforced and Australia had been in this exact position (258-8 after 85 overs), it would be tea on Day 4 and Australia would be 34 runs away from making India bat again. Rain wouldn’t have come into the equation at all.”

TJ: “The Aussie fans and commentators praying for rain and going on record is a bigger psychological win.”

Dishant: “So is it the decision to not enforce follow on or the inability to clean up tail? The debate will go on forever if rain saves Australia here”

Cian: “One session down! Two to go! Rain rain don’t go away”

Trevor Hinchlif: “So does the half hour claimed yesterday come off the end or the start of play today? i.e. is stumps officially at 5pm, with an extra half hour for the rain delay, or can they adjust it to finish at 5:30 with an extra half hour? #couldbeimportant” — Yes, the overs are trimmed from today. Gnasher’s dug up the relevant playing condition for us: ‘Only the actual amount of playing time up to the maximum 30
minutes extra time by which play is extended on any day shall be
deducted from the total number of hours of play remaining, and
the match shall end earlier on the final day by the amount of time
by which play was previously extended under this clause.’

Google tells us there has been unprecedented popularity for the terms “melbourne weather” from India over the last 24 hours.

11:24am Steady rain now, says Melinda Farrell.

Joe: “As a meteorologist, it’s worth noting the radar only shows clouds which are currently releasing water. Clouds can release water at any time, resulting in rain which may not be present on the radar. ” — We’ll take your word for it, Joe.

Aaron : “In my 20 odd years as an Australian watching cricket I can’t recall a day where I have prayed this hard for rain…”

Brown: “Sorry to finish the rain party, shortly sunshine will appear, both radars show this, sorry for dreams of all day rain are now crushed”

Arun: “@simon B. I remember that series so well. It seemed like India had the upper hand in all 3 tests and yet only managed to draw the series. The aussies were rebuilding under Border and would go on to lose to England in the ashes next year before turning it all around in the World Cup in 87. As a young fan I didn’t fathom why India didn’t pursue a 125 run chase in 25-30 overs knowing rain would come. And when I look at that scorecard it pains me that despite having a positive captain they blew it”

Chris : “Sir Alistair Cook? I think if the rain hangs around long enough for Aussies to cling on for a draw, we’ll be asking for Sir Pat Cummins! Mighty effort already.”

Sunny Singh: “Latest I heard is couple of planes in air seeding clouds in Melbourne. ” — Pat Cummins the pilot, I’m sure. He has to do everything.

Simon B: “@Ronnie, Boxing Day 1985, AUS were 8 down overnight, leading by only 45. Bruce Reid was out straightaway, but Gilbert stayed with Border all morning and they added another 80. Border out for 163 on the stroke of lunch (I was SO ANGRY!), India needed 126 in two sessions. For reasons best known to themselves, they spent 25 overs moving to 2/59 at tea, whereupon the rain came… and stayed….”

11:05am They’re covering up the run-ups now, says Dan. More covers.

Pavan Potaraju : “I don’t want to hear rain has robbed an Indian win. It’s their inability to dismiss the tail. This is happening since the England series, courtesy Sam Curran.”

: “All the fans in Melbourne are being put to good use ” — It’s working!

Ronnie: “I remember Kapil Devs team were ripped off by the rain at MCG in e 80’s. Could it happen to Kohli???”

James B : “Lucky Indian fans. Saved by rain! On the brink of a loss following an inevitable daddy hundred by Patty to win the match. Australia in a commanding position and robbed! “

CamL: “My rain dance is working!!! Come on Melbourne! Only one season today!”

Aakaash Narayan: “One of those games where you wished (as an Indian) that Tests had Duckworth-Lewis. Tch tch!”

10.58am The rain has got heavier. And the covers are back on again! The groundstaff are putting on the bigger covers.

10.55am Sid Monga reports from MCG: “The covers came on for a moment, but they’re going back off now.” And with that, a change in our commentary. Say hi to Varun Shetty, whose just returned after comparing a few types of coffee.

Which Australian player is most likely to get an axe for the Sydney Test? Cast your vote here.

