Watch 10th match: Australia v West Indies at Nottingham, Jun 6, 2019 Live Streaming ICC Cricket World Cup

Australia 288/10 (49.0 Overs) RR: 5.87

Windies 273/9
 (50.0 Overs) 5.46
Australia won by 15 runs
Shai Hope (rhb)6810564.76
Jason Holder (rhb)515789.47
Mitchell Starc (lf)10.014654.60
Pat Cummins (lf)10.034124.10
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.50 Windies 273/9 Last Over (16 runs)

West Indies were in a series of winning positions in both innings but couldn’t slam the door shut. The defending champions showed their mettle to keep fighting back before coming out on top. Along with the England v Pakistan match, this is right near the top of the heap in terms of the best contest of the tournament so far. Pleasure to have you join us for the ride. For Alex Malcolm, Ranjith and the rest of the scoring team, I’m Peter Della Penna. Make sure to come back tomorrow for live coverage of the showdown in Bristol between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Take care for now!

Aaron Finch: “We just kept hanging in there. From 4 for 30-odd to be able to fight back, that partnership between Alex Carey and Steve Smith to get us a little deeper and then Nathan Coulter-Nile to play the way he did was exceptional. It’s not ideal for the top order to miss out and put us in that position but even with the ball we hung in there and I’m really proud of the boys today.”

Jason Holder: “Obviously disappointed. I thought we were well in the game there. Just a few irresponsible shots when we probably just needed to tap it around a little bit more. Having said that, I still think there’s lots of positives to take out of this game.” Asked about the biggest moment, the captain says, “We dropped Coulter-Nile when he was about 60-odd and he got about another 30 runs. That was one pivotal moment but obviously the batting. If we came here at the start of the day and limited Australia to 280, we’d have taken that. The batters need to take the responsibility and knock it off. It’s still early days. We have to be more consistent. When we have teams down, we have to keep them down.”

Nathan Coulter-Nile is Man of the Match – “I didn’t think I’d get that much [92] but happy to. I got a bit of a spray for getting out when Smithy was on 80 in one of the practice games so I thought I’d just try to stick around for a bit. Luck went my way. A couple fell short, I got dropped, but that’s the way cricket goes. We back ourselves to defend anything. If we had got bowled out for 150, we’d still back ourselves. The wicket was a bit up and down but I got settled in and got used to it at the end. It looked like West Indies were on track the whole way until Starcky took three or four at the end there.”

Before the post-match particulars, here’s a little preview of the most anticipated match of the 2019 French Open: Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal!

6.32 Australia leak a series of boundaries at the end there but it matters little. This match was one of the best of the tournament so far, see-sawing back and forth almost from beginning to end. West Indies had Australia under heavy pressure in the first 20 overs but let the pressure go with some costly misses – Smith on 26 and Coulter-Nile on 61. The umpiring in this match left a lot to be desired but West Indies were bailed out numerous times on DRS. The Shimron Hetmyer runout and Andre Russell’s regrettable slog vs. Starc were the hammer blows that gave Australia they high ground once and for all.

49.64Coulter-Nile to Nurse another firm drive to a full ball on off beats mid-off, but it’s all in vain. FOUR
49.54Coulter-Nile to Nurse another short ball on the body, tickles a pull past short fine leg. Makes you wonder why they were content to pat out dot balls and turn down runs last over…. FOUR
49.44Coulter-Nile to Nurse full otuside off, driven past extra cover and beats the sweeper. Cosmetic adjustments to the final margin being made by Nurse. FOUR
49.34Coulter-Nile to Nurse short on the body, fierce pull behind square from Nurse, about 7 balls too late. FOUR
49.20Coulter-Nile to Nurse short on the body, limp pull goes nowhere. no run
These last two overs lacking any intent are borderline bizarre from the West Indies final pair.
49.10Coulter-Nile to Nurse full on off, driven to long-off. no run
C-mant: “There are a lot of linchpins in this match!!!! Coulter-Nile and deserve to be player of the match….But to be honest, true man of the match for this is Steve Smith for holding the innings together and providing bowler something to defend……” No shortage of candidates for the post-match gong.

