Watch 9th match: Bangladesh v New Zealand at The Oval, Jun 5, 2019 Live Streaming ICC Cricket World Cup


Bngladesh 244/10
(49.2 Overs) RR: 4.94

New Zealand 248/8
 (47.1 Overs) 5.25
New Zealand won by 2 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)
Ross Taylor (rhb)829190.10
Kane Williamson (rhb)407255.55
Mosaddek Hossain (ob)8.003324.12
Mohammad Saifuddin (ob)7.004125.85
RECENT 4 | 4 1 1 . . W 1 2 | . 1 . 4 . 1 2 | 1 . 4 . 1 1 | . 1 1 W . . | . W

Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

Phew, hope everyone has their finger nails in tact. That’s all from us folks, and this is Ankur Dhawan, signing off on behalf of Liam Brickhill, Shashank Kishore and Chandan Duorah. Good night and see you tomorrow.

Williamson: Nice to get across the line, the first half was outstanding the fielding was excellent. Not the ,most clinical effort with the bat. Few soft dismissals but a good experience to have in this tournament. Santner was outstanding with the ball, we were expecting a little more pace from the surface but guys adjusted to build pressure. The guys on the sidelines, there have been niggles, but they’re improving.

Mashrafe: it was a good wicket, we were 20-30 short, the outfield was slow, I think we lost too many wickets after people getting set and getting out. Yeah, obviously, he (Taylor) was a set batsman but in the end we knew we had to get the wickets but credit goes to them for getting over the line. We still have seven matches left, we have to go one by one, hopefully we can come back next match

Ross Taylor is the man of the match: definitely, very nervous in the end, credit to Bangladesh, they put pressure on us, could have gone either way. the bowler’s bowled well, but they kept putting pressure on us and we kept losing wickets but it was good to get over the line. Couple of close calls running between the wickets but I enjoy batting with Kane, hopefully we can run better against Afghanistan.

9.10pm What drama, another imperfect game produces a nail-biting finish. Santner holds his nerve to take New Zealand home. Heart break for Bangladesh and New Zealand go on top of the table. Both teams tried to outdo each other’s errors and eventually Bangladesh succeeded. That’s not to discredit a dramatic comeback by the bowlers, but it would not have been possible without the help of some of the New Zealand batsmen who gifted their wickets away. In the end, It was always going to be a game of what iffs after Bangladesh squandered numerous run-out chances offered by the pair of Taylor and Williamson, Mushfiqur botching up sensationally as he knocked off the bails with his elbow in his eagerness to collect Tamim’s throw which was headed for the middle stump to reprieve Williamson. The running got better, Taylor was in sublime form and Williamson nudged to ball into gaps to keep things ticking. They lost their way thereafter as Bangladesh kept striking back and made a real match of it but that 105-run stand between Taylor and Williamson had knocked off a major chunk of the target and the tail just about wagged to take them home.

47.14Mustafizur Rahman to Santner full outside off and Santner finishes it off in style and with an insane calmness about him, drilled through the covers for four to seal a tight win FOUR

End of Over No.47 New Zealand 244/8 Last Over (9 runs)

46.64Mohammad Saifuddin to Ferguson that virtually seals the game! Agony for Bangladesh as he the full one fine and into the third-man boundary. Scores level FOUR
46.61Mohammad Saifuddin to Ferguson better length but poor line, slides down the leg side and that’s another run ticked off 1 wide
46.61Mohammad Saifuddin to Ferguson short one on middle and it’s too high as he watches it sail over and the umpire calls it wide to release some of the pressure off New Zealand 1 wide
46.50Mohammad Saifuddin to Ferguson length on middle, defended back to the bowler with a straight bat no run
46.40Mohammad Saifuddin to Ferguson nearly! Another fast full toss, tailing back in, he was quite late on it but saved by the inside edge back on to the pads no run
46.3WMohammad Saifuddin to Henry and they keep coming back into the contest! Full on middle, a full toss in fact, right through Henry, who inexplicably just missed it. Pressure mounts on New Zealand, particularly with Santner off strike OUT
MJ Henry b Mohammad Saifuddin 6 (16m 8b 1×4 0x6) SR: 75.00
46.21Mohammad Saifuddin to Santner short one around the hip, slower one, Santner shuffles and helps it along to fine-leg 1 run
46.12Mohammad Saifuddin to Santner length outside off, punched through the covers off the backfoot and they’re ticking them over in twos 2 runs

