Watch 2nd match: Pakistan v West Indies at Nottingham, May 31, 2019 Live Streaming ICC Cricket World Cup

Refresh Score Card

Pakistan 105/10
(21.4 Overs) RR: 4.84

Windies 108/3
(13.4 Overs) 7.90
West Indies won by 7 wickets (with 218 balls remaining)
Chris Gayle (lhb)5034147.05
Nicholas Pooran (lhb) *3419178.94
Mohammad Amir (lf)6.002634.33
Watch ICC Cricket World Cup, 2nd match: Pakistan v West Indies at Nottingham, May 31, 2019 Live Streaming
RECENT 6 . 4 1 1 | . 1 2 . . 2 | . 2 6 4 1 1 | . W 1 4 1 . | . . 1 4 4 6 | 1

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

2.15pm If you’re just back and want to know how this game panned out the way it did, Danyal Rasool’s #LiveReport is your destination. Some really cool graphics and fantastic breakdown of play. If you’re the traditional types, worry not, we’ll have the match bulletin up very shortly. Thanks for joining us on the ride. For now, this is Shashank Kishore and Saurabh Somani saying goodbye as we gear up to trawl through Bengaluru’s rush hour traffic. Cheers!

Dhaval has an advice for Holder & co: “WI have to be really careful of their batting approach going forward in the tournament. If they need to play long or chase a huge score, they need Hope and Bravo to play the anchor roles with Gayle Pooran Heytmer and Russell going after the bowlers. That way they can virtually invincible.”

Ankur is reminded of that 1999 final: “So as it turns out for world cups in England, Pakistan replicated what they did back in ’99 final last time in England in a world cup. So much for continuing where you left from.”

Krish expects the moon and back, but hey, if I was a paying spectator, I too would be disappointed: “Match is over within 35 over, that’s a shame,” he says. “Provided people have paid fortune to get WC tickets, why don’t the team play a T20 match just to entertain the crowd?”

Before we close here’s an update from a West Indies spokesperson on Andre Russell: “Nothing to worry.” Russell has arthritis, so the limping at times is a very common reaction.

2.00pm Those in Pakistan who would’ve just expected to get home to catch the second half after work will be massively disappointed, much like the 15 men who are in Nottingham. But they’ll want to get it out of the way as soon as possible. The bright spark from today’s shellacking is Mohammad Amir. He was sharp, found some swing early on and most-importantly, picked up three wickets.

The captains are up for a chat

Jason Holder: Yeah, got off to a good start, wickets with the new ball and then that batting performance. Andre Russell is an impact player, really good to see what he did today, well backed up by Oshane. We were always in the game. Credit to the boys, they really stuck to the task and finished it off. Andre gives his 100% every single time, it’s great having him in the team. It’s good to have a young quick like Oshane, we know he can be expensive at times but he’s a genuine wicket-taker, that’s the gamble we need to take in ODIs with big scores going around. Chris Gayle started off tremendously, seen teams mess up short chases, but he got us off to a really good start and imposed himself. We wanted to start with a win, very happy we’ve done that. Once we stay fit we can compete, have no expectations, don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. Want to play fearless cricket and make the people back home very proud.

Sarfraz Ahmed: If you loss toss and lose so many wickets early on, it’s tough to come back into the game. It was tricky for half an hour, but this is a good batting track, we didn’t bat well. I think we have to play positive cricket, didn’t do well today but hopefully we’ll bounce back. We know they have pace bowlers who will come hard at us, but we didn’t play the short ball well. Today is a bad day, confident of bouncing back. It was good to see Mohammad Amir bowling well. We always get a lot of support in England, a big thank you to them. Want them to carry on.

Misbah and Daren Ganga are with us on ESPNcricinfo Match Day to dissect this game. The presentation is coming up very soon.

Oshane Thomas is Player of the Match for his 4 for 27. Picks up his award from Sir Viv Richards. “I slept very well last night,” he says. “Andre Russell led the way for us. Any time I get the ball, I’m happy to bowl and win games for West Indies.” — He’s clearly a man of few words.

And for one last time today, it’s time to plug this fascinating feature on the man. Had a rough childhood in an area known for its crime in Jamaica. Emerged from multiple setbacks to make this World Cup trip, and boy hasn’t he started well?

