Watch 5th match: Bangladesh v South Africa at The Oval, Jun 2, 2019 Live Streaming ICC Cricket World Cup

Bngladesh 330/6 (50.0 Overs) RR: 6.60

South Africa 309/8
 (50.0 Overs) 6.18
Bangladesh won by 21 runs
Faf du Plessis (rhb)6253116.98
Aiden Markram (rhb)455680.35
Mustafizur Rahman (lfm)10.006736.70
Mohammad Saifuddin (lfm)8.015727.12
RECENT | 2 2 . 1 . 6 | 1 1 1 2 1 1 | 2 2 . . . W | . 1 4 4 1 1 | 1 W 4 . 1 2

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

End of Over No.50 South Africa 309/8 Last Over (11 runs)

Right then. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. The World Cup has finally woken up to a wonderful battle after three days of one-sided drabs. Expecting much of the same on Monday. Can Pakistan wake up and upset England’s apple cart in Nottingham? Hope to have your company then. For the moment, this is Shashank Kishore saying goodbye on behalf of my colleagues Alex Malcolm and P Ranjith. Cheers and thank you.

Update on Lungi Ngidi: “sharp discomfort in left hamstring”. Decided not to let him bowl further. Out for a week to ten days. Scans tomorrow.” – This is from their team doctor Mohammed Moosajee

Ian Bishop tweets: “Bangladesh are re-confirming what we’ve known for a few years now. They are a team showing that they are a genuine force in the World game.”

Mashrafe Mortaza: We were pleased to bat first, after the toss, yes there was some doubt but we knew this was a used wicket, so batting wouldn’t be a bad option. Mushfiqur always plays that kind of innings, Shakib batted so well. Soumya set the tone and we finished off with Mahmudullah and Mosaddek. We knew we had to bowl in the right areas, just keep changing our bowlers around to ensure we pick wickets. Good thing we were able to do well, spinners set the tone. Crowd was behind us, thanks to all the Bangladeshi crowd, hopefully the expats will come back to support us. Back home, those watching on TV, will also expect us to win. Hopefully the New Zealand game will go well too.”

Faf du Plessis: Today didn’t according to plan. Wasn’t ideal with Lungi getting injured, but 330 was out of par. Not a great performance from us. Looking back, no. I wouldn’t have bowled first, but the thinking was, the surface was going to have more pace and bounce. If a subcontinent side gets runs on the board, they could squeeze it later. Even with Lungi’s injury – he’s out death bowler with KG – to go for 54 off the last four was damaging. We came here with a fast bowling attack we wanted to have, not quite sure of Lungi’s hamstring injury, it can be a few days or a weeks off. Dale Steyn is bowling in the middle now, hopefully there’s some progress. It won’t get easier from here, South Africa a proud sporting nation. Skills weren’t there, but we’ll fight. We’re firing at 50-60 percent.”

Mahneel: “Mahmudullahs role down the order is frequently overlooked but he plays a powerful anchor. Rarely does he hit those flashy drives but he allows the batter on the other end to go big while he holds one end. Terrific player for Bangladesh”

Muhammad Ameen: “This is not an upset, certainly not, but it surely is a wake up call for the rest of the teams to not take Bangladesh as a simple opponent. Don’t make unsure experiments against them, come up with strong planning and don’t blink your eye even for a second.”

6.26pm The tigers roar. All of Bangladesh will surely celebrate long and hard into the night. This is a famous win, even bigger than their victory over South Africa at the 2007 World Cup. This is a different side to the one that ‘upset’ South Africa there. This one is an emphatic win by a much-confident side led by a tactically astute and inspirational captain in Mashrafe Mortaza.

They’ve shown the value of preparation going into a big tournament. Arrived a month early, played a tri-series which they approached with much seriousness. Planned meticulously, won four games. Shunned experimentation and focused on results. Beat West Indies twice, including in the final to clinch their first-ever multi-nation tournament, and here they are now. On the grandest stage of them all, against a good South African side. Upsetting their apple cart with a much-superior display. Make no mistake, this is a thumping for South Africa.

