Zimbabwe VS Bangladesh 2nd Test Live Score 11 to 15 November 2018

Refresh Score Card
Bngladesh 522/7 & 224/6 (160.0 Overs) RR: 3.26

Zimbabwe 304/9 & 224/9
 (105.3 Overs) 2.88
Bangladesh won by 218 runs
Brendan Taylor (rhb)10616763.47
Brian Chari (rhb)438252.43
Mehidy Hasan (ob)18.153852.09
Taijul Islam (ob)37.059322.51
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Ball by Ball Live Score Commentary

2.16pm That’s that, then. The two captains, Mahmudullah and Hamilton Masakadza, take joint custody of the trophy for this series that is shared 1-1. Bangladesh restore some of their familiar supremacy at home, while Zimbabwe have not lost a series for the first time in five years. Bangladesh prepare for West Indies in a week’s time, and that should be a good contest as well. For the moment, this is Debayan Sen saying goodbye from our team at Cricinfo — scorers Ranjith P, MV Raghav, co-commentators Akshay Gopalakrishnan, Hemant Brar — and hope you stick around for engrossing coverage of cricket from around the world, like the Sri Lanka-England series.

Presentation time in Dhaka
A couple of crests and blazers being presented to Tamim Iqbal and Mushfiqur Rahim, the two Bangladesh batsman to have made 10,000 international runs

Hamilton Masakadza, Zimbabwe captain: “We knew Bangladesh would come hard at us…but I thought the boys showed character, especially after going so far behind in the first innings. World-class from Brendan. We have always known how good he is. Also really impressed with the way Sean Willams played for us throughout the series. Also the seamers, took wickets early, which is never easy in the subcontinent. Losing that second session on the first day’s play really put us behind in the game.”

The player of the match is Mushfiqur Rahim. Says: “It was really badly needed, because the first Test didn’t go our way. I think the boys showed some character. Mominul played a gem of an innings. Throughout the series, the bowlers did their part, especially Taijul and Miraz. In Tests at home, we have really dominated at home over the last three years. We are playing Windies next and hopefully we will keep up the good work.(On Miraz) In the last two years, he has been amazing. As a team, hopefully, we will continue to improve.”

The player of the series is Taijul Islam. Says: “It is always good to perform well, and especially when you do it in your own country. The wicket (in Sylhet) didn’t look very helpful at first sight. Today, we were confident of getting early wickets. The Mirpur pitch can be played out for the first one or two overs, and we were confident of getting their wickets. (Miraz) His support has been invaluable.”

Mahmudullah, Bangladesh captain: “I think the boys were determined enough and showed their character. They stuck to their task. (On the top order) We are working hard and you may not see the results on the pitch yet. With Mushy and Mominul, we built up the partnership, and they gave us some good runs in the first innings. Taijul was brilliant with the ball. I was struggling a bit (myself) and I have to improve to contribute to the team more. (West Indies) will give us a good boost. I’d like to thank the groundsman for this beautiful wicket.”

1.43 pm What a Test match this has been, and so many heroes from the first day to the last. Mominul Haque and Mushfiqur Rahim set up the Bangladesh innings, helping them recover from a precarious 26 for 3 on the first morning, and then allowed them to put pressure on the opposition with scoreboard pressure. Brendan Taylor helping Zimbabwe back into the game with his first-innings hundred, but his team was undone by some superb spin bowling (and catching) from Taijul Islam. Bangladesh had another top-order wobble in the second innings, before Mahmudullah underlined his importance to this team with his first century in eight years. The last day eventually goes Bangladesh’s way, but not before Brendan Taylor makes a century in each innings, becoming just the 14th player in all Test cricket to have done it more than once.
Back soon with the presentation.

Mozak: “Worrying thing for Zimbabwe here should be all of its main top and middle order batsmen are 33+ and there seems to be no young replacement. Will it be the end of Zimbabwe cricket? Hopefully not.” — Even more worrying thing is the lack of top-class cricket for them. They don’t play another Test until March 2019, when India host them in a one-off game

Rod: “@ Simba I agree, that Chakabva run out was the turning point of the day. Happy for Taylor’s century but disappointed he sold Chakabva down a river. Congratulations to Bangladesh”

Shuvo Shafiqur : “First Test against WI, Bangladesh Lineup: Imrul, Liton be replaced with Tamim & Soumya. Mithun stays. Unfortunately Khaled misses out for Shakib. Provided Tamim and Shakib are fit. ”

Mishuk: “Meraj 64 not out and 3/61 in first innings. Then 27 not out and 5/38 in the second. Definitely a contender for MOTM”

Seth: “Bangladesh wins thanks to Mushfiq’s magnificent double century. BD won by one fewer runs than Mushfiq scored in his first innings.”