Matt: “Finch and Mitch Marsh – no doubt. Would love to see Bancroft come back in for a chance at redemption, but otherwise the two Queenslanders – Burns and Labuschagne night be likely replacements.”

10.45am Melinda Farrell at the MCG: Covers coming off but there is still some drizzle about. Umpires inspecting the pitch while Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’ plays in the stadium bowl. If there’s no more rain, play will start at 11am.

Vishnu: “Mayank was able to play Lyon with ease.. wondering how much that has to do with him playing a lot of ranji trophy cricket on turning tracks before getting into the India team..maybe there is a case for even Kohli and pujara to play some ranji trophy to fine tune their skills against the turning ball..”

10.42am Is it India’s skill with the older ball that differentiates them from Australia in this series? Dan Brettig explores.

10.35am Omar: “Is it still raining or the delay is just due to the wet field?” — Drizzling as of five minutes ago, but I hear it’s just a passing shower. The delay shouldn’t be too long.

sheshank: “imagine how this series would have turned out if smith and warner were in the australian team, and kohli and pujara were banned…”

SB: “Hey Duke, Racism is not light-hearted and fun. Only if we stop this now, it won’t pass on to the future generation. Racism is not taken seriously in‌ cricket like in other sports. People get away with it.”

10.26am Wet Weather delays start of play in Melbourne.

Vidya: “I wish Shami to get the remaining 2 wks and finish as joint highest wicket taker for this year along with Bumrah. He deserves this for all the ups and downs he had seen this year both personal and professional”

Duke: “Kerry O’Keeffe makes his living doing commentary that is lighthearted and fun. I wouldn’t take him seriously Indian fans.”

zf: “Hope this series is a draw 2-2. Really don’t want Ind to win the series in Aus until there’s an A-team playing. It’s unfair given the kind of pitches prepared for Adelaide and Melbourne.” — Great result for a neutral, but just a reminder: India will retain the Border-Gavaskar Trophy even if the series is drawn. That’s because they’re current trophy holders.

Jeet: “Will love to see two back to back red dots early in the morning….”

KAPIL DESAI: “@Anjelo, “No rain forecast” will sound even better!!”

Angelo: “She:Can you please say the 3 magical words. Me: Shami, Ishant, Bumrah” — sounds sweeter than ‘I love you’ for certain.

10.21am In case you missed it, Team India are furious over commentary Kerry O’Keeffee’s ‘Jalandhar Railways Canteen Staff’ comment at Mayank Agarwal. More here. Also latest update direct from Mel Farrell in Melbourne is that “the covers are currently on”. The horror!

10.15am If you’re joining us for the first time, don’t forget to check out the Live Report with Andrew McGlashan at the helm. He’ll bring you all the wider updates from the Test, including graphics, stats and nuggets from our correspondents. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli – flanked by Rishabh Pant and Ravi Shastri on either side – has been spotted leading the team talk. Wonder if they’re deciding on early lunch plans.

10am, day 5 Hello! If you’re an India fan, then you’re hoping for two more wickets. And if you’re rooting for the hosts, well, then Australia have the exasperating task of making 141 runs. Either way, one of these teams will be taking a 2-1 lead, unless of course, rain plays spoilsport. There’s a bit of weather queuing up from the west, and there was some drizzle moments ago, but the rain has stopped and play will begin on time. This is Sreshth Shah, and together with Varun Shetty, we welcome you all to ESPNcricinfo’s ball-by-ball coverage. Stay locked for what could be a very nervous final day.

ashish: “I don’t know why i am getting memories of Edgbaston, Ashes 2005 match since yesterday ” — Would be a wonderful day of cricket if the game goes that deep! On a more sombre note, our thoughts are with one of the members of that English team – Andrew Strauss. His wife Ruth passed away after a fight with cancer last evening

TB12: “Rooting for Cummins to get 100, MOM and India to win the game. Interesting final day!!!”


6.25pm, Stumps After scooping four wickets in three overs on day three, Pat Cummins first claimed career-best figures of 6 for 27 and then made a stubborn half-century on day four to force the match into the final day. Lyon has hung on with Cummins for 14.1 overs, keeping India waiting for 2-1. Some rain has been forecast for tomorrow. Thanks for your warm company and comments. Be back tomorrow for the finish. Cheers

Cummins for PM, anyone?

