New Zealand VS Pakistan 2nd T20 November 2,2018 Live match,Live Score

New Zealand 153/7 (20.0 Overs) RR: 7.65

Pakistan 154/4
 (19.4 Overs) 7.83
Pakistan won by 6 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Babar Azam (rhb)404197.56
Asif Ali (rhb)3834111.76
Adam Milne (rf)2.402529.37
Colin Munro (rf)3.002217.33
RECENT 4 2 W 1 | 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 | 1 . 1 6 . 1 | 1 1 1 6 2 6 | W 61 1 1 1

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

11.30 pm That’s all we have. Thanks for joining us. Goodnight

“It’s down to the effort of the players. We have a good balance, wih Hasan Ali at 10. We know we can get 150-160. So if we start well and if we don’t let too many dot balls in the middle, we have the experience of Hafeez and Malik as well,” Sarfraz Ahmed says. “The boys know well how to play this game. And they’re learning day by day. Whether it’s Babar or Fakhar or Faheem, they know where to field in the last overs. They know how to bat in the last overs. I don’t need to do anything. Babar is in great form. We pick players in form in domestic cricket, that’s how we brought Hafeez back and he’s been doing very well as well. Asif Ali at No. 3 is because he’s a good hitter, but we don’t want him to play spin when he comes in at first so we’ve pushed him up the order and he’s playing very well

“Creidt to the way Pakistan played. They have a clear pattern of play which they’ve executed here in the UAE,” Kane Williamson says. “Thought the first half was clinical from us. Got a good score on the board. It’s a game of really small margins. Maybe we could have been a little better with the batting side. But it’s important to be a little bit better all-round. You’re always looking for wickets but how you get them on different conditions is the quesiton and often in these conditions you have to squeeze the opposition. We weren’t far away and it’s important we make those adjustments and keep improving”

Shaheen Afridi is Man of the Match for his 3 for 20 in four overs. “[Bowling in the death?] Thanks to Allah that I’ve been performing well in the games so far. The coaching staff are helping me get better, get fitter, they help me bowl yorkers better, slower balls better. You have to look at the batsman’s weak zones and bowl, especially in the death, and then then I concentrate on the slower balls. In the Asia Cup, I bowled with new ball, so I can do that as well. I just want to play for a long time for Pakistan”

11.10 pm Pakistan have set the record – 11 successive series wins in T20Is. And they get there by keeping a clean sheet while chasing under Safraz Ahmed’s captaincy. They haven’t lost batting second in 11 T20Is. Some of that is down to the fact that their bowlers rarely allow the opposition to get too much on the board. Shaheen Afridi fulfilled that part of the Pakistan magic potion tonight. And on the batting front, even though the required rate was tipping towards 10, Mohammed Hafeez stood firm and knocked the runs off in fine style. They are the World’s No. 1 team and they’ve shown it off.

New Zealand weren’t too far off in this game either. They got a better than par score. But they just weren’t accurate enough with the ball. On a slow pitch like this, you need to go slower balls, hit back of a length and most importantly, target the stumps. Never give room. Never slide down leg. Pakistan’s bowlers are insane at this. For New Zealand though, only Tim Southee looked to have adapted to conditions. They’ll take a couple of positives in the batting department – the form of Colin Munro and the reintegration of Corey Anderson, who really played a blinder tonight – but that match-winning spark seems to be missing.

19.44Milne to Mohammad Hafeez launches it over cover and Pakistan win the game and the series! Half-volley sent soaring away by Hafeez, who has played a lovely little innings here FOUR
19.32Milne to Mohammad Hafeez low full toss on middle Hafeez taps it to long-on and they pinch a second run as well. Poor throw from the deep. Munro, it looks like. Run-out chance missed again 2 runs
Pakistan need six off four. They should do this… right?
19.2WMilne to Shoaib Malik taken at deep midwicket! Ooof, and it comes off a full toss too! Malik looks to end the game in one shot, but this is a big ground and he can’t clear it. OUT
Shoaib Malik c Phillips b Milne 10 (7b 0x4 1×6) SR: 142.85
19.11Milne to Mohammad Hafeez near-yorker on middle, he drills it to Southee at mid-off, they go for the run, and a direct hit would have had Hafeez 1 run


Pakistan need seven off six and Milne will bowl the last over
18.61Southee to Mohammad Hafeez shapes to scoop, but the ball is too full and so he gets back upright and shovels it to deep midwicket 1 run
Jai Srivastava: “@Mark Dont be so harsh on NZ if they were poor today then why did the game stretched to the last over ?”
18.50Southee to Mohammad Hafeez slower ball outside off, Hafeez taps it to cover. But if he had let it go, this would have been a wide too no run
18.41Southee to Shoaib Malik smashes a slower ball to long-off 1 run
Khan Umar: “Hafeez and Imad are no myth. Had they been in Asia cup, it would have made a huge difference.”
18.31Southee to Mohammad Hafeez drills the full and wide delivery to the sweeper cover 1 run
18.21Southee to Shoaib Malik yorker outside off, Malik bunts it down to long-on 1 run
18.21Southee to Shoaib Malik looks for that wide-line yorker again but it doesn’t quite pan out. Only Inches outside the guide line. 1 wide
18.21Southee to Shoaib Malik keeps the ball wide of the batsman shuffling across his stumps, but he’s penalised for it by umpire Raza. Went just past the guide line 1 wide
18.11Southee to Mohammad Hafeez slow, wide yorker – doesn’t quite hit the mark – which allows Hafeez to squeeze a single to cover. Direct hit from Williamson at the striker’s end, but Malik is home 1 run


Pakistan need 14 off 12

Mark: “You’d think that NZ would have improved their performance after the first T20 but they have been worse tonight in just about every aspect of their game. Very frustrating for their fans.”