Soumya Sarkar set the tone with some breath-taking off-side strokeplay. The momentum was sustained by Shakib and Mushfiqur before Mahmudullah gave them the final kick. All said and done, their highest ODI total may have yet not been enough had even one bowler lost his plot. The game was very much alive while Faf and Miller were around, threatening a late heist, only to be flattened by Mustafizur and Shaifuddin. Momentous occasion for Bangladesh. They arrived at the World Cup 20 years ago to England as absolute newbies just happy to play. That isn’t the case anymore. This side is ready to conquer the world.

It’s time for the post-match presentation

Shakib Al Hasan is the Player of the Match for his allround show. “It will be one of our top wins, we’ve upset a few sides. This is my fourth World Cup, and this is the tournament where we want to prove something. The start can’t get better than this. This is the start we needed, we had the belief as we came in to England. The dressing room will be happy but they know the job has just started. My two years with Worcestershire helped me a lot. Didn’t know my partnership with Mushfiqur was a record, we needed to hold the innings together, did it perfectly. Confidence is up, but have to play our best cricket against New Zealand, who always do well at ICC events.”

49.62Mustafizur Rahman to Imran Tahir squeezes this cutter to deep point, let the party begin. What a win, what a way to start the tournament! 2 runs
49.52Mustafizur Rahman to Imran Tahir sliced over cover, down towards the sweeper cover region, two more 2 runs
49.40Mustafizur Rahman to Imran Tahir beaten by a cutter, another slower ball. Backed away a bit too much to go over the off side no run
49.31Mustafizur Rahman to Rabada hits it high on the bat, down to long-on off this full toss 1 run
49.20Mustafizur Rahman to Rabada squeezes this full delivery to mid-off, they don’t run no run
49.16Mustafizur Rahman to Rabada clean swing, solid swing. All the way for six. Fetched this from outside off and deposited this over the long boundary at deep midwicket. SA need five more of those SIX
Mustafizur to finish off

End of Over No.49 South Africa 298/8 Last Over (7 runs)

48.61Mohammad Saifuddin to Rabada squeezes this yorker-length ball down the ground 1 run
48.51Mohammad Saifuddin to Imran Tahir mistimes a lofted hit to long-on 1 run
Sree: “Duminy reminds me of robin singh. Will keep your hopes alive when all seems lost, but gets out around the 47th over to end hopes. Have seen this earlier in the 90s too, seeing it again.” — Reminded of that India-Australia WC game in 1999 as you say that. His partnership with Jadeja kept India alive, raised a few hopes until they were all dashed
48.41Mohammad Saifuddin to Rabada sliced into the off side, cover and point thought the other would go for it. No one did in the end. Mehidy and Shakib the two men 1 run
Venkat : “The major reason I believe SA have let this game away from their grasp was their decision to chase at the toss. Failed in the first game with the bat and still unable to fathom that chasing big totals in a world cup is a different ball game altogether. Worst part is most players in the squad have vast experience playing in English conditions.”
48.32Mohammad Saifuddin to Rabada yorker-length outside off, squeezed to deep cover 2 runs
48.21Mohammad Saifuddin to Imran Tahir swung away to fine leg 1 run
48.11Mohammad Saifuddin to Rabada thick outside edge of this full toss, goes fine to short third man. Tahir started running, Rabada didn’t respond but eventually made it 1 run
Showkat Khan: “Question Shashank – Is Fizz back to his best?” — Looks injury free and was superb with his consistency

End of Over No.48 South Africa 291/8 Last Over (4 runs)

Assumed it could be it because Ngidi may not come out to bat. We’ll see. Thought I saw him with the arm guard, but you never know.
47.62Mustafizur Rahman to Imran Tahir is this the game? No. Sliced in the air, was up for a long time but long-off couldn’t quite get underneath that despite a slide. Two more to the total. 2 runs
47.52Mustafizur Rahman to Imran Tahir steered into the gap at square third man for a couple 2 runs
Bas: “AB was (and still is) a brilliant cricketer, perhaps the best in his time. But he’s done, so why is everyone still talking about him? I love AB, but come on my Proteas fellows, move on – he is not the “chosen one” (there’s no such thing).”
47.40Mustafizur Rahman to Imran Tahir beaten again! This is shortish from around the stumps, looks to cut but is late on the shot no run
Akhil Rane: “Bangladesh is a decent side, and they have played well today, this is not an upset if they win, they deserved it.”
47.30Mustafizur Rahman to Imran Tahir beaten again as he looks to loft this slower delivery, superb. no run
47.20Mustafizur Rahman to Imran Tahir swing and a miss. Good ball, went full and across no run
Ram_Modies hits the nail on its head: “This will come down to south africa’s basic errors in the field – in the last 4 overs they had fielders about 10 metres in trying to save the extra run and giving some 30 runs in excess of what they ended up conceding. Just arrogant cricket over sensible damage control processes. ”

