T10 League 2018 Timetable, Schedule and Fixtures


The thrilling and exciting T10 League 2nd season has been come to entertain us. The shortest form of cricket more excitement. T10 league, six team adventure is going to be started on 21st November 2018.  Six teams will play 29 matches all having 10 overs innings mean more fours and sixes.

Schedule of T10 League 2018

Here is the complete timetable of t10 league 2018.

DateTime GMTMAtchGroupVenueLive
Nov 21, 20182:30 PMSindhis vs Rajputs 1st MatchASharjahLive
Nov 21, 20184:45 PMKerala Knights vs Pakhtoons 2nd MatchASharjahLive
Nov 22, 201811:30 AMBengal Tigers vs Northern Warriors 3rd MatchBSharjahLive
Nov 22, 20181:45 PMSindhis vs Kerala Knights 4th MatchASharjahLive
Nov 22, 20184:00 PMMaratha Arabians vs Punjabi Legends 5th MatchBSharjahLive
Nov 23, 201811:30 AMPakhtoons vs Rajputs 6th MatchASharjahLive
Nov 23, 20181:45 AMBengal Tigers vs Maratha Arabians 7th MatchBSharjahLive
Nov 23, 20184:00 PMNorthern Warriors vs Punjabi Legends 8th MatchBSharjahLive
Nov 24, 20182:30 PMSindhis vs Pakhtoons 9th MatchASharjahLive
Nov 24, 20184:45 PMBengal Tigers vs Punjabi Legends 10th MatchBSharjahLive
Nov 25, 20182:30 PMKerala Knights vs Rajputs 11th MatchASharjahLive
Nov 25, 20184:45 PMMaratha Arabians vs Northern Warriors 12th MatchBSharjahLive
Nov 26, 20182:30 PMTBC vs TBC,A1 vs B2, 13th MatchSharjahLive
Nov 26, 20184:45 PMTBC vs TBC,A3 vs B4, 14th MatchSharjahLive
Nov 27, 20182:30 PMTBC vs TBC, A2 vs B3, 15th MatchSharjahLive
Nov 27, 20184:45 PMTBC vs TBC, A4 vs B1, 16th MatchSharjahLive
Nov 28, 20182:30 PMTBC vs TBC, A2 vs B4, 17th MatchSharjahLive
Nov 28, 20184:45 PMTBC vs TBC, A1 vs B3, 18th MatchSharjahLive
Nov 29, 201811:30 AMTBC vs TBC, A3 vs B1, 19th MatchSharjahLive
Nov 29, 20181:45 PMTBC vs TBC, A4 vs B2, 20th MatchSharjahLive
Nov 29, 20184:00 PMTBC vs TBC, A1 vs B4, 21st MatchSharjahLive
Nov 30, 201811:30 AMTBC vs TBC, A3 vs B2, 22nd MatchSharjahLive
Nov 30, 20181:45 PMTBC vs TBC, A3 vs B2, 23rd MatchSharjahLive
Nov 30, 20184:00 PMTBC vs TBC, A4 vs B4, 24th MatchSharjahLive
Dec 1, 201811:30 AMTBC vs TBC, Qualifier Final, 25th MatchSharjahLive
Dec 1, 20181:45 PMTBC vs TBC, Eliminator Final, 26th MatchSharjahLive
Dec 1, 20184:00 PMTBC vs TBC, Eliminator Fina2, 27th MatchSharjahLive
Dec 2, 20181:45 PMTBC vs TBC, 3rd place Playoff, 28th MatchSharjahLive
Dec 2, 20184:00 PMTBC vs TBC, Final, 29th MatchSharjahLive
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T10 Teams and Squads

T10 Lrsgue Live Score Ball by Ball


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