End of Over No.46 New Zealand 235/7 Last Over (8 runs)

45.60Mustafizur Rahman to Henry length, angled in, gets behind it and defends no run
45.61Mustafizur Rahman to Henry full and wide, flirting with the line, called wide, it was close but Henry to his credit hadn’t moved across much 1 wide
comes around the wicket
45.50Mustafizur Rahman to Henry full outside off, drilled to mid-off no run
45.44Mustafizur Rahman to Henry length outside off and cracked off the backfoot, glorious stroke for a No.9, heck a No.3 would have been proud of that FOUR
45.30Mustafizur Rahman to Henry length outside off, extra bounce for Mustafizur, leaves Henry who has a slash and misses no run
wide slip in place
45.21Mustafizur Rahman to Santner full on off, pushed down the ground, to long-on for one 1 run
45.12Mustafizur Rahman to Santner length outside off, pushed past point’s left and away from the deep fielder for two 2 runs
the fizz is back

End of Over No.45 New Zealand 227/7 Last Over (7 runs)

44.61Mohammad Saifuddin to Santner full on middle, pushed down the ground to retain the strike 1 run
44.50Mohammad Saifuddin to Santner full outside off, left alone on that occasion no run
44.44Mohammad Saifuddin to Santner edged and four! Full and angled across, pushes at it, gets the edge but there’s no slip FOUR
44.30Mohammad Saifuddin to Santner full on middle and leg, he plants his leg across and is struck seemingly in front but the umpire says no and Bangladesh have no reviews left. He played back to one that was too full and that looked out no run
44.21Mohammad Saifuddin to Henry full outside off, pushed to deep cover 1 run
44.11Mohammad Saifuddin to Santner full on off, hit hard into the ground and bounces over the bowler’s head for a single 1 run

End of Over No.44 New Zealand 220/7 Last Over (2 runs)

43.60Mosaddek Hossain to Henry length on middle, pushed to midwicket no run
43.51Mosaddek Hossain to Santner full outside off, driven to long-off for one 1 run
43.41Mosaddek Hossain to Henry full on the pads, tucked away to deep midwicket for one 1 run
43.3WMosaddek Hossain to Neesham what an inspired change! or was it just a poor stroke? neesham can’t resiist going over the top, takes on the full ball on off, and lofts it straight to long-off, and Bangladesh are well and truly back into this now OUT
JDS Neesham c Soumya Sarkar b Mosaddek Hossain 25 (54m 33b 2×4 1×6) SR: 75.75
43.20Mosaddek Hossain to Neesham full on off, pushed to cover again no run
43.10Mosaddek Hossain to Neesham full outside off, pushed to cover where the fielder makes a tumbling save no run

Graeme: “With the way this tournaments been every black cap supporter will be looking decidedly worried at the moment ”

End of Over No.43 New Zealand 218/6 Last Over (6 runs)

42.60Mohammad Saifuddin to Santner full outside off, a tentative prod forward and beats him no run
42.5WMohammad Saifuddin to de Grandhomme Shaifuddin breathes life into the game! Slower ball outside off, a short one, de Grandhomme goes for the ramp but because of the slowness of the delivery can’t get it high enough over the keeper, and has Mushfiqur made amends for the earlier miss? excellent take, timed his jump perfectly OUT
C de Grandhomme c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Mohammad Saifuddin 15 (23m 13b 2×4 0x6) SR: 115.38

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