Imran Tahir has to hit them out of the park at the pace he runs around after picking a wicket. Can he?

47.1WMustafizur Rahman to Duminy dragged on! This is a slower bouncer, JP backs away and looks to pull, through with the stroke early as this goes back onto the stumps right off the toe-end. Surely it’s all over for South Africa now? What a performance from The Fizz. OUT
JP Duminy b Mustafizur Rahman 45 (62m 37b 4×4 0x6) SR: 121.62
Miller with a nugget: “Scores were level at this stage of Bangladesh’s innings – five wickets v seven though”

Mustafizur to continue

End of Over No.47 South Africa 287/7 Last Over (11 runs)

46.60Mohammad Saifuddin to Rabada beaten as he looks to drive this full delivery that tails away a touch no run
46.51Mohammad Saifuddin to Duminy yorker-length again, drilled to long-on 1 run
Nitish R: “I agree with Jason. Fans have to move from wanting to witness ABD take his team home. Even a certain Abd couldn’t do much when Bangladesh beat SA back in the 2007 WC. This is a resurgent Bangladesh side and i prefer not to call this an upset. Bangladesh thoroughly deserve to win today. ” — Game on. Far from done
46.44Mohammad Saifuddin to Duminy waits, waits and cracks this slower length ball into the gap at deep cover. Splendid strike this. Held his shape, stayed right back inside the crease and scythed it away. Hand-eye coordination – superb FOUR
46.34Mohammad Saifuddin to Duminy into the gap between deep midwicket and wide long-on. Valiant effort there around the ropes. This was full and straight, JP cleared his front leg and whipped this. Soumya with the dive but ended up parrying it to the ropes. FOUR
46.21Mohammad Saifuddin to Rabada bunted to long-off, got to look for the big hits. Where’s the golfer’s swing? 1 run
46.11Mohammad Saifuddin to Duminy yorker on middle, gets it to tail away a touch, squeezed to long-off 1 run

End of Over No.46 South Africa 276/7 Last Over (8 runs)

45.61Mustafizur Rahman to Duminy slips this length ball down leg, tucked to fine leg 1 run
45.5WMustafizur Rahman to Morris walks across and swings this full toss straight don the throat of deep midwicket. The crowd roars, the stuffed tiger toys are thrown in the air by the fans. The flags are out and Bangladesh inch closer to a famous win. Morris was targetting the short boundary but just didn’t get enough bat on it. OUT
CH Morris c Soumya Sarkar b Mustafizur Rahman 10 (16m 10b 1×4 0x6) SR: 100.00
Sukesh: “SA need Russell power to win this.”
45.44Mustafizur Rahman to Morris slashed away this time, bounces past the deep cover fielder. Good hit, they need many more of these. Morris held his shape, waited a touch and then powered it away FOUR
45.30Mustafizur Rahman to Morris play and a miss. Excellent delivery, another cutter, this one’s a touch fuller. It grips the surface and deviates a fair bit. Morris through with the swing as he looks to slap over cover. no run
45.21Mustafizur Rahman to Duminy looks to pull, gets this high on the bat. No timing, rolls to long-on 1 run
45.12Mustafizur Rahman to Duminy cutter on middle, can’t get much power behind the pull but it’s into the gap at deep midwicket. They scamper back for the second 2 runs
Right. Down to the last five. South Africa need 63 off five. In T20 cricket, this is very much in the realms of possibility. Mustafizur will bowl three of those in all probability. It’s now or never. Duminy the key. Can he pick this over for 18-20?

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