13.46 Wahab Riaz to Pooran that’s the end of that, and it’s a monstrous hit to finish it! Backed away, the bowler followed him but he still managed to hold his shape and muscle this pull to clear deep midwicket. As convincing as victories get, don’t think West Indies would’ve even dreamt of a victory margin of this sorts. Lot of soul-searching for Pakistan, but the format gives them some leeway SIX
13.30 Wahab Riaz to Pooran beaten as he’s way too early into this pull off a slower delivery no run
13.24 Wahab Riaz to Pooran backs away to slap that, but gets a thick outside edge, one bounce to the third man boundary. Not where he wanted but he’ll take the runs and West Indies are one blow away from a convincing win. FOUR
13.11 Wahab Riaz to Hetmyer looks to back away and flick but gets a thick inside edge to fine leg 1 run
13.11 Wahab Riaz to Hetmyer shapes to pull so he bangs this in a lot wider, and the umpire puts his arms out to call it a wide 1 wide

End of Over No.13 Windies 96/3 Last Over (5 runs)

12.60 Hasan Ali to Pooran squared up by the length, but he somehow manages to negotiate this with soft hands no run
12.51 Hasan Ali to Hetmyer mistimed pull, down to deep square leg again 1 run
12.42 Hasan Ali to Hetmyer goes full, he flicks this from outside off to deep backward square leg 2 runs
12.30 Hasan Ali to Hetmyer defends this incoming length ball with soft hands no run
12.20 Hasan Ali to Hetmyer sways out of the way of this short ball easily no run
12.12 Hasan Ali to Hetmyer back of length on middle and leg, he tucks this behind square and they scamper back for the second. Imad had to run across a long way, from deep midwicket 2 runs

End of Over No.12 Windies 91/3 Last Over (14 runs)

11.60 Wahab Riaz to Pooran bunts this to Shadab at point no run
11.52 Wahab Riaz to Pooran bounces away from Hafeez running around at fine leg, another top-edge to an ill-advised pull. Gets away 2 runs
11.46 Wahab Riaz to Pooran flat-batted disdainfully over mid-on! Did he just look in some sort of discomfort earlier? Woah, no traces of that with this one. Thumped. Special, absolutely special SIX
11.34 Wahab Riaz to Pooran fends this lifter to get a thick outside edge that flies over the slip cordon to the third man boundary FOUR
11.21 Wahab Riaz to Hetmyer put down at deep square! Full marks for the effort though. The plan was right. Short at good pace, outside off, above his shoulders, getting him to fetch the pull from way outside off. No control for Hetmyer but he survives. Possible that Imam may have just reacted a split-second late. Lucky escape 1 run
11.11 Wahab Riaz to Pooran skiddy short ball, pulled to deep midwicket 1 run

End of Over No.11 Windies 77/3 Last Over (6 runs)

10.60 Mohammad Amir to Hetmyer nice and full on the stumps, defended no run

Three slips in place

Watch on Hotstar (India Only): All of Pakistan’s wickets (Statutory warning: Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for fans of fast bowling)

10.5W Mohammad Amir to Gayle point takes a dolly, Gayle was increasingly looking edgy with that back issue. Takes a swipe at this length ball, gets a top-edge and that’s an easy catch. He’s done his job though. OUT
CH Gayle c Shadab Khan b Mohammad Amir 50 (51m 34b 6×4 3×6) SR: 147.05
10.41 Mohammad Amir to Pooran squared up by the length but he gets some bat to this, runs down to third man where Wahab throws himself to stop it 1 run
10.34 Mohammad Amir to Pooran jeez! What power. He’s given it a proper wallop. On the up to the extra cover fence. Tracer bullet stuff FOUR
10.21 Mohammad Amir to Gayle there’s a 33-ball half-century with a gentle nudge down to fine leg. He’s cringing a little with that recurring back issue, but he’s played really well. 1 run
10.10 Mohammad Amir to Gayle banged in short, Gayle ducks under this no run

Thanks, Saurabh. Not long before we see the end of this.

End of Over No.10 Windies 71/2 Last Over (15 runs)

That ends my stint. Shashank will take you through till the end.