17.61Munro to Mohammad Hafeez steps out and taps the shortish delivery to long-off 1 run
Chirag Sheth: “Performances like today’s proves that Pakistan’s winning track record in T20s is for a reason.”

Ahsan Butt: “MOM for the 18-year kid, Shaheen Afridi, for sure.”

17.50Munro to Mohammad Hafeez full on off stump, drives it back at the bowler no run
17.41Munro to Shoaib Malik knocks a back of a length ball to long-on 1 run
17.36Munro to Shoaib Malik gets under the length ball (seems like a knuckle ball too) and clears long-on by a distance. Splendid hitting from Malik SIX
17.20Munro to Shoaib Malik inside edge and it nearly goes onto the stumps. A rare quick delivery from Munro. And the new batsman isn’t quite ready for it no run
17.11Munro to Mohammad Hafeez premeditates the reverse sweep, but a full ball on off stump only ends up at point 1 run
Munro again. Can he push the asking rate higher?


Pakistan need 23 off 18 now after that 17-run over.
16.61Sodhi to Mohammad Hafeez steers the shortish delivery through to the sweeper 1 run
16.51Sodhi to Shoaib Malik a bit of turn as Malik tries to cut the short ball and it darts so far away from him that he only just meets it with the bottom of the bat 1 run
16.41Sodhi to Mohammad Hafeez falls short of Phillips, diving forward at deep midwicket. Oooh, Hafeez is in a proper mood, although how else are you supposed to treat a short ball on leg stump? 1 run
16.36Sodhi to Mohammad Hafeez and another! Hafeez is doing it in style. Even though he isn’t to the pitch of the ball, he fancies it and tonks it well over the head of long-on SIX
Pakistan need only 32 from 22 after that very timely six from Hafeez
16.22Sodhi to Mohammad Hafeez cuts to the sweeper 2 runs
16.16Sodhi to Mohammad Hafeez superb shot! There’s just a hint of room on offer and Hafeez takes full toll. Gets down on one knee and slog sweeps it to oblivion. Which, for specificity, is at deep midwicket SIX


Right. The ice-cool Shoaib Malik comes out. Got some great news a few days ago when he became a father. Will he make his week even better now?
15.6WMunro to Asif Ali lbw to a full toss from round the stumps! The change of angle is fair, an effort to cramp the right-hander, which is fair, but the execution just goes for a toss. Even so, Asif, set up to pull the ball, misses completely and gets hit on the back leg right in front of middle stump. That’s ridiculous cricket from all parties involved OUT
Asif Ali lbw b Munro 38 (34b 1×4 2×6) SR: 111.76
15.56Munro to Asif Ali steps out and launches the length ball over wide long-on. Brave batting from Asif. he knows he has the power. He also knows Munro is simply bowling length in line with the stumps. So he steps out of his crease, gaining momentum as he goes and that helps him big time SIX
15.41Munro to Mohammad Hafeez cuts the back of a length delivery, juuuuust outside off, to deep point 1 run
15.31Munro to Asif Ali slogs the fuller delivery on middle to long-on 1 run
15.21Munro to Mohammad Hafeez slogs a length ball out to deep midwicket. “Catch,” they cry, but it doesn’t carry to Phillips 1 run
15.11Munro to Asif Ali swings the back of a length ball on off stump to deep square leg 1 run
Munro continues and he’s done well so far. Not giving any pace on the ball. But keeping it on the stumps

Score Cards

    AY Patel201809.00(1w)
    TG Southee402616.50(2w)
    AF Milne2.402529.37
    C de Grandhomme402105.25(1w)
    IS Sodhi403909.75(1w)
    C Munro302217.33
  • Partnerships
    1st40Fakhar Zaman 24Babar Azam 15
    2nd56Babar Azam 25Asif Ali 26
    3rd18Asif Ali 12Mohammad Hafeez 6
    4th34Shoaib Malik 10Mohammad Hafeez 22
    5th6*Mohammad Hafeez 6Sarfraz Ahmed 0
  • To bat
    7.Faheem Ashraf23962112.000
    8.Imad Wasim3114024*12.720
    9.Shadab Khan29862914.330
    10.Hasan Ali27492316.330
    11.Shaheen Shah Afridi700
    Fakhar Zamancaught241531
    Babar Azamcaught404140
    Asif Alilbw383412
    Mohammad Hafeeznot out342112
    Shoaib Malikcaught10701
    Sarfraz Ahmednot out0000
    Faheem Ashraf
    Imad Wasim
    Shadab Khan
    Hasan Ali
    Shaheen Shah Afridi
    Extras(lb 3, w 5)8
    Total(4 wkts; 19.4 ovs)154

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