End of Over No.49 Windies 257/9 Last Over (1 run)

Coulter-Nile’s innings was marvelous, but the quality of Starc’s haul – Gayle, Russell, a well-set Holder, plus Brathwaite and then the tail wipeout of Cottrell – is why I think he deserves this.
48.60Stoinis to Thomas full on off, pushed into the off side, again they turn down a single. 32 to get off the final over. no run
48.51Stoinis to Nurse short on the stumps, pulled to deep midwicket, sliding effort denies four after a carom from Coulter-Nile to Maxwell. 1 run
48.40Stoinis to Nurse full on the stumps, driven back to Stoinis. no run
48.30Stoinis to Nurse full on middle, driven to cow corner, they turn down the single with 33 needed off 9 balls now. They’re not exactly swinging for sixes here…. no run
48.20Stoinis to Nurse slower ball yorker on off stump at 78 mph, defended. no run
48.10Stoinis to Nurse good length ball on the stumps, defended. no run
Rohan: “Nope Man of the Match should be NCN. If he hadn’t scored those runs, this match would have been finished a long time before”. It could go either way, but my vote goes to Starc no doubt.

End of Over No.48 Windies 256/9 Last Over (1 run, wicket maiden)

47.60Starc to Thomas yorker barely kept out to deny Starc a sixth to end the match. no run
47.50Starc to Thomas full and defended. no run
47.40Starc to Thomas full and beaten. no run
As bad as the umpiring has been, West Indies had DRS at their disposal to neutralize the umpiring errors through this chase. Some of their shot selection and targeting of bowlers has been quite puzzling though and they can only blame themselves for this collapse.
47.3WStarc to Cottrell yorker makes it five for Starc! Man of the Match just about locked up for him turning this chase haywire for West Indies. Cottrell backed away trying to make room over the off side but it was full and straight and shatters the stumps. OUT
SS Cottrell b Starc 1 (7m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
47.21Starc to Nurse yorker speared into the legs, misses a flick and the ball ricochets to point. 1 leg bye
47.10Starc to Nurse an absolute meatball of a full toss at thigh height on about sixth stump, Nurse flails wildly and misses badly. Second full toss West Indies have missed out on vs. Starc in the last two overs. no run
Anshul: “All that Holder and Brathwaite were supposed to do was play Starc’s over by taking singles without risk and then take on the other bowler. But alas!”

Starc now comes round the stumps to Nurse.

End of Over No.47 Windies 255/8 Last Over (3 runs)

46.61Stoinis to Nurse yorker speared into the legs, dug out to long-on. 1 run
46.51Stoinis to Cottrell full on the legs, clipped out to long leg. 1 run
46.41Stoinis to Nurse low full toss into the pads, huge lbw shout given not out. Double-noise for sure. Australia decides not to review. And with good reason, inside edge off the pads with the ball taking a carom to point. 1 run
46.30Stoinis to Nurse now a charge from Nurse. Stoinis saw it coming and pitched it full as Nurse ran down the pitch backing away from leg stump and he swings over the top with his head flying up. no run
46.20Stoinis to Nurse bouncer on the body, Nurse turtles his head out of the way. no run
46.10Stoinis to Nurse yorker on fourth stump, Nurse plays over the top, ball just misses the off stump. no run

End of Over No.46 Windies 252/8 Last Over (1 run)

45.6WStarc to Holder Starc is winning this for Australia! The pressure looked like it was getting to Holder after missing out on a meaty full toss the previous ball. Starc follows it up with a bouncer on the leg stump line, he goes to pull but is late and it thuds off the gloves. The ball balloons to Zampa at short fine leg, he only needs to take three steps forward from the ring to claim this at chest height. OUT
JO Holder c Zampa b Starc 51 (83m 57b 7×4 1×6) SR: 89.47
45.50Starc to Holder full toss at knee height wide outside off on sixth stump, Holder fans over the top of it nervously. Fingernails being chewed intensely in the crowd. no run
45.40Starc to Holder yorker on off stump, dug out off the toe to Starc. no run
Holder on strike. Batsmen crossed with the ball in the air so Nurse enters off strike.
45.3WStarc to Brathwaite slower ball brings a wicket! It was an attempted yorker with plenty of pace off it, met by Brathwaite at shin height as a low full toss, but completely miscues it off the toe of the bat high over mid-on. Finch backpedals 10 yards back and to the left before taking it with ease. The tension rises a few notches. Can Holder shepherd the tail across the line? OUT
CR Brathwaite c Finch b Starc 16 (31m 17b 1×4 1×6) SR: 94.11
45.20Starc to Brathwaite good length ball on off, guided to short third man. no run
45.11Starc to Holder fullish length on off, guided off the back foot in front of point. 1 run
Starc brought back to bowl one of his final two.

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