Simba: “@Arun, Donald Tirirpano did a very good job as a night watchman and he also picked up a few wickets. The runout of Chakabva has just cost Zim this series win in my view. He could have lasted a good 20 overs with BT. Selection was not so bad in my opinion”

Saleh: “this is where you think why in the end they count centuries in winning cause and care less about those in losing cause. What an effort by Taylor, worths more than a defeat (least to say)” — To be fair, the aim of all runs and wickets is to help your side win. Perhaps that’s why the scores in a winning cause are given greater credence?

Faisal: “As a Bangladeshi supporter this is first time I prayed for a opponent batsman to score a hundre. Brendan Taylor just masterclass ”

83.1WMehidy Hasan Miraz to Jarvis Jarvis is gone! It was tossed up, and sent in invitingly towards his off and middle, and Jarvis took the bait and went for a hoick straight down the ground. Ends up skewing the shot, and there’s a mid-on halfway to the fence who can jog back and take an easy catch over his head. Bangladesh win this and square the series 1-1. OUT
KM Jarvis c Khaled Ahmed b Mehidy Hasan Miraz 1 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11
Miraz is back to bowling over the wicket now


82.64Khaled Ahmed to Taylor full, and he goes back and across and smashes it down towards long-on. One bounce and into the fence FOUR
Arun: “I have said this throughout this test though Cricinfo did not publish my comments. The one mistake that cost Zimbabwe was picking Tiripano and not Ervine. An extra batsman would have made a certain difference to the result.” — Could be so, but such decisions are easier made in hindsight. Besides the Chatara injury hurt them too
82.51Khaled Ahmed to Jarvis strays on to the pads, and Jarvis eases it through the on side off the back foot 1 run
Faisal : “Doesn’t Taijul have 19 already. Took 12 in the first match and 7 so fat” — He had 11 in the Sylhet Test
82.55Khaled Ahmed to Jarvis short, and too short in fact. Goes well over both the batsman, and Mushfiqur Rahim at full stretch! 5 wides
82.40Khaled Ahmed to Jarvis outside off, and swinging further away. He lets this one pass, though he was drawn into trying to defend no run
82.30Khaled Ahmed to Jarvis outside off stump and just holding its line, and he tries to get behind the line (but can’t!) no run
82.20Khaled Ahmed to Jarvis banged in short, and Jarvis can duck under it no run
Nahid : “Any news about TL Chatara whether he bat or not? ” — Definitely won’t. He is sitting in his track suit, nursing his leg
82.11Khaled Ahmed to Taylor straight ball, that strays on to the pads as well. Taylor takes it off his pads and plays it with soft hands to the on side, and takes the single 1 run
Khaled Ahmed now. Still seeking his first Test wicket

Bimal Sinha: “Taylor needed to shield Mavuta. I don’t know why he took that single off the first ball!”

Sasikanth: “This is baffling cricket to say the least. Why would Taylor take a single and why did Mavuta go for that shot?”

Murali Krishnan: “ONE man, TWO Hundreds, THREE Figures, FOURTH Innings, FIFTH Day Pitch, No SIXERS. What an Effort. Hats Off Brendan Ross Murray Taylor.”


81.60Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Jarvis tossed up, turning back into him, and Jarvis comes forward to smother this no run
81.50Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Jarvis comes forward and defends a length ball no run
81.40Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Jarvis outside off, and he goes for a big heave, and misses! no run
81.30Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Jarvis plays it down the ground to a length ball no run
Tom: “couldn’t have happened too many times that someone scored a ton in both innings and wasn’t MOTM cause that is almost certainly going to be the case for Brendan Taylor here ” — Worked for another Zimbabwean here
81.2WMehidy Hasan Miraz to Mavuta tossed up, and he has gone for a sweep and top-edged it! It’s a comfortable catch for the man at square leg. Taijul takes the catch, and that also means the Bangladesh record for most wickets in a series will stay with Miraz. Perhaps Taijul can equal him, at best! OUT
B Mavuta c Taijul Islam b Mehidy Hasan Miraz 0 (11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Mishu Kazi: “@zaman: The highest wicket taker of a two-match test series is Rangana herath with 23 wickets.”
81.11Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Taylor comes down the wicket and drives it down to long-on. Opts to take the single on offer to bring Mavuta on strike 1 run
Mushfiq on the stump mic: “come on, boys. Let’s wrap this up quickly!”