84.61 Mohammed Shami to Cummins full and swinging into middle, an inside edge rolls away to midwicket 1 run
84.50 Mohammed Shami to Cummins short and slanting in at off, Cummins gets right behind the line and defends. We’ll go into the fifth day at the MCG no run

Anon06: “I remember his cameo in his debut along with his 7fer as a teenager. It was a sign of potential but the type of performance that is often not replicated. Cummins have done that and much more in his short (in terms of matches) yet long (time) career thus far.”

84.40 Mohammed Shami to Cummins full and Shami explores the channel outside off, Cummins doesn’t no run

What is it?

India tour of Australia, 3rd Test: Australia v India at Melbourne, Dec 26-30, 2018.

When is it?

Match will be played on Dec 26, 2018.

What time does it start?

Starting time of match 2018-12-25 23:30:00 GMT, 2018-12-26 10:30:00 local

In Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground

Who will WinIndia tour of Australia, 3rd Test: Australia v India ?

With ten nearly equally matched groups, the importance of every game can’t be understated in this tournament. Both sides are expected to emerge out packaged full-strength against each other in what claims to be a cracker of a competition. Contemplating that the 2 sides on newspaper,India are somewhat more power-packed unit whereas Australia possess the benefit of being a steady side. For this and another above-mentioned motives, we believe the India are far more likely to emerge victorious in what will be among the most crucial experiences for either side.

What TV channel is it on Live?

The following TV Channels have acquired the official Broadcast rights for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Check this listing to know about Where to watch CWC 2019.

  • India and Subcontinent Star Sports, DD Sports DD National (DD1)
  • United Kingdom Sky Sports
  • South Africa Super Sports
  • Pakistan PTV Sports and Ten Sports
  • Bangladesh Ghazi Tv (GTV), Maasranga & BTV
  • Australia Fox Sports
  • U.S.A Willow Tv
  • New Zealand Sky Sports
  • Canada ATN
  • Middle East and North Afirca OSN Sports Cricket HD
  • Sri Lanka SLRC (Channel Eye)
  • Caribbean ESPN
  • Hong Kong Star Cricket, Today TV App
  • Singapore Star Cricket, Star Hub Go, Singtel
  • China Fox Network Group
  • Fiji Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC TV)
  • Europe, Japan ICC’s Facebook webpage
  • Malaysia Star Cricket, Astro Go
  • Afghanistan Moby TV

Score Cards

  • BowlingOMRWEcon
    I Sharma14.314022.75
    JJ Bumrah1935332.78(2w)
    RA Jadeja3268232.56
    Mohammed Shami2127123.38
    GH Vihari31702.33
  • Partnerships
    1st6AJ Finch 3MS Harris 3
    2nd27MS Harris 10UT Khawaja 17
    3rd30UT Khawaja 16SE Marsh 10
    4th51SE Marsh 34TM Head 17
    5th21MR Marsh 10TM Head 10
    6th22TM Head 7TD Paine 15
    7th19TD Paine 11PJ Cummins 7
    8th39MA Starc 18PJ Cummins 21
    9th46PJ Cummins 35NM Lyon 7
    10th0NM Lyon 0JR Hazlewood 0
  • BattingRB46
    MS Harriscaught132710
    AJ Finchcaught3400
    UT Khawajalbw335941
    SE Marshlbw447241
    TM Headbowled349220
    MR Marshcaught102101
    TD Painecaught wk266740
    PJ Cumminscaught6311451
    MA Starcbowled182720
    NM Lyoncaught wk75000
    JR Hazlewoodnot out0400
    Extras(b 2, lb 6, w 2)10
    Total(all out; 89.3 ovs)261
  • Live Cricket Streaming Servers


    Sports Event
    3rd Test Australia vs India


    Melbourne Cricket Ground,
    Starting on
    Dec 26, 2018
    Ending on
    Dec 30, 2018
    India tour of Australia, 3rd Test: Australia v India at Melbourne, Dec 26-30, 2018.


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