South Africa VS Australia 1st One Day 2018 Live Score


Australia 152/10
(38.1 Overs) RR: 3.98

South Africa 153/4
 (29.2 Overs) 5.21
South Africa won by 6 wickets (with 124 balls remaining)
Quinton de Kock (lhb)4740117.50
Reeza Hendricks (rhb)447459.45
Marcus Stoinis (rm)4.211633.69
Nathan Coulter-Nile (rm)3.002618.66
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

5.45pm It’s Gnasher back with you to close things out for today. Hopefully we’ll hear from the two captains. If you want some more live cricket, the Bangladesh-Zimbabwe Test is currently going on

Aaron Finch “Disappointed, didn’t play anywhere near our potential. South Africa put us on the back foot early. You never just put it to bed, it’s an opportunity to learn and improve. We’ve been training very well. We’ll review the game, keep training and look forward to Adelaide. We were a bit careless at times, attention to detail. We were off the mark slightly. Everything has to go right to defend a small total. It was going around quite a bit early on, full credit to SA they played nicely.”

Faf du Plessis “Yeah, very good. Exceptional with the ball and in the field. A very good day in the office. Brilliant to have Dale back. It’s good to have that x-factor in your bowling attack. I like to take the positive option. Sometimes it was tricky out there, the odd one bouncing, but they batted nicely. Dave’s run out was exceptional. Nice to see the fielding click. I’d have liked us to be a little more clinical, maybe eight, nine wickets but we’ll take the win.”

The Man of the Match is Dale Steyn “Nice to finish a game without breaking down in Australia. It was a good wicket to bowl on. We’ve got some great quicks and bowled exceptionally well. The plan is to hit hard lengths, not give them too much width. I’ll take any wickets I can take in one-day cricket. International cricket is a whole other beast, when you step up it’s a whole other thing.”

That’s just about wraps things up for today. A comprehensive start for South Africa and a host of questions remain for Australia. We’ll be back for the second match in Adelaide on Friday but until then it’s goodbye from Andrew and Alex and thanks for joining us.

5.37pm That was clinical from South Africa. They take a 1-0 lead in the three match series. They razed the Australian top order via a stunning spell from Dale Steyn and then great follow up work from Ngidi, Rabada and Phehlukwayo. Then de Kock, Hendricks and Markram made pretty light work of the chase. Marcus Stoinis nabbed three wickets but there wasn’t much else to get excited about for Australia.

29.22Stoinis to Miller full on leg stump clipped off the toes wide of fine leg and there’s the win 2 runs
29.1WStoinis to Klaasen edged at caught at first slip! Well bowled by Stoinis. A good length ball, just outside off, he tries to drive on the up with no footwork, it bounces a little, catches the edge and flies to Finch at first slip who catches it infront of his eyes. Three for Stoinis OUT
H Klaasen c Finch b Stoinis 2 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00
Just two to win now. Stoinis continues


28.61Starc to Klaasen full outside off, squeezed out past backward point 1 run
Liahm: “I would love to see a Aus vs Bangladesh series, I think it would be close and well contested. Wouldn’t be able to pick a winner”
They went 1-1 in the Tests in Bangladesh in 2017
28.53Starc to du Plessis 140kph, short and wide and cut away forward of point, to the big boundary, and they run an easy three 3 runs
28.40Starc to du Plessis 124kph, slower ball, on middle and off, he defends on middle and off, into the leg side no run
28.30Starc to du Plessis 139kph, full on off, he drives to mid off but it wasn’t well timed and straight to the man no run
28.20Starc to du Plessis 138kph, good length, way wide of off, and he lets it go no run
28.12Starc to du Plessis 139kph, good length outside off, he drives on the up past cover, times this OK and they get a couple 2 runs