80.60Taijul Islam to Mavuta straighter ball, that he blocks straight down the wicket no run
80.51Taijul Islam to Taylor straighter, and quicker, and he gets his bat to it and plays it away to the onside. This is an excellent innings from Taylor. Centuries in both innings, for the second time in his career, and that makes him the first Zimbabwean to have done so twice1 run
Parth Gulati: “How many overs at max can we lose to bad light today?” — Only your imagination can limit that number, Parth!
80.42Taijul Islam to Taylor short again, and yet again, he pushes it with soft hands away to the onside. Calls Mavuta across for two. Taylor on 99! 2 runs
80.32Taijul Islam to Taylor shorter in length, and he uses the depth of the crease to nurdle it away on the onside. Calls his partner for a quick couple 2 runs
Fahim Rahman: “Brendan Taylor vs Bangladesh : 1024 runs in 10 matches with average of 64. And Brendan Taylor vs other countries : 801 runs in 18 matches with average of 22.”
80.20Taijul Islam to Taylor comes forward and defends a length ball no run
zaman: “@ Debayan… can you give us the name of highest wicket taker bowler in 2 match test series..?” — I know the record for Bangladesh is Miraz, with 19. Taijul can go past him if he takes the last two here
80.14Taijul Islam to Taylor wide, and Taylor lays into it. Carves it away, in the air, but also through the vacant extra cover region FOUR
The new ball is taken, and it will be Taijul Islam with it. His 37th over coming up…


The new ball is available now
79.60Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Mavuta tossed up, and drifting further away from off before pitching, but he plays it down comfortably after pressing forward no run
79.50Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Mavuta comes forward and defends this just to the left of the man at silly point no run
Subrata Bhadra: “This is beauty of test cricket. Taylor and Moore built very good partnership. It seemed like they were playing for a draw. Then a sudden storm dismantled the tower of Zimbabwean hope. Now this game has become a one-sided match. By the way, advance congratulations, tigers!!”
79.40Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Mavuta comes forward and smothers the spin on this no run
79.30Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Mavuta outside off, and drifting away, and he plays inside the line of this no run
79.20Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Mavuta comes forward, and the turn beats him. It goes off the inside edge, and somehow misses the stumps, and Mushfiqur Rahim as well! no run
79.10Mehidy Hasan Miraz to Mavuta goes back and keeps out a ball pitching on off and turning back into him no run
Sajib: “Miraj just confirmed it’s not gonna be 4 consecutive Five-fors for Taijul”

mehedi38: “This match will end within this session. Mushi man of the match and Taijul Man of the series. More importantly Bangladesh have done good preparation before WI test series. ”


78.60Taijul Islam to Taylor comes forward and defends no run
78.50Taijul Islam to Taylor comes forward and defends no run
Nitish: “@Debayan: Can you share the list of all those who have done it atleast once?” — Here you go.
78.40Taijul Islam to Taylor defends a length ball on the legside no run
78.30Taijul Islam to Taylor comes forward and defends a length ball. Mushfiq approves from behind the stumps no run

Score Cards

    Mustafizur Rahman1021911.90
    Taijul Islam3759322.51
    Khaled Ahmed1244503.75(1w)
    Mehidy Hasan Miraz18.153852.09
    Ariful Haque31702.33
    Mominul Haque201708.50
  • Partnerships
    1st68H Masakadza 25BB Chari 42
    2nd2BB Chari 1BRM Taylor 1
    3rd29SC Williams 13BRM Taylor 14
    4th21Sikandar Raza 12BRM Taylor 9
    5th66PJ Moor 13BRM Taylor 52
    6th13RW Chakabva 2BRM Taylor 11
    7th2DT Tiripano 0BRM Taylor 2
    8th12B Mavuta 0BRM Taylor 12
    9th11KM Jarvis 1BRM Taylor 5
  • BRM Taylor 106*
    Mustafizur Rahman200072528.00
    Taijul Islam3840506774.62
    Khaled Ahmed1710122352.17
    Mehidy Hasan Miraz2820203951.28
    Mominul Haque5301611145.45
  • Mehidy Hasan Miraz 18.1-5-38-5
    H Masakadzacaught80051338.46
    BB Chari710101376.92
    BRM Taylor2820203951.28
    SC Williams300030.00
    PJ Moorcaught160031816.66
    RW Chakabva200020.00
    DT Tiripanocaught600060.00
    B Mavutacaught10000100.00
    KM Jarviscaught500050.00
    H Masakadzacaught256810
    BB Charilbw438231
    BRM Taylornot out106167100
    SC Williamsbowled133310
    Sikandar Razacaught123310
    PJ Moorcaught137910
    RW Chakabvarun out2800
    DT Tiripanocaught0900
    B Mavutacaught01100
    KM Jarviscaught1900
    TL Chataraabsent hurt
    Extras(b 1, lb 3, w 5)9
    Total(all out; 83.1 ovs)224

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