9.60 Wahab Riaz to Pooran moving away off a length and it beats his outside edge again. Pooran wanted to prod it away. no run
9.50 Wahab Riaz to Pooran length ball outside off, Pooran plays inside the line and ends up feeling for it as it whistles past his outside edge no run
9.41 Wahab Riaz to Gayle too full, ends up as a full toss on the pads. He misses his flick and they take a leg-bye. But Gayle is holding his back as he limps across to the other end. Trouble? Hopefully nothing serious 1 leg bye
9.34 Wahab Riaz to Gayle boom too short and pulled disdainfully to deep square leg for another boundary FOUR
9.24 Wahab Riaz to Gayle shot!. Coming into him from back of a length and cramps him for room even as he was moving away but he manages to cut it powerfully over cover-point FOUR
9.16 Wahab Riaz to Gayle slapped over mid-off and into the boundary. Too short and sat up to be hit, Gayle cleared his leg and thwacked it hard SIX

Sara Batool: “The coolest thing about everyother Pakistan’s match is that everyone has to dig down various stats due to their unpredictable performances on several occasions! ”

End of Over No.9 Windies 56/2 Last Over (8 runs)

8.61 Mohammad Amir to Gayle back of a length outside off again, Gayle stands tall and punches to mid-off’s right 1 run

What is it?

ICC Cricket World Cup, 2nd match: Pakistan v West Indies at Nottingham, May 31, 2019.

When is it?

Match will be played on May 31, 2019.

What time does it start?

Starting time of match 2019-05-31 09:30:00 GMT, 2019-05-31 10:30:00 local

In Which Ground is it Playing?

The match will be played at Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Who will Win 2nd match: Pakistan v West Indies ?

With ten nearly equally matched groups, the importance of every game can’t be understated in this tournament. Both sides are expected to emerge out packaged full-strength against each other in what claims to be a cracker of a competition. Contemplating that the 2 sides on newspaper,West Indies are somewhat more power-packed unit whereas Pakistan possess the benefit of being a steady side. For this and another above-mentioned motives, we believe the West Indies are far more likely to emerge victorious in what will be among the most crucial experiences for either side.

What TV channel is it on Live?

The following TV Channels have acquired the official Broadcast rights for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Check this listing to know about Where to watch CWC 2019.

  • India and Subcontinent Star Sports, DD Sports DD National (DD1)
  • United Kingdom Sky Sports
  • South Africa Super Sports
  • Pakistan PTV Sports and Ten Sports
  • Bangladesh Ghazi Tv (GTV), Maasranga & BTV
  • Australia Fox Sports
  • U.S.A Willow Tv
  • New Zealand Sky Sports
  • Canada ATN
  • Middle East and North Afirca OSN Sports Cricket HD
  • Sri Lanka SLRC (Channel Eye)
  • Caribbean ESPN
  • Hong Kong Star Cricket, Today TV App
  • Singapore Star Cricket, Star Hub Go, Singtel
  • China Fox Network Group
  • Fiji Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC TV)
  • Europe, Japan ICC’s Facebook webpage
  • Malaysia Star Cricket, Astro Go
  • Afghanistan Moby TV

Score Cards

  • To bat
    6.AD Russell56103492*27.210
    7.JO Holder107177199*26.040
    8.CR Brathwaite4455910116.441
    9.AR Nurse545024419.300
    10.SS Cottrell25761710.850
    11.O Thomas19136*2.600
  • BattingRB46
    CH Gaylecaught503463
    SD Hopecaught111710
    DM Bravocaught0400
    N Poorannot out341942
    SO Hetmyernot out7800
    AD Russell
    JO Holder
    CR Brathwaite
    AR Nurse
    SS Cottrell
    O Thomas
    Extras(lb 3, w 3)6
    Total(3 wkts; 13.4 ovs)108
  • BowlingOMRWEcon
    Mohammad Amir602634.33(1w)
    Hasan Ali403909.75(1w)
    Wahab Riaz3.4140010.90(1w)
  • Partnerships
    1st36SD Hope 11CH Gayle 24
    2nd10DM Bravo 0CH Gayle 9
    3rd31CH Gayle 17N Pooran 11
    4th31*N Pooran 23SO Hetmyer 7
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    Sports Event
    2nd match Pakistan vs West Indies


    Trent Bridge, Nottingham,
    Starting on
    May 31, 2019
    Ending on
    May 31, 2019
    ICC Cricket World Cup, 2nd match: Pakistan v West Indies at Nottingham, May 31, 2019.


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