27.60Stoinis to Klaasen 132kph, full on off, driven firmly to mid on but he can’t beat the man no run
27.51Stoinis to du Plessis 125kph, back of a length outside off, he punches off the back foot wide of mid off 1 run
27.41Stoinis to Klaasen short ball, outside off, he rides the bounce and runs this with control down to third man 1 run
27.30Stoinis to Klaasen 134kph, very full outside off, he drives with an open blade to backward point no run
Klaasen gets some time in the middle with 10 to win
27.2WStoinis to Markram chopped on! He is annoyed at this. It was short and wide, he tried to play a cut but it stayed a touch lower and held up, he got an inside edge and dragged it back onto the stumps. Markram was furious OUT
AK Markram b Stoinis 36 (32b 6×4 0x6) SR: 112.50
27.10Stoinis to Markram 131kph, back of a length, off stump, he defends into the gully and they think about one but decide against it no run


26.60Starc to du Plessis 139kph, short and lifting across him, he sways underneath it comfortably and lets it pass to the keeper no run
26.50Starc to du Plessis 136kph, yorker length, he drops the bat down and squeezer it out to backward point no run
26.40Starc to du Plessis 137kph, wide half volley, he drives but mis times straight to cover no run
26.30Starc to du Plessis 139kph, hint of shape into the right hander, he turns this to midwicket but can’t beat the fielder no run
Chris: “So who gets MoM? No one took a bag, no one made much runs. Who most affected the outcome?”
Steyn will go close for his opening spell
26.22Starc to du Plessis 136kph, fuller length outside off, he drives neatly between cover and mid off for a couple 2 runs
26.10Starc to du Plessis 137kph, middle stump, back of a length, he defends with the full face back to the bowler no run
Starc is back again


25.64Stoinis to Markram chipped nicely up and over midwicket! This was angled into leg stump, he just lifted this with the bottom hand up and over the man at catching midwicket, he times it perfectly, cleared the man and it runs away FOUR
25.51Stoinis to du Plessis 134kph, half-volley outside off, he drives with a lot of bottom hand wide of mid off and goes with it as the fielder dives to his left 1 run
25.40Stoinis to du Plessis 130kph, angled into middle and off, he turns this with the angle to mid on no run
25.30Stoinis to du Plessis 134kph, good length, this spits off a length and hits the bat high on the splice, du Plessis rips his bottom hand of the bat no run
25.20Stoinis to du Plessis 126kph, back of a length, fifth stump, he tries to force off the back foot, he mistimes and drags it to mid on no run
25.10Stoinis to du Plessis 131kph, good length, off stump, he check drives firmly to mid off no run


24.60Hazlewood to Markram 136kph, back of a length outside off, he punches off the back foot to backward point no run
24.51Hazlewood to du Plessis 132kph, good length outside off, he defends into the vacant gully and they run one 1 run
24.41Hazlewood to Markram 135kph, short onto the hip, it comes off the thigh pad and falls into the leg side and they pinch one 1 leg bye
shashank: “Technically @meera, markram can still reach 50.”
24.30Hazlewood to Markram 137kph, back of a length on off, he defends off the back foot no run

Score Cards

  • Partnerships
    1st94Q de Kock 47RR Hendricks 38
    2nd28RR Hendricks 6AK Markram 20
    3rd21AK Markram 16F du Plessis 4
    4th8H Klaasen 2F du Plessis 6
    5th2*F du Plessis 0DA Miller 2
  • To bat
    7.AL Phehlukwayo3429642*26.900
    8.DW Steyn119362609.780
    9.K Rabada551892617.180
    10.L Ngidi1115615.000
    11.Imran Tahir89129297.580
    Q de Kockcaught474070
    RR Hendrickscaught447440
    AK Markrambowled363260
    F du Plessisnot out102400
    H Klaasencaught2500
    DA Millernot out2100
    AL Phehlukwayo
    DW Steyn
    K Rabada
    L Ngidi
    Imran Tahir
    Extras(b 1, lb 4, w 7)12
    Total(4 wkts; 29.2 ovs)153
    JR Hazlewood824105.12
    NM Coulter-Nile302618.66(1w)
    MA Starc804705.87(1w)
    PJ Cummins621803.00(1w)
    MP Stoinis4.211633.69
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