Pakistan Vs New Zealand T20 Series 2018 Highlights


So Pakistan won 11 consecutive  series in the captaincy of Sarfraz Ahmed from New Zealand at UAE. Just before they defeated Australia by winning all the T20 matches. That’s why Pakistan is the number 1 T20 team. New Zealander gave tough time in first t20 match but later on it was proved a easy competitor.

Pakistan Vs Nea Zealand T20 Series Highlights 2018

Watch online the complete highlights of t20 series New Zealand vs Pakistan t20 series 2018. Pakistani team performed brilliantly and proved they are number 1 team in T20. New Zealander also proved that they cannot be beaten as easy as other rivals.

Paksitan Vs Nea Zealand T20 1st Match Full Highlights

Paksitan Vs Nea Zealand T20 2nd Match Complete Highlights

Paksitan Vs Nea Zealand T20 3rd Match Full Highlights



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